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  1. jillmark99

    Any Tesla owners out there?

    I would like to think there are more Tesla owners out there with Control4 (or vice versa) than we think.
  2. jillmark99

    Any Tesla owners out there?

    To be honest I’ve never even used the browser in my S. It would be neat to pull up my C4 system on the screen if I ever needed to though.
  3. jillmark99

    Any Tesla owners out there?

    I will just stick with using the Tesla app for now. It would be really great to have the C4 GUI come up on the screen of the car.
  4. jillmark99


    How do you get the events to show up in composer? I created events in the app on my phone, refresh in composer but can’t get the events to populate. I can’t program anything because I can’t get the events to populate. Tried emailing homeation it didn’t get any reply. Any help would be appreciated. Would love to have geofencing again given that Followme is dead.
  5. jillmark99

    Tesla Driver

    I’m still interested but never heard anything back.
  6. jillmark99

    Tesla Driver

    Any updates on this?
  7. jillmark99

    Any Tesla owners out there?

    Did you ever do a proper driver to integrate the Tesla? I would be interested in beta testing.
  8. jillmark99

    Tesla Driver

    I am interested in testing this. Has a beta driver been created?
  9. jillmark99

    Any Tesla owners out there?

    Has there been any new developments with Tesla and Control4? im looking at getting an S model and would love to integrate it if possible.
  10. jillmark99

    WTB HC-250

    I have an extra one I’m not using. PM me an offer. Not sure what they are worth these days. Mine is a -1 with license.
  11. Add a space at the end of the activation key and then delete the space and then hit set. Driver will activate again. Shouldn’t have to do this but that’s the work around every time the driver stops working. It happens every couple months. If the device shows offline after activating the license do the same thing to your iCloud ID.
  12. jillmark99

    HC-800 Relay/contact block

    I’m looking for a 12 position Phoenix connector (relay/contact block) for my HC-800. If anyone has one you don’t need could you please PM me? Thank you.
  13. jillmark99

    Need faster Fire TV gui / menu control in C4?

    Can you please add me to beta testing this as well?
  14. jillmark99

    Kwikset Lock not showing in Composer

    You want to press the white button to the left of "smart code" 4 times to identify
  15. jillmark99


    I have multiple Echo's in my system and I'm from Canada.