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  1. This looks Good
  2. Just buy a dot
  3. My fire tablet as just updated and now has Alexa that works๐Ÿ˜„๐Ÿ˜ The tablet will not discover devices
  4. I would drop epic a line - have you programmed each function- you need to do this with epic driver. Ensble the C4 skill and run discover in Alexa and that should pull all you lights in
  5. Have you gone into my control 4 - make sure all the lights are ticked - try changing a name of one light and save - then get Alexa to discover - if you are using the c4 driver
  6. The following link should help its a bit more work then using a couple of play 1 or 3
  7. We use both and they both work great - we also have Phillip Hue lights and are using that skill too. alexa works like a dream
  8. Love this Driver
  9. While playing with control4 over the past 5 years we have had no real issues of equipment going out of date. We have two old controllers HC800 and HC250 - However you will be Ok these have just been updated to EA1,EA3 and EA5 We stay away from C4 lighting (now), matrix`s Touchscreens etc We have Sonos for music - Used in 4 Zones Lights we have moved over to Phillip Hue for Spot Lights, Strip Lights, Lamps and Normal bulb C4 is ahs all the drivers for the TV, Blu Ray, protector etc - We use C4 like a app to bring everything together. This keeps the cost down and gives us great flexibility
  10. Blasphemy - we would have nothing to talk about !!!!
  11. Ours was connect via he dealer remotely with no issues at all
  12. We had this - try rebooting you controller - leave the main off for 5 min - that got us back on line
  13. Need some bits and bats sorting and wondering do we have any rough dates for the next update ? Thinking of getting my dealer do them all at the same time. Gary
  14. Try - Alexa Turn On Sky News