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  1. Epic voice driver cooking

    Well after an hour of trying different words, I finally came up with 10 cook 20 cook 60 cook etc With these Epic driver commands, I was finally able to get Alexa to say Ok and trigger those. Alexa doesn't like Cooking, timer, cook time, cooking time, cooking timer, oven, microwave, bake, bake time, grilling, meal, meal prep, meal prepping...... I'm probably forgetting some others but what a pain.....
  2. I'm trying to create several cooking timers using the Epic voice driver. However it appears that Alexa is very picky on the names that she allows including cooking oven microwave timer Etc Does anyone have any suggestions of what wording I can use to create different timers for cooking at 10 15 20 minutes excetera
  3. announcements return to previous audio

    Ok, problem solved... but very very weird solution.... I found that under the programming for when the ANNOUNCEMENT triggers, that it was showing programming to change the channel which makes no sense since I literally just created that timer today and did not put any programming under it.... so not sure how that magically appeared under that programming.... very odd!
  4. I've just programmed an announcement to use in my kitchen for when a kitchen timer has expired. My intent is to use it to announce in several rooms when a cooking timer is done so as to not forget something is still in the oven for example. What I've found is that the announcement plays, interrupting the current audio that I'm listening to, but then when the audio returns to playing the source when I'm using my Sirius Internet tabletop radio, the channel changes. I've watched the IR emitter and apparently once the announcement is complete, C4 is sending some sort of IR signal I'm assuming for a previous channel? I'm a bit confused and just want the audio source to return to what it was previously. When I play the announcement over DIGITAL MEDIA (ie music streaming via my hard driver for example) the music goes back to what was playing without incident. I do have the Snapshot driver I could use though I haven't played around with that yet. Any ideas on how to prevent the ANNOUNCEMENTS from trying to alter the channel once they are done playing?
  5. Alexa C4 vs Epic Driver

    Can the native light response be disabled so all lights only respond to the Epic driver triggers? It appears that the lights autopopulate with discovery
  6. Alexa C4 vs Epic Driver

    The Epic driver is great! Super fast response time.... Question however... I've added triggers for each of my lights under the Epic driver. However, this creates 2 occurances of a light in C4 and in the Alexa app. I'm wondering if I should delete these triggers under the Epic driver? I want the fastest response time and am worried if I delete the triggers, the lights will then rely on Alexa and C4 working to perform the on/off action (hence using cloud control and slowing response back down to original speed). As it stands, right now the triggers work just fine with the 2 identical occurances listed...
  7. Audio sensing with EA-3

    Wow, now that would be fancy!
  8. Audio sensing with EA-3

    The EA-3 has some sort of audio sensing built in... but sometimes when I turn off the room I would forget to stop the Dot as well.... and I'm not unaware of any programmable way to stop Alexa from talking/streaming other than a voice command?
  9. Audio sensing with EA-3

    Basically, that's what I did.... "Echo, turn on KITCHEN Amazon dot" then "Echo, play the Beatles Channel on Sirius XM" and that will work. I did have it originally programmed under the EA-3 for Audio Sense and "Analog Audio 1 Starts" the programming would automatically select the Amazon dot. However, I was finding this was randomly turning on the radio at various times so to make it less sensitive I'll have to use 2 commands and be less lazy hahaha
  10. Is there any way to program an audio sensing command using Composer via and EA-3? I know that the EA-3 has the ability in the left hand programming tree (Script command) for audio sense. However, I am trying to program "If KITCHEN audio turned on (via voice command with Alexa) --> If EA-3 senses audio, then set KITCHEN audio to XXXX"
  11. Alexa devices not responding

    Ok good to know... I was trying everything I could think of. I wish Control4 would make some preemptive announcement on here so we aren't pulling our hair out and wasting an hour of our lives to try to fix what is not fixable on our end.
  12. Is anyone else having issues with devices nor resounding with Alexa at the moment? I've tried disabling the skill and re enable then discover devices and nothing is working suddenly as of last night
  13. In programming, is there any difference in the 2 programming options of "Add room XXXX to YYYY session" vs. "Set XXXX>CURRENT_SELECTED_DEVICE to the value of YYYY CURRENT_SELECTED_DEVICE"? If so, what is the difference or do they accomplish exactly the same thing?
  14. System Manager software

    I just added a wireless speaker point but need to change to wireless... However, I apparently need SYSTEM MANAGER to do this. I've noticed now that it is no longer available to end users apparently as of update 2.2 from what my Composer is saying. Is there a way to access SYSTEM MANAGER as an end user anymore?
  15. SiriusXM app on Amazon Echo

    So my dealer did come out and we replaced the old HC300 with an EA3 and I now am able to stream audio from the Dot into C4. I have it set up so that if the EA3 detects audio from the Dot, it will automatically turn on the KITCHEN zone audio. I have noticed a few times that the audio has turned on for no apparent reason however. So I still have to figure out why that is happening as I've changed the wake word to "Echo" and not Alexa. I might consider doing a delay so if audio is sensed, delay 10 seconds, and if audio still present then turn the zone on just in case Alexa is talking and that is the audio being detected.