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  1. Gary Leeds UK

    texecom premier elite Alarm

    Do you have the texicom app working ?
  2. Gary Leeds UK

    Q Motion Ramp Rates

    Would this work on Bay Window - Both side windows come out at 45 degree from the central window ?
  3. Gary Leeds UK

    Smart lock

    It is easy to make a mistake with locks I would just speak to your dealer will save you a lot of hassle We have a Yale - But you need a C4 Modula for it to work https://www.yale.co.uk/en/yale/couk/products/smart-living/smart-door-locks/keyless-smart-door-lock/
  4. Gary Leeds UK

    Q Motion Ramp Rates

    Was playing with our Q Motion Blinds yesterday and trying to get all 3 blinds to raise and fall together. We have two small blinds which are faster than the central blind. To slow down the two smaller blinds do I need to reduce the ramp rate ? Ramp rates at the 1500 milliseconds My dealers tried to use programming to slow the two blinds Cheers
  5. Gary Leeds UK

    Any News On Updates ?

    Matt -Alexa is getting a lot better and Voice is becoming normal. We Have Sky TV in UK and there voice remote is brilliant. Lets just Hope C4 have something very interesting in the future, if not it looks like the employee who sold all there share did the right thing - Yesterday the share price fell 5%
  6. Gary Leeds UK

    Ideas for ISO movie player?

    You can Try MrMc https://mrmc.tv/ Plays ISO most thing
  7. Gary Leeds UK

    Apple Watch

    Yep - Its a non starter
  8. Gary Leeds UK

    Any News On Updates ?

    it is great having him (not) back
  9. Gary Leeds UK

    Doorstation @

    I`m not sure - Had the dealer sorting out our QMotion blinds and we talking about the lack of new products. He said the C4 rep had asked them to come to ISE because they had something to show - He was not going after last year. So we starting talking and the only thing we could come up with - New Remote - New Touchscreen - Triad Speakers becoming stand alone like Sonos - ETC I said New software - He said no to that. Lets wait and see
  10. Gary Leeds UK

    Doorstation @

    If you are looking at buying newer touchscreens just hold back until after ISE on 5th Feb. Control 4 are releasing something new and talked our Dealer into going (He was not going). Not sure what it - but it could be a new touchscreen
  11. Agree it gets dropped - We would turn off the Router at Night and No Emails were sent for Motion etc. Turned it back on - We receive Emails
  12. Gary Leeds UK

    Cost Effective Motion Sensors

    If you install the Texecom Elite Panel (Alarm) you can use the PIR / Contact from the Alarm as a sensor - These are a lot cheaper than C4 Sensor
  13. Gary Leeds UK

    What home alarm system are you running?

    We use Texecom ELITE https://www.texe.com/int2/?setcookie=1 full IP Control via Lan or WIFI Works brilliantly Driver is free
  14. Gary Leeds UK

    Control Daiking AC?

    Cheers Alan - Perfect Timing for me
  15. Gary Leeds UK

    Native integrated stereo amp list

    +1 for Denon - Great IP Control