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  1. Exact issue I'm seeing. Fire TV stick running 5.x fine. Fire TV 4k running no good and get the same. When I try to connect with ADB to 5.x I get right in no auth. When I try to connect with ADB to 6.x it asks me to trust the device on the fire TV. How can we get C4 to take a look and update the driver accordingly? Thx
  2. That makes sense. Thx
  3. Also, I don't see how anyone can use the irUSB with the Fire TV 4k. It has a single USB port which is used for power. Am I missing something? Thanks
  4. Yes, adb authentication seems to be the issue. With the Fire TV or stick, if I try to connect via ADB from my laptop it just goes through. On the Fire TV 4k it prompts to trust the device. Looking online I see other products requiring an update to handle it. ex: https://forum.simplecontrol.com/t/problem-controlling-fire-tv-4k/2745/12 Sounds like Control4 needs to update the driver to support the trust capability and for now we can't control the new device
  5. How much for the HC800?
  6. rips420

    Sony Receivers vs. HC

    I don't see the Sony Receivers on the performance calculator yet. I would assume when it hits that this becomes official... https://dealer.control4.com/assets/files/resources/performancecalculator.xls
  7. rips420

    Sony Receivers vs. HC

    Control4 controllers have a range of capability and performance (HC-250 vs. HC-800 vs HC-1000 etc). Where do the Sony Receiver models fit in? Is it as powerful as the HC-800? Has there been any official word on this? Thanks
  8. Was the replacement the same model? Does the 59-738-03 work? My ADT installer just came with that model and I am also having the crazy red light and RS232 error