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  1. TheWizard

    OPPO UDP-203 Driver Released

    1.7.167 is from the old and now obsolete version of the driver. We phased it out and implemented a new proxy to fix some usability issues. Due to the proxy change we couldn't auto-update the driver as it may have caused project issues. You'll need to get 2.9.195. https://annex4.link/drivers/udp-203?changelog=latest
  2. TheWizard

    Automate Pulse Driver

    Properly ID'd shades will return the following: !###D001vD## (Where 001 is the shade ID, you'll get 002, 003, etc.). Problematic shades will return the following: !###D...vD##; If you see this in the debug log we can't communicate to the shade as it has no ID. Edit: Got in contact. The hub is only returning the 2 shades mentioned, the other 5 are completely missing.
  3. TheWizard

    Automate Pulse Driver

    The App is not a good indicator of control through serial by the Hub. They're completely separate yet we keep seeing the comparison. The issue occurs when the shades have not been ID'd for serial communication properly. Shoot us an email and we can see what's up. You'll likely just need to pair the shades that aren't showing up.
  4. TheWizard

    Need to integrate JavaScript....

    The above is correct. If you're able to supply the JavaScript library or source code I'd be more than willing to take a peek and tell you how to implement it into Control4 as a driver.
  5. TheWizard

    OPPO UDP-203 Driver Released

    There's a new revision that I just released. If auto update is enabled on the driver and you had the LiNK driver it should be updated at this point. Otherwise you'll need to download the latest from our site (2.9.195).
  6. TheWizard

    OPPO UDP-203 Driver Released

    Are you using the latest version of the driver? 2.9.190?
  7. TheWizard


    This would be great. Having Composer separate the UI thread from the general work stuff would also be fantastic. Even if they have to throw up a loading wheel so you can't run other commands against broker/director while it's working.
  8. I thought there was a current issue in regards to the driver or information as the thread had been silent for over 9 months. We did have a few people confused about webview stuff early on but I haven't heard anything in a long time. Might be worth while posting a PSA about webview if you've seen a good chunk of dealers not understanding it. Opengl/webgl would be nice to have although I can't imagine too many applications from a Control4/Driver perspective. I feel like most things could be done in the 2d context. I also don't know how well the T3 would handle webgl if it was supported. Can still do some cool things with 2D:
  9. TheWizard


    Redacted a bunch of info but the following is a webview in a similar style as the Media Service proxy. I've also built a bunch of components (sliders, switches, modals, etc) including their CSS which I will likely post open source (including the MIT license) for anyone to use.
  10. TheWizard


    I think you'll be seeing more and more webview stuff coming out from third party developers. It gives us quite a bit of control. It would be nice if Control4 gave us a style template to work with to keep the interfaces similar for all third party developers.
  11. I thought this was pretty clear already from what was mentioned in the very first post of this thread and on our site. Are you getting requests on the driver for programming events and installs? If so I can try to make it more clear.
  12. TheWizard

    annex⁴ - Doorbird Driver - FREE

    Make sure you're running the latest version of the driver. If you are feel free to send us an email and we can look into the issue further.
  13. TheWizard

    Text to Wav

    If you're looking for text to speech our Voice Genie driver was built with Amazon Polly and does not require you to register or maintain accounts for third party TTS (Text To Speech) services. We also manage PCM (.wav) data so we can calculate the length of audio files and queue up announcements. This guarantees that every single announcement will fire in sequence and not cut others off or be missed. In turn this also gives you the ability to use events on announcements ending. Amazon Polly comes with some more advanced functionality like SSML which the driver supports as well: https://docs.aws.amazon.com/polly/latest/dg/supported-ssml.htm
  14. TheWizard

    UniFi Drivers Coming Soon - Ideas

    Not abandoned, I'm actually using it locally in my own home, it's just not ready for release or beta yet. What's done - Unifi Controller: Realtime events for the following: Admin Login LAN [Connection\Disconnection] LAN [Guest Connection\Disconnection] WIFI [Connection\Disconnection] WIFI [Guest Connection\Disconnection] Unifi Devices [Connection\Disconnection Adopted\Readopted] Unifi Access Point [Interference] WiFi User Roamed Programming commands: Restarting of ports on switches Trigger speed test What's done - UAP: Integrated with our voice genie driver to directly play and upload .ogg files Commands to playback any audio files on the device What's done - Webview Tab for displaying all client devices on the network Tab for displaying all Unifi devices on the network Tab for displaying events Tab for general settings information To come: Triggering and display of speed test on Webview Programming events for completion of speed test Programming variables for speed test results More realtime events Modal dialog (Webview) for switches to allow restarting of ports, viewing connected devices, etc General control of Unifi Devices like the controller Lights, Restart, Upgrade, Block, Reconnect, etc. EDIT: The API is pretty open ended, almost anything can be accomplished that the Unifi Controller webpage can do. We'll be sure to see all the features mentioned in the thread implemented as well.
  15. TheWizard

    OPPO UDP-203 Driver Released

    If you run out of memory (depending on how large your project is) drivers won't be added and you'll get that error. Not sure if this is your case but it may be a possibility.