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  1. The new pakedge 8i intelligent PDU works well.
  2. Your device was discussed on the dealer forums and its way over priced for multiple sky boxes, plus you need a serial port per box and have another power plug at the rack. There will be no need for the KiraQ when Alan releases his driver.
  3. You're going to like whats coming Gary. No more IR buds. Fingers crossed for the full 2 way feedback version in the future!
  4. Its arrived Control4 are pleased to announce the Control4 Smart Home Skill for Amazon Alexa is now available in the UK. Now your homeowners can add voice control to their Control4 home to control lights, thermostats, and smart home scenes. The Control4 Smart Home Skills are now available inside of the Amazon Alexa app for iOS and Android. Simply add the skill, authenticate with Control4, and discover devices.
  5. I can test next week if your still looking then.
  6. Whats changed since last week?
  7. Have you tried this? You'll need access to a flash navigator.
  8. You can access the custom buttons set with the custom button agent on a SR260. Their in the list menu.
  9. I made one of those pi magic mirrors with capacitive touch buttons behind it too. Control4 is connected via IP for button events. Arduinos are also easy to program and control from control4 via serial or even IP. With their PWM pins you can create RGB wireless lighting units for little cost. Just to add, Alan has a simple arduino relay driver on his website. Includes the arduino sketch.
  10. You can't 'turn off' the screens, but in programming you can change the screen saver. Setting it to blank will turn off the LCD. You could even change the brightness for late at night.
  11. Count me in if you need another tester
  12. I was having this issue yesterday. In the end I used notepad to rearrange them.
  13. Its available to buy now.
  14. But your right it doesn't work in the uk just tried it.
  15. I was just tagging Gary in this post! Beat me to it.