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  1. Correction EA = Entertainment and Automation
  2. Typically the 6280 (Tuxedo Touch) keypads require a different type of address to function properly. If you don't know how to get into the programming on your alarm panel (V20p, V15p, V50, V128/250) I would suggest contacting the company that installed it for you. I can walk you through how to get in, but if you screw something up it could REALLY cause havoc with your alarm.
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    We are looking for programmers

    PM Sent
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    Swapping out blu-ray for replacement

    All Sony Blu-Ray players that I've EVER installed use the same codes, although the new model may have some new codes, but that really shouldn't affect your ability to control the player. I have moved both of my Sony Blu-rays to the IP driver to not have to worry about IR bugs at all anymore. Feel free to PM me and I can attempt to setup the Sony IP driver for you, I'll even do it for free!
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    Why don't they?

    You could use custom buttons if you REALLY wanted to use the on-screen navigator
  6. Well it sounds like the front display is powered, how do you know that the amplifier is actually getting powered?