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  1. I'm still not clear on why the sirius tabletop radio can feed into a controller and the audio is available throughout my house via my C4 amp but when i tried feeding the dot into controller the audio cuts out after a few seconds? So again I ask how can a dot feed into the audio in on a controller (in this case the HC300 in my kitchen) via RCA cables so it's an available audio source in my system?
  2. Amazon has added Sirius XM app to the Amazon Echo and I would like to connect an Amazon dot to my C4 system so I can just tell the dot to play "such and such station". What would I need to do to connect an Amazon dot to my system to allow audio streaming from the Sirius app on the dot to my C4 system? I have a C4 amp in my basement but have dots in nearly every room. I was wondering if it would be possible to just run an audio cable into a C4 controller (I have an older HC300 in my kitchen) and that would be "streamable" via my C4 amp. As it stands I have an older Sirius tabletop internet radio that runs into my HC800 though I have an EA5 that runs my entire system. My dealer had mentioned that I would need an audio matrix but I'm scratching my head because I don't have an audio matrix for my Sirius tabletop radio and that works just fine in my system with the ability to listen to it on any of the 8 zones supplied by the amp.
  3. How can a person connect their phone using the Sirius XM app to their C4 system using a Sharebridge? I'm not familiar with Sharebridge. Can someone elaborate on how this works or how it is connected?
  4. I had the same issue over the past 2 days without any change in my system whatsoever. Offline no devices then everything back online,....then no devices now back again. Clearly this is a C4 issue
  5. No i haven't changed anything but everything is now back online.... not sure what the deal is
  6. Twice in the past 48 Hours Alexa has disconnected all devices. When Discovery is run they are not detected. Several hours later they are detected. Then later in the same day nothing is working once again. Is this a control4 issue or what the hell is going on
  7. Does a wireless speaker point just connect to your main controller wirelessly any further hardware needed and steam any input audio sources your C4 has installed? Will i need additional hardware to send the audio to the speaker point? My main controller is an EA5 and most of my audio is output through my C4 8 zone amp.
  8. I just installed a Bullfrog hot tub with Bluetooth stereo installed. The unit inside the control panel of the tub has left and right RCAs which I presume are inputs. My question is how can I connect my Control4 media library to this Bluetooth unit using the RCA inputs so I can stream from my music library or even from my Sirius internet unit through the hot tub stereo system?
  9. I'm in the process of purchasing a Bullfrog spa for outdoor use that has Harman Kardon speakers built into it (with passive sub) that will stream music from say your phone. However, I'm more interested in streaming media or other audio source from my Control4 system media. How exactly would these wireless speakers integrate into the Control4 system and my media? I'm assuming they are Bluetooth most likely. I currently have latest up to date firmware and EA5 is running the show.
  10. So would the following module work basically like a Control4 wireless outlet switch capable of turning on/off a light or similar appliance? This seems much cheaper and more versatile than the larger C4 outlet module. https://www.amazon.com/Leviton-VRPA1-1LW-Capable-Appliance-Module/dp/B00JFF1WP8/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1494344869&sr=8-1&keywords=Z-Wave+VRPA1+Appliance+Module
  11. It seems that no matter if the sensor is obviously sensing motion (looking at the monitoring tab), the timer is not resetting or restarting and keeping the light on.... really baffled on this one...
  12. I just tried a timer and for some reason the timer is not resetting even though I've dialed down the OCCUPANCY HOLD TIME to 5 seconds and have been doing a motion test and clearly the sensor is sensing my motion ( sensitivity on higher setting as well). It's as if the timer is running it's course and nothing will reset it back to the full timer.... Now I'm confused....
  13. What settings for the sensor then would be recommended to make sure I'm capturing motion yet not draining the battery every time there is a something detected or having the sensor try to detect constant motion?
  14. Have 2 Card Access sensors finally installed (will possibly add more as I see how they work). But I'm looking for some tips on the programming. The first sensor I've put in my office so when I walk in, the light turns on, a fountain turns on, and my music turns on. I've attached screen shots of what I've adjusted the sensor settings to. However, I'm wondering what I should adjust these settings to so that while I'm working on my computer (some movement and I've tested the sensor to see that there is enough movement to keep the sensor recognizing I'm in the room) the room doesn't turn off after a period of time. I'm a little confused by the OCCUPANCY HOLD TIME used with the CHECK IN INTERVAL setting and making sure that these are in sync so to speak. I figure that even if I walk out of the room to run to the bathroom for example, 10 minutes would be the most time I'd need before shutting off the room. Any suggestions? Screen shot 1 is the sensor settings Screen shot 2 is when motion is detected Screen shot 3 is when no motion is detected
  15. Any recommendations adjusting the settings on the Card Access wireless motion sensor? Looking at some of the things such as occupancy hold and I'm a bit confused as to what adjustment may be the best. If I'm going to use this in my garage to trigger the lights to turn off what might be the best for some of these adjustments?