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  1. BraydonH

    Ubiquity Waps

    Just a question for any UBNT pros out there. I have installed a ton of the UAP-AC-PRO models. I was wondering if the Nano is a better product? The AC Pro has better 2.4 (which a lot of devices still use) and the Nano has better 5G and it also has MU-MIMO and a 4x4 antenna array. Would you guys say the Nano has way better performance? It being a smaller form factor too is kinda nice.
  2. BraydonH

    New setup

    I think C4 is definitely your best bet on a project of this scope. Smart Thigns and Harmony definitely have their limitations. I would ask for Composer Home Edition which comes with 1 year of 4sight so you can tinker with things as you wish. When / Then is also a pretty cool tool. You will have absolutely no problems with Ubiquiti what so ever on a project of that scale. PIM is only needed when multiple VLANS are in place, which your network won't have. If you want the absolutely 'cleanest' look then you will need a video matrix. I personally don't care for the C4 Video Matrix and I would recommend AVProEdge. Good video matrix's aren't cheap, but they do provide the best aesthetic and a pretty damn good user experience.
  3. BraydonH

    Ideas for a Dog House

    Wouldn't you already have power in there as your hooking up a heater? Power should be a non issue as you already have it in place for the heater? What does the heater run off? I mean you could get the battery powered version but why not just wire it in to the power that is already in place.
  4. BraydonH

    Ideas for a Dog House

    Best Control4 option is to get a z2io. It can read temperature as well as humidity. Heck you could even get some IR Controlled lights and integrate those as well. It also has relays so you might be able to tie it into your heater, lock, contact or anything else like that. You could even wire an occupancy sensor to it to get alerts when the dog is actually in its house. Seems like a decent solution
  5. Be very weary. I have taken over many projects for people who just "bought a house with control4 in it" Most of those customers hate control4. There systems are old, outdated, the rack is a rat's nest with unlabeled shotty wiring all over the place. Even if the system is working okay the old equipment fails and they need much more service than new construction people. Then you go to update them and cant go past 2.9.1 because of the ancient controllers, then things just snowball from there. Trying to tell someone who just spent hundreds of thousands on a new house that nothing will work unless they spend several more thousand dollars (that they weren't expecting to spend, because the person selling the house told them the system is working great, which couldn't be further from the truth) to update everything doesn't give them peace of mind. Then 9 times out of 10 the customer tries to cheap out and reuse all the 10 year old gear, the customer experience isn't ideal, then the old equipment fails and they complain how unreliable the system is and how expensive it is to maintain. Complete opposite mentality from people who do new construction and planned to have C4 as part of their build. They are much more passionate and understanding, the dealer has set the expectations correctly, they have all brand new fully supported equipment that is warrantied and on the current version. People installing brand new control4 systems love it, and would put one in their next house. Most inherited systems people just wish they didn't inherit at all. Chances are if your buying a house that "includes Control4 automation" that it is a farce, and most of it will need to be serviced, tweaked or replaced. So just know that a brand new Control4 is an amazing system, it is still (in my opinion) the best system on the market. A 10 year old system is the furthest thing from awesome, It will be mediocre at best. You should be able to reuse the 16 channel amp, but other than that get rid of it all, put in new controllers and start fresh. Trying to reuse old equipment to save money today will likely cost you more in the long run, and you won't be as satisfied with the system. Best of luck with your new house and new system.
  6. BraydonH

    Any News On Updates ?

    I'm a simple man. Just want Google Home Integration (Google Assistant) And I want Native Chromecast Audio, just like we have for Shairbridge with AirPlay. Anything above that would be a bonus. Don't think 3.0 is that close yet, who knows though.
  7. BraydonH

    Playlists from cloud services

    Umm not sure if this is what your after but this works pretty slick. Get two Alexa Echo Dots, Put one in the room you want to speak to it, and the other one in the rack with the audio output plugged into a Control4 amp. Label/Name the rack Alexa "Ceiling Speakers" You will need to issue two commands "Alexa Turn on Control4" (Executes a macro to turn on the rooms you want to the Alexa input)(Like kitchen at 32%, Dining at 25%, Great room at 20% ect...) "Alexa Play ***whatever song in the world*** on the ceiling speakers." At this point you can keep issuing commands, "Play ACDC on ceiling speakers" "Play smooth jazz on ceiling speakers" "Play humble by kenrick lamar on ceiling speakers" "Play certain playlist on ceiling speakers" Then when you are done listening to the tunes "Alexa turn off control4" - executes the opposite macro to shut everything off. But that is still pretty gimmicky. Just pull out your phone and select what you want to listen to. Problem Solved. And if your using a Sonos with this setup it might not work as good. I do this all the time with Control4 hardware, such as the Control4 Matrix Amp.
  8. Should be Sig and Common I believe. Common outputs 5V and Signal just senses if it sees 5v (closed) or 0v (open) hope that makes sense
  9. BraydonH

    Nintendo Switch Driver

    use the driver called HDMI In - No Control (search online database) It will have an icon of an HDMI, which will do the job. Label the driver "Nintendo Switch" bind the HDMI connection to the TV or Receiver. Done
  10. Not Entirely sure on that one. But I am pretty certain the communication is proper 2-way and Control4 will get the update immidiately and it doesn't pool every 30 seconds then update 30 seconds later. GC is good stuff.
  11. IOX V1/V2 are pretty much identical except the PoE, and the new V2 looks more aesthetically in line with the EA controllers, so if your rack mounting everything the IOX V2 will look better. https://www.globalcache.com/products/itach/ip2ccspecs/ C4 has great drivers for GC devices.
  12. Global Cache has IP based sensors like that.
  13. BraydonH

    IP Cameras Recommendation

    +1 for LUMA. Very expensive DVR/NVR but worth it in every way. Use a LUMA DVR/NVR with any camera you want and you won't be disappointed and it will integrate fairly easily.
  14. BraydonH

    IP Cameras Recommendation

    Hik is alright but it is Chinese, getting the drivers to work depending on camera can be tricky, and the NVR/DVR has a terrible interface. The mobile app isnt too bad though.