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  1. I've seen electricians that have no Lutron certifications or training call Lutron for support because a lighting module blew. System was 6 years old. Lutron says no problem, sends out a free replacement module directly to the clients home and his electrician replaced the module for a small amount of labour under Lutrons guidance. No programming was necessary, the electrician just had to change the dip switch to the correct address. All I'm gonna say is Good luck with Control4 in that type of situation.
  2. There was a time and a place for Control4 and it solves some problems in some homes. But it also creates other problems. Google is changing the entire experience of a smart home with their Assistant. A simple formula: Plug a Chromecast Video into your Kitchen TV $40. Install a Nest Doorbell Camera at the Front Door $230 Install a Google Home in the Kitchen $50. Install a bunch of Lutron Caseta dimmers $400 Pay an electrician to install the light switches and setup the apps $$250 You now have Kitchen Automation for $970 Hey Google: Turn on the lights for Cooking Show me the Front Door Cam, or play my favorite Netflix show, or show me CNN news... Play some cooking music Get me a recipe for dinner Send a text message Call so and so Add a calendar appointement Add to my groceries list Create a timer. I just don't see how Control4 can compete. Control4's video doorbell is $800 alone and doesn't even do two-way video communication outside the home. Never mind getting it to stream to a TV easily. I think Control4 is completely outgunned by Google and Amazon. Apple hasn't even began firing shots yet!
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    I heard that Nest was going to give every Gen1 and Gen2 user a free Gen3 upgrade along with a discount on the new remote sensor to compensate for the pain and suffering experienced by it's users. Then my vehicle manufacturer called and said they'd upgrade mine AND my wife's vehicles Navigation systems and tech because it's a few years old and missing the new features.
  4. Hi Wapping High, Sorry to hear about your struggles. Your average network tech can setup a Unifi Network in an average home in about 30-45 minutes. Works awesome with Apple products too. I think there are two things you should do to move forward: 1) Spend $100 and have an IT guy trained in Unifi to come over and do this stuff for you. $100 is cheaper then what a Psychotherapist is going to charge you to reverse the mental anguish it seems you are taking on from this project. 2) Instead of writing so much in hear complaining, spend your valuable time in the Unifi forums and read the Unifi support articles. There are great Youtube videos as well. Peace and Love!
  5. I think Google is a competitor. They had a massive presence at CES this year. They seem to want to own the home space, and I think they are getting it. I see Google commercials on TV and more people know about Google Home than they do Control4 because of that. Google is set to release their Hello Doorbell in April. Apparently when the Doorbell recognizes a person's face, they announce "Person xyz is at the Door" over the Google Homes placed around the house. They will also send the doorbell stream to the chromecasts plugged into the TV's. This is all done without a programmer. I don't think Control4 can even do this. They are struggling to get something simple like two-way remote video communication working. I think there was a time and a place where Control4 was the smart home leader, but I could see Google, Amazon, Microsoft, and Apple taking that away very quickly with their marketing muscle and money power.
  6. Define light switches 1 - C4-KD120 $75 4 - C4-DIM1-Z $125 2 - C4-SW1-Z $95 2 - C4-APD120 $150 1 - C4-KA $30 ---------------------------- $475
  7. The light switches bundled together are $475
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    Use Coax cable to extend IR bud?

    If I saw a tech using a soldering iron on a project, I'd be like...
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    Looking for zigbee radios for yale locks

    I sold all my modules.
  10. I have the following to sell: 1 - C4-KD120 $75 4 - C4-DIM1-Z $125 2 - C4-SW1-Z $95 2 - C4-APD120 $150 1 - C4-KA $30 1 - Z2IR10A-ZP $75 1 - EA3 $850 1 - HC250-BL $150 1 - C4-16AMP3-B $700 All product is used. OS 2.10. Pricing in USD. Will ship to Canada or USA. Buyer pays shipping. *Update* I'm only selling the light switches as a bundle. Not selling individually. Light switches are White.
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    Looking for zigbee radios for yale locks

    I have 3 Control4 certified modules. PM if interested in purchasing.
  12. I have 2 portable touch screens that I'd like to trade for 4 SR-250 remotes. Is that fair?