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  1. Door Station Mini

    Cheers - When do you think we will see the app
  2. Blinds

    We had this problem - If you look at he first post they is a link to somfy drivers - Which have a space for ip address. Our problem is no dealers of Somfy know about the IP system and keep pointing us at RTS - Our dealer does not like RTS Even spoke to Somfy and they point us at RTS !!!! So frustrating
  3. Door Station Mini

    We are having our Door Station fitted next week. Can the camera be seen in Blue Iris ?
  4. Blinds

    We are now pricing luton - Somfy is like talking to bunch of armatures
  5. Can not wait to lose European Courts and get back to normal !!!! ahahahah
  6. Awaiting a door station mini to be installed- Interesting Post thank you
  7. Blinds

    Thanks for the input guys - Lets just say that was a waste of Dealer says speak to the blind people and see if they have the My Link IP connection - So its time to go round in circles Plus no Mini Door Station Yet
  8. AVR on screen display

    We have Denon and have volume on screen, also get some menu overlays we have a X3300w using the C4 driver have the AVR showing watch
  9. Blinds

    We are meeting our dealer again to talk about blinds on Monday. Q motion are just too expensive and we are looking at Somfy. Just did a google search and came across https://www.somfysystems.com/products/integration/control4 Does this also work in UK or do we need something different ? Do the blinds work OK in UK ? Reason I ask my dealer sounds concerned Also is the mini Door station out yet (He could be fitting that)
  10. We have no issue at all with Sonos on the Endosed Driver. Have you checked with you dealer to see if the project as any corruption ? AK1 on this forum sorted out our issue but we was on the extra Veg Driver when we had it
  11. We had this a few years ago. We had to have all the drivers removed and re installed. Are you using the endorsed Sonos Driver or the Old 8.3 Extra Veg Driver
  12. Echo Dot (Gen 2)

    With Alexa its always Turn on Turn off So yes - Alexa, turn on Good Night' We have 4 Dots and they work great with both C4 Driver and Epic Driver. We also have Sonos and that to us is just brilliant. You can just say "Alexa, turn Volume up in Kitchen" or "Alexa Skip" moves onto next track. Worth the investment - She now controls our Dyson 360 Robot Vac too
  13. remote programming

    Can you install a mini door station remotely just been told is £1000 fitted - plus a upgrade to my speakers £900 still can not get over paying £720 for touchscreen Sirry having a bad day !!!!