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  1. New user doesn't want 4sight

    do not do it - 4sight is cheap and safe
  2. Phillips hue - bridge driver 2.9 +

    Send a email to Mitch - msgreenf to see who is selling now You will need a dealer to install it - Pretty cheap and worth every penny
  3. Phillips hue - bridge driver 2.9 +

    yes that's it and now choice the light you wish to use - Simple If you buy the rename driver - You are able to change the name of he lights too
  4. Phillips hue - bridge driver 2.9 +

    If the have Phillip hue bridge 2.9+ driver go to actions press the button to add drivers - it will bring in all your bulbs
  5. Composer HE Device Renamer Driver

    Log - --LOG START-- Mon Jul 24 02:33:37 2017 Update: util_device_renamer Fri Jul 21 02:34:54 2017 Update: util_device_renamer Sat Jul 15 02:14:56 2017 Update: util_device_renamer Mon Jul 10 02:21:59 2017 Update: util_device_renamer Tue Jul 4 02:51:09 2017 Update: util_device_renamer Fri Jun 30 02:08:02 2017 Update: driverworks_sky_channels Thu May 18 06:12:35 2017 Update: driverworks_ip_uk_sky Wed May 17 08:06:48 2017 Update: driverworks_sky_channels Mon May 1 02:35:48 2017 Update: driverworks_ip_uk_sky Thu Apr 6 06:31:44 2017 Update: DriverWorks_Chowmain_Belkin_WeMo Tue Mar 21 01:25:26 2017 Update: driverworks_ip_uk_sky Sat Mar 18 01:14:08 2017 Update: driverworks_ip_uk_sky Wed Mar 15 16:12:10 2017 Update: DriverWorks_Chowmain_Belkin_WeMo Wed Mar 15 16:12:10 2017 Update: kodi_full_main --LOG END-- Not sure, however I was on 1.8 until you email over the new version and that was in August
  6. Streaming coming to New Controllers - 2.10

    Dam could be old page - It even give me a button to press to ask my dealer to upgrade me You are so right about Just got a bit excited - Sorry all
  7. Composer HE Device Renamer Driver

    Mitch, it stills only saying -- 24th July last update
  8. New Driver: Battery Agent

    I just get all the Senors/ Door locks / Remotes to Email me and send a push Notification when they reach - a set level Works like a dream
  9. improved performance aside, these new controllers also make a slew of exciting new feature enhancements possible, including one-touch access to endless streaming content from Rhapsody, Pandora, Spotify, Beats, iTunes, etc.; brilliant smart lighting control; enhanced security features; pool and spa control; and so much more! Just taken from mycontrol4 Site when I tried to Login !!
  10. Alexa devices not responding

    Agree - my wife uses Alexa for everything !!! Good job the Phillips Hue lights still worked
  11. annex⁴ - FREE Driver Development Ideas

    Kodi would be Good for me
  12. Houselogix supporting 3rd party drivers?

    We have 4 of Alan's drivers - from two dealers - do we just get one dealer to contact you with all the "lincence numbers" and you just transfer them on to his cloud driver in our system ?
  13. Houselogix supporting 3rd party drivers?

    I`m happy to pay for a good Driver The Sky Driver from Alan is Fantastic, God only now why C4 did not do this driver. I just get frustrated by people just expect me to pay for someone to move these drivers over With its cloud based Driver, which looks to me each Dealer will have there own, so if you use more than one dealer you will end up with several cloud base drivers (Could be wrong). Why do not C4 give these guys a platform ?
  14. Pretty sorted with Sonos now - made our main music folder a favourite and add fair few play list works well when you get in to it plus I can now add drivers saying that - new driver with search would be great