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  1. Manuals are here https://hydromistusa.com/catalogs-flyers-manuals/ Not sure what model you have but it looks like these all have a misting function which might be interfering with you fan controller. Hard to say without know what part you have.
  2. Sounds like you have 2 relays connected to each other which will do nothing for you. You need to come out of the teledoorbell relay and in to a contact on the HC-800. The contacts are the way C4 would sense something.

    Netflix icon

    There are Netflix drivers for Panasonic. You would need to provide some details on your TV in order to better answer your question.

    Doorbird Issues

    You might want to look for firmware updates for your network gear. Sorry yes you would need a reservation. The issue is some people assign statics for other devices inside the DHCP which shouldn't be done. I would move your reservation incase there is a possible conflict. You might want to try an external POE adapter incase there is a power issue from your POE switch.

    Weather Underground

    There is nothing to argue about. The API was designed for developers to use for their apps. I don't blame them for cutting off the accounts as a ton of individuals using it only for personal purposes isn't the intention of the program. There has to be a key already used by Control4 as that is where the built in weather comes from. The driver should be updated with the Control4 key.

    Doorbird Issues

    What is your network equipment? When it stops responding what do the lights look like on the switch port? How are you providing it with a static IP, is it possible there is a conflict?

    Weather Underground

    They are developer licenses, not personal use. Things get developed and when released nobody wants to pay for a proper API key. So then services shut down the developer keys.

    Weather Underground

    The problem with this and people signing up for services intended for development use is all these services get killed when everyone starts abusing them. Where does it say that key is a free universal one?

    Doorbell Ideas

    There isn't a driver I am aware of other than the one that works for the Clare Doorbell that will do all the triggers.
  10. THEORY

    Recommendation: Door Bell / Camera

    Triggered how? IFTTT is as reliable as the services that connect with it. If a company integrates and their server isn't good that is where the delays come from not IFTTT itself.
  11. THEORY

    New Free LG TV Drivers

    The annex4 driver will work on all 2017 webOS TVs. I haven't heard a dealer having one that won't.
  12. The driver is available for purchase on the website for dealers.
  13. I've replace a few first gen Rachio with the Hydrawise and both the customer and irrigation contractor have been thrilled with the performance. The only negative I have it the network isn't hardwired. Their Pro controllers with ample room inside and weatherproof housing are a huge plus too. Most irrigation contractors hate the small housing on almost all smart controllers.
  14. What Control4 version are you running? Are these six button keypads the old 2 wide 3 high version?
  15. THEORY

    Using hc-200 in2.10

    I wouldn't bother going to track down cheap controllers online. If you have and need to buy time before upgrading ok use it. But to start looking for controllers that are cheap to use this is pointless. Willing to bet Control4 gets rid of this in the next few releases.