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  1. Niclas

    RTSP Stream to C4?

    Hi. I have used iSpy and camera sream can not be found with it. But the stream from the NVR can I access. Stream is "rtsp://". But that is not what the problem was it was so that I can find no generic drives that can handle the RTSP protocol. Do you have any suggestions for such a driver N
  2. Niclas

    RTSP Stream to C4?

    Hi, I'm about to test a Unifi video camera with Control4. The problem with this is of course there is no driver for this camera. But if I use their NVR so I can get a RTSP stream. The problem is that I have not found any driver can handle RTSP. I can get out RTSP the power on to VLC and where it works well. Does anyone know if there is such a driver. Hope someone has a solution to this thread. Greetings Niclas
  3. Hello. I have a little problem with my web camera and Control4 I installed the camera in the network and in Control4. If I open Control4 in my ipad, I can see the picture from the camera but I can not see it on my 7 "display or television. I can not see it in my ipad if it is not connected to the network. (if I'm not home). Recognize this from the previous post in foumet but I can not find it. Is there any solution to this ploblem? Niclas
  4. Niclas

    which zone amplifier?

    Always something is not working. Okay if I plug one output into HC800 and 1 to 8 zones amp from the music bridge. Would I be able to get sound from my music bridge to my HC250 then through my hc800 or must also have audio from music bridge separately into it too. N
  5. Niclas

    which zone amplifier?

    Bump. Does anyone know if it is possible to build a system in this way? Is the holiday times and it seems to be difficult to contact but my supplier to get a confirmation of the them at the works. regards Niclas
  6. Niclas

    which zone amplifier?

    Is this a good and woking solution? Use C4 8 zone amplifier. Inputs for 8 zone amplifier: Connects 2 analog out from the HC800. 2 inputs Connects 1 C4 music bridge. 2 inputs For each external amplifier 1 digital output from the HC800 and 1 analog output from the HC250 I can listen to music from the bridge through my music and my HC250 HC80 if the bridge outputs are only connected to an 8 zone amplifier? In this way, Can i have the possibility to connect 10 endpoints Is this doable? N
  7. Niclas

    which zone amplifier?

    Yes it is not obvious which system would work best. But if you consider the following. At each amplifier that I use today is an HC800 and HC250. Can I use the digital output on HC800 to the amplifier no 1 and then the analog output from the HC250 to the amplifier no 2. Then use the 2 analog outputs of the HC800 to C4 matix. Would not it work when using different sources for each external amplifier and an analogue output to the C4 amplifier? The only thing is that you would not be able to use the airport. But then one might use a C4 wireless music bridge. Would that work? N
  8. Niclas

    which zone amplifier?

    Hi Thanks for your replies. What I will use sources I have not decided quite yet. However HC800 is a source Air port express one or two source The source of Spotify, I have not found one yet. maybe a sonos. Counting on 5 sources max 6 Could it work to use the digital source from ex hc 250 hc 800. could use TuneIn and Rhapsody and music stored on them perhaps? The respective external amplifiers. And in extreme cases use a line level converters which you said. How do you think it would sound?! N
  9. Niclas

    which zone amplifier?

    I know that it has built-matix for 8 zones but only for speaker output not to line out to go to a second amplifier. Or am I wrong? I need 2 line out to second Amplifier. regards Niclas
  10. Hi: I have some thoughts over which zone amplifier that is best choice for a home with Control4 The house has 8 zones, six of them are the speaker outputs and two are with Amplifier The two systems I am looking at is Control 4, 8 zones amplifier NuVo Grand concerto Do you have any other suggestions on systems to Control4? If one were to use Control4 guess I have to relax a 16x16 matrix to get the low-level signal? Which makes the system might unnecessarily large? What are your suggestions in an 8 zones home. regards Niclas
  11. Hi did you find out why you dont get volume feedback. Having the same problem on my marantz Regrads Niclas