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  1. Control4 gear for sale

    PM me your info and I'll send you an invoice.
  2. Fusion Research Solo Server, brand new. $360 shipped. PM for questions.
  3. For Sale: Control4 EA-5

    Price lowered.
  4. Control4 EA-5 New $1400 shipped Please PM for questions.
  5. Control4 gear for sale

    Stanbas, I can design and program the system for you. PM me if you are interested.
  6. Control4 gear for sale

  7. Control4 EA-3, $620 (Used, latest OS) Pakedge RE-2 Router, $260 (Used, excellent condition, rack ears included) Forward Phase Dimmer, C4-FPD120-WH, $90 (I have 3 available, white) Control4 Thermostat, C4-THERM-WH, $220 Fan Controller, C4-4SF120-WH, $120 (I have 2 available, white) Prices are firm Shipping $15 per order Please PM me for questions.
  8. You need HouseLogix Routines driver. You can program all this in HE, but when you have a lot of changes like the ones you're always posting about, it's easier to have a driver that can do this type of routines from the C4 interface.
  9. Where can we buy products from you?
  10. Sold

  11. Dealer Toolz- Modem Monitor

    Where can we find this driver?
  12. Multiple controllers in project

    Why aren't you posting this in the dealer forum? You will get tons of help there.
  13. Multiple controllers in project

    I was thinking the same.