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  1. I continue to have issues with the voice recognition and previously working commands seem to need changing I assume based on Alexa updates in their system. I used to be able to say TURN ON SATELLITE ELVIS (for Sirius) and now that is not a question she understands so I changed to TURN ON SATELLITE GRACELAND and it works just fine. What 3rd party driver would help with this voice recognition for performing programmed events the best? (at lunch I tried another command that had previously worked well with voice and the too now doesn't work... not sure what's going with Alexa's system but obviously some words or phrases must be altered so they no longer trigger events.
  2. I just switched cell phone carriers and have found a major flaw in Composer.... In order to continue to use email alerts, you cannot just change the Email Notification to your new number. You also have to go into each and every programming step in PROGRAMMING and update that change. It is NOT an automatic change to the programming action which I believe is a programming oversight by Control4 that needs to be changed. It took me over an hour to change each and every event to reflect the new phone number! Has anyone also experienced this issue?
  3. I've treid with and without SSL. Also turned off all firewalls.... Again, it works perfectly on my desktop running identical Windows 7
  4. I'll likely be installing the bulbs within the next week once I decide which bulb to go with. I'm leaning to the Philips Hue line based on reviews. I'll keep you posted on progress and then likely need some help with the interfacing.
  5. Where is the RGB experience button located? Is that on any touchscreen or PC interface (ie MyHome)?
  6. The other brand I've found is the Sylvania equivalent.... Anyone have experience with C4 integration with these? I like the idea of the can and bulb already built together as it would save quite a bit of money in the purchase not having to purchased both the fixture and the bulb. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0196M601A/ref=abs_brd_tag_dp?smid=ATVPDKIKX0DER
  7. Is there a version of Philips Hue bulbs that have RGB other than their Smart version? I would like to be able to control the color changing with C4 and not my phone.
  8. I'm considering adding some Philips BR30 RGB bulbs into my bedroom but am wondering how this system may integrate with Control4 possibly since it's a Zigbee product. I would like to be able to control the color scheme with Control4 if possible. I'm not as concerned about power on/off as I have a Control4 dimmer switch for the power currently supplying the can light as it is now. Does anyone have any info/experience/recommendations for this new smart bulb? http://www.bestbuy.com/site/philips-hue-br-30-smart-led-light-bulb-multicolor/4373900.p?skuId=4373900
  9. I did try reinstalling Adobe Air (and MyHome) last night. However, I cannot seem to locate Adobe Air directory so I can make sure I create a Windows Firewall permission for it.
  10. In other words, dealer will have to fix this....
  11. Where would one locate that reference?
  12. It's actually not a new install, I've had C4 for around 5 years... running everything via EA5
  13. I've tried this with the Windows Firewall completely off and still no response. Still having a big black blank screen and nothing seems to help. I've uninstalled, reinstalled, firewall on, firewall off, enable program full permissions under firewall and nothing is connecting. Again, my desktop connects with MyHome without any issue at all.
  14. I have the Monoprice unit which has worked well for the most part. Occasionally, I'll get what appears to be handshake issues and it can be finicky to get the HDMI signal to come back to different rooms in the house from different sources (currently using Directv box, PS3, XBMC box, and a Dune media player). I'm considering getting a better matrix as the Monoprice lately has been flakey for losing signal and I end up rebooting everything and trying to get the HDMI linking going again... I too would welcome recommendations for a 4x4 HDMI matrix
  15. I have subsequently now changed my volume scene so it is now called LOUD.... so I use, "Turn On Kitchen LOUD" which will increase volume by 10 via C4 amp. Turn OFF Kitchen LOUD decreases by 10. Apparently the C4/Amazon integration is still sketchy on volume. Overall, I've been a bit disappointed in the voice recognition as sometimes it seems very accurate but other times it acts like there is no scene set up when there clearly is. "There are multiple devices with this name, use which one?" (or something along those lines) is a frequent issue I hear back from Alexa.