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  1. 21st century

    8-Zone Power Amplifier shuts down

    We have had a couple of these fail and had one replaced under warranty, the last one recently was beyond the extended warranty, we have now identified the fail point and are happy to undertake the repair if you are in the UK and wish to ship it to us. contact us direct for a estimate
  2. 21st century

    Lots of stuff for sale

    He said 'make me offer' in OP!
  3. Lmao its not a $199 https://ring.com/ with Richard Branson's backing If you setup SIP's with a third party app you can do it currently One would hope C4 develop that to work better or make it part of the app
  4. 21st century

    IR over Cat5e

    Should work as long as the screen and centre core are isolated from one another at the joint, infact its a bigger csa so less volt drop
  5. Lol! It's a work around that may or may not work and is far from a true fix merely they found doing this worked in some cases. Thats the warning bit There is a libeay32.dll file in his Windows system folder C:\Windows\SysWoW64\, Broker also uses a .dll file by the same name, so close composer then rename the file in the windows directory, I just added C4 to the start of the file name so I could find it if I needed to put it back eg C4libeay32.dll. I did not have to reboot windows but if it fails its worth a reboot Good luck and don't shoot the messanger please if it fails
  6. There was a fix for the virtual issue on the C4 dealer forum which worked for me, I have no idea if it will work on the cloud issue though
  7. 21st century

    IR over Cat5e

    When we use a tone generator we connect the tone gererator to the remote end (room) and use the wand at the rack end moving the tip up and down the lengh of each cable approx 10" as the twist within the cable can give a zero tone in places along the cable. Another thing is to twist the 4 pairs together into two pairs of 4 cores utilising all of the cores to give a stronger tone. If they are made off into a RJ45 plug or socket then get a old/spare patch lead and chop the plug off one end and bare and twist the cores as above to make a fly lead that the clips can go onto. I hope you find the cable
  8. 21st century

    IR over Cat5e

    Other colours are available but SMHarman is bang tracing the two ends of the cat5 is the place to start. Equally twisting the two half’s back together temporally to remove the cat5 element and prove the IR extender and emitter work as one might help. A good tool to have is one of these cable finders
  9. We are not big on Zigbee over here and do very little older gear but that is good to know
  10. 21st century

    IR over Cat5e

    I'm not 100% sure on your description and I'm making some assumptions here The 50ft IR extender is a 50ft jack cable? If it is then all you need to do is cut the cable in two as you have done by the sound of it and connect them to the same colours of the Cat5e at both ends, where it sounds wrong you say you are plugged into the switch, is that the network switch? The transmitter end should be plugged into the IR output jack of whatever you are sending IR from and the other end of that leg either plugged into a patch frame or spliced straight to the Cat5e going to the upstairs room. Hope that makes sense
  11. 21st century

    Wanted: C4 Equipment Purchase Connection

    :rolleyes:Only because you got caught by your own admission!! I apologise if the two scenarios you refer to in two separate posts were unrelated! (it was coincidental) but the fact still stands you continued to use a license you were not entitled to use once you terminated your employment with the C4 dealer until you got caught. My glass house is very much undamaged, I have only stated the facts, 'you were in possession of something you should not have had and risked your ex-employer's dealership' and after being a boss to another employee who broke the C4 rules you should have known better!!! please stop digging mate you're really are getting deeper in your own hole
  12. Its really starting to sound like a LAN issue, I would be intrested to know if you can get the PC/MAC based MyHome to hook up to your controller, try installing this when you get a chance http://www.control4.com/software/control4-app-pcmac/latest You may need to install Adobe Air to open it https://get.adobe.com/air/
  13. Do you know what version of control4 software you are running? I presume you do not have 4Sight?
  14. 21st century

    Wanted: C4 Equipment Purchase Connection

    Big of you and for once that is with no sarcastic undertone I'm not here to cause trouble quite the opposite & hopefully impart some knowledge and help along the way as well as gain some. I may have over reacted a little to being lampooned on one my first posts for a long time and would prefer to get on with contributing than locking horns.
  15. 21st century

    MyHome Site

    Doing those steps would make the new one as per the old one but let you shift the unused license, you would not no the difference except the history of any expired 4sights would be gone which only C4 and dealers see when they look at your history. The info is there if you need it