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  1. I'm back working on Kodi, had a longer hiatus than I planned due to CEDIA. Here's the latest update as of working on it a bit today: Added the rest of the root menus Added settings for enabling and disabling each menu Added support for playing the rest of the media types Added support for notifications and added the LiNK Reveal binding for integration with the rest of our notification type drivers Currently implementing dynamic buttons so you can configure each button on the remote Currently implementing PVR API's for live TV which is the last portion of the driver before we release for alpha and get feedback for more features I'm aiming to have the alpha released before the end of September as long as I have a couple hours next week, if you're interested you can PM me now and I'll provide the driver to you as soon as I'm complete with the PVR API and dynamic buttons.
  2. How to create Events from an Action?

    On another note, you don't need to loop through the tParams argument in order to get all the keys. If you know the key already index it directly. In the case above it would be: tParams.ACTION = "ENABLE_EVENT" -- Action parameters tParams.EventID tParams.EventName tParams.EventDescription -- Example if (strCommand == "LUA_ACTION" and tParams) then local action = tParams.ACTION if (action == "ENABLE_EVENT") then -- TODO: Check for empty parameter values ("") C4:AddEvent(tParams.EventID, tParams.EventName, tParams.EventDescription) end end
  3. How to create Events from an Action?

    As far as I can tell you just want to provide parameters to your action that are user inputted. I've created an example for you. <action> <name>Create Event</name> <command>CREATE_EVENT</command> <params> <param> <name>EventID</name> <type>STRING</type> <readonly>false</readonly> <default>1</default> </param> <param> <name>EventName</name> <type>STRING</type> <readonly>false</readonly> <default></default> </param> <param> <name>EventDescription</name> <type>STRING</type> <readonly>false</readonly> <default></default> </param> </params> </action> This would give you the attached image. The action will only be triggered once 'OK' is clicked. I should mention I don't recall which version they added support for this off the top of my head, maybe @RyanE knows. I know it's at least 2.9.1.
  4. annex⁴ - Doorbird Driver - FREE

    @Crustyloafer The 'Enable SIP' action auto configures the SIP settings for you at this point. The driver watches for the door unlock, motion, and doorbell events unless otherwise disabled via actions.
  5. Help: Proxies and Connections

    If you don't include a proxy you need to define the driver as a 'combo' driver meaning that the driver is its own proxy. You can do this by including the 'combo' element and setting it to true, this element should be a child of the devicedata element. <combo>true</combo> You'll still need to include an empty proxy that is the driver itself in the proxies list. I generally leave it as 'other'. <proxies qty="1"> <proxy name="Driver Name">other</proxy> </proxies> If you don't include the 'combo' element than you would have the proxy point to the driver. <proxies qty="1"> <proxy name="Driver Name">driver_filename</proxy> </proxies> You can leave the connections empty.
  6. I'm making a few more changes I consider core functionality. After that I'll start releasing beta builds so people can get their hands on it and suggest features. Today I wrapped up grid view for movies and added a detail screen to show some movie information much like "My Movies".
  7. We just wrapped up the live stream for today, once again I want to thank everyone that came to watch. If you haven't seen a feature you want let us know and we'll be sure to squeeze it in for you. Today we fixed some image rendering issues, added some icons, implemented the now playing queue, added support for favourites and fixed some bugs.
  8. I just wanted to thank everyone that came to watch the live-stream. We'll be adding playlist/queue support, transport actions, more notifications and a bunch of other stuff to the media service proxy tomorrow. I'll be going live at 10 am EST once again.
  9. Tomorrow at 10 am EST we will be starting a livestream for some driver development, during this time you're free to ask us any questions or bring up any concerns you may have for any of our products. Based on the current poll results we will be developing a Kodi driver Saturday and Sunday, if we're unable to complete the driver over the course of the weekend we will wrap it up some short time later. You can catch us when we go live at:
  10. EA1 suitable for small project?

    Definitely go with the T3, the new features are awesome.
  11. annex⁴ - Doorbird Driver

    I've just finished adding a couple more things to the DoorBird driver: I've added support for using the 'checkonline' tool straight from the driver, it will also autofill the IP camera properties, more information in the documentation. I've added support for our LiNK Reveal connections so you can now get feedback on our LG driver that motion was sensed, the doorbell was rung, or the door open triggered via toast messages. These can individually be turned on and off. I've removed the connection under 'Network' and instead manage it internally in the driver, this just makes it easier to install for dealers I've added feedback properties for credential information and SIP information. This will better inform dealers as to any issues during setup and will help us with debugging if/when we need to This is likely the last beta release before we make it available to all. This beta release will be going out in the next few hours. If you want to beta and you're already signed up on our portal PM me and I can point you to the right places to get the driver. We appreciate the feedback we've gotten so far, thanks everyone!
  12. The Amazon SNS (Simple Notification Service) primarily lets you create your own notify platform. We're just using it in order to send SMS text. Some of those other apps you mentioned do have API's and if there's enough interest it's something we can look at putting together. If the API's are straight forward you can expect Beta drivers in a couple days. We provide free licenses to those that beta and provide feedback.
  13. You'll need to join one of the side channels.
  14. If anyone wants to talk to us direct or know what we're working on you can chat with us at We offer real-time support and private messaging through there as well as email/phone. Every time we post something we get toxic responses about seemingly stepping on toes. Despite some people saying they support competition their actions and responses have proved otherwise. If you need to get in touch do so through the aforementioned site as I won't be responding further on this thread.
  15. Not sure where this concept of a driver war came from, we're only offering other solutions. Are we in the type of market where once you make a driver you have a monopoly on it for the end of time because it very well seems to be that way at the moment, judging by your responses that does in-fact seem to be the case. I remember not long ago when information was shared freely and Alan himself posted about competition and innovation. People will buy the solution they want from the people they want. If you don't want to use our products we're not forcing you to. We've been completely transparent with the data we pull back, there are no cloaks and daggers, everyone can put their pitch forks away. Drivercentral appears to be using the exact same scheme we came up with last year in August for authentication and no one is jumping on them about it. It also doesn't help when Drivercentral logs onto our portal only to download every single one of our drivers in less than a minute (yes, even the mini drivers of the LG). I've been making drivers on the Control4 platform now for close to 7 years and just enjoying making drivers.