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  2. Top 20K Mid 10K Low 2-4K The best bet for your budget Is the SnapAV Dragonfly UHD AT Screens, there is one right around the size you are looking for.
  3. Honestly a budget like that isn't going to get you a very good screen let alone an Acoustically Transparent one. A screen should be seen as a key component and something that if chosen wisely can last a few projectors, just like speaker can last changing of receivers and sources. The screen is what reflects the image back to you so it shouldn't be something that is a cheap item in the whole system.
  4. What is your price range? Also what projector do you have or plan on pairing it with?
  5. You need to edit the TV driver. The startup input delay is on the very first screen.
  6. Power on over WiFi will not work past a few hours on 2016 TVs. So if you were to try this it may seem like it works, come back the next day and the TV will not turn on. Haven't seen any firmware update change this. 2017 models LG might have made a change but I doubt it.
  7. There is most likely next to nobody on this forum that should do this, that didn't know prior to it being mentioned here.
  8. Power on doesn't work, which is why it's not supported and stated as it doesn't work. 99% of control with no power on is useless as a Solution.
  9. This is not always the case and really depends on the driver. You really shouldn't rename the drivers unless you know what you are doing, and what the consequences may be. Also in one post you state unpack and edit the lua, and in this to edit the XML. You should rarely rename the driver unless you are fully aware of the impact.
  10. You have to call Snap support and get things escalated. I think there is little focus on the driver said of the business now and all for internal development. After numerous calls someone with some authority had mentioned it's not something that there is a large focus on moving forward.
  11. If you rename c4z drivers you are likely to break the icons showing on navigators. This should not be done on almost all c4z drivers.
  12. Try rebooting your director. I'm guessing that will bring them back. What version is your Control4 system on.
  13. This is from the Hydrawise FAQ If you have your own station connected to Weather Underground, we’ll let you access it for free! Send an email to with the name of the weather station and we’ll take care of the rest. Both products do all these predictive watering methods, they also both cost roughly the same, I think on the low end Rachio may be a tad cheaper it really depends on where you source the Hydrawise. They are both good products, in my opinion Hydrawise is a bit more refined, and it's owned by a company that is a leader in irrigation.
  14. It does, although not exactly in the ball park of the Hydrawise interface.
  15. Explains some plan details Hydrawise is Watersense Hydrawise Wiring Detection Hydrawise has a working flow meter When you suspend a zone, the Hydrawise API allows the zone to be suspended, the Rachio suspends the controller. I've spoken to a few irrigation installers in the last month, and a distributor, the hands down consensus is the Hydrawise is a better product especially now with the PRO options. Now this doesn't mean the Rachio is bad. In discussion there is just many advantages to the Hydrawise over the Rachio, one of the things all these people had to say is they like home Hunter took a lot of feedback into the Pro products and are very receptive and open to listening to their dealers. From an API standpoint Hydrawise allows more, again not that the Rachio is bad, just more bang for your buck on the Hydrawise. I was on-site at a clients today with an irrigation installer and asked what they intended to put for a controller they said a Rainbird, I said the home owner wants it integrated so your options are Rachio or Hydrawise, they responded we will gladly do the Hydrawise as everything has been super positive when their experience and they like the room inside the PRO boxes. They said the Rachio wasn't bad but they don't like installing outdoors and find the WiFi distance not as robust.