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  1. No - to add drivers you need Pro
  2. The end game is Sonos via Alexa - with c4 Being the conduit
  3. We use Amazon Fire TV Box and Stick to run kodi No issues and simple to use
  4. Even works in UK !!!
  5. I would keep HC800 as the main controller
  6. Hi nothing attached, if you are talking about the screen shot above, that's not the page we are talking about.
  7. In blue iris - go to the camera properties and the tab that says webcast and make sure enable is ticked. That could be it
  8. Can plex play iso files ?
  9. chiAVguy you need to get them Icons sorted
  10. Kodi is a great option or you can use a Popcorn Hour/ Dune, Mymovies software ( We run both (Upstairs and downstairs) still like the look and feel of my movies (software) on the GUI Photo below is of the C4 GUI when using my movies software
  11. You should see how many Doorbell sounds they is in ITunes Could have for every couple of hours !!
  12. Stuart, we have had this issue with the wireless puck dimmers. Easy fix was to change light bulbs !!!!
  13. "The endorsed driver does not do announcements" Could you save the Doorbell Ring as a Favorite and play back, when doorbell is pressed ?
  14. Check is Amazon account, is it US or Canada ? We could get the skill on one device, however would not add anything because we had a UK account.
  15. Needs the video for me