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  1. New YouTube AppleTv App

    I saw this at a customers place yesterday. Just wanted to search youtube for "hockey" and was unable to type letters in. This must be new.
  2. Audio

  3. IP Control device list

    Please don't forget my Favorite - Panasonic! I prefer the Panasonic TVs over all other brands, The picture, quality and reliability speak for themselves. Samsung's always seem to fail and break after time. Just had a service call last week "No signal to TV" Turns out just HDMI 1 on the Samsung TV just miraculously went bad - swap it to hdmi 2 and send the customer an invoice.... always a PIA with Samsung. Especially with the one connect boxes. What kind of setup expects you to sell a $5K TV and duct tape a damn one connect to the back of it, its ridiculous. The Sony TVs have crappy power bricks you have to duct tape, also not good. But still my hatred for Samsung runs the deepest. Garbage Displays IMO. If I have to duct tape anything to the back of the TV I'm probably not going to recommend it. The Panasonic displays do NOT have mini drivers for "netflix" and "youtube" and such. But you can select any smart app and have perfect control over them. You just go to the smart apps interface first then select your app from there. Panasonic also has SDDP built in and literally has a menu option built in that says "Control4". Panasonic does not have any BS one connect boxes or crappy external power supplies so the installation is much better than Samsung or Sony counterparts. Without a doubt the Panasonic OLED TVs smoke anything I've ever seen from Samsung, LG or Sony. The new Panasonic OLED 950 series is my go-to for high end. Apparantly LG signed a deal with C4 recently to have SDDP built in with IP drivers. They will even have mini drivers for the LGs. I wonder how this will affect the Annex4 driver as I'm assuming Control4 will basically kill it with their certified IP SDDP LG drivers which are coming soon. Anyways there is lots of options for for IP controlled displays.
  4. 2.10.1 Released

    Hehe the touchscreens are great. They are not cheap and the way I look at is for the extra $200 CAD it is worth it to get a 10" over the 7" (assuming it will fit where your trying to place it) But I almost always up sell to the 10" because the cost of the 7" is not much less. the 10" just looks way more 'cool' and 'impressive' from an aesthetics point. If your gunna do it, do it BIG!
  5. Video Matrix Switches

    ive been using this. It has full 4K60 4:4:4 specs http://www.avproconnect.com/ac-mx88-auhd-18gbps-8x8-matrix.html http://www.avproconnect.com/ac-ex40-444.html works very well.
  6. Using C4 Amps

    I use this for my DJ setup which is upstairs distributing RCA over Cat5e to the C4 amp in the rack in the mechanical room in the basement. (70 ft) As you can really tell things like latency with a DJ setup I was surprised that there was nearly none at all. It is basically perfectly in sync and my ears cannot hear any latency or delay at all. This thing is dirt cheap.http://store.calradstore.com/95-1046-s.html
  7. Get a c4 4 zone matrix amp. Full Canadian MSRP is $1400 and it's worth every penny. Trying to save a dollar and use the russound isn't worth it.
  8. Router for my control4 automation

    Honestly I have never used Luxul but I hear the new stuff is pretty good. We sell a Ubiquiti USG router, Cloud Key, and UAP-AC-PRO Waps on every site. We also use all Unifi switches and spec for size as needed. As a small all in one with the new Pakedge WR1 has impressed us. I haven't used Pakedge's higher end gear due to price points. I have seen some integrated use an Edge Router with Unifi WAPs which makes absolutely no sense at all. Just use all Unifi everything. The USG is a great router, but dont forget the cloud key as it is an essential piece.
  9. Security System

    I will say it its definitely not the most 'popular' or 'most sold' system on the market but without a doubt in my opinion Paradox Evo blows away anything else I've seen. The touchscreens are cheap and very aesthetic (for a security screen) the way the system is used is much more user friendly than a DSC or Honeywell system and it has more capabilities. Cinegration works very hard on maintaining and updating the driver and it is without a doubt one of the most feature rich, reliable security drivers out there. It is a paid driver and it is worth every penny. As far as paid drivers go I have purchased more paradox drivers than anything else and its worth it every time. http://www.paradox.com https://www.drivercentral.io/platforms/control4-drivers/security-systems/paradox-evo-and-digiplex-driver-v2/ Everyone has their own opinion though. But I have huge paradox systems integrated with Control4 with everything from Prox Readers and Tags to Handicap entrances that open seamlessly when the customer rolls up in their wheelchair. From small residential security systems to huge access control systems the EVO can handle it all. Cost wise it is the same price as a DSC or Honeywell, perhaps even cheaper because the TM70 touchscreens are very affordable. I wish C4 touchscreens were priced like them haha.
  10. Right Receiver Choice?

    The denon 3400H has much better HDMi processing and upcoversion. It can also do analog -> Digital (component to hdmi) or play back an HDMI source via zone 2 (Digital to Analog) for those reasons I usually spec a Denon 3X00 or better. The 2X00 series is alright if your doing just HDMI and nothing else.
  11. Problems with music

    Make sure dns servers are manually set to Leaving them as default or auto can cause streaming issues like this. Changing dns helps alot
  12. Control4 Leaf 4k 6X6 HDMI MATRIX

    When the video drops for a single second is someone in another room of the house turning on a display? I have seen HDMI products drop when adding new displays to certain systems.
  13. for the extra money I would definitely go with a 2 slot panel with Configurable Keypads, or better yet Keypad dimmers in each room. If you wire it correctly and you need 7 keypad dimmers you can remove those 7 loads from the panel leaving you with plenty of extras to add for future developments or renovations.
  14. Matrix Switch Guidance

    The Control4 Matrixes are very expensive Here is my most cost effective solution. It is a modular solution and is get incase one part fails it is easy to replace http://www.keydigital.com/items.asp?ItemCode=KD8x8CSA&Company=KEY Use this matrix. It does NOT have HDBaseT built in which is great. Then you can either run a direct HDMI cable to each TV or most likely use up to 8 of these Baluns http://www.keydigital.com/items.asp?ItemCode=KDX222PO&Company=KEY This solution will require 9 Power supplies instead of 1 for true HDBaseT matrixes. So cable management can get messy if you dont do it right. It will also require twice the amount of HDMI interconnect cables and such. It is beneficial if one thing breaks (like output3) you dont need to send the whole Matrix in for repair, you could just replace the Balun or power supply. So there is some advantages of doing things this way just make sure cable management is tight and you got lots of velcro and labels. This rack mount can hold 8 extenders if you want to clean it up a bit http://www.keydigital.com/items.asp?ItemCode=KDRK250PLT&Company=KEY
  15. Ummm Panasonic makes tons of brand new 2017 TVs. In Canada the Panasonic Line up is awesome. Best TVs on the market in my opinion. http://www.panasonic.com/ca/consumer/televisions-home-entertainment/4k-ultra-hd.html The DX900 is beautiful. Panasonic has SDDP built in just like the Sony displays and the drivers are completely free. Not sure what RyanE was talking about because all the Panasonic Drivers are in the online database, they are not paid annex4 drivers. Long story short loving the new Panasonic line up.