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  1. cdepaola

    OT: Sonos help needed/ not C4 related

    I may have missed this but... You've hooked up a phone, tablet, or computer directly to the Sonos, skipping the input plate and associated wiring?
  2. cdepaola

    OT: Sonos help needed/ not C4 related

    Sounds like a nightmare, for sure. I'd also be concerned that its all 6 sonos, I've got 5 Connects and just tried setting them up similarly just as a test. They all worked fine... Have you thought about testing the voltage of the Line-Out, both when its streaming and when your using the line-in setup? Fixed mode voltage should be around 1.7v. If your in variable mode it should be 0 - 1.7 depending on volume. Also what is the voltage of the signal going into the Sonos?
  3. cdepaola

    Comcast/Xfinity IP control

    Its amazing that this came out, after several years of waiting, with absolutely no fan fair... The driver works great, better and faster then IR! Yeah for Control4 and Xfinity!
  4. cdepaola

    Inwall speakers

    GoldenEar SuperCinema 3D array with Triad inwall subs. One of the best, low profile, set-up’s I’ve installed. The Sub has a next to the chair, have a second in opposite rear wall
  5. cdepaola

    Water Leak Detection

    I like the concept of Buoy BUT the $17.99 per month subscription?! WOW!
  6. cdepaola

    Water Leak Detection

    Yeah I think I’m gonna go with the Flo, has all that functionality and more. Seems well tested and endorsed.
  7. cdepaola

    Thermostats with Remote Sensors

    I’d place a call to your HVAC contractor and tell them what you want. For us it was cheaper to go ecobee with its rebates from the utility and remote sensors then get a wired thermostat with capability for remote sensors and the cost of the remote sensors plus wiring. First several programmable thermostats I just looked at on homedepot couldn’t support remote sensors. Maybe I’m wrong but I’d like to see the cheap T-stat’s that support this and withmultiple sensors.
  8. cdepaola

    Thermostats with Remote Sensors

    I’d also caution that most residential thermostats outside of Nest and Ecobee don’t do remote sensors, especially wireless.
  9. cdepaola

    Thermostats with Remote Sensors

    You can find new Ecobees, with sensors, from many large utility company’s at huge rebates. Here in greater Chicagoland we can buy them for $150 all day every day
  10. Lots of new players since the last time I saw this topic discussed. Looking for experience and or input on all the different options such as: FloLogic Phyn MeetFlo WaterCop FloLogic seems like the old time tech reliable solution but Flo and Phyn are very interesting.
  11. The Sonos hate cracks me up... Its by far still the best product like it on the market, There are competitors but their fit and finish are far superior to the majority and their App is still considerably better. I have and or have installed Sonos, Heos, and Autonomic Mirage. The sonos kills them all. I'm curious if they will have a new Connect as well, still would like to see an actual rackmount with multiple streams like the rackmount heos unit. This is the one place I think HEOS has a lead.
  12. I'm really confused because my FireTV driver is still working and I'm on the latest firmware.
  13. cdepaola

    End Of Line Products and Composer

    Would be nice to have use to keep it out of landfills, lets face it most folks aren't going to the trouble of properly recycling electronics. Yeah I'm one of those crazy environmentalists... : )
  14. cdepaola

    Small Room Ceiling Speakers

    Yup, have had Monitor Audio... Wasn't a fan. Also have used Episode, Triad, GoldenEar, Emotiva, TruAudio, Def-Tech... Basically any reputable brand will work for background music. The biggest thing I tell people is that if all your doing is background music then go with dual voice-coil speakers as generally stereo in down firing ceiling speakers just doesn't work. You'd be surprised how many folks try and do it. If your going to also do TV, Movies, etc then I like Triad speakers and specifically the Omni SE, the LCR line, and on the high end the MiniMonitor and Monitor. Have several rooms with in-ceiling MiniMonitors and the SlimSub and it sounds on par with in-room speakers at the same price point.