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  1. RobbieF

    RGBW Lights

    What's the recommendation on the actual LED strips to use in conjunction with DMX? So many choices out there at so many different price points, but I can't tell the difference..... Not online anyways....
  2. RobbieF

    Custom buttons with code

    I do exactly this - My Yale lock pin entry also disarms my alarm - Makes complete sense to me, and I don't think it's a security Hazrd....
  3. RobbieF

    New Home - Framing

    Nice project! You'll need space for 3 x 37U Racks by the sounds of things - make sure the plant room will have aircon! Also, don't use ubiquity for Wifi, use one of the top tier brands - Ruckus / Meraki - I haven't used it, but assume Package would be ok too.
  4. Nice - Haven't seen the ones which transfer power to the remote unit!
  5. I'm also looking for something similar - The ones I've found are about £150 each!
  6. I was going to use it for my alarm PIRs, as currently iy takes a little while to set them up for lighting (Using timers etc)..... Is that function native now?
  7. RobbieF

    Alarm with Custom Arm Modes

    Thanks - In this case I am the Alarm installer - The DSC's are actually SUPER easy to configure using the DSL5 software, It's just finding the info that's a little hard......
  8. RobbieF

    Alarm with Custom Arm Modes

    I don't have perimeter beams just yet (Using outdoor PIR's), but it's my plan to do Perimeter beams. On that note @South Africa C4 user - Can you recommend any perimeter beams that work with C4 (I assume you have some?) Also - One other question; has anyone setup a bright blue LED that can be seen on the outside of the house to indicate the alarm is on? Or any other type of exterior type of alerting......
  9. RobbieF

    Alarm with Custom Arm Modes

    If I have perimeter beams around the outskirts of the garden, and only want these armed, but still want access to the BBQ area, and to move anywhere within the house. Stay mode I generally arm everything except the second floor corridor and bedrooms. Does that make sense?
  10. RobbieF

    Alarm with Custom Arm Modes

    That is an even better extension of what I was thinking or considering, and a great example of the additional functionality / logic can bring to an integrated system. As always, thanks a ton! I'm going to try implement this on the weekend, and will share my findings. Thanks!
  11. @alanchow - Where can I find this driver? Thanks in Advance
  12. RobbieF

    Alarm with Custom Arm Modes

    That’s awesome - thanks for sharing!
  13. RobbieF

    Alarm with Custom Arm Modes

    Sorry - should have give an example... arm perimeter being one example.
  14. RobbieF

    Alarm with Custom Arm Modes

    Hi All Does anyone know if there is an integrated Alarm that can do custom arm modes that will appear on the Control4 interface for selecting? I currently have a DSC alarm, and want Arm modes more than just "Stay" / "Away"?