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  1. Need some bits and bats sorting and wondering do we have any rough dates for the next update ? Thinking of getting my dealer do them all at the same time. Gary
  2. Alan, iPad is not crashing now - looks like everything is sorted
  3. Alan all sorted - Great Job and one hell of a driver - Love It
  4. Cheers Alan - We are using a HC800 and HC250
  5. Alan, Our dealer updated the driver yesterday. When we go into Channels we are getting no icons (On screen GUI) when using mini ipad they start to load then crash the ipad, no issue with Iphone 6, however if we go into Genes we have no issues at all - All ions load. Is this normal ? When I go into Media in Composer HE I do not see Sky Channels - Should it show ?
  6. Our runs fine, no choppy network on HC800 or when we are 4g
  7. But it will work when on the LAN ?
  8. Alan, we have a amazon tablet. With this driver would we be able to see who at the door once the bells pushed - would this also work when away from The home ?
  9. Wooppeee - only have to wait until we get back from our holidays to try it out !!! Roll on 15th May
  10. Will this be in the next update Alan ?
  11. workaround

    Alan driver is a winner and priced very well and will do what you need
  12. Cheers Guys - Will sit tight
  13. Matt how would the lp driver work on wi fi ?
  14. We only use iPads not C4 touch screens so we have no real issue with the sonos driver. To be fair it works great and is very easy to program against. We have sonos in 4 rooms (bedroom with playbar)