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  1. jcumpstay

    Plex Full Driver

    Pm'ed Sent from my SGP771 using Tapatalk
  2. jcumpstay

    Plex Full Driver

    Looking for a dealer who can provide a valid licence key for me for Plex Full Driver. Trial is about to expire and I'd like to continue using. Please PM me if you can help - for a fee of course.
  3. jcumpstay

    WTB: Axxess Doorbell Button

    Thanks @snipboy however i have sourced a new unit from @Alex Lewis and am currently awaiting delivery.
  4. jcumpstay

    WTB: Axxess Doorbell Button

    Having A LOT of trouble finding a dealer who can supply me one of the Axxess Doorbell Buttons here in Australia. Any chance there is a dealer in the US willing to sell and post one to Australia? Setup and programming will not be a problem.
  5. does anyone know of a way to select the playback device (Dune HD or Windows Media Centre) when selecting a movie from the Control4 OSD populated from MyMovies? i.e playback seems to automatically be via the Dune HD over and above WMC. I need to be able to choose. Possible?