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  1. Advice / recommendation for pool control

    Hi I went through this a few years ago. First off, as much as I like C4, I would not trust it to be the sole control for my pool. Too many bugs that could cause problems, generally a pool is fantastically sensitive to chemistry and care. As well, if you do something like a salt cell, you will need the automation to control this, and get the feedback from the pumps and cell. I have had pretty good luck with pentair. You will need an intellitouch system, model depends on what you are trying to control. You will also need the screenlogic component and the home automation serial adapter. the screenlogic is what allows you to log onto the system and program it from a PC, much easier than using the wired controller, and the HA module is what allows it to talk to C4. there are other control companies, but I dont know how well they integrate.. On the C4 end, there is a pool driver.. this used to be a pain, but with the new software version it allows you to see and adjust temp and pumps from the touchscreen, and also hide unused relays to make the interface cleaner. The nice part about having it integrated is being able to use scenes to control light and music in the backyard, and being able to control features from iphone while outside.
  2. HC-800 Freezing/Hanging ?

    HI. it is on 2.7.1 already. it actually got worse after the upgrade. I have also tried a clean install of the project, which also did nothing to increase the stability.
  3. HC-800 Freezing/Hanging ?

    HI I was hoping there has been some resolution on this. I too have been having the same problem since upgrading to 2.7 this started as minor hands with the intercom system (all the touchscreens were stuck on initializing intercom, but the system worked otherwise), and has now become general system outages like you are describing. only way to fix it is to reboot, and EVERYTHING hangs until the system is reset. There is no rhyme or reason to the outages, and when I go through detective suite and look at the various things that are available, nothing is showing as an error. any thoughts? hc800 primary 2 hc300 7 touchscreens infinity edge doorstation thanks Steve
  4. Ok so i tried this, and it did not work. continued with the error message. I guess I have to pull it now and have it sent back to c4 or spring for a new one.
  5. thats awesome, that is my next step to try and I will see if it works on my system as well. were you able to then reconnect the devices to the standard connections, ie the previous ethernet switch, and did it continue to work? Steve
  6. Hi I have the same issue. same message since trying the 2.6 update. my dealer has been going back and forth with c4, but so far no luck getting it working. c4 seems to be saying it is not our problems, and it is out of warrantee. we have tried changing the switch, router, IP addresses of controller and of switch all with no results. let me know if you have any more luck than I did. Sucks for a product that is 28 months old, but I am thinking this is the c4 way of making sure you do the v3 upgrade on the audio matrix. Steve
  7. audio matrix problems

    cyknight - thanks for the reply, but the issue is that it is NOT working, and has not since the 26 upgrade. the screen of the matrix is stuck displaying 'update failed' and it is otherwise completely unresponsive. the driver should be correct, as it was working prior to 2.6 what are the older issues you describe, and howw ere they fixed? Steve
  8. Good morning forums. I was hoping I could get some help with my C4 audio matrix switch. It is about 2 years old, was installed by my dealer, and has worked great right up until we did the 2.6 update 2 weeks ago. I first noticed a problem with no audio coming from audio only sources. reset the system, and when I still had no audio went to look at the rack. What I noticed is that the front panel light on the switch was glowing. the message displayed was 'updater, waiting for dhcp.. updating..error, no image', and the unit was completely unresponsive to all front panel inputs. it made a clicking noise when the knob was turned, but that was about it. I called my dealer, and went through the issue with him. on looking into the composer software, it looked as if the switch had been de-registered. we tried the usual tricks to get it registered, but it remained non-responsive. we then tried checking the DHCP. I have it hooked to a cisco switch, and was able to see that the box communicated the MAC to the switch,a nd was able to pull a IP address fro whatever port it was hooked to. The IP it pulled was the same as it had been getting assigned prior to the update, however, it was not pingable on the network despite having an IP. I then tried a power reset with the ethernet cable disconnected. this time, it stayed on 'updater - waiting for DHCP' until it was plugged in, then began to scroll a black progress bar across the screen. it got about 75pct done, then came up with a 'no image' message, and remained illuminated. my dealer has spoken to c4, and their response seems to be 'its broke and its out of warrantee - buy a new one'. he is out of ideas at this point, I am sure that it is the update the is at fault. has anybody ever run across this previously. It seems like it just needs the image flashed or found and then it would work. If anybody has any ideas or knows how to fix this I would be grateful! Steve
  9. I have my system set up to do this, it is awesome, however, the controller can be unreliable playing something like this. mine often turn off after 4 to 5 hours, which is annoying if you are using it for background noise while you sleep. however, best bet is too use a hardbutton on a keypad. to start a playlist, then have the playlist repeat, which can be done using the touchscreen. this setting is persistant so you only have to do it one. mine has one tap to start, three taps to stop.
  10. Pool Automation

