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  1. I started getting that response for commands other then on/off after a recent Alexa app upgrade. I rediscovered the devices and problem went away.
  2. 2nd gen work the same as the previous. One nice thing is their ability for only one to respond when close to each other. We don't have to call one 'echo' and the other 'alexa' when the are close.
  3. ptome

    Synapse FollowMe

    My mistake. Everything except the location services require the app running. There is a setting for it in location services.
  4. ptome

    Synapse FollowMe

    For IFTTT to work, you must leave the app running at all times. If you close the app it will not act on any of the triggers that come from your phone such as location changes, photos updates and whatever can be triggered from activity on the phone.
  5. ptome

    Synapse FollowMe

    We have not seen any significant difference on battery drain on the devices we moved from FollowMe over to IFTTT. I also find that the IFTTT programming is a pain, you can't even copy recipes, but once our main points are set up (4 - 8 per device) we are set, we generally don't change that.
  6. Has anyone tried this yet? Does it work pretty much the same way as Ari's driver? (in that you can program it to active or deactivate a scene when you 'Alexa, turn on theater'). Based on no Echo activation word like "Alexa, Tell Control4 to..." that it is still limited to only On, Off, Up, Down and Set commands - like Ari's. With the Voice Scenes driver, can I finally say 'Alexa, change the living room light strips blue' (or even 'turn on the living room light strips blue)? If I could do color commands or use an actual 'listen' or 'play' or even 'watch' commands then this would be very powerful. If I could do these, then for me it may be worth converting over to. The Voice Pod driver let me do the 'listen' to or 'watch' commands - but not color. The IFTTT diver does let me to the colors (and now the listen or watch since Voice Pod is gone). IFTTT does have a bit of a delay (a few seconds some times), is the only issue. Currently I use Ari's for anything that On/Off/Dim make sense for. For anything that I want to set color to or what to watch or listen to I use IFTTT. We have a couple of Echos and 7 Dots around the house and seldom use buttons/keypad nor phone app any more.
  7. ptome

    Synapse FollowMe

    That reliability problem is the main reason I have pretty much abandoned the driver for the ITFFF driver.
  8. ptome

    Synapse FollowMe

    my system indicates bad key, and also it cannot get sever ("remote server offline"), started earlier today. I am still on 2.8.2. May not be a 2.9 thing.
  9. In the few weeks that we have been using it, yes very accurate. I have one setting 100 yards from the building, I get notification via C4 before that device makes it to the door. I could never get FollowMe to work that close, could be my error somewhere though. I like being able to select and tweak it on the map vs setting it x miles as the crow flies from your coordinates. That way, if I want a mile out I can move the map so that the mile out is really a mile from the front of the place. I can use the mile that we would normally travel on, and not include a mile behind us which is never (impossible) to use. Granted it is still as the crow flies, but our settings are for a much smaller skewed area that we expect to be in. It seems that we can also use a tighter circle then FollowMe. Part of the problems we may have had with FollowMe may be how we set up the Polling interval (battery usage). With the IFTTT version, we don't even think about that.
  10. FWIW - I am using 4 IFTTT accounts across 8 different devices, for location notifications. All use my 1 Pushover account with no problems. We get a dozen or two "location" notifications daily, no problems feeding through that one account. One very nice thing, is we have been using the "Follow Me" driver for quite some time, but was not as reliable as it should have been and not nearly as accurate as the IFTTT IOS location driver. We have disabled the "Follow Me" in our system as this new IFTTT driver is so much better for our needs.
  11. Looks like Stringify communicates to Sonos via the SmartThings Hub, not directly. Yonomi directly talks to Sonos.
  12. I have it running, specifically for Sonos control. Works well, for us. We only use it to change Sonos streams (favorites is the only real option) that play though out the house. You can control individual Sonos players, the volume, play, pause, previous, next, mute and unmute. You command it through the Echo the same as Hue or the other Echo Driver, for example: "Alexa, Turn on xxx" (xxx is the name of the 'routine' in Yonomi). By using this we can use all 30 of the other Echo Driver triggers for things other then Sonos commands.
  13. ptome

    Amazon Echo Driver!

    Here is a screen shot from my phone, presently I have 145 discovered devices, 30 of which are for the driver. I have deleted and added new triggers to the driver from within HE. The old 'Devices' stay in the Alexa until I 'Forget' them, but obviously they do not work since they were deleted in HE. When I look at: https://developer.amazon.com/public/binaries/content/assets/html/alexa-lighting-api.html it lists a limit of 300, I may not know what I am reading but thought I would throw it out there.
  14. ptome

    Amazon Echo Driver!

    Alexia no longer has a 30 device limit, at this very moment I have 151 devices listed in the app, 30 for the Control4 driver and 121 Hue lights. All can be controlled by the echo. If you clear out all devices (forget all), power down the Hue hubs, and do the discovery on Control4, you will only have the 30 items. Once you power the Hue hubs back up they eventually find their way back into the app. I made the mistake of linking the Hue lights with the Echo early on, a mistake, as I cannot get them to go away for any length of time. I am sure there is some factory reset that would allow it, but have not taken the time to figure that out.
  15. ptome

    Amazon Echo

    Same here. I can't find any settings to change it back