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  1. Smallest Sony or Samsung TV with IP Control?

    Thanks guys. It looks like that samsung 40 is the smallest. Sony's smallest is a 43". Panasonic doesn't make tv's any longer, and I'm not a big LG fan. Is Vizio an option at all?
  2. I need a couple of smaller televisions for my house, but would really like to keep them IP controllable. Can anyone provide model details on the smaller (preferably 32) TVs that might be IP controllable? I think the smallest Sony may be their 43" line. But, hoping for something smaller.
  3. FS: Garage 2 Door Garage Door Kit -- NIB

    Still available. Open to offers!
  4. Selling a new, never installed Garage door C4 Kit. Purchased new from dealer, but decided to go a different direction. Kit includes everything you need to set up 2 garage doors. Sensors, thermistor, etc. I believe the kit retails for at least $699 these days. How does $450 shipped sound?
  5. Today, my SR250 remote started acting up. It would come on, reboot, let me use it for a bit, then it would die, I shake it, come online, let me use it, then reboot. Now, I just switched out the batteries and it comes online, but when I hit watch or try to do anything, it dies off, and I have to take the batteries it. I'm guessing the remote is dying on me... Just wondering if anyone has any ideas? I am on v2.6.
  6. Yale lock firmware update problems

    Does anyone know what the phone number is to call to have that discussion with them? I have an older generation lock that I would like to update!
  7. A few years back, I purchased the C4 thermostat and installed it in our house. The previous configuration was a single gas furnace (one stage, one speed) and an A/C unit add on. It worked flawlessly in that configuration. I had the mode switch set to Conventional. Primary and secondary switches set to the defaults (fuel) on both of them. When we built our new house, we went to a heat pump configuration. We have a Trane XR95 Gas Furnace, with a Trane Heat pump (not sure the model). Still single stage, natural gas. Fundamentally, the heat pump handles all cooling needs, and heating when within 2 degrees of a temp change. If greater than 2, then the gas furnace is supposed to kick in and assist. During the first many months in the house, I forgot to change the t-stat to 'heat pump' mode. When we hit summer, the A/C wasn't working. I investigated, and turned the switch to 'Heat Pump' mode on the back of the t-stat. A/C worked great... Didn't really need the heating cycle now -- with some recent cold temps, I cranked up the temp on the tstat, and am finding that the thermostat doesn't seem to want to activate the gas assist portion of the furnace. It's trying to heat only off the heating portion of the heat pump (which is good for basics, but not when it is 16 degrees). My wiring configuration is pretty standard... 1) RH wire (jumpered to RC) - this is the standard power (red wire) 2) G - My fan relay (green wire) 3) Y1 - Cool side (yellow wire) 4) W1 - Heat side (white wire) 5) O - Reversing valve (orange wire) 6) TS and TS/C for temp sensor (for the heat pump I believe)... There is a black on TS and what looks like a brown and a blue wire on TS/C At this point, I've switched from heat pump back to conventional and everything is getting warm and toasty - which is great. But, the heat pump is not spinning up, and it appears I am now in gas mode only. However, I'd like to figure out what I am doing wrong so I can get the t-stat to work as expected.... which is heat pump until a 2 degree difference, then the gas assist kicks in. Any ideas? Seen this before by chance?
  8. WTB: white dimmers

    I need about 7 or so white dimmers to complete my install. Send me a pm or email.
  9. Thanks for posting! I just tried to grab them, and it appears you posted shortcuts to your computer. Could you put the drivers up on a share (or email me?)
  10. I don't have access to do serial. I am hoping to make this work with IR. I searched the forums and others have run into this before. I am just hoping someone has a working IR driver that I could use.
  11. Our Epson 8350 projector has a unique 'double power' button push to shut off the projector. It appears that the standard c4 driver does not handle this well. My dealer gave me a modified driver to try, but that does not seem to be working. The double power button press does seem to be happening, but too quickly for the IR command to be received. Does anyone have a tried & true solution or a different driver to try that works with the Epson projectors? It is IR control.
  12. Found the answer through an insane amount of searches. The magical 9,9,9 and 13,4,13 did the trick!
  13. So, I bought some new keypads, dimmers, etc that have been previously used in other projects. My electrician installed them and they work as any 'normal' switch would (not the keypads however). I have access to composer to add items and do simple programming. When I try to connect these into my system, I cannot create the connection. I go through the pairing process (4 taps) as I would, but the switch / keypad / etc is unresponsive. I haven't ever had this issue before, but I have also never purchased 2nd hand product. Do I need to do a factory reset on each dimmer/keypad/etc? If so, how do I do that? Or, could there be an issue in my controller? I would think not because existing switches work fine... I have a note into my dealer, but any tips on this sooner rather than later sure would unblock me. LEDs on items are green mostly, but some appear to have custom colors - leading me to believe that they are still locked to the previous owners project? How do I fix that?
  14. Windows 8 App

    Any updates on an app for WindowsRT or WindowsPhone? Are folks using the Flash/Air app on Windows 8 and finding it manageable? I'm thinking about a Dell Venue Pro 8" tablet over an android or ipad mini - and looking to see if I will ever see an app for the RT experience, or on my Windows Phone (which is awesome).
  15. Cleaning house! HC250s new pricing!

    Thanks BBassinger! I picked up 2 hc250's, and 2 remotes... Everything arrived as expected and I have one combo setup and running (in process with the other one). Great opportunity for folks!