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  1. WTB: IO extender terminal block(s)

    Yeah, but there's soooo many types, I have no idea where to start. No idea of brand, pitch or type.... Cheers, Chris
  2. Hi all, During my reno, I lost the terminal blocks for my IO extender, and I now need them. My integrator doesn't have any so I was hoping someone on here might have a couple of spare floating around? I'm in Melbourne, Australia, but am happy to also pay for postage if someone O/S has any... Any help greatly appreciated. Cheers, Chris
  3. Best way to stream radio?

    For $350 I'm buying a Sonos Connect. No question it' has the most integrations as far as streaming Music services are concerned. +1. Sonos is by far the best option for streaming music. Not sure what the driver costs to connect it into C4, but it does everything you could want, it's expandable in its own right and is simple to use... Cheers, Chris
  4. Zigbee Module RF Chip for Kwikset

    Can anyone tell me if ALL the Kwikset smart locks have the option of adding a zigbee card, or do you have to buy a particular model that has the facility? Oh, and you don't want to know how much the dealers charge for these locks in Australia... It's criminal... Cheers, Chris
  5. Hi all, I'm looking to expand my c4 universe and am looking for some used dimers, switches, puks and/or keypads. The caveats are; White and 240v I know that cuts out the US, but there's still the UK and parts of Asia. Cheers, Chris
  6. Control4 Amp needed? Advice please...

    Why not look at Sonos? It would be a much simpler, more versatile and elegant solution... Cheers, Chris
  7. Home theatre in Melbourne, Australia

    Hi Gary - Nup... Cheers, Chris
  8. Hi all, does anyone know where in Oz, preferably Melbourne, I can get either the Kwikset or Yale locks with Zigbee Pro? Cheers, Chris
  9. Home theatre in Melbourne, Australia

    Thanks Gary, it's not finished yet, but it's getting there. I made the first fabric panel to cover the acoustic treatments last night. Lots more to go though... Cheers, Chris
  10. Hi all, I'd like to automate a blind we have in the kitchen, and am looking for recommendations on what the best way to go is. Somfy? Which control type? Other 3rd party motors that are cheaper but work just as well? I'm in Australia so will be needing to buy something with a universal power supply or that is 240v. ANy advice on what works best from an integration POV would be greatly appreciated. Cheers, Chris
  11. Just an FYI, I'm a fair noob at C4, but you can set the press and release buttons in HE and have them there permanently. I've done that with my 6 button switch in the cinema. The standard colour of the LED's is purple. You can also get the "on press" to change colur by setting the variable in the script. For example, use "On press" to set the colour green, and then, use "On release" to set it back again. As an alternative to turning the LED's off, you could change the colour to red. Red is far less bright than any of the other colours. Although, I love TexasBill's idea of the motion sensors! What a cracker! Cheers, Chris
  12. Yep, makes sense. Could that cause a problem with other lighting scenes? For example, if I set a rule that said "If Theatre->CURRENT_VOLUME is GREATER THAN 60 in Theatre->CURRENT_VOLUME" then turn off the lights, would that confuse the other lighting scenes that are envoked when pausing a movie, or stopping a movie? Cheers, Chris
  13. Who uses lighting PUK's?

    Good to know! I think I might start using them... Could you use a normal wall switch in the Aux of a dimmer? Would it just bypass the dimming circuit and turn on the lights full bore? Cheers, Chris
  14. Thanks CyKnight. The noob penny has dropped. I've created the rule and will give it a run when I next fire up the room... Should I also put in an additional command to say when the volume is above that level, do nothing, or turn the lights off? or will it happen automagically in the background? Cheers, Chris
  15. Yeah, ok, I don't get it... I have all the variables, but it just doesn't make sense to me. I have heaps of control over the receiver. Under commands, I have all these; Set to value ... Set to random value between ... set an exact level Set to value of... When I set the variable, the statement is "If Theatre->CURRENT_VOLUME is EQUAL TO the value in Theatre->CURRENT_VOLUME". Well, how do I know what the CURRENT_VOLUME is? How do I set that? I only want the lights to come if I set the volume at (for example) -40 Sorry for the noob questions... Cheers, Chris