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  1. penn65000


    We had two systems upgraded to latest release and the “add music” option doesn’t appear on either (to add music services). The dealer (diamond) doesn’t know why. Tried rebooting ea-5 and same issue. So can’t add amazon music...
  2. We use Control4 motions and find 6-7 sensitivity to work well.
  3. penn65000

    Would you do it all over again?

    Would do it again. In fact we did it in two homes and would do from scratch if we ever move.
  4. penn65000

    Cable label machine?

    Brady all the way.
  5. We had a dedicated iPad in one of those $300 wall installed frames. It stunk. I was excited at first because I figured I could use all my old ipads for C4, but despite being in dedicated C4 mode, the iPad would freeze or someone would find a way out of the C4 app. C4 screens aren’t perfect but they’re much better than iPads. We have one 10” on the wall and a bunch of 7” on stands around the house. All look great and work very well. And the C4 screens aren’t unreasonably priced. They also crash and lock up much less than my iPads!
  6. Yes then you’ll have three iPads which don’t quite work with C4.
  7. I couldn’t have said it better. Same as our experience. C4 all the way or you’ll just be fighting the iPad.
  8. Go C4. We tried iPad — installed in the wall. Wanted to like it. iPad not as responsive and comes out of dedicated mode and sometimes locks up. For everything you want to do, C4 better.
  9. penn65000

    C4 light switches over time

    We have over 100 C4 switches (latest gen). Probably 3 were defective. A couple of them had the plastic loops break but dealers can get you new ones and you can install yourself. But overall very good. Also the APD rocks. Handles every type of LED we’ve thrown at it. Get an elecrician who knows C4 otherwise you’ll pay them to get up to speed. Don’t see reason not to use APD instead of FPD to future proof. C4 switches rock.
  10. I’d use the C4 touchscreen. We originally had a dedicated iPad in-wall (with some third party box-contraption) and the iPad simply wasn’t the same as C4 touchscreen. Responsiveness wasn’t there and the screen would come out of dedicated C4 mode periodically. I’d just suck it up and buy C4 made touch screen. They rock.
  11. penn65000

    C4 Zigbee Wireless motion issues

    Have prob 100+ switches and 7 TVs w remotes.
  12. We've had repeated issues with: (a) our several wireless motion sensors ceasing to respond (they stop working and show ? in composer and (b) have "day mode" randomly unchecking. Our Pinnacle Dealer is very good and has tried RMAing several sensors and adding zigbee repeaters and changing channels for mesh -- all while consulting C4. The motions still go off line periodically and sometimes don't return without reboot. That means getting ladder and removing battery. These should stay connected until the battery runs out! Driving us nuts. Anyone have a solution? On newest OS with EA5 controller and several HC-250s for TVs. Dealer has expanded to three meshes (we have lots of lights too-- all are supposed to act as repeaters). All motions are within a few feet of a lightswitch (albeit outside but a wood frame house). The outdoor motions are under overhangs. Wifi has already been migrated to frequencies less likely to interfere. In suburbia so no density issues. Flummoxed!
  13. penn65000

    New remotes in the pipeline??

    Agree. I like bleeding edge but the 260s work v well and don’t see need for an upgrade.
  14. I also think zigbee is more reliable than zwave. Based on some DIY stuff I’ve done for fun.
  15. penn65000

    Newest gen wireless switches

    Agree. Not the dealers fault. The switch just went bad.