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  1. Using the Wink driver is the only method that is supported somewhat by Chamberlin. As they are a partner with Wink and Wink has a published API it is a supported method of integration.
  2. Thanks for the info. I've even checked the US website, and the posted firmware on the MU models pages is older then what you get via auto update. Is there a version number that is the minimum required? The version in Canada seems to be the same others in the US have that are having issues with the settings missing.
  3. Doesn't do anything on the MU7000. I don't know how 2 companies work together to make a driver, yet neither has info on how to get firmware that makes this work, or a real date on when this is supposed to be live.
  4. I have the same, I don't know why it's so hard to find a release date.
  5. Then you dealer would be wrong
  6. Sorry, I don't know how to explain it to you so you understand. If you want powerview buy a new shade.
  7. He cannot retrofit, he would have to get a motor swap to platinum 2.0 done by sending it to HunterDouglas, this would as stated multiple times likely only be able to be done from whatever it is you have to Platinum 2.0 I've done this before, it would be as if the motor failed outside of warranty, you pay for a motor replacement. Anyways sounds like your dealer would prefer to sell you new product. Better money in it as he would make pretty much nothing on sending the shade in for service.
  8. Ummmm, You would pretty much be running the project from an EA5, sure you can dump the ZServer and Not run Navigator on the Primary Controller but you are essentially running the whole project of the main controller which should be an EA5 in a large project. So the processors don't really share the workload, sure audio and ZigBee can be distributed and would need to be for a large number of devices, but these are hardly the items that are really intensive for large projects.
  9. Read the manual page 11 of the PDF or 6 as labeled in the manual.
  10. As I stated previously you can likely only get a platinum motor that will work with a platinum bridge if your motor is currently not able to do that. To ask for powerview I imagine you will get nowhere. Your best bet is to deal with the Dealer you bought the shades from. There is nobody on here able to do/help with anything more then the dealer you bought the shade from to begin with.
  11. You would need to get HunterDouglas to change the motor. Likely to platinum not Powerview.
  12. You will likely need to talk to HD, I'm still not sure what it is you have. You can get just the motor replaced.
  13. If you are only looking for basic window coverings such as honeycomb, or rollers, not a bad product. Very limited in fabric options compared to more dedicated window covering manufacturers.
  14. Well it would make sense that a fabric manufacturer would sell to most all shade manufacturers. The bigger brands tend to have their own fabrics. HunterDouglas does not sell their "ette" line fabrics to any other fabricators and these fabrics are made in house. Which does make them exclusive, the patent on the Silhouette ran out a few years ago, so there are knock off fabrics for the base colors but HunterDouglas offers more variety then any other manufacturer hands-down. They also have a hardwired product you can buy through dealers that are motorization specialists, which would be one of the more expensive solutions but it is rock solid.