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  1. troyfrezze

    OS 2.10 Features

    Think I found the problem. I went to test another source, tunein, and had the same volume issue. Remoted into my system and see that the controller no longer sees a link to the audio switch. That would explain why it can't adjust the volume and the volume is set to 0. edit: Yep, that's the problem. Just re-added the matrix and a few other devices that were lost after the update and I've got volume control now.
  2. troyfrezze

    OS 2.10 Features

    I appreciate your response, but based on this reply I think you're missing something I'm saying. It's not just that I can't adjust the volume from say the spotify app on the phone, but that I can't adjust it from the control4 app either. The zone's volume is displayed as 0 and while I can hear the audio playing, I have no way currently to adjust that volume, not from control4 or from spotify.
  3. troyfrezze

    OS 2.10 Features

    Ok, yea that seems really odd that they would release a new driver / music source but you can't adjust the volume of the music? It makes it where the volume can either be too loud or not loud enough for the customers needs. I just honestly wonder, if this is the case, why release it without any way to adjust the volume.
  4. troyfrezze

    OS 2.10 Features

    How would not being able to change the volume be expected behavior?
  5. troyfrezze

    OS 2.10 Features

    So in testing so far, I've found a few issues. Namely with spotify. I can't adjust the volume from the spotify app or the c4 app. Per c4, when I select the spotify source and stream music, the volume is set to 0 and I can't + - it to change it. From the spotify app, if c4 is selected it doesn't change the volume. If I then connect to an echo the volume meter displays. In iheartradio, you can only select stations. When I search for an artist, it comes back with no results. None of the stations I built display like they do in my truck or phone.
  6. troyfrezze

    OS 2.10 Features

    I have upgraded my system to 2.10 this evening and added in Spotify and Iheart radio. Primary is an HC800 with no EA line in the mix. iHeart radio works fine. You add the driver and then load up the source in the app. It will prompt you to login via a webpage and sync via an ID number. Spotify is being a bit trickier at the moment because I believe it wants my phone and the controller on the same network. They aren't. My wifi is on a separate subnet than my automation line and at the moment it doesn't see the option to connect. Going to add a new SSID on the same network as the controller and see if that resolves this for now. edit: Updated the subnet the controller was on to be on the same network as my main wifi network (for phones / tablets) and it still didn't pick it up. I went back into the app and changed the default "Spotify connect name" to something different and after that Spotify was able to see it without issue.
  7. troyfrezze

    Control4 announces Amazon Echo integration

    Echo is the big one, has audio quality speakers in it and has no audio output. Dot is the smaller one, with a speaker but not for playing music back. It's got the microphone and can respond to inputs and relay messages via the speaker. Plus it has an audio out. Otherwise they are the same tech.
  8. troyfrezze

    New Control4 press release

    So back to the point of this topic. it seems that the new driver will be released shortly and it seems we don't know what all we can / can't control at this time. Based on the CEPRO article it seems we may be limited. I'd like to get more information on what can be done. I've not pulled the trigger on Sonos yet. I've been thinking of getting the sonos connect and tieing that into my audio matrix switch since I already have speakers installed throughout the home. I know EV has had their driver out for a while, but with this I may finally jump in if the driver integrates ok.
  9. So looks like we are up and running now. I got home and changed the 189 to match what you had in your document. Set the driver to emulate keypad 1 and it started trying to work. I say trying because last night when I initially set it up it pulled in the part/ zones without issue, but after redoing the driver it wouldn't pull any data in. Once it started trying to work, I saw it was pulling some data finally in the lua, for bell active, phone line disabled, etc. The part/ zones still didn't populate though. I ended up rebooting the controller and the alarm panel and it finally pulled in the partition, and even though the lua was seeing all the zones, it wasn't pulling it in. Tried it manually and it still didn't. I removed the driver one more time, and re-added. As soon as I made the connection in director between the panel and controller everything started to populate correctly. Relabeled the zones and went around the house testing. Everything appears to be working without issue now. Not sure what the issue was, but it's working now. I'll dig through my logs and see if the controller was reporting anything funky. Thanks again!
  10. Thanks greatly! I'll test again this afternoon and let you know.
  11. Thanks for that information! So then for *189 and *190 I should probably just stick with 01 00 instead of 05 00? I'm going to check the other keypad address's when I get home today. Even if there was a conflict, I can't imagine how it's forcing itself to enter programing mode as the default 4112 has been changed and I can't think of anything in the driver that would be entering my programing code and 800 to force it to enter.
  12. Going to mess around with it some more this afternoon after leaving the office. Out of curiosity, any chance you know where the "5" is coming from in the documentation for configuration of this driver for *189 and *190? Per the documentation it says to initially record the second digits when you do a view on 189 and 190. It says to enter 5 first to tie it to partition 1 and then the second digit you recorded earlier. But the programing logic I've always used for keypads and for the previous driver was that 0 - offline, 1 is partition 1, 2 = part 2, 3 = part 3. Which is why it's always been 01 00 for both 189 and 190.
  13. Yea, it's the latest driver. Made sure I deleted the beta driver. Made sure when I removed it and re-added it yesterday I added the latest one "online' instead of local.
  14. So I've got the 4232cbm module connected to a 20psia security system. The 4232 cbm is connected to a 3 wire, null modem style cable between serial 2 on my 800 and itself. Per the instructions with the driver, you need to set the AUI (*189) to to 5 and then the second number you wrote down previously. So If I were to type in #189 I get 05 00 00 Same goes for *190 for device 17. After following the instructions it's now #190 05 00 Before #189 01 00 00 #190 01 00 So with the driver set, the connections made and having exited out of programing mode (*99) the driver initially pulled in the zones, but then there started to be odd issues. Initially I started to get 70 (bell alert) and after changing the 189 and 190 back, and then rebooting, and doing it again, that stopped. Now I'm getting an odd issue where as long as the serial cable is connected, the phyiscal keypads keep going into programing mode. LIke I can hit *99 and I'm right back at 20 program mode in a second or two. I've reset the alarm system, removed the driver and re-added, reconfigured 189 and 190 and it keeps throwing it into program mode. Even while I'm typing on the keypadd to arm/disarm it would suddenly throw EE and I'd be in program mode. Any thoughts here?
  15. just 5 bulbs at 60 watts each.