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  1. Likely you got logged out. From the mobile app or t3 log back in
  2. msgreenf

    Composer HE Device Renamer Driver

    It's on blackwire now. https://www.blackwiredesigns.com/greenfield-solutions/
  3. msgreenf

    Composer HE

    It allows you to rename devices using composer he. Something you can't do natively. It normally requires composer pro. And my driver is a clever way to allow consumers to rename devices.
  4. Yes. That is all it takes. Just make sure you are running it as admin
  5. msgreenf

    irrigation caddy

    Rachio was always the better technology...
  6. msgreenf

    Weather Underground

    What does IBM have to do w wunderground?
  7. Android app update came out last week. You probably already updated
  8. msgreenf

    Control4 compatible plug socket

    There is a free digital loggers driver in the online database. Use it in my home
  9. msgreenf

    irrigation caddy

    Blackwire has a working driver
  10. 250 and 800 are totally nearing their eol. No way they can't be
  11. Imho to be a reliable alarm it needs cellular
  12. msgreenf

    Multiple Controllers and 4site

    Ifs it's online before the 22nd no