    I have the pentair system with the integration to c4. it is OK, but it is easier to pull the app up on the iphone, ipad or desktop than try to get things working in the c4 system. The real problem is the programming, the c4 driver is a serial driver, and it wont let you hide relays. so to use my system as an example, I have relays which control four different pumps, six different valves and two lights. to program this in the pentair system, you have to specify which relay controls which circuit, and then use feature circuits to get it all to work together. so to clean, I have the pool relay on, the valve which switches water flow to the cleaning system on and the heat relay on. this is all done with one button on the pentair control using a macro command which sets each of the relays to the appropriate position. using the pentair interface, these feature circuits (macros) are listed as items 41 to 49, and there is no way to change them, so to access them on c4, you have to scroll down 5 or so pages of options which are not used and which cannot be hidden to be able to use the macro button. for simple things like heat on, off, pool on and off, and temp control it works fine. but I could not ealy tell it to turn on the lights, clean the pool, or have the air blowers turn on for the spa. if C4 would just provide a simple way to hide unused items on the driver, it would be perfect!
  11. sale

  12. NAS

    I have a synology 5 bay nas that I am trying to get rid of. I too ran out of room and upgraded to a 12bay version. PM me if you want details, I am looking at selling around your price point..
  13. a lot has been said about this, let me give you the 'typical' consumer view. I have 2 levels. 15 smoke detectors and 3 co detectors. 3 additional smoke detectors that are alarm wired SOUNDPROOF basement for home theatre and for a sleep room (I work a lot of nights and sleep during the day) daughters room is at the other end of the house from our room. I LOVE THESE, at least the idea. I dont care if c4 integrates them. It means that if an alarm sounds in my daughters room, WE WILL HEAR IT NO MATTER WHERE IN THE HOUSE WE ARE It means that if a battery dies, I DONT HAVE TO CLIMB A LADDER JUST TO SILENCE IT (and one location is on a 20 foot entry) wave and its done! It means I get status alerts on my iphone if c4 integrates them, so much the better, turn on all lights with an alarm condition, flash the front lights so the house is easy to find. I dont know of a single product that can do this. yes they are expensive, but so were my 130 dollar C4 dimmers, the 200 dollar + C4 thermostats that replaced perfectly functional ones, and the 50 dollar LED's which replaced my recessed lighting. I think if you are talking about this on a forum where most of us have spent upwards of 40K with system integration, this is a almost a rounding error. once you consider the safety aspects, I dont think anybody could squabble about the price. Steve
  14. Hayward AQ CO Serial Pool Controler

    HI I have been wondering about this as well. I updated my pool controller to a intellitouch specifically for the purpose of being able to use the c4 system to control it. We have it working to some extent. however it needs improvement. specifically, it needs a way to hide the aux circuits which are not needed, or reassign the outputs on what is shown. right now, I have 50 aux circuits created, the first 8 control pool relays, and the last 6 control feature circuits, but the rest are just screen junk as they are not used by the pool system, but there is no way to get rid of them. does anybody know if the existing driver can be modified to allow this? it seems as if it would be an easy thing to plug in new serial commands to spaces at the top of the existing driver, or to allow some of the unused aux circuits to be hidden.. definately something I would pay to have done to make it more wife-friendly Thanks
  15. HI I had this same problem running composer on VMware. it seems you cannot run HE in XP on a VM. i 'obtained' a version of windows7 and it has been working without issue. I would try this and see if it works.