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  1. Control4 Leaf 4k 6X6 HDMI MATRIX

    When the video drops for a single second is someone in another room of the house turning on a display? I have seen HDMI products drop when adding new displays to certain systems.
  2. for the extra money I would definitely go with a 2 slot panel with Configurable Keypads, or better yet Keypad dimmers in each room. If you wire it correctly and you need 7 keypad dimmers you can remove those 7 loads from the panel leaving you with plenty of extras to add for future developments or renovations.
  3. Matrix Switch Guidance

    The Control4 Matrixes are very expensive Here is my most cost effective solution. It is a modular solution and is get incase one part fails it is easy to replace http://www.keydigital.com/items.asp?ItemCode=KD8x8CSA&Company=KEY Use this matrix. It does NOT have HDBaseT built in which is great. Then you can either run a direct HDMI cable to each TV or most likely use up to 8 of these Baluns http://www.keydigital.com/items.asp?ItemCode=KDX222PO&Company=KEY This solution will require 9 Power supplies instead of 1 for true HDBaseT matrixes. So cable management can get messy if you dont do it right. It will also require twice the amount of HDMI interconnect cables and such. It is beneficial if one thing breaks (like output3) you dont need to send the whole Matrix in for repair, you could just replace the Balun or power supply. So there is some advantages of doing things this way just make sure cable management is tight and you got lots of velcro and labels. This rack mount can hold 8 extenders if you want to clean it up a bit http://www.keydigital.com/items.asp?ItemCode=KDRK250PLT&Company=KEY
  4. Ummm Panasonic makes tons of brand new 2017 TVs. In Canada the Panasonic Line up is awesome. Best TVs on the market in my opinion. http://www.panasonic.com/ca/consumer/televisions-home-entertainment/4k-ultra-hd.html The DX900 is beautiful. Panasonic has SDDP built in just like the Sony displays and the drivers are completely free. Not sure what RyanE was talking about because all the Panasonic Drivers are in the online database, they are not paid annex4 drivers. Long story short loving the new Panasonic line up.
  5. New user doesn't want 4sight

    Even as a dealer and even though I could set up a VPN for free, 4sight is worth it. Most of my customers have 4sight and see the value in it. It works great every time and allows for other things like e-mail and push notifications. I pay for my 4sight every year and it's worth every penny. VPNing/reverse engineering remote access is not fun and still doesn't work quite as well as 4sight. I usually throw in 4sight for the first year for my customers and they almost always renew and pay for the subscription each year after that as they understand the value in it and they can't go without it.
  6. Wouldn't trust Samsung IP control. Depending what region your in Panasonic. Or perhaps LG with the annex4 driver.
  7. Does this driver communicate locally or through the MyQ servers like the houselogix driver?
  8. I really only use a few Audio Solutions these days. Apple Airport Express - For AirPlay - I find it much more reliable than shairbridge. I use a No Control Driver with a nice icon. Google Chromecast Audio - For Casting from Android - Works great, I like it better than AirPlay. I use a No Control Driver. Built in TIDAL and Deezer (We dont have Pandora in Canada, never tried Napster/Rhapsody) I don't have a preference between Tidal or Deezer they are both great. That pretty much does the trick for anything. As far as built in Spotify just give it up and Cast it using the Spotify app. You will be much happier. I have given up on Sonos and Heos other than their awesome Sound Bars. And the drivers works great to control the Sound Bars if you want.
  9. Worst app....4Sight

    Also my phone recently had the issue of connecting with 4sight. Turns out Cellular carries in Canada are switching over to IPv6 and it has been causing issues. One day my google pixel would no longer connect, turns out it was a Roger's thing, not a Control4 thing.
  10. Wifi Cameras

    I just installed and integrated this with C4 on friday http://ca.dlink.com/products/connected-home/dcs-2670l-full-hd-180-degree-outdoor-wi-fi-cam/ Just used the generic d-link driver floating around the internet.
  11. I like AirPlay quite a bit. This allows you to stream any music wirelessly from your iOS devices to the Control4 system. This includes any apps such as amazon music, spotify or youtube. Control4 has Shairbridge (airplay) built in. But even though it has more features and is technically included as no additional hardware cost I strongly recommend getting an Apple AirPort express and using a no control driver. ShairBridge has been too hit and miss in my experience and using apple airports is rock solid. Hardwire them to the network. Google Chromecast Audio. - Same thing as AirPlay, just for Android devices. I like chromecast slightly better than airplay, but that's probably because I like Android slightly better than IOS Sonos - You can save favorite internet radio stations and channels and recall them with Control4. Sonos has great sources to listen to but the integration is very weak. Heos - They released new drivers last week, This actually is starting to look like it can trump Sonos now that their integration is lack luster. If I had to choose between a Sonos Connect or Heos Link I would likely choose Denon at this point (as far as C4 integration goes) Heos also has a Amazon Music Module. This would also be a great way to get Sirius integrated. Built in Tune-in/TIDAL/Deezer/Pandora within Control4. Thats pretty much it. No one really using CDs or even saved files on a NAS anymore, its all streaming content basically.
  12. Apple Airport Express

    Yea pretty sure I did. You didn't answer any questions. Just told him to sell the express on ebay... Did you read the thread?
  13. Apple Airport Express

    This is pretty simple. Get a no control driver with a nice Airplay icon. Control4 will select the airplay source and turn on the amps/gear. You have to choose music on your phone and start air playing. With alexa you could ask it to turn on Airplay, which will set the Control4 up. But you will still need to manually select a song on your phone and start streaming it. There is no way to get it to make your phone automatically start streaming something. The shairbridge driver / wmb is about the best airplay integration you can get. You will never get metadata feedback on an airport express.
  14. MAC Reservation

    I never static ip anything. Always DHCP Reservations.
  15. Is that color picker an App? Doesnt look like it, it appears to be running on Android. Just wondering why I have never seen that interface before. Hue doesnt have anything like that.