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  1. For those that may not know, I'm a partner in annex⁴. I want to set something straight as to why we are producing a driver for a product that already has a driver in the market. annex⁴ is producing a DoorBird driver because my installation company installed 3 of these on some very high-end homes last year, and after numerous issues with the driver and various emails, phone calls, and teamviewer sessions to try and get things working over months. I was told the issue was because we use Ubiquiti network gear for our projects (one site was no Ubiquiti products), I was told they would be getting similar gear next week and tests would be done to resolve the issues. I then heard nothing for months, even sent an email asking for an update. I finally sent an email after months of nothing asking if this will be fixed or if I need to get my own driver made this was in January 2017. We last spoke and you were getting Ubiquiti gear and we're going to test and get back to me, it's been 3 months. Do you have a solution to make this work? Your driver setup crashes the doorbird, and then I watch it reboot. If you are not going to support this let me know so we can get started on our own driver. Here is there response... Hello steve, Thank you for the email. We have tested both the 500w 24 port and the 250w version. We don’t notice any issues with the 500w version but the 250w version seems to do weird things. We have been informing DoorBird on all of these issues and anytime we can replicate an issue here we inform them and test. We have not heard of a single issue with our setup ‘crashing’ the doorbird and if that’s the case please let us know. We’ve now tested that driver in 200+ DoorBird so I don’t think it’s a driver problem. With your last comment in your email to me it seems like you are threatening us which we will not tolerate. End of the day you have many choices in door station options and if you do not like the Doorbird with our driver you don’t have to sell it. These are exact copies of what was said, nothing removed. Now keep in mind, my client is furious this wasn't working, and we had reached out to DoorBird a few times to get the SIP API. Since it is finally out of BETA this is why a driver is now made. My other option was to gut some expensive stone work and replace the units at my expense. The whole time the users app had zero issues with the DoorBird working. I shall also add that a day after my HouseLogix account was blocked from purchases. This is the same support people behind the same drivers today, that other dealers having similar issues with Doorbird were told similar excuses of it's not the driver., For the last 8 months we have been asked multiple times to make a better DoorBird driver that works, and that has proper support. This is why we feel we have made something, better, more affordable, and with great people behind it. So yes we all have many choices in door stations, and now we have choices in drivers, and the people that support them.
  2. The whole marketplace thing hasn't really worked. I agree they will come and go, as the marketplace only model just doesn't survive over time.
  3. Planned that I suggested something? Whatever driver he chooses to create will be done live, so there is no pre-planning other then maybe looking at the API before hand. There is no big secret. That is the whole point. This is something he is choosing to do on his own free time, and me personally would like a Kodi driver, but as a business see value in other things. If you saw my side message to him pretty much saying you've done it now after my suggestion. There was absolutely no planning. We are letting people suggest and have input in to what is made. I'm one vote.
  4. There is a thread to submit ideas.
  5. I know my vote would be for a free Kodi driver!
  6. Matching 5-gang faceplate

    Legrand Radiant
  7. LG TV IP Driver - Released

    If the TV loses power it won't turn back on, the webserver in the TV doesn't start back up until powered on manually.
  8. 2.9.1

    The log said more you cannot have more then 2 streams? If you have more information and have done some troubleshooting it would make more sense to provide this information if you are looking for an answer. To ask can something be done and multiple people tell you yes, to then add more information you likely knew long ago yet didn't share just makes for a drawn out process of helping you get a better result then you already have. Provide the log information.
  9. 2.9.1

    This might have been the case for you, but likely due to something in your configuration not a limitation on your version of Control4.
  10. Samsung Tv IP Drivers!

    Who at Samsung told you this?
  11. Samsung Tv IP Drivers!

    Thanks for the info. I've even checked the US website, and the posted firmware on the MU models pages is older then what you get via auto update. Is there a version number that is the minimum required? The version in Canada seems to be the same others in the US have that are having issues with the settings missing.
  12. Samsung Tv IP Drivers!

    Doesn't do anything on the MU7000. I don't know how 2 companies work together to make a driver, yet neither has info on how to get firmware that makes this work, or a real date on when this is supposed to be live.
  13. Samsung Tv IP Drivers!

    I have the same, I don't know why it's so hard to find a release date.