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  1. I might have an 8-port D-Link or NETGEAR switch sitting around that maybe I could try that and see if that negates the problem. The only issue is that it's so intermittent it's hard to predict
  2. I'm not quite sure how to do that as it's a fairly basic 32 Port network switch that is distributed to my entire house. It's a basic Netgear type of switch. I just installed a power switch to the receiver now so I will be able to power cycle it if this continues to happen again.
  3. Bullfrog Spa - Balboa Wifi Driver Beta

    I just ordered the Balboa Wifi module for my Bullfrog spa.... I actually have audio from my HC800 running into the audio system built into the tub so can play anything via Control4 in it. Now it would be nice to be able to have C4 control the tub temperature for like Vacation mode programming and such. Please let me know if this driver does indeed see the finish line.
  4. I had to use the PC app for Alexa and just delete every one of the entries that was not from my project. However I've never found a reason for that happening
  5. I double checked my system was on Channel 24... I switched it to 25 so I'll see if that does anything otherwise perhaps do you think going to the other end of things (range =1-25) say channel 1 would be another option?
  6. I will check when I get home today.... Is there a channel setting you would recommend?
  7. Has anyone had issues with the 250 remotes being unresponsive to commands at times or very slow? I've noticed intermittent lag at times for no apparent reason (nothing else running on network and such). At other times they are lightning fast without issue. I can wake up in the morning and use my 250 remote and it can take up to 10 seconds to be responsive (screen lights up it just doesn't allow me to hit LISTEN or WATCH). My system is running via an EA5 with 2 EA3s as well. I'm on 2.10 firmware.
  8. I have a Sony STR-ZA3000 receiver that has intermittent issues with Control4 losing ability to control it when powering up. It isn't every time I use it but maybe once every 2 weeks. Nothing changes but it just doesn't respond to any commands via Control4 for several minutes. I usually try power cycling the receiver, power cycling my EA5.... nothing seems to make it come back to responsiveness except time. My receiver is always in network ready mode. Firmware is up to date. I'm running the latest C4 firmware. All hardware has static IP address. The most frustrating part is the intermittent nature and it is very unpredictable. I do use the network 8 port switch on the back which actually supplies the EA5. It obviously works because the EA5 turns on my projector yet the receiver won't power on when this issue occurs. I'm stumped.
  9. Variables

    Can someone explain the uses for the variable types of float, string, and device? I'm familiar with the other Boolean and number variables as I've used these extensively. Ultimately, one thing I'm trying to do is figure out a way to program Sirius XM application via 2.10 to change channels to the number specified. I also would like to find some examples of how people have used the other variables in their programming now that with 2.10 there is some more flexibility with variable renaming, descriptions, and different types.
  10. OS 2.10 Update Glitch?

    For some reason, after my update to 2.10, in Composer in the lower right hand corner it's showing that 69 driver updates are available but I don't see any way of updating these? My dealer stored tried logging in remotely but said it was locked. Everything seems to work but some oddities here...
  11. Sirius on 2.10 with Epic Echo driver

    I'm still not sure what you mean by float variable and conversion.... I understand the number variable and if I understand it correctly, a string variable is a word? Are there examples of how the different variables would be used? I have experience with the TRUE/FALSE variables, number variables, but unclear how these other variables are used.
  12. Sirius on 2.10 with Epic Echo driver

    Now that I'm thinking of it, what's the difference between the SET commands of NUMBER vs. VALUE vs. STRING?
  13. Sirius on 2.10 with Epic Echo driver

    I'm hoping to see if the same command that Epic driver uses for volume control can be used for the Sirius app as well. As it is with the Epic driver, you can use the set command to set the CURRENT ROOM VOLUME using the SET command. See attached picture from the Epic driver documentation
  14. with the installation of 2.10 I have been experimenting with the Sirius app as I've previously used both my Sirius tabletop radio and then an Amazon Dot to stream Sirius until now. However, the audio with the Sirius app seems much tighter and crisp so I'd like to use this primarily. I'm wondering if it's possible to use the Epic driver to "SET" the Sirius channel via the app. something such as: "Alexa, set MARK CHANNEL to 100" or "Alexa, set KITCHEN RADIO to 100" and then use that channel # to change the Sirius app channel number.
  15. They were devices I've never had (BALCONY LADIES ROOM, AHMEDS TABLE). Fortunately, I've deleted them all so I'll see what happens.