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  1. RobbieF

    Heating Control - Multi Zone

    Thanks for the info guys - appreciate your input. I had ruled out Heatmister, as I thought that there integration didn't work with their latest devices. How many Zones can the Neo do?
  2. RobbieF

    Thermostat with 2 sensors

    Hi - I've been talking to a crowed here in the UK ( Polypipe - http://polypipeufh.com/ ) with regards to integrated heating control. Essentially they have a solution, and have just completed the C4 integration (Although I'm waiting to see this in the flesh). Essentially they have a Wiring Command Centre which does Zigbee (Or something of the sort), to wireless probes. The wiring centre can do 1 hot water zone, 1 radiator zone, 6 underfloor heating zones. I'm planning on using 2 Control centres in my project - and waiting for confirmation that this is indeed possible....... The solution looks pretty slick - And I'm fairly hopeful! I'll let you know how I get along.
  3. Thanks for the clarification
  4. I'm implementing panelised lighting - 50 lighting circuits - but need something for colored mood lighting (Strips and Spots). Hue is rubbish, and not an option in my opinion (I have that currently). What other options are there?
  5. Hi What is everyone using for integrated heating control? I have a rather large project whereby we have the following: Main House - Underfloor Heating on Ground Floor (5 Zones) / Radiators Upstairs (9 Rads) Annex - Single Floor - All Radiators (5 Rads) All Bathrooms will have electric underfloor heating and radiator towel rails I could possibly have a boiler in each part of the house - but not sure on best approach..... Your views welcome
  6. So does that mean only 1 x 16' RGB Cable per DMX Decoder? Or 3 x 16' White Light Per DMX Decoder?
  7. 1 - Easily integrate into Control4 2 - All Control Equipment is hardwired, and mounted centrally 3 - Cost effective to add Dimable Strip Lighting (Or Spots) at a later stage in the build, utilising the initial investment (Both DMX and Driver Already Paid For) 4 - Can do both RGB and White Lights I'm not sure there's anything that can compete with the above.....
  8. Interesting comment about the current - I assume the current is related to the length & Lumens of LED strip you use per PX24500. With a maximum current of 5A, what is the maximum length of LED strip you could use?
  9. The flexibility in terms of LED strip lighting is pretty awesome - I'd like cove lighting (Using LED Strips), and under counter lighting in the kitchen. I've been unimpressed by the Philips Hue Lighting........ Once you have the DMX Engine - Adding Strip Lighting throughout the remainder of the house becomes seriously cost effective too...... I'm doing a major renovation - so thought I'd spruce things up a bit too
  10. Yeah - saw those. but the sound to light stuff - although SUPER Cool - is not that practical for me- I'm not the disco type Looking for some more real world examples.
  11. Yes - I’ve read the whole thread too. I’m looking for some real world examples of what people on here have done with DMX - Kitchen Moodlighting / RGB Spots / Garden Lighting / Cinema Lighting / Coving Lightning.... Just after an excuse to make me a project of it
  12. I'm considering taking the plunge and getting a DMX. To inspire me - would you guys mind posting some pictures of installs you have done with DMX lighting and control4?
  13. Awesome- thanks for the detailed response! Just also wanted to say thanks for all your responses to date, I often come across a problem, do a search on the forum, and find you’ve answered or contributed to an answer somewhere along the way! So you’ve been a lot more helpful than you realise cheers!