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  1. C4 Network

    C4 4 zone amp is a great product. For patch panels I always use 'modular' patch panels. These things will change your life, haha its so much easier to use keystone jacks and snap them in then to try and punch things down with a 110 punch. Especially in tight racks like that. Use patch panels like these https://www.leviton.com/en/products/49255-h24 https://www.legrand.ca/onq/networking/wired-networks/data-modules/wp24rm.aspx
  2. C4 Network

    Here they are uploaded in the proper orientation. Great products you have there! Thanks for sharing your rack with us. That rack is in decent shape (relatively speaking) compared to the rats nests I usually run into. Its nice to see a little bit of velcro on there as well. A few cable lacing bars and 5-6 hours total should do it. (this time would likely include the firmware updates and such required as well) The biggest thing that would really clean this up and have it look absolutely mint would be a fully enclosed rack instead of a 4 post like you have there. I usually use racks like these because the presentation is so much better and you don't have exposed cables running all over the place. https://www.middleatlantic.com/products/racks-enclosures/stand-alone-floor-standing-enclosures/essex-rcs-series-pre-configured-rack-system/rcs-4224.aspx But at this point a brand new rack seems a bit impractical, so redressing, terminating labeling and managing the wires should do the trick.
  3. C4 Network

    Yes it is definitely possible, we do takeover jobs and clean the racks atleast once or twice a month. Usually it will take around 12 hours (with 2 techs on site) for a larger rack for us to clean up all the wiring and sort out anything that not labeled, cut off every single darn zip tie and replace with velcro, remove copious amounts of dead/unused patch/power cables, and reprogram, firmware update, test and tweak. These are on jobs with 6 figures of gear. If your job is smaller likely the fastest it could get done is 6-8 hours. Post some pictures of your rack on the forums, I should be able to give an estimated hours to rewire the rack if you get me some good pics.
  4. C4 Network

    Look like this has already been covered. But for smaller, simple systems you can't beat a Pakedge WR1 https://www.control4.com/docs/product/pakedge-wr-1/data-sheet/english/latest/pakedge-wr-1-data-sheet-rev-a.pdf And although C4 just blacklisted it and says its not compatible (I think its more politics than anything) I honestly have never had a single issue with Ubiquiti even on 6 figure jobs with panelized lighting. My higher end recommendation is Ubiquiti USG, Cloud Key, UAP-AC-Pro, and US-24-250W. Pretty much word for word what Shivam said.
  5. Apple TV 4K Extending

    I have had success extending apple tv 4k with this. Also high quality 50' HDMI cables (copper) work fine as well. https://www.avproconnect.com/ac-ex40-444.html It is likely 2-3x more cost than the liberty linked in original post.
  6. https://www.control4.com/solutions/products/cameras This page is pretty weak, it doesn't even show the 4 different models that are available. They have outdoor bullet, indoor turret, outdoor dome, indoor dome. All of the cameras are the exact same price. They are essentially rebranded Lillin cameras, but on the official forums it seems they have been in some dealers hands for beta testing for 4-6 months and dealers are giving it high praise. Price seems decent too, not phenomenal, but definitely not out to lunch. So far feedback says that the night vision they are claiming is very good, and day vision is on par with other similar type cameras. So I guess they outperform the competition in low light applications, control4 integration, sddp, and other features They want to you use 'Pakedge" cameras with a Lillin NVR. I would imagine a pakedge nvr will come sooner or later.
  7. I have never seen this before myself. Just wondering if after you loose power and the lights don't dim correctly have you tried just pressing the kill switch in (right hand side of the top bar) this kills power to the dimmer to allow you to do things like swap out bulbs and such. Then put the kill switch back so it powers up again does that fix your problem? Or only swapping dimming mode in HE?
  8. HD-TVI cameras are awesome and I much prefer them over IP for the reliability and ease of use. I hate searching for drivers for specific niche IP cameras and spending time testing. HD-TVI provides spectacular detail and customers are always impressed with the video quality. HD-TVI is my go-to, IP only when i have to. The LUMA DVRs/NVRs are the best in my opinion. The interface is great and easy to use (especially compared to hikvision) and C4 compatibility is great. Only downside is you MUST port forward for remote access using the Luma app. There is no way around this. You will need the native luma app if you want to rewind as C4 app cannot do this. My recommendation is a Interlogix TVD-4404 (HD-TVI camera) (Keep in mind you need RG6 Wiring for this or a balun) with a LUM-501-DVR-4Ch. No experience with clearview but your dealer seems to be on the right track. I would suspect you would be happy with what they have proposed.
  9. Using hc-200 in2.10

