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  1. I've having issues with my Dune (which has been a present issue for some time just haven't gotten around to addressing it) media player and when adding a room or selecting the Dune in a different room than already playing a movie. When I select WATCH (Dune) in a different room while the Dune is already playing in another room, the movie already playing stops and my player goes back to the home screen. I've looked for any adjustments in the Dune menu and on my Composer Dune but I can't find any setting to fix this. I don't have any issue when using my Nvidia Shield and streaming movies on Kodi. For some reason, any selecting of the Dune through my matrix seems to stop the player. If I already have the Dune selected in the rooms I want to watch and the TV is already on, then I am able to play in all rooms. This only happens if the TV is off initially and then Dune is selected in a given room while already playing in another room. I hope this explanation makes sense of what is going on.
  2. drmark12pa


    How does one add Amazon music to C4 with this new upgrade? I have IHeart and Sirius apps already running but also have an Amazon Prime membership so wouldn't mind adding this to my system.
  3. drmark12pa

    Alexa won’t show up on my my.control4 account

    Update..... I had changed my C4 login password and that's why things stopped working. Make sure your Alexa Control4 app skill has your current Control4 account email and password.
  4. drmark12pa

    Alexa won’t show up on my my.control4 account

    I'm seeing the same problem and Alexa is not responding to any of my C4 driver commands now. I have the Epic driver and that seems to work just fine. However, I cannot locate anywhere in my C4 account the Alexa skills any longer
  5. drmark12pa

    Wireless keypad LEDs

    As I have it now, anytime a light state or power state of a room changes, I have a macro run to set/change LED colors. How would a person use the advanced lighting agent?
  6. drmark12pa

    Wireless keypad LEDs

    I'm curious with the newer generation wireless keypads as I've just purchased my first batch, do the LEDs flash in a top to bottom pattern when pressed? I've noticed when I hit a button and with any light/power state change I have a macros programmed to change LED state the LEDs almost scroll from top to bottom in a light changing pattern. Is that normal?
  7. Yes, scenes definitely is a better wording and makes more sense of this
  8. Ok, I think I have it understood that the entire list of what you want a Snapshot of is included even if you aren't necessarily needing that. I thought you could just specify what select items you wanted Snapshot each time you have something in programming. I see that a driver in each room would be needed for that much individual detail.
  9. Yes I'll probably have to ask him to give me a quick hands on tutorial.. I'm pretty up to speed on programming but this one doesn't seem to be very user friendly for specifics. I just want to take a snapshot of a single light or 2 and then return to their states after the timer. However, I don't want to have to change the driver properties every time I'm changing. My idea of the driver should be: TAKE SNAPSHOT OF THEATER LIGHT SET THEATER TO "10" ON DIMMER TIMER ON/TIMER EXPIRES RECALL SNAPSHOT OF THEATER LIGHT Then if I have another programming loop I could do the same with just that device not include 50 Control4 switches and such.
  10. I was wondering about the TAKE SNAPHSHOT IN MASTER BED-> SNAPSHOT FRONT DOOR MOTION command. How do you get a specific command like that without everything being snapshot? Also, when you select the LIGHTS and/or ROOMS under the PROPERTIES of the driver (under MONITORING), are all of those what are always snapshot every single time you use the SNAPSHOT SAVE command?
  11. How does the user above get the device specific snapshot as in the picture?
  12. So if I TAKE SNAPSHOT (command), is every single device that I select in the PROPERTIES of the Snapshot driver stored? Not just one device that is SNAPSHOTed? Is the snapshot basically looking at everything in your system and then returning the devices to the prior state? I was thinking you could just use the SNAPSHOT for a single device....
  13. I'm still not seeing how this driver works to take a snapshot of a single device at least in my programming. I can only click DEVICE SPECIFIC COMMAND and then it's a big empty box under that. How does the above user take a snapshot of front door motion?
  14. When I go under the SNAPSHOT RECALL on the right side which is the only listing referring to SNAPSHOT in my programming tree, and I click TAKE SNAPSHOT there is nothing in the box under that at all. I thought by setting the devices in the driver under properties I would be able to select whichever device I wanted a snapshot of. As in N8Balls posting above, it appears he can just select a snapshot of single device but I don't see that anywhere in my programming.