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  1. Things I put on my battery Back up -Modem -Router -Switch(s) -Controller Running Director -Security Systems -Camera Systems Definitely don't just put "everything" on UPS. Having things like the Amplifiers, Receivers or other devices which draw a lot of power will cause your battery to fail sooner than it should have.
  2. BraydonH

    22 TV's

    In Canada they are still sold at retail. They are also sold through distribution. At AVAD you can only get Panasonic in Canada, and with AVAD US you can't get Panasonic. So not sure what the full story is there, but if you can get your hands on a Panasonic it is definitely worth the effort you put in to source it out.
  3. BraydonH

    22 TV's

    I would rather have a nice Vizio than a Samsung with one of those stupid one connect boxes, lets put it that way.
  4. BraydonH

    22 TV's

    And I'm not 100% sure on this, I could be wrong, but from what I have seen with the Panasonic TV in Canada is that any of the TVs with "Fire Fox OS" have SDDP. Which is pretty much the whole line up. Edit - Looks like they rebranded the Fire Fox OS to " My Home Screen 2.0 ". So I think any Pansonic TV with " My Home Screen 2.0 " has SDDP.
  5. BraydonH

    22 TV's

    I personally own a 55" 4K EZ 950 OLED https://www.panasonic.com/ca/consumer/televisions-home-entertainment/4k-oled.html People tell me all the time that the 950 is the best picture they have ever seen. Its not often you get comments like that. I never get those types of comments with samsungs or LGs. People can instantly tell there is something 'special' about the OLED. As soon as they see it they know its not like the TV they have at their home. And for 4K LED TVs https://www.panasonic.com/ca/consumer/televisions-home-entertainment/4k-ultra-hd.html https://www.panasonic.com/ca/consumer/televisions-home-entertainment/4k-ultra-hd/tc-58ex750.html I personally bought a Panasonic TC-58-EX-750 and it is gorgeous. The aluminum bezels and chrome stand. Honestly this might be one TV take looks better on the stand that it does wall mounted. I really prefer aluminum bezels over black as it makes the contrast of the TV better. And I also own an 65" ZT Plasma https://shop.panasonic.com/support-only/TC-P65ZT60.html And although it doesn't have an IP driver or anything like that it is still an absolutely amazing TV 4-5 years later after I have bought it. It was basically the best plasma ever made before plasmas were discontinued. So what I am getting at here is that almost all models of Pansonic kick ass. There is no wrong answer here as they are all decent. Its up to your budget if you think you can splurge on the OLED stuff. But personally, the LED 4K stuff is amazing and the black levels are superb for a LED TV. If you want any more preaching about Panasonic TVs let me know, I can go all day they really make a great product.
  6. BraydonH

    22 TV's

    New Samsungs Suck big time. The "one Connect" box is an absolute beast these days, It weighs like 10 lbs, cannot be strapped behind the TV, needs a supid fiber optic cable (and if you need a longer one you will be shocked at how stupidly expensive they are). Apparently the only decent Samsung left is the Q8. Q7 Has one connect, and so does Q9. Samsungs also tend to fail much more often. So I doubt that Q8 comes in all the different sizes you want but that is the only decent samsung they make these days. Other than Q8 stay away. Samsungs picture quality is super saturated and looks fake, they must be calibrated and I calibrate every Samsung I come across, the colors are off big time. New LG TVs still use the Nintendo Wii remote (LG Magic Remote), and I know you will have SR-260's but trying to use the LG TVs apps and such with the magic remote is a huge joke. I cannot understand why LG thinks anyone would want to use a wii remote. Every customer I have seen use the LG Magic remote immediately says "man, i wish they just had a normal remote". LG TVs are also way over saturated and must be calibrated Sony TVs are pretty damn good, but the android interface is getting pretty cluttered and cumbersom. Without a doubt the Sony has the best integration and most smart features but it is definitely not the cleanest interface and because it is so busy it can be harder to use. Sony TVs have great color and right out of the box look great, little to no calibration required. One thing that does suck is some models have an external power brick, which really sucks to double sided tape to the back of a TV, Some models dont have the power brick but the ones that do kinda suck. Then we have the best option, Panasonic The Panasonic TVs have no one connect box, no stupid gimmicky remotes, they have Control4 SDDP built in (I recently swapped a router and even after the entire network was swapped the SDDP Panasonic TV was still working within Control4 - Awesome!). Panasonic is without a shadow of a doubt the most reliable and less likely to fail. The Panasonic OLED is in my opinion the best picture out there right now. The smart apps interface is super simple to use and is laid out wonderfully. It is simple, not cluttered and just works. Unfortuneately the IP driver cannot launch apps like "netflix" directly, you must go to the apps homepage then select netflix from there. But because the Panasonic smart interface is so stripped down and has such a simple layout I honestly don't mind having to go to apps then Netflix. (But it would be nice to go directly to netflix.) Panasonic Colors are true to life and rarely, if ever, need to be calibrated. So yea, I'm on on the Panasonic bandwagon HARD. In my opinion it is the best option without a doubt.
  7. Use Nest E? Its around $100 cheaper than the regular Nest and will have no problems with Radiant Heating Systems. So that is at least $1300 cheaper. I can't really think of any other cheaper solution than nest e. Its half price of a C4 thermostat, and cheaper than most other smart thermostats. I'm in Canada so I do not have any experience with KNX which seems to be a euro thing, but other than KNX I dont even think I have heard of a cheaper solution. Best of luck
  8. I am probably in the minority here but for Radiant in Floor Heat I really like the Nest. Why? Because floor heat can take hours or even days to achieve the desired set point I really, really like how the nest says "Your system is heating up, It will take 4 hours to reach desired set point" For that simple reason that it tells you that its working, and it tells you how many hours its going to take really gives people peace of mind. Other thermostats that just say "heating" and then 3 hours later it still says "heating" is not ideal. Having it tell you how long its going to take, espcially with radiant heat is an awesome feature.
  9. BraydonH