    Hey Hey Crazy question. Any chance there is another one of these drivers kicking around for an HC500?
  10. Using hc-200 in2.10

    But it does still think there is aan update for the 300 to 2.10.1, I would be scared to click update and see what happens. Just not gunna haha
  11. Using hc-200 in2.10

    Looks like an HC-300 V2. After I un IDed it, redid the update the update went smooth, then REIDed it in 2.10.1 and all is working fine.
  12. Using hc-200 in2.10

    I just tried the HC300 driver and man, it messed some things up, which i sort of expected. My system was on 2.9.1 and I wanted to update to 2.10.1. (also has a 250 in the project) While on 2.91 I removed the old HC300 driver and added in the new one posted here, the update manager said there was an update available for the hc300 to version 2.10.1 (same as the HC250) I thought it was very odd it was finding an updated version for the hc300 using 3rd party drivers. I started the update and got errors saying "failed to update driver" the update hung on for an hour without completing, I rebooted the controller and it is didn't come back online. What is the recommended way of updating C4 OS with this driver? Disconnect it, then update, then reconnect it? Why is it trying to pull version 2.10.1 from the online database to the HC300 using 3rd party drivers. Before the update failed, the hc300 driver was working to control serial devices so the driver looks like it does work to a certain degree. I had to re enable director with sysman, now I am trying the update again form 2.9.1 to 2.10.1 without the hc300 identified. I'll let you know how I make out and how things work in 2.10.1
  13. Spotify & Apple Airplay

    Correct if the preset volume is set to come on to 75% then you can turn it up and down with the spotify app, but only up to the maximum of 75%. (You phone will be at 100% volume output, but the amplifier will only be set to 75%, so its still only 75%)
  14. Spotify & Apple Airplay

    Auto On Turns on the selected room to the Spotify source. You can have it auto-on at a medium-high volume by default, then turn the volume down using the spotify app. It won't allow you to Control the C4 Amplifiers Volume, it will allow you to control the volume of the source (spotify) and it will only be as loud as your amplifier is set. So long story short yes you set it to auto-on, have a spotify connect driver for each room. Then all your guests do is download the spotify app, connect to wifi, select the room from within the spotify app and play. They will be able to turn the volume down, but not any higher than the preset setting you have your amp set to. If you want it even louder you would need to open the C4 app and turn up the volume. Also this is a great guide https://www.control4.com/docs/product/spotify/user-guide/english/latest/spotify-user-guide-rev-a.pdf
  15. Software Upgrade Cost

    And as always make sure to get them to update other things as well like routers or waps, keep your other devices up to date like video matrix's, drivers, TV software, apple tv os ect. Especially if your using 3rd party drivers for things like security systems, I find 3rd party drivers from the likes of houselogix or drivercentral.io are getting updates all the time and updating a driver to a new version (especially offsite) can be tricky Just yesterday to do all this for a client going from 2.6.0 to 2.10.1 took 5 hours. Even things like the drivers for the touchscreens needed to be updated to the new Communication agent drivers so the system had to do two updates, from 2.6.0>2.9.1>2.10.1 I usually do updates for free or on the fly if I can, because i find updated systems to be less buggy and in the long run keeping them updated really cuts back on potential service calls. But larger more complex systems usually require a truck roll because there is more to it then just hitting the update button and walking away. You system sounds fairly updated and to go from 2.9.1 to 2.10.1 likely won't be much of an issue remotely depending on how many other devices are in the project.