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  1. joaovito

    New Sonos 8.1.2

    Reboot Director, new logos will appear!
  2. joaovito

    Axis Video Encoders HELP!

    Same error with .c4i extension ...
  3. joaovito

    Axis Video Encoders HELP!

    No, I have tried to change the driver to use the RS485 of the Axis Module but so far no success... I could only make it compatible with these new encoders... I was wondering if someone could upload this driver to the file library. When I try to do it, it shows an error..
  4. joaovito

    Axis Video Encoders HELP!

    Steve, try this driver - https://www.dropbox.com/s/m4hsu0817dhgl5u/camera_ip_http_axis_M7014.zip Nevermind if in Composer you press TEST and it doesn't work, just try it (after inserting IP, username and pass) in the Navigators and tell me if it worked. It's a driver for each channel and it will placed in Other / Axis / M7014 after you copy them to the Driver folder.
  5. joaovito

    Axis Video Encoders HELP!

    Indeed, the DVR solutions that are compatible with C4 are a better solution than an Encoder and a DVR (and sometimes like some members say the encoder costs more than the DVR). I am now looking for the Lilin and those wirepath... But it is easy to make / change a driver, so any device that works with direct mjpg streaming, works with C4 Dear steve909 , what is the model of the AXIS encoder you've got stuck with ?
  6. joaovito

    Axis Video Encoders HELP!

    It works with the M7014 (cheaper and great quality with c4), I have tested it already, but with another driver that I have changed from the 241Q one ... I will try to upload the file (there are 4 drivers, one for each channel).