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  1. Hi, Bruno. Thanks for your reply. Yes, I checked and sleep in disabled on the NAS drives. After experimenting for several days with no luck with rolling back the Dune driver to earlier versions, I finally cold-booted the Dune Player and that resolved the issue completely. jim
  2. Hi. I have a Dune Player connected to two NAS drives on my network. I am using the C4 Movies database and the EV driver for the Dune Player to manage & play my movie collection on any one of four TVs in my house. This setup has been working flawlessly for several months, but I have recently encountered a new problem that I do not know how to solve. When I make my first attempt at loading a movie (C4 Watch icon-> Movies -> [Movie Title]) the movie always fails to load. I see the Dune player screen briefly and then the screen goes black (Dune Player firmware 121018_0846) or returns to the C4 Movies list (Dune Player firmware - 120815_2150). A second, third, or any subsequent attempt at playing a movie (same or different one) always plays fine. It's only the first attempt that fails. I have the latest EV Dune Player driver (7.0.1) installed. It's almost as if either the Dune Player itself or the connection to the NAS drives is falling asleep when not in use for a while and requires a second attempt at playing a movie to wake it up. Any ideas? Thanks, jim
  3. Hi, Vae. Thanks for your reply. I'm on 2.2.2. There is a "GET_IMAGE" command available for each camera in programming, and I can access a static picture via URL once I manually enter the user ID and password. The problem is the login credentials. I would need to append these to the URL to the camera for direct URL access for use with an announcement, but I don't know if the format of my URL is wrong or if login parameters in the URL is even supported. I do currently have a shortcut to the camera video that is triggered by a doorbell press. This works great, except that whenever the event is triggered, the room on the TV navigator changes to the "Equipment Room", so whenever the script is finished I need to manually switch rooms and navigate to the last source. Is there a way to program around this? Such as after 1 minute -> switch video source to the last source? Is is possible to programmatically change rooms on the TV navigators?
  4. Okay, I made a little bit of progress... The following URL prompts me for user id and password credentials. Once entered, it points to an image of the camera: http://[iP ADDRESS OF DVR]/wps-cgi/jpg/image.cgi?camera=1&resolution=320%C3%97240 I'm guessing I need to append login credentials to the above URL to grab an image for the announcement? I tried to do this as follows, but it didn't work: http://[iP ADDRESS OF DVR]/wps-cgi/jpg/image.cgi?camera=1&resolution=320%C3%97240&NAME=[uSER NAME]&PWD=[PASSWORD] Any ideas?
  5. I have the Snap WPS-100-DVR-4CH. I am trying to create an announcement that will show an image of the front entryway camera wherever the doorbell is pressed. Is this possible? How can I find out the URL to the camera image?
  6. Thank you for your replies. I have one HC-800 in the equipment room and one HC-250 in the family room, but there are several rooms -- so, yes, several rooms are sharing controllers. It sounds like the only fix would be to install a dedicated controller in each room? If so, that would be a bummer. It's surprising that the controllers are so limited as to not be able to keep better track of the active room in a shared controller environment. Btw, I haven't experienced this problem when using the iPad or iPhone apps, just the on screen navigators. jim
  7. I'm having a problem with my on screen TV navigators randomly switching the active room. For example, at random times an action in the "Media" room causes the on screen GUI in the family room to show the "Media" room. Is there a way to force the "Media" room to only show the Media room TV GUI and the "Family" room to only shown the Family room GUI? Any idea what could be causing this or how to fix this? I tried changing the default room in the navigators, but this does not appear to be a room-by-room setting as it changed the default room to the same room in all rooms. Any help would be greatly appreciated. jim