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  1. Its in Beta !!!! Some of bug fixes below General Backend Fixes • 37139—Log snapshot can inadvertently collect wireless credentials on HC250 • 37053—The T3 driver files are corrupt • 34431—Broker errors: "GetProject error: Error: Emptying queue" after having recently loaded a project / or changing locale Intercom Fixes • 38185—Composer is crashing when selecting Intercom, Regular Call, Group Call, End Call in programming. • 37202—When the director IP changes, intercom does not function correctly for 5-20 minutes • 37132—DS2 calls to T3 are failing after updating to OS 2.10.1 • 36645—The Freeswitch Gateway changed button looks grayed out until you mouse-over it. • 36943—All Intercom Devices are reporting as 'busy' • 37087—Frequent audio & video issues during intercom calls between T3 to T3 and DS2 to T3. • 37275—EA3 is getting a WARN: Combridge daemon warning; bridge is not running • 37815—Intercom: Combridge disabled after an update • 37845—Intercom: Calling a group of T3s from a T3 has no audio • 38178—Intercom: Unable to connect and all communication devices are showing as 'NOT READY' • 38258—Removing communication agent causes director to crash • 37748—Touchscreen and DS2 not picking up on monitor mode • 38371—Intercom: The communication agent isn't changing the SIP server name on a controller change • 38323—Had to refresh gateway after update • 38528—Intercom calls just stop functioning
  2. Was updated today too - lots of bugs fixes for intercom and DS2 /T3 ~was sent over the PDF of the bug fixes. to be honest DS2 and T3 ~ are playing better with each other and anocements have come back online
  3. That would be a bit embarrassing ~ share price increased after the buzz at CEDIA in sales never launch the same thing twice, at the same event (next year) ~ death nail Now have shares, so could turn up for AGM and ask a few questions
  4. So no intercom app ~ looks like the next date is 31 may To get excited this is getting so fringing boring From a sales point of view C4 wasted a big opportunity
  5. We have just check Back Up and no Auto Back up done for 3 Days - Last back up 19 May We back up every night at 1am
  6. Dan, No worries let’s wait and see. Do love some new tech
  7. Gary Leeds UK

    Multiple Controllers and 4site

    Would he need to worry about the CERT Patch for 2.10.2 ?
  8. Gary Leeds UK

    Integrating reclining sofa

    Tell us more
  9. The EA controller - now that would upset me a bit. Wonder why my Dealer said I get 15% discount to upgrade plus his a sorry discount. So excited !!! Phone upgrade ??? Now that is out of my hands
  10. Gary Leeds UK

    Control4 compatible plug socket

    We have 4 Wemo and you only need One Licence
  11. That wedding went on for while 😁
  12. Thought we had sorted the bugs with the last 3 updates Oh well - Back to the wedding
  13. Software update - 2.10.2 Only reason I can see for it is the Intercom App and only reason I can see for the changes in Cert`s is the same Only a Guess
  14. So will we see Intercom App at Last in the new 2.10.2 ? And will we have to upgarde to be able to use the App ?