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  1. Tried to intercom my wife in her office the other day and she said she never heard it ring. So I checked it out and she was right, I cant get it to ring. The ringer volume and speaker volume is turned up to 100%. I turned off all auto answer, etc. When I page it, the screen of gray microphone with ignore and answer show but no sound of ringing. The speaker is good because I can hear audio if I do answer it. I rebooted it and refreshed the navigators in composer. I'm at a loss here.
  2. Don't see how it could be a BI config issue, I haven't changed anything. And they have been working fine for the last 2 years.
  3. So what do you think is going on?
  4. Just looked at the blue iris app on the iPhone and I can see the feeds on the wifi with that. Also when I first click on cameras in the c4 app, the multi camera view is grabbing a thumbnail of the cameras, but then when I click on the thumbnail it goes to a black screen with the spinning wheel and just sits there.
  5. Yeah works on touch screens just not in the c4 app. The iPhone on LTE can see the cameras in the c4 app, just not on wifi. Ive never used the BI app. Is it in the apple app store?
  6. I can no longer access 5 out of 6 camera feeds on my Ipad/iPhone. The one camera I can see is the DS2. All cameras are on blue iris. If I connect via LTE on iPhone, I can see all of them. But when on wifi I cant. All cameras show when accessed through navigators on tvs, t3 and t2 touchscreens. I looked in composer and all the cameras are basic authentication. Everything has been working appropriately up until last week or so. Anybody experiencing this?
  7. Ok so if I do a timer or delay then I should be able to get it back to default state. Thanks
  8. So all that does is not show the selected graphic (the one with sound waves)after your push it and the button is not showing the state. I want to push the remote icon, the icon changes to remote with sound wave, the sr260 beeps and then either after I press a button on sr260 or after 30 seconds the icon changes back to plain remote. Maybe when button is selected Beep sr260 Delay 30secs? set button state to default
  9. Got bored thought I would mess with experience buttons. Wanted to make one for finding a remote. Quick question about that. After selecting the button, I get the desired action (sr260 beeps) but the graphic is staying in the selected on mode. Should I start a timer and then when it ends have the graphic return to the off state or is there another way to do this?
  10. me23

    Composer HE

    Gotcha. Ill bug him then.
  11. me23

    Composer HE

    Lol. Ok. Well I gave him the money for it.
  12. me23

    Composer HE

    Only reason I asked because someone posted a link for 2.9.1 on Feb 17 in this forum.
  13. me23

    Composer HE

    I originally paid for it 4 years ago. Ever since then hes always just emailed it to me. Does it require license renewal for each system update?
  14. me23

    Composer HE

    Yes. I know I could ask my dealer, but I bug him enough.
  15. On my downloads page I don't have an option to install Composer HE. Only showing media edition. Anyone have a download link for 2.10.1?