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  1. All units are sold.
  2. I'm looking for four new (uninstalled) C4-WALL7-BL touchscreens. They have to be the 7" black versions. While these do appear from time-to-time on Ebay, they haven't lasted very long, and this is simpler. Please PM me with any offers. Thanks.
  3. I've got a ReadyNAS 516 with 5 3TB WD Red drives (15TB total). Please PM me with an offer if interested. We have had it for a while in our media closet to store movies, but it turns out my family really doesn't use it too often.
  4. Sold

    Sold, thanks
  5. Items sold, thanks

    Updated to remove sold items, please PM me if interested.
  6. Items sold, thanks

    Dimmers are sold, sorry.
  7. Items sold, thanks

    No items are for sale any longer. Thanks.
  8. I've got no idea how to price the Wyrestorm items. I can't find the same items actually sold on Ebay. At this point I just want them out of my house, so if you're interested please PM me an offer.
  9. I recently moved and no longer have a need for my HDBaseT video distribution system. The system includes: 1 Wyrestorm MX-0404-PP HDBaseT matrix (4 x 4) 3 Wyrestorm RX-70-PP receivers The system supports the delivery of HD video to each receiver over a single Cat 5/6 connection. I used Cat5 at my old house for long runs and had no issues. The receivers support the ability to receive remote control signals and transmit the signals back to the matrix for control of source equipment. One of the receivers includes a power supply with interchangable power connectors and IR cables. Another of the receivers includes a normal power supply and IR cables. The last of the receivers includes a normal power supply only. The matrix unit has the rack ears. Please PM me with any offers if interested. As I am still unpacking and fixing up the new house, please excuse any delayed responses.
  10. We are buying a house that isn't prewired. I was wondering if anyone could recommend a good installer in the Dallas area who can run speaker/CatX cables (for speakers and touchpanels) and then repair the drywall. Painting isn't an issue as the house will be repainted afterwards. A good repair on the drywall is a must. Job would involve probably 4-5 zones downstairs and 5 zones upstairs. Looking to run cables back to a closet upstairs.
  11. I'm just relaying what the article identified in post #2 here said - the CEO, CFO, VP of Marketing, VP of Business Development, and VP of Product Development have no common stock. The article went on to say: the board members representing two of the three largest shareholders and original backers, Foundation Capital and Frazier Ventures, announced they were resigning from the board of directors effective April 28, 2015. This may signal that these VC groups are going to begin selling their shares.