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  1. wild01

    UK Digital / Freeview drivers

    Would love to see you view ip drivers, when there is no sky or virgin we usually install these also based on humax boxs.
  2. wild01

    Fire TV / Fire Stick Driver

    I have 3 fire TV's on my system no issues, that definitely sounds like the navigator settings withing composer are the wrong way around. Or maybe something to do with endpoints withing the fire drivers.
  3. Hi Alan Rolled about 10 of these drivers out now and its superb, I have a request perhaps for a future update, would it be possible to make the channel listing appear under "listen" for them audio only zones, a lot of people i deal with actually use there sky receivers for there radio functionality and in an audio only zone this is not possible without a screen to drive the sky gui or if the user knows the channel numbers off by heart, it would be cool to have the broadcast list available here.