    Control4 App through VPN

    4sight is worth it. Even as a dealer with my own VPN set up I strongly prefer 4sight and pay for it personally. It works way better than a VPN. Also things like push notifications, e-mail alerts, project back-ups, when/then programming, amazon alexa, apple watch and more, it is definitely worth it. Between having completely secure remote access that just plain works + push notifications 4sight is worth it just for those features alone. Good luck trying to rig up the VPN to avoid the $10/month. Its just not worth the headache in my opinion. Especially when wife and kids are involved, they definitely don't want to mess with a VPN every time they want to control things. But to answer your question is it possible to use a VPN to connect to a Control4 system without 4sight? Yes. Is it recommended? No.
  10. BraydonH

    HC800 vs EA5

    Well unless you need more IR outputs to control things in various rooms, you need more than 4 audio outputs, or you need 2 on screen navigators (which is unlikely these days)... You should just be able to rip out both the HC-800 and HC-500 and replace with just a single EA5 and only have 1 controller for the whole project. If there is Cat5e ran then you can use that for IR and get rid of the second controller. Depends on your setup though. With that being said at the very minimum you should definitely rip out the HC500 so you can update to the latest OS version. The HC500 is dragging your whole project down. Upgrading from 2.9.1 to 2.10.4 is a good idea. The HC800 is still a pretty good controller but I do believe pretty soon there will be some serious limitations on any controller that is not an EA series. As of today the HC800's still run pretty fast and have most of the features of an EA5, but the EA5-V2 is a good call and a worth-while upgrade regardless. The biggest difference is HC series runs flash, and EA series runs Android, and although they might appear to function the same way there are some major technical differences under the hood. Moving to an android OS and ditching flash is strongly recommended.
  11. I am one of the only dealers I know of doing analog surveillance on almost every install. The LUMA DVR converts all the analog streams to IP streams that can be picked up by Control4. So its the best of both world, the reliability and ease of analog, with the great IP integration features that you want. Pair the LUMA DVR with Interlogix TVD-4404 HD-TVI Cameras and you will definitely be impressed.
  12. BraydonH

    Subwoofer location

    James also has an incredible amount of options in the category https://www.jamesloudspeaker.com/categories/8
  13. Knowing what version you are on will be key. If its 1.8 then you know all the zigbee devices have been updated and should work just fine. That is a pretty small budget, Only controllers I would really reccomend these days are the old (used) HC-800. (make sure it has licenses) or an EA1/3/5. The HC250 is pretty damn good but its getting its feature set cut short, like no Spotify, ShairBridge, a few other things. So for that reason 800 or EA is the way to go. Hopefully you can find one in that price range. HC 250s also tend to have Micro SD card failures, which is easy enough to fix, but the 800 is definitely more reliable.
  14. BraydonH

    Lutron or C4 for lighting

    Haha lots of opinions here but truth be told they are both really great lighting systems. I still prefer the Control4 lighting product over the Radio Ra2, but either one is a win. Lutron Shades are without a doubt the quietest, and best I have ever seen or used. Lutron Blinds rock. I really like using Control4 Keypad Dimmers then putting the up/down buttons on the bottom to toggle the shades, it works great.
  15. BraydonH

    Room Temperature

    Add in the temperature display driver (OS 2.10+) and bind the connection