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  1. The motors are almost irrelevant, 95% of motorized window coverings made use Somfy motors. That does not represent the integration of the product. Somfy has some motors with integrated control mechanisms, but this does not represent integration by saying using Somfy motors has been good. Know the products you want for the windows you are trying to put window coverings in and look at what our options are. The HunterDouglas ESI controls can be used on pretty much any window covering provided it uses a dumb motor.
  2. Take a look at Hydrawise, especially the Pro series which has more room in the box for wiring.
  3. Your best working solution would be HunterDouglas Hardwired shades using ESI controls. Most wireless devices have some sort of range limitation or repeater requirement. With HunterDouglas hardwired you get the selection of most HD products with full shade feedback and numerous other features that depending on the window covering chosen could be a huge difference in your experience.
  4. Somfy is purely that, a motor manufacturer not a shade or blind manufacturer.
  5. Yale to my knowledge had the first Control4 multipoint lock, there has been talk for a couple year to bring it to North America. A list of good and recommended products would be great, even showing ones that just don't integrate well. Maybe getting this updated with Control4 info would make sense.
  6. Your Lutron shades likely cost more, and had individual control. You are now integrating a product that only has scenes and trying to do something that the current drivers were never intended to do. This should have been explained to you by whomever sold you the shades. You cannot compare the two as far as integration. I haven't seen any consistency issues when using just the HD app. HD also sells hardwired shades which I have never seen have an issue but you get what you pay for. Also individual control is possible with HD, although it wasn't what HD had created by either Control4 or Houselogix. As for Platinum the product was out for 5 years and HD committed to selling even after for a period of a year for existing clients. There are lots of shade options, your installer should have been able to tell you the pros and cons of most regardless of what they typically sell.
  7. Who wants a driver that could tell you over speakers or maybe even turn the lights on at a certain speed or velocity?
  8. I've done it numerous times there is no issue at all. Sure it would be great to have a different wire type that is easier.
  9. Swap the T-STAT and then there is a driver for Control4
  10. I wouldn't really call what the SunStat Command has as any real home automation tie in. It's just a relay that when you close it put the Stat in away mode. Nothing special about it, no real control of the heating.
  11. Call Nuheat you should be able to swap the T-Stat
  12. updates in the coming days means updates in information, not in drivers.
  13. You do know the driver that is posted publicly here has not been touched by annex4? Anything that has stopped functioning is because Chamberlin/Liftmaster has made it that way.
  14. Things are in the works. We will have updates in the coming days. Likely other drivers or integrations will go down again shortly.