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  1. All sorted thank you for the kind responses
  2. Looking for someone to sort out the sonos on our project. Delete all the old stuff and in stall the new driver - I will sort programing Gary
  3. Driver file name is - Its the C4 Hikvision IPC Camera Driver
  4. Yes - Mine all work PC, hc800 no issues
  5. We have Hikvision Drivers and they stream to all devices (Apple House) no issues at all. Driver file name is - Works like a dream
  6. Hik vision
  7. Alexa and Tv Control A little Video of the control via Alexa A Remote was used in making of this clip
  8. Oh very funny Zaphod
  9. You could use Phillip Hue Bulbs and Motion Sensor - We use these in Bathrooms. You can use a Pluck Dimmer or Pluck Switch - Use your normal wall switch Both of these will give you control via C4
  10. For all the UK end user you can now subscribe for auto renew of the 4 Sight Licence and its $100 Go to mycontrol4 web site and login ( Then go to 4Sight and fill out the details - Zp code is our Post Code Last time we bought a licence it was £100 from our UK dealer. Hope this helps
  11. Great Driver Alan, Thank you so Much
  12. GoGo - Give me a smile this morning.
  13. Cheers Alan, contacted dealer.
  14. We have the emergency box - it as all the remotes in 🤓 How this does scare the living delights out of me
  15. I like the echo - it's starting to become naturally in how you talk to it. But it is a leaning curve