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  1. Newest gen wireless switches

    Agree. Not the dealers fault. The switch just went bad.
  2. Newest gen wireless switches

    Turned out to be a faulty switch. Control4 is replacing but bummer I have to pay $200 for the electrician. Shouldn’t C4 cover that? These are less than one year old.
  3. Remote issues continue

    Dealer came and made some changes to zigbee mesh. Assume it will work as our dealer is v good. Working after 1 day but we’ll see.
  4. LED bulbs

    Right and did you use a neutral?
  5. Remote issues continue

    Thanks. Not sure that’s the issue as we’ve C4 wireless switches (latest gen) in each room too so mesh is strong and we use 2-3 controllers as zigbee APs and have two zigbee range extenders. Had been rock solid until upgrade to 2.10.
  6. LED bulbs

    And these are gen 3 switches? Are you sure electrician installed w neutral correctly?
  7. Remote issues continue

    It was every 3-4 days but it has increased in frequency to daily
  8. LED bulbs

    Sounds like you didn’t wire the switches with a neutral. I’m not an electrician but you might check on that. Did an electrician install the switches?
  9. Multiple SR260 remotes lock up (with hourglass) every 3-4 days since upgrade to 2.10. Then they need to be power cycled by removing battery. Has happened multiple times to some of the remotes. Have 6-7 remotes and EA5 runs house with hc250s and one EA1 and one hc800 at TVs. Dealing coming out tomorrow. Anyone have any ideas? This happened maybe twice in 2 years with OS 2.8 and 2.9 and now it is daily! Also what is reset button sequence on remote? Getting the Litium ion rechargables out is a pain. Btw I’ve rebooted the EA5 and no improvement.
  10. WiFi Solutions

    We have two houses w C4. One house I set up Wi-Fi with Ubiquiti AP Pro into ( Luxul router installed by C4 dealer). I’m pretty tech savvy. Ubiquiti now works very well. That said the very occasionally release buggy firmware. On the other house our dealer did the whole thing with ruckus APs. Frankly the Ruckus stuff is slightly better (better ping times). ubiquiti was prob $1200. Ruckus setup was prob $4k. If I had to do it again I’d prob do professional (non ubiquiti). The professional stuff is expensive but worth it. And no I’m not a dealer or installer. The dealers are correct re rock solid Wi-Fi. All APs should be wired (cat 5e or 6) and forget extenders and repeaters — I spent many man hours on those and they are slow and unreliable and make you crazy. My guess is you can’t go wrong with ruckus or Luxul or pakedge. These days I’d choose pakedge as I’m trying to use all C4 native stuff.
  11. Newest gen wireless switches

    Composer HE is showing 8 Watts of current being used. Under ENERGY INFORMATION and CURRENT POWER it shows 8 Watts when switch C4 wireless switch is off.
  12. Newest gen wireless switches

    It is reading 8 watts when switch is off.
  13. Newest gen wireless switches

    Can’t be. The switch is turned off. Also I unplugged everything in the room and it still reads 8 watts.
  14. We have 75-100 switches installed. All are wireless C4 latest gen. Some of the switches assigned to outlets show 1-2 watts of power being used even when they’re turned off (I have composer HE) One shows 8-9. The rest show 0. Can anyone explain? Why should these be using any power when off? Thanks.