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  1. DS2 mini problem

    Can you post a screenshot of the "Call Button Pressed" programming?
  2. EA-5 $1500

    New in box. PM for questions.
  3. Control4 gear for sale

    PM me your info and I'll send you an invoice.
  4. Fusion Research Solo Server, brand new. $360 shipped. PM for questions.
  5. For Sale: Control4 EA-5

    Price lowered.
  6. Control4 gear for sale

    Stanbas, I can design and program the system for you. PM me if you are interested.
  7. Control4 EA-3, $620 (Used, latest OS) Pakedge RE-2 Router, $260 (Used, excellent condition, rack ears included) Forward Phase Dimmer, C4-FPD120-WH, $90 (I have 3 available, white) Control4 Thermostat, C4-THERM-WH, $220 Fan Controller, C4-4SF120-WH, $120 (I have 2 available, white) Prices are firm Shipping $15 per order Please PM me for questions.
  8. You need HouseLogix Routines driver. You can program all this in HE, but when you have a lot of changes like the ones you're always posting about, it's easier to have a driver that can do this type of routines from the C4 interface.
  9. Where can we buy products from you?
  10. Sold

  11. Dealer Toolz- Modem Monitor

    Where can we find this driver?