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  1. Chadwick

    Notifications adding a device

    Looks like I needed to have the account that uses the control4 account verified.. Steps i followed was Create a new user and verify account. Install app and sign in with verified user just created. and phone shows up now in notifications. Solved Thanks for the help
  2. Chadwick

    Notifications adding a device

    iphone 6 same as other iphone i will try to delete it and then re add it..
  3. Chadwick

    Notifications adding a device

    in the attached pic #1 you can't click on anything to bring up notifications for that individual device. on the second image is where you can manage permissions but I dont know how to get the device in image1 into the notifications section..
  4. Chadwick

    Notifications adding a device

    How does one add a device (iphone with c4 app installed) to received a push notification to it? Is this a dealer requirement? I have 2 devices setup already and want add another. The programming already works as I receive the correct notification to my phone (one of the devices under the notification section in my.control4.com currently) The device I require is already added under devices in my.control4.com but does not show up under Notifications. Thanks.
  5. To again.. I had the Bell tech walk me thru the button combination to change the IR channel. (felt like I was back in the day entering cheat codes for video games. U,U,D,D,L,L,A....) anyway no change... The Tech has since sent me a new receiver and I have tried this one and not working either. So I am going to go back and step thru everything again and try again. and I guess I will have to have a C4 tech visit to relearn the codes. ARGG... C.
  6. To add to this... I am not able to change the IR remote address in the 9400 so stuck there.. I also did a factory reset on the unit and no change in operation. I think I have to try to get Bell to send me a new unit.
  7. Once i get back home Cyknight that is what I had planed next. I thought of that but ran out of time... Rosenqui ... The 9400 remote is only IR and not UHF.. I did think about environmental variables and but because everything is in a rack in the basement and nothing has changed in the room. But on step i am going to try is to "hood" ir sensor to see it changes anything. The IR Receiver should not be damaged because the factory IR remote works.. I will pass on what I find out when I try this tomorrow Chad.
  8. Yes.. I did not test all fucntions but it was able to turn on, pull up the guide and page up and down all via the supplied remote.
  9. Sorry no.. The Sat2 emitter works on Sat2 receiver but when placed on Sat1 receiver it does not work.. When the Sat1 emitter is placed on Sat2 receiver it works.. So this is leading me to believe that there is something wrong with the dish receiver, Mabey some how the receiver is being signal flooded? C.
  10. One of the first things I checked was if the remote address was set to 1 and it was.. so that unfortunately is not the issue. My next step is to get my installer to do a site visit to relearn the codes.. Unless I get anything from here to try first..
  11. I am having sudden trouble with IR control of my Bell 9400 receiver (SAT1). HC-800 with IR emitter for SAT1 plugged into port 6 (Light on emitter works when commands are sent to receiver) Program has correct driver installed. We know this because I moved the IR emitter for SAT1 to a second Bell receiver (different model) (SAT2) and it controls fine. The current configuration was working fine for about a year with no problems. The only thing that was changed was I had to do a factory reset on the backbone switch for my network (this should have no effect on the receiver operation) - Tested receiver with factory remote and works fine - Changed the emitter to a brand new "out of package" one. (does not fix issue.) - Changed the port that the emitter is plugged into (no change) - Tried the SAT1 emitter on SAT2 and worked fine All commands are being sent by either remote dealer commands, LCD Panel, or SR-250 Remote. All my equipment is in a rack in my basement so using factory remote is not an option. I am a bit lost on this one.. Thanks for any help Chad.
  12. Chadwick

    Simple Scheduler Problem

    Thanks now I understand what you are saying.. I will have to recontact my dealer again and get the update..(I had asked a couple of weeks ago to upgrade but no response) . Its funny that a product that is billed as a more high end product seems quite limited comparatively to my industry that is hugely more flexible. . A good example is my installer had no idea how to have the system send me a text message when a specific door opened in the house. While my system would be able to send me a text message and easily react to the event if required. thus setting off a chain reaction of other events. Thanks for the help guys.
  13. Chadwick

    Simple Scheduler Problem

    I my apologies for my ignorance. I come from a different programming background.. (I do industrial automation controls). I am not understanding why I would ask to turn the lights off on 2 separate schedules.. Again sorry for my ignorance.. Chad
  14. Chadwick

    Simple Scheduler Problem

    I am running version
  15. I have what I think is a simple problem.. here is my steps I follow: I create a simple schedule agent to turn on my christmas lights 30min past sunset. Verify Dates and times all looks good. I create a timer agent "xmas lights" for 4 hours I go to programming open the script for the scheduler for the christmas lights and add "Start Xmas Lights Timer" Under Script for Xmas lights timer started I have added the lighting scene for the xmas lightsNothing happens at specified schedule. I have monitored the timer and found that the schedule does not activate the timer.. I also have tried to create a timer 5min from the current time to see if it would activate a light and it wont go.. What is seems is the schedules don't work.. Anyone have any ideas??