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  1. penn65000

    Cost Effective Motion Sensors

    We’ve had big issues with C4 zigbee motions outdoors. They drop off periodically and sometimes persistently. Magically they now offer sensors with antenna. Suspect they added this option due to connection issues. If you get C4 make sure you get the ones WITH antenna.
  2. penn65000

    C4 Door Station DS2 video quality

    Okay got it. Yes I’d meant webui. One thing I’ve found which might help— I had been trying out synology’s nvr software for ip cameras and realized after a few months that symbology was hijacking the c4 camera settings. If you’ve got synology you might check that.
  3. penn65000

    C4 Door Station DS2 video quality

    In Composer HE go to the ds2 and click on “documentation” tab or something like that. Gives instructions on how to log into the ds2 directly via its IP address and has all sorts of settings not offered by composer. Our installer didn’t even know about this.
  4. penn65000

    C4 Zigbee Wireless motion issues

    C4 now offers a motion with external antenna. Seems to be an admission that these motions have zigbee signal issues? Anyway thanks for the advice. C4 offering to replace all w external antenna version.
  5. penn65000

    C4 Zigbee Wireless motion issues

    They’re warrantied and C4 techs have worked on it. I think the techs are barking up the wrong tree. We have strong mesh and they keep adding repeaters and ZAPs. Question: can the axxess motions get wet? If so I’ll ask our installer and c4 to switch for free.
  6. penn65000

    C4 Zigbee Wireless motion issues

    Thanks but these sensors are outdoors and Axxess indicated theirs’ aren’t rated for any moisture. C4 are rated IP44 (splash proof).
  7. penn65000

    C4 Zigbee Wireless motion issues

    Have the latest C4 motions. Most have been replaced and still dropping off. Originally installed w ea-5.
  8. EA-5 v2) installed and motions still dropping offline (one anyway). Really don't understand this -- anyone else having issues with C4 motions dropping offline? We've strong zigbee mesh with over 100 lightswitches and two zigbee extenders.
  9. penn65000

    C4 Zigbee Wireless motion issues

    Motion sensor issues persist. Now C4 corporate involved and even they’ve not sorted. Any other thoughts? Motions keep dropping off. c4 has checked mesh, replaced ea-5. I’m at wits end.
  10. Yes we’ve had issues with C4 motions (made by cardaccess I believe) going offline. Diamond dealer and now C4 tech has actually been out. Monitoring now but a big pain for over a year. Just noticed there are now motions with “external antenna”.
  11. Wonder if any others with issues Re EA-5-v1 Zigbee coordinator? Perhaps just a one-off?
  12. penn65000

    C4 and SmartThings

    Can conflict? If so why would that be?
  13. Does C4 zigbee have any conflict w smartthings hub zigbee? We have C4 at home but I tinker w smartthings (several sensors). Thx.
  14. We just had our ea-5-v1 replaced w v2 as the installer suspected the V1 had problems (hardware) with its Zigbee networking function (our motions were dropping off zigbee and we had periodic delays on 6 button keypads). Our light switches (zigbee) are now much more responsive that they ever were ok v1. But that could be due to a hardware issue w v1 or faster speed on v2.
  15. penn65000


    We had two systems upgraded to latest release and the “add music” option doesn’t appear on either (to add music services). The dealer (diamond) doesn’t know why. Tried rebooting ea-5 and same issue. So can’t add amazon music...