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  1. When you connected via system manager was the director service running? Sent from my Nexus 6P using Tapatalk
  2. Alexa devices not responding

    that is awesome! Huge time savings. Thank you @Derrick Cain and the c4 team! I have subscribed to the RSS
  3. Alexa devices not responding

    dude, i never know THAT IS AWESOME!!!!!!!
  4. Amazon needs the concepts in AVS first....but yeah...
  5. what i was trying to say is that you need the Alexa Devices in the Same Amazon account you plan to use. So if you use 2 amazon accounts; make sure you have the right devices in the right accounts and then program commands accordingly.
  6. thanks @chopedogg88 - just to add one other point - that would mean that if you do this you need the dots in the corresponding amazon account.
  7. it's really 1 instance per project. @chopedogg88 can confirm that
  8. RGB LED advice

    thanks @tbutman8 always knew IR was an option but was looking to avoid that. Prefer Wifi..
  9. RGB LED advice

    working on my bar which will have floating shelves. I would like to do color change RGB LED's with c4 integration. Need to cut to size and connect with LV wiring many segments together with gaps in the middle. Any advice on a product to use? It doesn't that Yeelight or Hue will fit this bill.
  10. Composer HE Device Renamer Driver

    Joe 2.0.2 is the latest version. Gary is running that version as I sent it to him manually and I know his dealer installed it. If you are stuck on 1.0.7 I recommend ensuring the auto update driver is working properly if not then your dealer can manually download 2. 0.2 and install from the houseLogix website Sent from my Nexus 6P using Tapatalk
  11. Alexa Skill won't Discover any devices

    @dcovach will install it for you
  12. IR Control

    I would get a Z2IR
  13. Composer HE Device Renamer Driver

    The version you have is the latest version....
  14. Composer HE Device Renamer Driver

    @Gary Leeds UK what's version