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  1. TexasBill

    Televisions linked

    OK - thank you both for replying - I think I MAY have the smoking gun... I have a weather radio and when it goes off I have an insert into Audio Input 3 on my amplifier. The code says: When Audio Input 3 starts sensing Audio do this: ? If time is between 6 AM and 10 PM Select the Weather Radio as the audio source in Living Activate Scene "Emergency Weather" based on the Last Selected Room Start Weather Timer What I want to do is this: When the weather radio has a tornado or some other horrible weather event I want to turn on the house speakers and let it play through the house speakers. I am pretty sure that the last selected room is RANDOM and I simply want this to play through the rooms that are in the Emergency Weather Scene. Can anyone tell me what I Should put in this script please? When it senses output it should: 1. start playing the audio it is sensing to the Emergency Weather Scene speakers at the volume set in the scene. 2. start the timer 3. I have another event that when the timer expires it kills the scene. Any thoughts would be appreciated. Bill
  2. I cannot figure this one out. It started a month or so ago - I was out of town and my wife said that when she turned on the Master Bedroom Television the one in the Bathroom came on as well. This is now reliable - turn one onand the other turns on as well. I cannot see where they are linked - The media scenes are not linked. Each one seems to turn on an off (in the programming) discretely Any ideas would be appreciated. Thank you, Bill
  3. TexasBill

    Recommendation: Door Bell / Camera

    It is simply a contact switch. When closed it is sensed and the announcements occur.
  4. TexasBill

    Echo Second Generation

    Thanks - Your response is appreciated. I thought that it was also going to act as a "hub" and having two hubs would not offer anything but confusion as well.
  5. I notice with interest that the Second generation ECHO/ALEXA has ZigBee integration included. I am wondering if this helps with Control 4 in any way? Does anyone have this integrated with their house (the second generation?) I have alexa integrated with my house and we love it. I am simply interested in knowing if the 2nd generation offers any advantages? The DEMO of the 2nd generation shows the command "Alexa show me the front door" and the camera being displayed on Alexa. Can this be done with the first generation? If so - what is required? Does anyone have that implemented? Enquiring minds... Thanks, Bill
  6. TexasBill

    Weather Radio Announcing

    I will give that a shot when I get back into town. Thanks, Bill
  7. I have 14 cameras and use Blue Iris for everything. Can you tell me - since Blue Iris can display on your phone or any other device and email alerts etc. What is it that you "get" by integrating Blue Iris with Control 4? I don't want to miss out on anything. Bill
  8. TexasBill

    Weather Radio Announcing

    Thank you for your reply Kevin - That is EXACTLY what I am doing - I have an alert line out and my amplifier "senses" the output when it is triggered. The problem is that if I am out of town I come back and the weather radio is playing all over the house and has been for two days. I want a way to STOP the trigger. I can say "when the input stops sensing audio" but it never stops because the weather radio is always playing. Am I misunderstanding what you are doing? My house actually plays the alert - you hear "There is a tornado watch in the following counties …" and then until I manually turn off Control fours audio it will continue playing the weather radio output for ever. Bill
  9. I have a Midland Weather Radio - it is connected to my Amplifier 8 in the third port. The code says that when audio is sensed coming in on that port to "Select Weather Radio as the audio source in Living and then sets Active the "Emergency Weather media scene using the last room selected. My problem is that the "when audio is stopped" being sensed never gets activated because the weather radio is always on. I have tried to pause 5 seconds and then deactivate the scene - to no avail. At the moment the only option is to go to the weather radio and reset - This is irritating to my wife who does not do those types of things. Any thoughts would be appreciated - At the moment the only thing that comes to mind is a wall switch that I turn off after ten seconds of activation but - the BATTERY ni the Midland would take over and I do not want to remove the battery as it requires a whole new setup again. There has to be a nice way to simply say, I only want you to play for a maximum of ten seconds. Bill
  10. I love my Alexa and saying "alexa, turn on all speakers" and have my favorite pandora station playing immediately.
  11. One of the coolest things that we did recently was to enable Airplay on Control 4. Setup some standard speakers and volumes and then on your phone, or a visitors phone, or your wifes phone simply play ANYTHING you want - pandora, ANYTHING and swipe up on your apple phone and send it to Airplay. TA DA - you are playing from your phone or your friends phone directly through your house. Just too cool. Bill
  12. TexasBill

    Water Leak Detection

    I have had FloLogic now for over a decade. 1. it NEVER false alarms 2. it always works 3. it has saved me many times 4. tech support has always been there even on holidays and weekends 5. its' only downside has already been stated - you cannot turn it on remotely - but - since it does not false alarm - why would you want to?
  13. TexasBill

    Weather station updates

    I got the WeatherUnderground driver and got it working - it is very nice.
  14. Composer. I do not know anything about HE so I don’t know if it does this. Pandora is is set up or amazon or your source is set up in C4. Echo simply executes “play bills radio station” and turns on the standard speakers at standard volume. Let me know if you still don’t understand it?
  15. OK - I have AMAZON ECHO in the left side of the screen and when I choose it I have a number of VOICE COMMANDS that I can do - you create these on Systen Design Add Trigger Name (let me know if you don't know how to do that. My trigger name was SPEAKERS ALL. When that is activated the ONE LINE that is executed is: Play Pandora Station: Bills Radio Station In Room(s) Main> Debbies Closet, Main> Living Room, Main > Kitchen, Main> Study..... That is it - The Turn off Speakers all Executes: Turn off Study Turn Off Kitchen Turn off Living Room etc I turn off ALL rooms on turn off because even though I may not have turned them on turning them off is not an issue and makes sure you don't orphan any speakers. Let me know if you have questions - this works a treat. You could have Trigger phrases like: Turn on Speaker Kitchen Turn on Main Set (set ot three speakers for example) If I want to play a specific song or playlist then I use airplay from my phone to play throughout the house from my phone. We recently had a celebration of life at my house for friend that passed. Each person was asked to bring some of their favorite songs and each got to play one song in memory. Each person simply attached to my airplay and it played through out the house while pictures of my friend were on the projection screen in the media room and on all televisions as well. This allowed multiple people to play different songs on my sound system throughout the house.