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  1. Myself or a company I am involved in does not feel attacked by you. You like to comment on anything and everything, even things you know little about. To be honest I find you add minimal value to this forum, especially when you comment the same thing as 3 other people most of the times. I wish I had the time to worry about boosting my post count or making myself sound important. I highly doubt you have used TVs from LG that have yet to hit the market, maybe seen if you went to CES, but whatever makes you feel important. Seeing as how there are very few apps or any drivers that do what ours does with a TV you use of an LG TV or any other does not reflect the experience with something you haven't used. It's noted your opinion is to sell more devices. Ours is with the annex4 driver it's not needed. Again I could care less of what you have to say, but some people on here not in the know could take your opinion as fact, especially from someone with boosted post counts that could look important.
  2. Isn't how it integrates with Control4 part of it's feature set or lack of?
  3. There have been a number of strange little things on 2.9. Audio Issues, where some users get no audio, or the gain of the audio of a controllers drops drastically. Lights randomly turning on or off, Some other minor things. I would suggest holding off so as to hopefully get a build that is that much more stable. Every version number change for Control4 across 2+ has only been stable on the final version of that release. eg. 2.8.2, 2.5.3 Hold off unless there is something you desperately need.
  4. Taking a long time to load Composer or iOS does not mean the controller has locked up. It sure can be doing things it's not supposed to, but that doesn't mean it's locked up. Could have some high CPU usage but it would be best to check with system manager to see what is really happening.
  5. Where does he state the controller locks up? He said opening the app works. These issues have started in 2.9, if you don't need it downgrade. In 2.9 I've seen multiple projects have high CPU usage on raproxyd and navigator, which causes everything to slow down, but not lock up. I've also seen the Zserver act strange and use a high amount of CPU.
  6. The Sony IP Driver is pretty much basic IP device control. Nothing much awesome about it.
  7. I haven't seen a wemo fail in years, their early product had firmware issues, but the new stuff has been solid.
  8. I'm sure it's possible as the new platform is android based. I would really like to see ZigBee built in to the touchscreens.
  9. Maybe you should detail the steps of what you tried to do? I have ever had an issue registering Grandstream cameras with C4
  10. It still plays nicely, it used to be like 2 kids having fun on the playground, now it's the same 2 kids, and same playground, but one parent said I will only let this happen with a glass wall in between our children, and the other parent said my child won't notice any difference. If the wall doesn't come down, the 2 won't continue to play together very long as the friendship will die regardless of what the parents might think.
  11. Surprised there was no email to dealers, this driver is flying under the radar so far. I'm willing to bet dealer are still installing Sonos as we speak (and will continue for some time) sold as the previous integration and both them and the customer have no clue this will not work in that manner at some point in the future.
  12. Put something on to measure how much use in standby to see if your experiment is worth it.
  13. The real question is...Does the other one continue to exist, does it get killed off, shut down, updated, no support anymore. This the part missing from the post of the new driver.