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  1. Yes I'll probably have to ask him to give me a quick hands on tutorial.. I'm pretty up to speed on programming but this one doesn't seem to be very user friendly for specifics. I just want to take a snapshot of a single light or 2 and then return to their states after the timer. However, I don't want to have to change the driver properties every time I'm changing. My idea of the driver should be: TAKE SNAPSHOT OF THEATER LIGHT SET THEATER TO "10" ON DIMMER TIMER ON/TIMER EXPIRES RECALL SNAPSHOT OF THEATER LIGHT Then if I have another programming loop I could do the same with just that device not include 50 Control4 switches and such.
  2. I was wondering about the TAKE SNAPHSHOT IN MASTER BED-> SNAPSHOT FRONT DOOR MOTION command. How do you get a specific command like that without everything being snapshot? Also, when you select the LIGHTS and/or ROOMS under the PROPERTIES of the driver (under MONITORING), are all of those what are always snapshot every single time you use the SNAPSHOT SAVE command?
  3. How does the user above get the device specific snapshot as in the picture?
  4. So if I TAKE SNAPSHOT (command), is every single device that I select in the PROPERTIES of the Snapshot driver stored? Not just one device that is SNAPSHOTed? Is the snapshot basically looking at everything in your system and then returning the devices to the prior state? I was thinking you could just use the SNAPSHOT for a single device....
  5. I'm still not seeing how this driver works to take a snapshot of a single device at least in my programming. I can only click DEVICE SPECIFIC COMMAND and then it's a big empty box under that. How does the above user take a snapshot of front door motion?
  6. When I go under the SNAPSHOT RECALL on the right side which is the only listing referring to SNAPSHOT in my programming tree, and I click TAKE SNAPSHOT there is nothing in the box under that at all. I thought by setting the devices in the driver under properties I would be able to select whichever device I wanted a snapshot of. As in N8Balls posting above, it appears he can just select a snapshot of single device but I don't see that anywhere in my programming.
  7. The only place I see anything about Snapshot is under the THEATER. In the 2nd picture above, the only command I can use the TAKE SNAPSHOT but it only shows as the THEATER as the only room you can select. I can't seem to figure out how to select another room.... As far as the toggle, I'd like the light to end up in the state it started in
  8. I've attached 2 screen shots, 1 of the Snapshot driver which appears to be set up correctly and the other of the PROGRAMMING for my room flashing with it but it appears to only be valid in my THEATER room where the driver is listed under
  9. I have Snapshot installed in my system in my THEATER room but for some reason cannot get it to execute any command in any other room. I appear to have enabled it via MONITORING tab for the driver for all rooms yet cannot seem to bring up any room specific command. I'm trying to use this to toggle lights in 2 rooms when the garage door opens so I know when it opens. I've been using TOGGLE, delay 1 second, TOGGLE, delay 1 second, TOGGLE but it seems that there must be a slight lag or something with the system and sometimes the lights will opposite of what state they started in. Should I just make the delay 2 seconds?
  10. I just recently purchased several engraved keypad buttons and am trying to understand the programming of the backlight LEDs settings. I've attached a picture of the menu for adjusting these settings but I can't find any documentation that explains what these adjustments mean. I'm basically trying to adjust the backlighting so that at night, the levels tone down a bit but not to the point where you can't see the engraving which seems to be the case if the settings are too low. However, some of my keypads could have the backlighting turned off during the day or when the room lights are on.
  11. Is anyone else having issues with the Sirius XM app and streaming? I keep getting a streaming error and it won't work.
  12. I can't think of anything that has changed recently in hardware. I should try to power cycle my EA5 as that has worked in the past when media scanning (when I wanted to add some albums to my media library) didn't work. The lag is not specific to any particular part of programming at all. You try to drag a programming command over and you get a NOT RESPONDING yellow circle. After about 10 seconds it becomes responsive but it's at least every minute it will happen not just periodically.
  13. I've had some issues lately while I'm programming via Composer on my laptop where I'm getting the Windows hourglass delay. Not sure why this is hanging a bit but it certainly is annoying. I'm running 2.10.3 and I believe everything to be up to date. I have a total of I believe 52 devices running off my EA5 and have 2 more EA3s in my system in addition to an HC800. It seems the green circle in the lower right hand corner of Composer (indicating online status) goes to yellow (NOT RESPONDING).
  14. Is anyone having issues connecting to their system remotely this morning? I keep getting an error. Using .3 software so I'm completely up to date and seemed to work ok the other day. With the new security patch, does that have to be applied to .3 software if it was already applied to the previous Composer software edition?
  15. I'm swapping out some of my older C4 keypads for the newer style. I have several of the configurable keypads which can control 1 load (in my case a light) which work fantastically. However, I'm trying to figure out which of the multiple keypads available would replace the old style 6 button keypad that doesn't control a load. These, I believe were wired in place of an 3 way switch install. The 6 button old style obviously never controlled a load directly. I would like to replace the old 6 button with a new configurable version that doesn't need to directly control a load. Though in reading the spec sheet it appears the new configurable keypads can actually control a load when wired in the 3 way configuration. The newer keypads seem quite a bit more advanced. I was just happy with the newer configurable light switch with all the button sizes and multiple buttons (especially room volume).