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  1. Hahah ok good I thought I was losing my programming skills haha! What does the Room Join driver do if anything beneficial? I'll have my dealer add ROOM CONTROL! Thanks!
  2. I had ROOM JOIN installed by my dealer. However, I still don't see where I can simply add a room to another room. The only commands I see are a radio button for Device Specific Command and then under that you can select an EVENT. Underneath that I see Dispatch event in: (joined rooms only)..... I thought this was supposed to be a simple driver to use for programming?
  3. drmark12pa

    Alexa C4 vs Epic Driver

    Will the Control4 update affect anything already programmed with the current C4 driver or the Epic driver? I actually use both with 90 percent control by the Epic driver primarily as the majority of commands.
  4. I'm still not grasping where you are finding this in Composer programming anywhere. The SEARCH tab under programming doesn't jump to anything. Does this driver have to be installed by my dealer or can I add it somehow? Can you send a snapshot of this? Control4 should just have 1 command such as ADD ROOM to ROOM X session and it duplicates the audio source rather than force you to specify the exact source in programming.
  5. I don't believe I have that driver. Is it a Control4 driver or other company driver? Where in the programming tree would you see it?
  6. How does that work in programming?
  7. drmark12pa

    Motion Sensor Timer

    If I use, RESET and then START timer does that work as well? or does RESET put the timer back to full value and then start the countdown?
  8. I've noticed in programming a room audio that there is a big difference in the ADD A ROOM TO SESSION vs. SET CURRENT AUDIO TO DEVICE OF (OTHER ROOM). It seems that you have to make a 2 step programming function to allow for adding audio to a room depending on what the source is. I've found that if I'm selecting a device (in my case I sometimes used an Amazon Dot as my audio source streaming Bluetooth from from phone into an EA3 or use my Sirius tabletop radio into my HC800), I can select the CURRENT DEVICE OF SAID ROOM to add a zone. However, this does not add a zone if you are using DIGITAL MEDIA including stored mp3s/FLAC or a source such as the Sirius app or IHeart radio apps. I've found that I have to enter 2 programming lines to make sure audio is added. Can someone confirm this is what they've seen as well?
  9. What is DS2/T3? I am out of the loop on that.. haha
  10. I have 1 of the 260 remotes and the rest are the (old) 250 remotes but I had noticed that I would get the hourglass hangup with the 260 and it would be momentarily unresponsive so that is nice to hear that should be remedied!
  11. Rebooted it like 3 times and finally got it up and running with it updated. It kept flashing the exclamation point and C4 sign on front so I thought it was screwed for a bit. So now the question is what is contained in 2.10.2? My system feels a bit more responsive with my remotes. I've been having a lot of delay at times with my remotes becoming responsive at various times and that's with an EA5 and 2 EA3s running zigbee servers. I'm not really sure why C4 would keep release notes such a secret. It's like Microsoft not telling you why you should upgrade to the next Windows. If you're going to go through the hassle of upgrading and having your dealer take the time (and expense) to update, you should at least know why.
  12. I've started the 2.10.2 update but it's been going for about 2 hours and I have no response from my system. I can't log in to anything to view the status of the update or access any part of the system. Is this normal for this update? I assume I shouldn't power cycle my EA5?
  13. drmark12pa

    Control4 PC/Mac app broken

    I've uninstalled and reinstalled both Control4PC and Air and I just get a black screen. This program used to work on my Windows laptop but can't get it to work now.
  14. drmark12pa

    C4 driver for nVidia Shield

    Can you send the link for the correct driver? There are so many drivers I'm not sure which is the correct one to use so I can forward it to my dealer to update.
  15. drmark12pa

    C4 driver for nVidia Shield

    One issue I've noticed is that PAGE UP does not work in Kodi while looking through movies. PAGE DOWN works however. Has anyone experienced this as well? I' using 1.6 IRUSB driver