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  1. ScottGA

    Ping Driver to track occupancy

    I've had really good success using IFTTT's geolocation functionality (on my iPhone) to trigger events in my C4 system. A year or two ago, I had some issues with the reliability of IFTTT geolocation triggering an event. But it now seems like all that has been worked out in the current version.
  2. ScottGA

    Premium Tunein and C4

    MKA did you ever get this to work? Does any see their Premium Tunein stations displayed on a C4 touchscreen? I've dropped/logged-off my C4 Controlled from my TuneIn account and then I rejoined it. I have used the Device Action in Composer HE to synchronize favorites, but the premium stations don't show up. Any suggestions ar appreciated!
  3. I have used several of the remote integrators recommended on this board and all have been good, but in my experience, Andrzej's responsiveness and proactive support cannot be beat! I cannot recommend him strongly enough. He's worked tirelessly to help resolve mundane system issues as well as doing research to creatively develop solutions to more complex things I've thrown at him. He is so detailed in his approach that it always seems like he has a vested interest in making our C4 system the best it can be. I couldn't ask for anything more in a support partner.
  4. ScottGA

    Alexa, Im home

    Since "Alexa, I'm home" doesn't work as a trigger at the present time, has anybody come up with any good alternative phrases they use to trigger similar events?
  5. I'm trying to program the LED color on a 6-button keypad to change based on the state of my Sonos Connect. I'd like to use different colors to recognize each of the 3 possible Sonos system states - On, Off, Paused. I have it working fine for the On and Off (i.e. stopped) state. However, I have not been able to find a way to trap/test for the Sonos system being switched into a Paused state (where it is still an active audio source for a room(s) and music is in the queue). When the Sonos system is active for a room, but the music has been paused, the Sonos "Play_Status" property reflects "STOPPED". So I haven't been able to distinguish between the Sonos being stopped all together and simply being paused, The Sonos driver does have a property called "Paused" but that always seems to be 0 and doesn't seem to change regardless of the Sonos state (play, paused, stopped). I've searched high and low on this forum trying to figure out a workaround. I've seen posts where folks suggested programming using the Pause key pressed event for a room. But if the Sonos play state gets changed through the Sonos iOS app, I don't think programming on a pressed key event would capture that change. I guess I could program off the Sonos Stopped property (which also gets triggers when the system is simply paused) and then check all of my rooms to see if the Sonos is still an active audio source. If the system thinks Sonos is STOPPED but it is still an active source for a room, then I think the Sonos system would be in a paused state. This programming sounds messy and inelegant, but maybe my only solution. Any other suggestions? Thanks! EDIT: I just figured out that the Sonos "Paused" property does get update properly when playing music services like Pandaro and Spotify. However, when streaming SiriusXm or TuneIn stations through Sonos, the Paused property does not get get changed when it is paused.
  6. ScottGA

    IFTTT Do Button

    msgreenf, please tell us more about your driver. Is it a true two-way driver with both events and actions going both ways between a C4 system and IFTTT?
  7. I just had to refresh my token after only using the driver for less than a couple of weeks. (I'm on 2.81). Hopefully, this won't be a chronic issue.
  8. I have a Sonos Connect tied in to our house-wide speaker system using an C4 audio matrix with an EV driver. Using a button on 6-button keypads in various rooms, we can cycle through a pre-set list of 6+ music channels (primarily Pandora stations and XM Sirius Radio stations that have been saved as Sonos Favorites). If I want to update the list of music channels that get cycled through, I have to update programming for that keypad button in each room. It would be a heck of a lot easier to do it in a macro by directly setting the Sonos Current_Station system variable using a user variable with script such as: ? If Variables->Music Playlist EQUAL TO 1 Set Variables->Desired Sonos Station = "68 - Spa" ? If Variables->Music Playlist EQUAL TO 2 Set Variables->Desired Sonos Station = "2 - SiriusXM Hits 1" Set Equipment Closet->Main System Sonos->Current_Station to the value of Variables->Desired Sonos Station And then I could just have the value of that variable change with the keypad button press regardless of which room that keypad is located in. I set that the system variable is changing as desired using the above script. However, there is no actual change in the Sonos channel that is playing. Am I missing something or is there another way to do this?
  9. Great info and I appreciate the suggestions! I'm excited about getting something going with IFTTT.
  10. Up for sharing more info about your epiphany?
  11. I've thought about it a little more and talked with a few folks. I know some people use email as a trigger for IFTTT actions (i.e. C4 sends an email to some address tied into an IFTTT recipe). That works, but I have some concerns that there may be a bit of a lag in the email going out or being received. So the avenue I'm now thinking about is using Wemo switches as a kind of proxy to act as a conduit for my C4 system to have 2-way communication with IFTTT. My current thinking is to pickup a few wemo outlet switches for about $44 (http://www.amazon.com/WeMo-Electronics-Automation-Smartphones-Compatible/dp/B00BB2MMNE) and integrate them into my C4 system using the HouseLogix Wemo Switch driver (https://www.houselogix.com/shop/belkin-wemo-switch). Although I guess I could use the wemo switches to actually switch a load, I am thinking I might just plug them into an electrical outlet with nothing plugged into them. And then I use IFTTT recipes (https://ifttt.com/wemo_switch) on the other side to accomplish the things I want on the other side. And then they also work the other way as well....IFTTT can control the wemo switch, which C4 is monitoring and picking up changes. So an example of this would be to use the IFTTT built in geolocation service to create a trigger when I leave my office. The IFTTT recipe would call for the wemo switch to be turned on at that time. C4 detects the change in the state of the wemo outlet switch, which triggers some programming actions I've setup in Composer. (I realize there is already a native C4 geofence driver that would accomplish this. I am just using this as an example. There are over 200 IFTTT "channels" that could be incorporated into C4 using this method) Does this make sense? Are there holes/flaws in my thinking? Is anybody doing anything like this? As an add-on idea, the new Amazon Echo system integrates with Wemo. So the wemo switches could also be a bridge between C4 and the Echo device.
  12. Is there a way to integrate IFTTT into a C4 system...both sending a trigger or receiving an action?
  13. Alan, I thought I read somewhere that it was also possible to install multiple copies of the driver in a single project. Is that correct and if so, how does that work as far as page navigation (i.e. choosing which custom button page to display)? Thanks. Love this driver/app and use it all the time!
  14. Did you ever find a solution on how to set this up? I had the same idea as you...to create a STRING variable to save speech text including variable PARAM{}.