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  1. Hi all Do we have any drivers for the Phillip hue sensor ? Trying one out today, do to the house slowly moving over to these. Cheers
  2. Glloyd77 This is a good place to start. We always turn off UPnP on the router and on our cameras. Also look at buying a firewall.
  3. Good Luck Josh Are you going to do a short Video to highlight its power !!! ?
  4. Just ensure you lock your network down. I have the joy of working in the security industry and they is software on the market that will hack "any" IP Camera. I had the joy of seeing this in action at MILPOL in Qatar (2012). They hack mine live while I watched - Its was amazing, That's when we had a couple of FOSCAM
  5. Least they have realized they have customers, one more step forward. My dealer called me about 4Sight saying C4 had emailed to say it was due to be renewed. To be honest I have problems with these emails, they could send out even more telling us about updates and new features, plus also they could advise us about problems - More interaction the better
  6. We use Hikvison Camera`s and they are great. We have not yet had any Black Cars turn up at the door asking us about how we get strips in the lawn. However they is a funny couple moved it at number 17 who have a Chinese Nanny
  7. Oh my God, can see why you guys carry guns and pay for health care. Love it
  8. We have one Room and one Floor all Phillip Hue - Works like a dream
  9. Have you looked at the cost of just using Phillip hue bulbs, strips and lights ? Gives you a lot of flexibility, work very well with C4 and everything else
  10. We have a selection of these - We Live in the UK, we can pick these up off Amazon The Blue Iris Software is just the Brilliant
  11. We use Hikvision and for a DVR we use Blue Iris. Works like a dream. Cameras are all IP
  12. All sorted, I had my 4sight updated on the 16th Feb, so I tried a controller reboot this morning and guess what everything works. Was that the issue !!!!
  13. RyanE, Alexa for not reason as stopped working for us after been solid for 2 weeks. My Phillip Hue lights still work, c4 via epic driver still work, c4 all i get is check network. Why is this ?
  14. Just lost Alexa and C4 on our system, all we get is check network from Alexa. Will only discover my Hue Lights, Programming by Epic Driver - C4 system is not responding. Deleted all the C4 Commands from Alex, Changed the names of lights in MYCONTROL4, However it did work for a couple of weeks and was good. Looks like Amazon and Google will win the HA war !!
  15. Cheers Guys, Do like the turning on of the lights and music (Thatguy230). Vin, we can not connect to our Alarm panel, so says our insurance company.