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  1. Gary Leeds UK

    DS2 mini bug?

    We have motion sensor set - which we get a few false alarms (100 emails today but that's UK weather - Sun in sun out) But will keep a eye on - However we reboot every week now
  2. We have gone with Apple TV 4k - Works great and couple of iptv app work great Used for over 2 weeks and are more than happy
  3. Gary Leeds UK

    Wink vs Vera in C4

    I agree the WEMO app is terrible but Alans Driver is rock solid - We have 4 and no issues at all with Alans Driver See what you saying out Cosmetic look - Good Luck
  4. Gary Leeds UK

    Wink vs Vera in C4

    If a outlet is a socket (UK) why not use WeMo and Alans Driver
  5. Gary Leeds UK


    Yes but to get the Camera Jump to work on EA controllers you need to drop the feed down to 720p which I do not wish to do. DS2 works as that is 720p, however my hikvision Cameras are all 1080p - The stupidity of having T3 which can take the 1080p and EA controllers which can not is just stupid to me. The add music driver is good idea.
  6. Gary Leeds UK


    Works in UK - However its not need with Sonos - Because we do it via Voice Control You can not Program the driver which is a shame We signed in Via T3 Touch Screen - Also works on Ipad (Just tried it)
  7. We have had a few issues - Go into the App and Reset Gateway - That sorts everything out for us - We updated to 2.10.4 on Monday - Still having the odd issues. We also have the App Crashing and getting error messages.
  8. Gary Leeds UK

    C4 announcements thropugh sonos speakers

    We used to do this before we got a DS2 ~ worked every time
  9. Gary Leeds UK

    Need New Media Solution

    Just Got a Apple TV 4K and down Loaded MRmc - Its a Kodi Fork and looks like it could work with Alan Driver. Plays everything !! Only $6 - Worth a Try
  10. Gary Leeds UK


    Oh Well - Roll on February
  11. Gary Leeds UK

    Amazon FireTv Alternatives

    Just Revived my Apple TV 4k - More than Happy !!!
  12. Gary Leeds UK


    Couple of YouTube Interviews about this years events - with C4 Staff.
  13. Gary Leeds UK


    I agree ~ nothing exciting coming
  14. Gary Leeds UK


    Do we have updates ?
  15. Gary Leeds UK


    Our are roller Blinds - Using our Dealer www.inspire-av.com