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  1. Upgrade or Update

    I would up date to 2.9.1 first.
  2. Upgrade or Update

    The EA1 is designed for one room only - HC800 is a good controller - if you wish to update you need to go to a EA3 or 5. we run a HC800 with no issues on 2.10
  3. Remote dealer

    INFO@SENSESMARTER.CO.UK - Drop this Guy a line
  4. Axxess Motion Senor

    Gang, Just had a quote for Motion Senors from my dealer for the above - Looking for delivery to UK BEFORE 5th Feb Can you please Pm me with prices please Will buy two if its cheaper
  5. New Control4 Controller Soon?

    Lost interest - sometimes a company needs to step up - Enjoy
  6. External Sensor

    Cheers guys - will go with your recommendations
  7. Door Station Mini

    Cheers Dave
  8. New Control4 Controller Soon?

    Mitch - have 2 T3 so we can use it already - just looking forward to some new tech
  9. New Control4 Controller Soon?

    Yep sure are - DS2 coming so need app to play with it - or just moan about it if does not work - anyway something think about !!!!
  10. External Sensor

    CY I have these around the house - understand what you are saying about design - but can I use these outside ? The ones I have are around 5 years old
  11. New Control4 Controller Soon?

    Control4 would like to request that this FCC grant be removed from the FCC website until February Well done one and all Can we run a book on the App coming out on the 7th Too ??
  12. External Sensor

    Spoken to my dealer and said the following will do https://www.control4.com/docs/product/wireless-motion-sensor/data-sheet/english/latest/wireless-motion-sensor-data-sheet-rev-a.pdf Any Comments ?
  13. Door Station Mini

    Ok DS2 is on again - Got Bored of waiting - Fitting 5th Feb - Black on Yorkshire Stone with Black door Just need the App - My Dealer as tried to get on the Beta Test with no luck - So something is happening
  14. New Control4 Controller, C4-CA1

    That's good news - Could we also get a update and the DS2 App ???