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  1. I'm in the process of purchasing a Bullfrog spa for outdoor use that has Harman Kardon speakers built into it (with passive sub) that will stream music from say your phone. However, I'm more interested in streaming media or other audio source from my Control4 system media. How exactly would these wireless speakers integrate into the Control4 system and my media? I'm assuming they are Bluetooth most likely. I currently have latest up to date firmware and EA5 is running the show.
  2. So would the following module work basically like a Control4 wireless outlet switch capable of turning on/off a light or similar appliance? This seems much cheaper and more versatile than the larger C4 outlet module. https://www.amazon.com/Leviton-VRPA1-1LW-Capable-Appliance-Module/dp/B00JFF1WP8/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1494344869&sr=8-1&keywords=Z-Wave+VRPA1+Appliance+Module
  3. It seems that no matter if the sensor is obviously sensing motion (looking at the monitoring tab), the timer is not resetting or restarting and keeping the light on.... really baffled on this one...
  4. I just tried a timer and for some reason the timer is not resetting even though I've dialed down the OCCUPANCY HOLD TIME to 5 seconds and have been doing a motion test and clearly the sensor is sensing my motion ( sensitivity on higher setting as well). It's as if the timer is running it's course and nothing will reset it back to the full timer.... Now I'm confused....
  5. What settings for the sensor then would be recommended to make sure I'm capturing motion yet not draining the battery every time there is a something detected or having the sensor try to detect constant motion?
  6. Have 2 Card Access sensors finally installed (will possibly add more as I see how they work). But I'm looking for some tips on the programming. The first sensor I've put in my office so when I walk in, the light turns on, a fountain turns on, and my music turns on. I've attached screen shots of what I've adjusted the sensor settings to. However, I'm wondering what I should adjust these settings to so that while I'm working on my computer (some movement and I've tested the sensor to see that there is enough movement to keep the sensor recognizing I'm in the room) the room doesn't turn off after a period of time. I'm a little confused by the OCCUPANCY HOLD TIME used with the CHECK IN INTERVAL setting and making sure that these are in sync so to speak. I figure that even if I walk out of the room to run to the bathroom for example, 10 minutes would be the most time I'd need before shutting off the room. Any suggestions? Screen shot 1 is the sensor settings Screen shot 2 is when motion is detected Screen shot 3 is when no motion is detected
  7. Any recommendations adjusting the settings on the Card Access wireless motion sensor? Looking at some of the things such as occupancy hold and I'm a bit confused as to what adjustment may be the best. If I'm going to use this in my garage to trigger the lights to turn off what might be the best for some of these adjustments?
  8. That makes complete sense and is basically what I thought was the case... they aren't security sensors they are motion sensors and C4 triggers are based on that motion... thanks for the input!
  9. Would you say that the Card Access sensors are better or just different than the GE sensors? Can these be incorporated into the GE Concord for use as security or are they more for use as true motion sensor just to trigger events?
  10. Is it a driver that my dealer has to (again) add or is it a simple add to the system like any C4 product with the drivers already built in so to speak?
  11. I just finally purchased a Card Access wireless sensor in hope of using it in my garage to turn off an on lights. I currently use a GE Concord 4 home security system and have a motion sensor in the garage but due to the delay in repeating commands, it's not very effective in using as a trigger sensor for motion and subsequent Control4 programming events (the GE sensors have a 3 or minute timer built in before repeating a transmission to preserve battery life from my research). Do the Card Access sensors simply add into the Control4 project as a separate device which can then be programmed based on motion trigger? It is a Zigbee Pro I should mention.
  12. I tried adding it to my EA5 audio in and not getting any audio with that at all.... time to call dealer and let him figure it out!
  13. Tried a different driver and same thing... I turn off zone, ask Alexa to tell me about something, LISTEN to Alexa, and still get just a few seconds of audio only. I suppose I could experiment on another one of my controllers and see if the same thing happens on those as well.
  14. It's almost as if the Amazon Echo Dot (with stock driver I assume) plays only short clips. Should I enter the Dot as some other generic device to get better streaming?
  15. Just plugged in my IPOD via the stereo jack (I only have one RCA running in as I don't have a splitter for the 3.5mm jack yet only a single 3.5mm) and it starts playing audio and then drops.