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  1. Kwikset Lock not showing in Composer

    You want to press the white button to the left of "smart code" 4 times to identify
  2. Alexa

    I have multiple Echo's in my system and I'm from Canada.
  3. You are definitely on the wrong forum to ask for DIY help.
  4. WANTED - 2 - 7" touchscreen with camera

    Yes I am. PM me pricing.
  5. IOS 10 & Sharebridge

    Removing and reinstalling the Sharebridge driver from the project got it working.
  6. IOS 10 & Sharebridge

    Tried that already. Control4 doesn't show up as an option.
  7. Anyone here have any issues with Sharebridge working with IOS10? my Sharebridge has worked fine but now that I updated to IOS10 on my iPhone it no longer works? when I look for my Control4 system in the control Center it doesn't show up. Is this a known issue?
  8. Looking to buy 2 - 7" infinity edge touch screens with camera. Would prefer to buy in Canada if possible Please PM me if you have any for sale.
  9. Philips Hue Drivers

    My colour changes are all done through programming and triggered with either button press or schedule. Ive never tried, or even looked, to change colours on the navigator. I can look when I get home though.
  10. Philips Hue Drivers

    LOL. Bueller is not available right now because he's out n his buddy's dads Ferrari. Awesome movie! i have the C4 Hue drivers in my system and have no issues with them. They work quite well. I use them for changing colours. If I want to dim the lights I just use either a double or triple tap to set to a desired level.
  11. Phillip Hue

    I'm using the EV driver in Composer
  12. Kwikset Lock turn on lights when door unlocks

    Program it under the Kwikset zigbee lock itself.
  13. Kwikset Lock turn on lights when door unlocks

    In programming window select the lock on the left side and then click on the unlock button below. From right side window select the light you want to turn on. Then bottom righ click the button to select light on. Then grab the green arrow between upper and lower windows on right side and drag and drop in middle programming window. Do the same for the lock feature except select light off. Refresh navigators to get security to show up.
  14. FS: HC800 Bl-1

    PM sent
  15. What Are You Using For Geofencing

    My system is on 2.8.1. I've been using it since beta testing. The driver is good. I've had very few issues with it. In my opinion Its definitely worth the money.