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  1. Long Overdue Up-Date...its been over a year since the Theater was Completed...once completed i started work on the rest of the Basement, completing the Gym & Game room The Theater (before & after The Gym The Game Room Poker area The Bar
  2. Yes i Agree one day at a time...and great Start check out KIJIJI montreal for that power Bar...its where i got mine what does all that Equipment do ?
  3. Thanks... contacted Diamond Design, waiting reply
  4. i own Western Digital Media Looking to Up-Grade was Looking into Dune / Popcorn Hour i want a Player that will show on Screen jacket, also a Player i can play DVD or Blue ray on, for rented Movies i don't want Stored on my hard Drive
  5. could it be used to activate a series of event for my Theater...if i push a button on it
  6. thanks
  7. you need 12v to operate those...KMPS-7 Power Supply they go for around $300
  8. reason i ask i fail to understand why there is Audio out in the rear
  9. what can i Control with this Control 4 TSG-3.8C1-W White 3.8" Wifi Mini Touch Screen
  10. is there a hallway that runs from the game room to the bedroom ?
  11. There are 5 of us. i built my Theater, according to the Space i had without making it look cramped, so i opted for 4 seats, my initial intention was 2 seats front row and 3 seats back row, that only left me with 24 inch passage way on each side, giving it that cramped feeling, so i ended up with 2 front and 2 rear, built a platform for the rear giving it elevation for a better view from your plans you have plenty room for a 3 front 3 rear, if you build a rear plaform, if not then best go with 3 rear 2 front i did notice you plan to locate doors at the rear of theater, if your able to reconsider this, think of rear seat elevation, maybe an example...instead of having that 15foot wide Theater, reduce it to 12feet, you'll save in carpeting (as they come in 12foot wide rolls) and create a hallway to the side of Theater leading to the playroom, giving you plenty of space to hang Poster Boxes along the hallway and maybe a Pop Corn Machine at the end of the hallway...just an idea if ya gimme your Email...i can draw it up and e-mail it to you, you'll get a better sence of what i am saying
  12. your going with 8 seat Theater...would a 5 seat Theater be sufficient ? seems to me its tight all around, in the end you might be better off having a little open space all depends how many are you in the house
  13. yes i have noticed looking into it it is getting good ventilation for the moment, on one side its the Living Room. the other side is the walk-in closet of a Bedroom but with summer coming, it won't be sufficient
  14. check this out