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  1. There is not a definitive release date at this time, there are a few things were are looking to enhance the LG driver with. This means we need to complete them and test as the drivers impact a large number of projects. It is something I would like myself as I used to hit cncl on Netflix. But it hasn't been a major request. In the end you need to do what is best for your business. annex4 has about 1-2 support calls a month for the LG driver, mostly for new dealers needing guidance. We don't want to ruin that experience by rushing changes out the door.
  2. What do you mean by everything uses cncl? When devices have an exit and a back button every device I have seen has back mapped to previous and exit mapped to cancel. This request has been responded to previously that button mapping is coming. That said the buttons are mapped to what they should be from the LG remote.
  3. Smart Plug Switch suggestions

    annex4 has the lowest cost WeMo driver and has more of the WeMo line coming all under the same license.
  4. What is your C4 Version? Working great on what Navigators?
  5. My guess is something hardware related. I had a job have this happen to 2 screens. Replaced under warranty, and one of the replacements has been doing it also. Usually the screen is frozen with lines in it. I even move the ones that had this issue to one of the locations that never have and it still did it right away. I would just get it replaced.
  6. If you have a mechanical doorbell and a pair of wires from the doorbell to your controller, you can wire a magnetic contact sensor (window sensor) near the solenoid this will then give you the event you need at your controller.
  7. Wiring a new house

    Options to send HD video over coax, future options for TVs that don't require a STB, OTA Antenna. IT costs peanuts and every TV has a coax connector.
  8. Sounds like you are having some double NAT issues.
  9. C4 2.10

    If you don't need Spotify stick with 2.9.1 There is some truth, but without knowing the exact parts it's hard to say exactly what the facts are.
  10. Wiring a new house

  11. I understand it can be frustrating. Keep in mind he designed the driver to work at a certain version of Control4 and a certain version of Mobile OS. Nobody can have an expectation that legally you would assume it will work forever beyond those versions. Heck Control4 themselves kills devices at certain times for new versions. Sure it's upsetting but it's the reality of technology. Some things are out of a developers control. Wanting a refund is tricky as not many tech companies big or small would do that. Look at what's happening with Logitech.
  12. You could spend the money you would spend on legal costs and try to buy the driver. Then open source it. Likely less costly and more likely to get you something functional. There are other ways to get what you want.
  13. Wiring a new house

    Also knowing some of the devices coming starting to spec fiber to TVs and let the client decide to pay for it. To run it and not terminate isn't very expensive, as the labour is there for pulling the other wires. We won't run anything but cleerline.
  14. Make sure in windows you are on a private network. Your file transfer session from composer to the controller is blocked.
  15. Wiring a new house

    Conduit is a must, fiber is really cheap today, even termination is cheap if using cleerline fiber. Also for the conduit we run minimum 1 1/2" for TVs. I see lots of people get the builder to put conduit but then when there you find it's 3/4 or 1/2 you can barely run anything in that let alone a cable that doesn't exist so you don't know the size. We run 3 CAT6 and 1 Coax with conduit at minimum to all TVs