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  1. HC250 with My Movies 2 Images not loading

    Bump. everything is now on a HC800 and I still dont have the images of new movies. All older movies are showing their images. I am on 2.9.1
  2. HC200 A and B not working

    And how do you do that? Hold the link button down correct?
  3. HC200 A and B not working

    One of them I dont. I had it at one time set up on wireless. I cannot factory reset it at all, or have it be picked up on the wireless or the wired connection. The unit in question is model number:C4-HC200B-E-B. I cannot get this unit to factory restore either.
  4. I have an HC200A and B that wont be recognized by the director. Both boot up just fine, but I cannot see them via composer or the director. I have used the USB restore tool and have had no luck. Any thoughts? Everything is wired connections.
  5. Any new movie that I have added to the system, if its through the BDP7000 or the popcorn hour, does not have a movie image loaded, through Control4. All of the info is in My Movies, and initially, when I scan a new movie into C4, through the media tab for the BDP7000, the picture is there, and then it goes away. I am at 100MB on my cover art, is that the issue? All that C4 shows in the movie tab, is the title and no movie. All of my titles from about a month or so, have the images included in C4. Thoughts?
  6. My Stargate themed theater room

    Thank you!
  7. Synology NAS Share + Control4

    What do you want Control4 to see? Media files i assume?
  8. Ripping software

    DVD Fab
  9. Amazon Fire TV

    How are people getting around the warning every time you fire up an app on the Fire TV, that tells me that I do not have my remote paired?
  10. Wake Up Agent

    The agent is and has been in the project. I just moved this new project from my old house and moved it into my new apartment. I just removed any of the things that I do not have in the current house. The agent is in the project, and I have modified the agent to do what I need it to do in this new project.
  11. Wake Up Agent

    I recently moved and am renting a property, I set up a small project in my apartment. I have no lightning or thermostats. The comfort tab is not on my navigator, therefore I do not have the Wakeup Agent there either. Any thoughts to get this available on my navigator?
  12. Popbox wireless dongle

    Is there a wireless dongle that will work with the Popbox V8? All of the ones that I can find are only for Popcorn Hour devices. Thanks