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  1. TexasBill

    Announcements not secure

    Well - sheepishly - I was wrong - Evidently when you get to a very large amount of announcements it can take several minutes for the announcements to populate in the announcements tab. So my system is working, since it did not populate the announcements to choose from within a minute or so, I would abandon it thinking it was not working. It was. You just have to wait a very long time.
  2. TexasBill

    Announcements not secure

    OK - Technical support it is then... I simply cannot add new announcements and I cannot see the old announcements either. This happened when we upgraded a year or so ago (I think to 2.9)
  3. OK - My iPhone has the latest updates for Alexa on it. WHERE/HOW do I "update to the latest Alexa skill?" Sorry to plead stupid but in this case it is true. Bill
  4. So - to make this work - what would I specifically need to purchase - could you give me the part numbers and approximate costs? I am interested, just need to know what to do. I think that the LUM-B34XTS-DMX Controllers will still be needed - correct? Then I need one piece of hardware and a driver. If you could tell me where to get the hardware (or model number) and who sells the driver, I would be in your debt. Thanks, Bill
  5. Thanks. I will try that. Not familiar with the driver that you mention however.
  6. I tried this and no matter what I say Alexa responds with "Kitchen doesn't support that." I am on the very latest version of Control 4 and Alexa/Echo software as well. Any ideas what is different in our situations? Again - I use an Alexa command to execute a "Play Pandora command" I simply want to be able to turn up or down the volume of what is playing through the HOUSE SPEAKERS.
  7. Thank you for this - I have yet to play with it - but - can you tell me - can you add a room to a group that is playing verbally or remove one? For example: Alexa Turn off Kitchen. Alexa Turn on Kitchen (and have it play the station currently playing on Pandora in the other rooms?
  8. Thank your for your continued engagement - I looked in the Control 4 drivers and nothing there is for ENTTEC or DMXIS. Are you able to find the driver that I need? Does anyone make a driver that works with Control 4 and the DMXIS?
  9. Here was a thought - Add a new Echo key word in Control 4 called "House Volume" This gives me new programming capabilities for "Alexa turn House Volume Down/Up/On/Off" Now for House Volume Down I would put: If Room Kitchen Selected Audio Device is Pandora Kitchen > Current_Volume = Kitchen > Current_Volume - 10 However even after discovery no matter what I do it says that the item is not responding or I need to check its power supply. I really would like some way to turn up or down volume remotely without having to resort to my phone or an iPAD or screen
  10. Thank you for your message - I have two "functions" that I am calling - Speakers and Speakers All - Speakers turns on three rooms and plays Pandora in all three rooms at the default levels. Speakers all turns on all house speakers and plays my default pandora station at default levels as well. I have an event called Volume which gives me ON and OFF and SET (and up and down) I need to know what to change to lower the three rooms (if they are on) or all speakers if they are on to 10 percent less or ten percent more or any preset volume. I don't think that I can link ALEXA's volume to what plays through the EA-3
  11. TexasBill

    Announcements not secure

    OK - THAT made the message go away - however here is what I am experiencing It USED TO BE that control 4 showed you next to "Play Audio file" the file name that you were playing for the announcement. The pull down there is now always BLANK for me. I uploaded the file in WAV and MP3 formats and it continuously says - if you recently uploaded the file wait and try again because it is not available on DIRECTOR. I think that I am getting closer but would really like for it to actually play the file that I uploaded and also (if possible) show the name of the file that I am playing. Thoughts?
  12. Bruce - I have a DMXIS that my lights are plugged into and then am currently using an MSeries software only lighting controller to control the lights. Knowing that I have a DMXIS (https://www.enttec.com/?s=DMXIS) What else would I need to have to connect this to Control 4? I really appreciate your continued help.
  13. ok. I found what you were referring to. Mate you able to control it with control 4? i have control now with a dedicated computer and am looking to get the computer out of the loop. I want control 4 to change the lights.
  14. TexasBill

    Announcements not secure

    OK - I added the SMB1 (thank you very much!) and now it gives me this message: It says: A specified logon session does not exist. It may already have been terminated. Any thoughts?
  15. Bruce - First - thank you for your response. BUT - being challenged as I am I am going to need a little more help than that. I do not know what the engineering response box is? Can you point me a little closer to the source please?