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  1. Weather Alerting?

    You could pair this with the annex4 Voice Genie driver for audio alerts using announcements.
  2. EDS MyQ Driver Revival - AND FREE

    annex4 spoke to Chamberlain/Lift master. They said they didn't want home automation drivers at the time and we're shutting down unsupported solutions that poll their server too much. We didn't want to go down that cat and mouse path. The only solution they officially support is via Wink as they are a partner and there is a Wink API. If annex4 releases something it would be likely down this path.
  3. To the point of the thread this diagram doesn't say much. If it references rack placement multiple devices use the same location. It doesn't reference device ports as that doesn't line up. Not exactly sure what this is of and what someone should gather from it. If it's an example it would be better with some described logic of what the take away should be. As to best practices, there are 1000 ways to skin a cat. I would say it would be best to call it networking tips, as one person's best practice may be something another would never do. Different brands stand by different processes also. Think of a good expert as a sommelier of wine. They don't tell you what you should like, they tell you what you should look for and guide you on the nuances of what is in front of you and suits the moment (budget and application). There is no one size fits all.
  4. My apologies for the frustration

    Corporate and Home networks DO have very unique challenges. Also a lot of the network gear in a home, tends to have more frequent updates and more hands that come across it. You don't get in corporate networks Apple TVs, Android media streams, smart TV functions etc. There are also a ton of chatty devices in a home network. Issues arise with ISPs wanting their all in one routers on a network. Double NAT on networks, or this mentality of DHCP reservations and Static IPs being used at the same time. WAP your ubiquiti gear is perfectly fine. Just get someone to configure it properly and buy yourself a cloud key. The stuff is rock solid! There is a reason they are the size they are. Their gear is used extensively in backhaul realm and for many ISPs and carriers.
  5. Removing Control4

    Are you sure you have the right part #? The C416AMP3B doesn't have global inputs.
  6. Hikvision NVR and network?

    There are a few reasons it would be beneficial to have the cameras in the ports on the NVR. If you want the cameras to keep recording in a power outage you only need to UPS the NVR keeps the camera throughput off your network switches if Hikvision cameras easier management (plug and play) Control4 needs access to the cameras, so if using the virtual host via the NVR or an IP connection to the cameras, it must have a direct path from the Control4 controller.
  7. Hikvision NVR

    Yes, all of the above.
  8. Hikvision NVR

    Not exactly sure what your request is. Are you asking if it can be done?
  9. Upgrade or Update

    Update to 2.9.1 Much better
  10. Upgrade or Update

    What version are you on now?
  11. Upgrade or Update

    What version are you on now? I would go up to at least 2.9.1 Your system should fine to move to the latest but unless you need Spotify stick with 2.9.1
  12. LG TV IP Driver - Released

    Confirm you have the correct MAC address in the driver and not the old WiFi one.
  13. LG TV IP Driver - Released

    If your TVs are properly setup with static IPs the traffic should traverse the switch and have nothing to do with the router. LG hasn't removed WOL, the setting on the new TVs states WOL over wireless, but enabling does both. It think you should talk to your dealer about some proper troubleshooting and see what has changed.
  14. End of Support Agent

    Much easier to use the wizard in 2.9.1 to migrate the communication agent.