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  1. Standard zigbee and Control4 zigbee are not the same. They would need to have control4 zigbee clusters to work with control4 Sent from my Nexus 6P using Tapatalk
  2. No problems. Are you using the same exact version of composer as your system is running? Sent from my Nexus 6P using Tapatalk
  3. don't equate any and all to have the same meaning...
  4. i don't think you'll find anyone here that disagrees!
  5. can u load those into a variable using @alanchow driver?
  6. not sure what the question is? can you be more detailed?
  7. Congrats! This is an exciting driver!
  8. No problem! Glad you got a solution without having to contact your dealer!
  9. default is on. you have to uncheck it
  10. Ah! well thats a different story. You can rename the "alexa name" without renaming it in composer. You do that at and login, click on alexa and there is a pencil next to each device - rename them there and that is what alexa knows. Then rerun discovery on Alexa.
  11. You cannot rename devices in HE. Adding devices, bindings and renaming devices are the only things you can't do in HE
  12. Device names can't be renamed in HE. A dealer must rename devices.
  13. you my friend are an exception! A very well thought out and planned one
  14. a promise for service is very unusual in the utility industry. Lucky you!
  15. you don't have redundancy for the water line and power cable to your house and you don't have an SLA for being fixed....sorry disagree there.