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  1. Gary Leeds UK

    New Home - Framing

    Robot Vac`s - Its the way forward
  2. Drop them a email contact@unilogiq.com
  3. Gary Leeds UK

    Fire TV HDR 4K IP control issue

    Try these guys out https://www.stackry.com/en/home
  4. Hi Gary!


    How are your Philips Hue motions sensors going with Control4?


    I am having trouble finding drivers myself...


    https://www.unilogiq.com/en/control4-drivers seems to be down. :(


    Any suggestions?




    1. Gary Leeds UK

      Gary Leeds UK

      They are working fine - Just checked the site and its up and running - contact@unilogiq.com

      The hue sensors are so cheap compared to C4 ones!!

  5. Gary Leeds UK

    Control4 & Sky Q Compatibility

    Same as me - Looks like my typing was a bit off So you are on latest driver
  6. Gary Leeds UK

    *** NEW *** Is Composer HE down AGAIN?

    Same issue on 2.10.2
  7. Gary Leeds UK


    At present I believe its Android Based - Could be Wrong
  8. Gary Leeds UK


    How about voice control within the remote ? We have that on our satellite provider at the moment
  9. Gary Leeds UK


    Both ~ why not ?
  10. Gary Leeds UK


    Would like to see Control4 Light Bulbs - Which work like Phillip Hue Agree with ,most of the things you have said above
  11. Gary Leeds UK

    Control4 & Sky Q Compatibility

    You need to check which version you are on - Check you Sky Q driver Driver version is 20180626 (At the moment) -Turn on Auto Updates - Do the above to all drivers in your project If you then go to your Cloud Driver - Go to driver Actions - Select Number 2 Turn on Auto Updates.
  12. Gary Leeds UK

    Somfy vs Lutron

    We just had our Dealer Round with Q Motion Blinds and must say they are silent and the little test we did they work great within C4. Not Cheap but I think its the way we are going.
  13. Gary Leeds UK

    IP Security Camera Question

    IP Cameras just need to be on the network to be seen in Control4, We also use Blue Iris to recorded and the same - Just on the network - Its lovely and simple
  14. Gary Leeds UK

    Control4 & Sky Q Compatibility

    The driver allows you to control Sky Q from your remote - One of the guys on here can do this remotely. Do you have Composer HE if so you can check to see if you already have the driver installed