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  1. What is DS2/T3? I am out of the loop on that.. haha
  2. I have 1 of the 260 remotes and the rest are the (old) 250 remotes but I had noticed that I would get the hourglass hangup with the 260 and it would be momentarily unresponsive so that is nice to hear that should be remedied!
  3. Rebooted it like 3 times and finally got it up and running with it updated. It kept flashing the exclamation point and C4 sign on front so I thought it was screwed for a bit. So now the question is what is contained in 2.10.2? My system feels a bit more responsive with my remotes. I've been having a lot of delay at times with my remotes becoming responsive at various times and that's with an EA5 and 2 EA3s running zigbee servers. I'm not really sure why C4 would keep release notes such a secret. It's like Microsoft not telling you why you should upgrade to the next Windows. If you're going to go through the hassle of upgrading and having your dealer take the time (and expense) to update, you should at least know why.
  4. I've started the 2.10.2 update but it's been going for about 2 hours and I have no response from my system. I can't log in to anything to view the status of the update or access any part of the system. Is this normal for this update? I assume I shouldn't power cycle my EA5?
  5. drmark12pa

    Control4 PC/Mac app broken

    I've uninstalled and reinstalled both Control4PC and Air and I just get a black screen. This program used to work on my Windows laptop but can't get it to work now.
  6. drmark12pa

    C4 driver for nVidia Shield

    Can you send the link for the correct driver? There are so many drivers I'm not sure which is the correct one to use so I can forward it to my dealer to update.
  7. drmark12pa

    C4 driver for nVidia Shield

    One issue I've noticed is that PAGE UP does not work in Kodi while looking through movies. PAGE DOWN works however. Has anyone experienced this as well? I' using 1.6 IRUSB driver
  8. drmark12pa

    C4 driver for nVidia Shield

    I have to say the IRUSB is amazing now that I've got the updated 1.6 driver. I haven't had this much fast response time and control over an XBMC/KODI box until now. I have the NVIDIA Shield and the IRUSB works amazingly well for everything so far with fantastic response. Just had to put that review out there for anyone considering purchase.
  9. drmark12pa

    C4 driver for nVidia Shield

    Do you know which specific driver is the 1.6 so I can send it to my dealer and make it smooth? He said he can try to do it remotely
  10. drmark12pa

    C4 driver for nVidia Shield

    What is the link to download the 1.6 driver? Perhaps I can direct my dealer to that link or download it so he can place it into project.
  11. drmark12pa

    C4 driver for nVidia Shield

    I contacted my dealer to update to 1.6 and he said the updated driver through Videostorm costs $75? Is that correct? I thought purchasing the IRUSB (2 of them) would include the correct driver.
  12. drmark12pa

    C4 driver for nVidia Shield

    If the NVIDIA Shield is rebooted, will the IRUSB automatically restart the downloaded Videostorm application to regain control or must a user use the original remote to restart the application?
  13. drmark12pa

    C4 driver for nVidia Shield

    As an end user am I able to update the driver or would my dealer have to do that?
  14. drmark12pa

    C4 driver for nVidia Shield

    Ok, progress made... I had to change the HDMI input on my matrix so it's using the right HDMI(ooops! ). Now I can control navigation with the IRUSB. However, I don't appear to be able to FForward or Rewind. This is probably one of the biggest things I had hoped for better response as noted in my post above with the extremely slow response time of the KODI driver alone. Now I don't have any FForward or Rewind capability with Kodi, Youtube,etc?
  15. drmark12pa

    C4 driver for nVidia Shield

    I've included a screenshot of the Properties page. In Composer, it shows as Android Universal IrUSB driver CHANGELOG 1.0 Nov 2017 Initial release