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  1. grant0830

    Sonos... please help

    Ha, yes. Thank you for your help. Working now!
  2. Hello, we are trying to get the supported driver for Sonos to work in our project. The driver is loaded into the project, however I don’t see where you input your Sonos user info? When I go into the C4 app on my phone and click on Sonos it just gives me the spinning wheel? I have verified that the Sonos connect is working and is on the most recient software... Currently the Sonos connect that has rca out to a Sonarray amplifier then rca out passthrough from the amp back to our Control4 multi channel amp as an input. Our hope is to use the Sonos connect as the source for our outdoor patio audio (2 sets of triad in ceiling speakers) and the source for the one Sonarray Array set up in the yard. please help with any thoughts or advice!
  3. Just the multizone amp no audio matrix right now
  4. How would we connect the Sonararry amp into our C4 project? It looks like it have audio in and out but no network connectivity?
  5. Fellow C4 ers We have one of the older multi channel amplifiers and are looking to add a Sonance Sonarray speaker system to one of the zones and didn't know if the C4 amplifier would provide adequate power to the Sonarray speakers. Please let us know your thoughts.
  6. Hello all, quick question we currently have a HC-800 connected to a AVM-16A-B to power 6 zones of triad inceiling R-28. When we go to play pandora in the kitchen and napster in the bedroom it will only allow one audio source to play. Can the HC-800 do multiple audio sources and if so how many and what would we need to do to have this work. Thank you all in advance!!
  7. grant0830

    HC-800 & High Res Audio

    Would the EA series be able to stream multiple sources from one box (i.e. EA-5) say pandora in living room at same time as Napster in kitchen?
  8. Quick question, we reciently built a new home and moved some of our old gear (HC-800, AVM-16A-B) to power 6 zones of triad inceiling R-28's in the home. Looking to add the new triad 8 zone power amp for high res audio but would we need to upgrade to an EA-5 to accomplish the high res audio? Is high res audio worth the hardware upgrade? What would the other reasons be to upgrade the hc-800 and old c4 audio amp to new gear? Thank you all in advance!
  9. Hello, We have 4 patio heaters by Infratech wired back to the Infratech Relay Home Management System. Our question is what driver are people using to control this? Currently we have it wired to the Relay port on our HC-800. Thank you all in advance!
  10. grant0830

    I need 0-10VDC for Infatech controller plus driver

    We also have (4) Infratech patio heaters connected back to the Infratech Home Management Relay Pannel, the relay pannel is connected into the contact/relay on our HC800. What driver do we need and what functionally can we get out of the driver?
  11. grant0830

    Alarm Integration with C4

    I second that question all we have is the virtual keypad that shows?
  12. We recently moved into a new home and moved over our HC800 which we did a clean install on for the new project. After the clean install we have been having trouble getting our SR250 remotes to identify (previously on 2.8) to the clean install HC800. The remotes just display "waiting for network"... Any suggestions?
  13. grant0830

    Sonos Adds Amazon Prime Music

    How do you integrate prime music through sonos in C4?
  14. grant0830

    Amazon Echo

    Nobb question here but can the echo dot connect to C4 sharebridge as a Bluetooth speaker? I keep trying to find sharebridge under the echo app but can't seem to find it? Am I missing something ?
  15. Question, we are looking to tie in some new Wolf/Subzero appliances into our Control4 system. Does anyone have experience with these? What cable needs to be ran to the units? Are any additional boxes from C4 or Wolf/Sub needed?