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  1. 1) didn’t say it was shrinking now or that it would shrink next year, I predicted it WOULD shrink. If I really had to guess, 5 years. 2) I don’t disagree with this, but will the average consumer who has everything connected outside the home care? I’m predicting they won’t. People complained when music went digital and online about how you didn’t own physical things anymore and it would never work. Guess they were wrong. 3) For the majority? For the larger market, the middle income segment? No... not at current dimmer and switch prices. 4) yes they compete on the residential market. You do realize there is HUGE potential in the municipal, educational, restaurant/bar, and corporate environment? You can make C4 work in these but focusing some development on their needs would grow that business which had much bigger potential then residential going forward. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. I think the residential market will shrink for C4, unfortunately. The vast majority of folks want control of lighting, AV, HVAC, Security, and entry points. All of these are or will be controlled and automated by Amazon/Google in the very short term. These companies have far more power to negotiate with 3rd parties on control protocols and who gets access. For most consumer needs they won’t need C4. The very high end will continue to use C4 and I think the company needs to compete more with Crestron within the commercial and industrial space. Still see C4 as a possible takeover within 3 years max Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. cdepaola

    Small Room Ceiling Speakers

    Yup, have had Monitor Audio... Wasn't a fan. Also have used Episode, Triad, GoldenEar, Emotiva, TruAudio, Def-Tech... Basically any reputable brand will work for background music. The biggest thing I tell people is that if all your doing is background music then go with dual voice-coil speakers as generally stereo in down firing ceiling speakers just doesn't work. You'd be surprised how many folks try and do it. If your going to also do TV, Movies, etc then I like Triad speakers and specifically the Omni SE, the LCR line, and on the high end the MiniMonitor and Monitor. Have several rooms with in-ceiling MiniMonitors and the SlimSub and it sounds on par with in-room speakers at the same price point.
  4. cdepaola

    Small Room Ceiling Speakers

    Agreed with @therockhr... My family, and its my belief most people, have a handful of playlists they listen to regularly which is where the C4 app works perfectly. Beyond this the Sonos app has always been the better option for music discovery. Even with the integration was at its best I would more often then not use the Sonos app for searching for new music or to listen to something different then normal. Heos and Mirage Media Server both worked well, but the GUI and user experience just wasn't as good as Sonos, in my opinion. Back to Speakers, whats the budget? I like the Triad Gold Omni SE but they are pricy compared to other options, I'd also add a Triad Slim 4 inwall sub. I've got two of the subs, in opposing corers, in a 30x20 living room and they are amazing.
  5. cdepaola

    Small Room Ceiling Speakers

    All Connects with a Matrix Switch and traditional speakers / amps = Flexibility Have owned Heos and Mirage Media Server and dumped both. Heos came close to Sonos, Mirage is a great concept but the interface needs lots of work. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. cdepaola

    Small Room Ceiling Speakers

    For music only, music/tv, background only or louder? So many directions you can go. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. Anyone else recently start to see issues with their Ecobee via Control4?
  8. cdepaola

    Controlling a PC in C4

    Don't know if this will work for you or not, but we've used it in the past. http://www.houselogix.com/shop/houselogix-windows-control
  9. cdepaola

    Control4 - Sonos - Seamless Integration?

    True but for many folks they have 10-15 playlists they listen to regularly. You can obviously select these via Control4. If you listen to a different playlist all of the time then maybe Sonos isn’t for you. Even then the Sonos, Spotify, and pandora apps are far better at finding music then the Control4 app. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. cdepaola

    Control4 - Sonos - Seamless Integration?

    I’m still a Sonos fan and would recommend it to everyone. Their rate of development far outpaces Control4 and they have more available services. The integration, while limited, isn’t a big issue. I’ve got Sonos, Heos, Control4, and Mirage Media Server. Of them all Sonos is the clear winner. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. cdepaola

    Sonos software update

    I’m having no issue with Sonos and while I don’t use the old driver I am using the new version and it to works fine. Alexa and google integration with Sonos has also been a nice add and one my home uses a ton. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. cdepaola

    Wiring help

    This is a 7 year old thread.... Best bet to get an answer would be to call manufacturer - Mustang 247/365 Product Help line is here to help 866-395-0370.
  13. cdepaola

    Wiring a new house

    I think it absolutely is and I'd want it either big enough to pull extra or a second empty for future proof.
  14. cdepaola

    Wiring a new house

    Network Cable to all TV locations, at least two. Cat6 will be sufficient. Last project I just finished we ran a total of three cat6 to each TV location, one of them was shielded. Everything was sent back to the basement equipment room. If your doing the work remember to take your time and review current and potential locations you'll need things, write all this info out, plan the routes and then double check everything again. Once you've double checked locations, wire needs, routes, etc then start the labor portion, take your time, and label everything. All of this is a pain in the ass, even when its just a stick shell, but pays off in the end.
  15. cdepaola

    Wiring a new house

    I'd hire a top notch CI firm to work all of that out in an 8000 sqft new home. It's money well spent. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk