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  1. Denon amp w/ HEOS + Heos

    Anyone else know anything about Denon receivers with Heos built in. Dealer said he couldn't find the driver and he didn't know anything about it. He was a low level tech so I had no expectations, plus he got the main stuff done. Any info I can pass along would be great.
  2. Is it programmable in Composer HE? When using existing doorbell wiring does it ring the chime? Also, can the camera be tilted up, down, etc..?
  3. SR250 with Direct TV

    The DirecTV driver mimics the normal DirecTV exactly. Hit the red button that's with the other colored buttons under the C4 button
  4. DIRECTV C51 & C61K IP?

    The DirecTV driver will control the genies and genie mini. For the minis you use the the genie's IP and the name of the mini in the setup.
  5. I have no issues dimming LED bulbs with an adaptive phase dimmer. BR40 flood lights or the smaller bulbs that go in a ceiling fan
  6. Identify Yale Deadbolt

    The version that's purchased from a Control4 dealer
  7. Lighting Help

    You could also use a configurable keypad
  8. Push notifications

    Add push notifications agent in HE. Go to control4 account online, pick which devices you want to get notifications and the type of notifications. The rest is just like doing the email notifications
  9. New Roku driver by C4

    Anybody having an issue with the driver not find the Roku? I have a Roku 2, never shows up in the driver. Tried deleting and reinstalling and deleting, rebooting controller then reinstalling. Still won't work. My dealer is supposed to get back with me, thought I'd ask here in the meantime.
  10. You can use a configurable keypad instead of an auxiliary keypad
  11. Mymovies database rebuild

    You can rebuild the database in Composer HE
  12. Good to know. I was looking to upgrade to the newer model
  13. If you have the protection plan you can upgrade equipment every two years.
  14. how big are the windows?
  15. Agents

    Agents can be added in HE