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  1. I've done it numerous times there is no issue at all. Sure it would be great to have a different wire type that is easier.
  2. Swap the T-STAT and then there is a driver for Control4
  3. I wouldn't really call what the SunStat Command has as any real home automation tie in. It's just a relay that when you close it put the Stat in away mode. Nothing special about it, no real control of the heating.
  4. Call Nuheat you should be able to swap the T-Stat
  5. updates in the coming days means updates in information, not in drivers.
  6. You do know the driver that is posted publicly here has not been touched by annex4? Anything that has stopped functioning is because Chamberlin/Liftmaster has made it that way.
  7. Things are in the works. We will have updates in the coming days. Likely other drivers or integrations will go down again shortly.
  8. I doubt your scenario will be tested, feel free to try the driver. The problem will be that most functions pass through the controller. With the controller onsite every likely works mouch more smooth, especially if there is an issue with internet connection.
  9. It doesn't say the driver won't be free, we will see once it's released.
  10. To be fair it states there may be a cost.... also if there is a cost...
  11. Where does it say the driver won't be FREE?
  12. The consumer facing website and back end for the apps are not one in the same. All my clients have a working system.
  13. After a bunch of tests yesterday, and talking directly to the DoorBird, all the basic API commands function. The fact I can't even get the driver to setup the doorbell or motion notifications yet can clearly get those commands to function on their own in the same network has led me to the conclusion that the driver surely is the culprit. Once I'm back on site I will do a few more tests, as I think I have a few ideas as where the issues are coming from.
  14. They know where the calls are coming from, the app has a flag in it.
  15. Chamberlin/Liftmaster blocked accounts making too frequent calls to the servers. The way the HouseLogix driver polls was much too frequent, I hear there will be more changes coming down the pipe.