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  1. BraydonH


    The Camera Flip now works fine on EA Navigators and T3 touch screens Running OS 2.10+. You now accomplish this by using the "Navigation Agent". The old way of doing things on an Infinity Edge was to save a bookmark on the touchscreen and use programming to recall that bookmark. Dealers can reference KB 2115 if wondering how to pop up a camera on a EA/T3 during an event.
  2. BraydonH

    HDMI Cables

    I would just make sure that the HDMI cables have an 18 GBPS spec I use Key Digital all the time they are pretty inexpensive - They only go up to 20 ft though before dropping to 10.2 GBPS http://www.keydigital.com/category_HDMICables.html And as always the guys that always preach about 18 GBPS the most - AVProEdge - is an awesome option https://www.bullettraincables.com/ They even have 130 ft Fibre HDMI cables if you want. The pricing on bullettrain is way better than audio quest
  3. I am not familiar with that but if you were using a 4store app to interact with it than you can gaurantee it is no longer supported. Depending on the driver you might be able to bind the Temperature and Humidity to the generic temp/humidity drivers in the database and you would atleast get something. But there is no way that I know of to say something like "Wind is traveling at 13 km/hr north by northwest" or whatever your after there. If you invested $500 to the davis piece it looks like it comes with a portable touchscreen so your likely stuck using that.
  4. Weather is basically built into the T3 touchscreens. There is also the Weather Underground Driver (Wunderground) for programming.
  5. Just get an apple airport express and be done with it. There is no work around and I still see this issue. You will spend much more time and wasted resources trying to troubleshoot Shairbridge. Get an apple airport express and go get a cold beer and never worry about the issue again.
  6. If you are updated to version 2.10.2 (or not 2.10.3) and have the DNS manually set to - this issue should go away. Check on these two things and then report back.
  7. If your Control4 iPhone app is open when the push notification is sent it overlays on top of the C4 App. If your Control4 iPhone app is closed when the push notification is sent it shows up on your iPhone notifications bar
  8. I dont believe so not 100% sure, but I pretty much have this now. When doorbell is pressed send notification You get the notification on your phone C4 app opens up and you can look at the camera. If you miss the guy at the door you will have a time stamp when you got the notification so you know exactly where to rewind your cameras to. because you don't have a mic and speaker out there the intercom app wont do you much good.
  9. Control4 recommends that you use a Lillin NVR ZLI-NVR3216-1X1TB It is very expensive and I have not used it. I usually use LUMA or Hik, the Pakedge cameras will work fine with other NVR's. If the NVR supports ONVIF it should work with the Pakedge cameras. Side note though*** hopefully someone can speak more on this but I guess you can install an 128GB SD card into the Pakedge Dome cameras and record locally to that. Has anyone done this before? C4 tech support has confirmed the dome cameras have SD card slots but the bullet cameras do not, so I am interested to hear more about the SD card capability.
  10. BraydonH


    Two EA5 with multiple EA1's? What do you need so many controllers for? Seems like ALOT. On Screen Navigator is pretty much dead to me and my clients at this time. And if you had one HDMI output of an EA5 to a video matrix that will be more than enough. Perhaps that many controllers for audio outputs? But the EA5 can provide 4 independant streams which is usually more than enough even on a project with 16 zones of sound. Because controllers get discontinued and replaced I prefer to sell IOX's which seem to hold up better to the test of time. Usually even on 6+ figure jobs with 100's of drivers and zigbee devices a single EA5 has more than enough power to run the whole project. I usually do 1 EA5 + multiple IOX even for the largest projects. Just curious why someone would need more than one controller at this point other than OSD or extending zigbee.
  11. BraydonH

    Paging from T3 to audio zones

    This likely wont help you at all but if you installed a russound ComPoint Intercom System when you page the zones the ComPoint siezes the line, plays your voice through it, then gives it back to the amp to resume playing the music. It will require a Cat5e as well as the 16/4 speaker wire where you want to install the ComPoint. https://www.russound.com/products/compoint-intercom The ISK2 keypad is pretty good. For jobs that dont want to spend 6 Grand on touchscreens this is my go to. People seem to really like it, but it is no where near as cool as the T3 touchscreens. Price is right though. Hopefully C4 will let you play announcements through ceiling speakers. Seems like that could be a bit of a stretch with current hardware though.
  12. Even as a dealer i have no clue how they managed that. I figured maybe they would hit the security section then IP camera called "cable 1" for example but that almost looks like one of those new fancy HTML5 based drivers. Super cool how they put it in the watch section and it even says "please wait, booting up". You guys did a really really good job with that. Haha C4 should make a native driver like that. I am sure they would sell way more T3's, I know I could sell more T3's with a driver like that.
  13. Okay as far as functionality goes there are a few things like Wake-Up Agent, Intercom and a few others but honestly the T3 is superior in every way. Its not the way the app works, its the way the touchscreen functions. Its always on, its always connected, it doesn't need firmware updates constantly, it doesn't need an Apple ID, it just works. I have tried everything. Tablets, Wall Mounted Tablets, iPads, Wall mounted iPads, Fixed Mounts, removable mounts (launchport) and even tried the surface mount with buttons. They just don't compare to the T3. If your kid wants a tablet to view youtube and facebook, then give them their own iPad, don't try and use the wall mounted one for Control4. Actually just dont use wall mountediPads for control4 at all. Been a dealer for 7 years and it took a long, long time to get on the Control4 Touchscreen Bandwagon, I guinneapigged so many iPad solutions and at the end of the day not one of them has looked better, and not one of them has worked better. Its a really tough bill to swallow at $1400 CAD for a 10" T3, But I am certain if you had both an iPad Mini+Launchport and compared that to the T3 mounted on the wall you would use the T3 5x as much and prefer it in every way. Its hard to understand becuase it doesn't do youtube, it doesn't do facebook, technically the iPad is superior in every way on paper, but in practice the T3 wins every time. Also the 10" is just gorgeous. I almost never sell the 7" becuase the 10" is so nice and doesn't cost much more than the 7"
  14. Your probably thinking of video storm av over IP. If I rember correctly you might even be able to bring the video up on a touch screen. Never used video storm before but I'm pretty sure this is the only way of accomplishing this
  15. BraydonH

    Russound C Series EV Driver

    this is all outlined in the dealer portal KB article 1703 attached to make your life easier Extra Vegetables Russound C-E Series Drivers V8.pdf