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  1. C4Pilot

    Announcement file via Control4 direct

    I was having the same issue ("A specified logon session does not exist..."), and Jeff's solution worked for me as well. (Thanks Jeff.)
  2. Thank you for the screenshots, klaue2. Can you (or someone) explain the purpose of the timer? Doesn't the timer end up setting the duration of the audio to a fixed amount of time, as compared to using the 'recall snapshot' command "when audio stops being sensed"? Its very possible that I'm missing something here, hence my question. Thank you much.
  3. I'm not sure that I have a venetian bronze one, but I think I do have a satin nickel one still. Feel free to email me at bradleycpilot@gmail.com. Thanks.
  4. C4Pilot

    ELV Dimmer Issue

    Yeah, that's what I figure...no other secret sauce to try? I assume I've done it all, but sometimes you guys surprise me with one more trick in the bag! Either way, thanks for the reply Cyknight...you seem to be my "knight in shining armor" (pun intended), as I can always count on you responding first (to my issues at least). So thanks.
  5. Ok, I've got 35+ dimmers/switches that I installed in my house, but this issue is a new one to me... A ELV Dimmer I installed for a series of LED can lights is: 1. Rapidly flashing YELLOW at the bottom (with quick pause every ~6 flashes), and slowly flashing RED on top. 2. The light stays on constantly (unless I pull up the top LED "tab") I have done every button sequence that I have used before for embernet and pro from 13-4-13 to 9-9-9 to 5-5-5 to 7-4-7. Oddly enough, 7-4-7 is what originally got it to start flashing but it identified with my 2.5.2 system. I've tried seeing if it needs to be upgraded and even held the bottom while powering it up, which it then started flashing insanely rapidly where it looked like it was always on but switching between white & purple(ish) for both LED's until after a minute went back to the yellow-bottom and red-top as described above. What's going on? Maybe the dimmer is bad, or its something with the ELV dimmer that I just haven't seen yet... Any help appreciated!
  6. C4Pilot

    TuneIn & Wireless Bridge Issue

    Your guess is close, but it was a bit more complicated. Had HC1000 as director 2.4, got HC800 added, then upgraded...found out the HC800 had a zigbee hardware issue, so added back HC1000 until the new HC800 came in. That's when TuneIn stopped working I believe. When I switched to the new HC800 it was obviously too late (based on your explanation). At that point, I should have used an older saved project, as I am rather particular about saving dated versions of my project, but hindsight's 20/20! Over the years, my project has gone through a lot of "abuse" as I like to "tinker". So, since I will likely have to re-ID most everything, I may take the opportunity to build the project from scratch. I just counted and its only 93 devices...that shouldn't take long. JEEZ.
  7. C4Pilot

    TuneIn & Wireless Bridge Issue

    I definitely have a backup from before it occurred, but it was with my HC1000 (which I still have, but just not on the project anymore). It also was on 2.4. Don't know if that would cause an issue. If not, then I'd be temporarily making the HC1000 director again, then adding the HC800 (and I assume reidentifying all zigbee devices) Thoughts? THANK YOU by the way...much appreciated.
  8. C4Pilot

    TuneIn & Wireless Bridge Issue

    So, the problems on the HC800? Factory reset won't take care of it? I'd happily contact a dealer to have C4 remote, but it takes an act of congress to get help. This isn't making them money, so I try to reserve contacting them unless I have exhausted all other means.
  9. C4Pilot

    TuneIn & Wireless Bridge Issue

    What could possibly cause the proxy error?
  10. I was excited today as I got my Wireless Music Bridge... Also figured I would take the opportunity of adding the WMB to my project and at the same time fix an existing "issue" from a week ago when I changed out my director (new HC800) and TuneIn had stopped working. I had two instances of TuneIn with different account groups, and they both stopped working and don't appear in navigator. What I have since noticed is when I go to add the WMB, it quickly throws up a red circle w/ line through it (ghostbusters) then one second later it shows as the TuneIn logo with "Wireless Music Bridge" next to it. Also, after removing the two isntances of TuneIn and reinstalling, I notice the same behavior of "ghostbusters" then TuneIn Logo. I cannot "update" the driver for either as it fails. Lastly, with 2.5.2, I notice under "system design", when I select TuneIn, the middle properties section has BOTH a "properties" section at the top/middle AND an "advance Properties" at the bottom/middle and both sections have the same tabs, property choices (ie: username, account group, etc.). Huh? Sorry for the long explanation, but does this make sense to anyone? Why would I be having the same issue with the WMB and Tunein, but nothing else?
  11. C4Pilot

    Broadcasting notification sound?

    Intercom agent (as suggested by another) was the solution for my C4 TS's and C4 Door station...thank you. Cyknight - As for the Amp, I do have a feed from my HC800...and it's a C4 V3 8 zone amp. Unless anyone has anything to add to "endezer's" comments, then I will try his method tomorrow. Thanks.
  12. Can someone please help me set a sound file (ie: doorbell wav sound) to go off when an event happens? I'm basically looking to have a sound broadcasted when the external door station "doorbell" is pushed. I want to figure out a way to get some sort of notification sound on my Infinity Edges, Portable Touchscreens (w/ camera), and most importantly my 8 zone C4 amp (V3). Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
  13. So, I guess $800 is crazy? How about $700?
  14. NEW Exterior Door Station - Venetian Bronze - C4-DSC-EN-VB-BX Hey guys, Before posting elsewhere, I figured I'd give you all a chance to buy this... What's fair? $800? Let me know!
  15. I guess you're right. I don't know why my mind was having a hard time with this...however, I'm thankful for the other alternatives supplied!