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  1. Yes - that’s the one! Thanks guys!
  2. Hi Guys Is there an easy way of emulating what the "Watch" button does on an SR260 but onto a physical Keypad button? EG -- On an SR260 when selecting a source -- Say Sky TV in my example, it just turns on the relavent things (TV / Amps / Reciever / Sets Sources), and gets stuff working. Is there a way to have the same done on a Keypad button, but without doing lots of programming?
  3. Depends on two key variables: Quality - Will it all be 4K content? Hours - How much TV do you watch per day?
  4. RobbieF

    Normal time to iron out bugs

    From my experience it often depends on how much the goal posts have moved. Being honest, have the goalposts moved at all, or have not yet been delivered what you asked for on Day 1?
  5. RobbieF

    Samsung Tv IP Drivers!

    No need to be sorry - It is slightly annoying that it's not better advertised though........ It seems LG with a 3rd party paid driver is the most reliable option....
  6. RobbieF

    Samsung Tv IP Drivers!

    Only US TV's are compatible - not the ones in the UK.
  7. Thank you @sonic30101!
  8. After some advice here..... I have a new sliding door being installed, and the lock for the door is a 12V actuator. The supplier is planning on installing a "Niko" switch (Effectively the same as a C4 Keypad Switch, but some German brand or something), which toggles the Supply to a 12V 2.5A Regulator, which then goes to the lock actuator. Obviously I want everything C4, so plan on swopping out the Niko switch for a C4 one, but have one question..... Can you have the "Light" load show up as a lock (Which it is in this case), instead of a light? And could I use a Panelised Lighting relay circuit in the same manner (Instead of the C4 switch keypad)? Thanks in advance!
  9. RobbieF

    Sonos Playlists

    Figured this out - You need to save the playlist in the Music Service First (Apple Music in my case), and then Favourite the Apple Music Playlist in Sonos for it to appear in Control4 / or on the TS's.
  10. RobbieF


    Do Qmotion only do roller blinds? Who did you use in the UK?
  11. Hi Guys - Looking for some advice here - If I have an Apple Playlist, and it's saved to Favourites in the Sonos App, how can I trigger this playlist from a control4 interface?
  12. RobbieF

    annex⁴ - Voice Genie (TTS)

    Missed this one - Thanks to @Gary Leeds UK for pointing it out!
  13. Hi Guru's What are the top 5 drivers that you couldn't live without?
  14. RobbieF

    RGBW Lights

    What's the recommendation on the actual LED strips to use in conjunction with DMX? So many choices out there at so many different price points, but I can't tell the difference..... Not online anyways....
  15. RobbieF

    Custom buttons with code

    I do exactly this - My Yale lock pin entry also disarms my alarm - Makes complete sense to me, and I don't think it's a security Hazrd....