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  1. Realtime Event Webhook Driver

    Zaphod, would you use a generic http lightv2 driver? IE: 4 properties (toggle, on, off, set level) where you just put the HTTP URI to invoke when the proxy gets the command. Toggle: "/cgi-bin/led_control.py?ip=" On: "/cgi-bin/led_control.py?ip=" Off: "/cgi-bin/led_control.py?ip=" I can add some sort of format string to automatically input things like the IP.
  2. OPPO UDP-203 Driver Released

    Both features have been added to the pipeline.
  3. Realtime Event Webhook Driver

    Actually, I have a suggestion. Could you do a device selector property with all of the proxy types your registering events for? That way the dealer can quickly pick and choose from the device selector list?
  4. Realtime Event Webhook Driver

    I could see this being quite useful with IFTTT webhooks, if you want a more 'global' hook with less dealer programming. Good work!
  5. LG TV IP Driver - Released

    Yes, I have, it will be in the next version. As will dynamic button bindings in the properties.
  6. WAN IP

    Do you need anything more than the following? The 'Service' property can be any HTTP URI as long as it returns an IP address the body parser should find it.
  7. WAN IP

    Are you just looking for it to be in a property and/or variable? I can put something together quickly.
  8. We're working on some other things at the moment that have taken priority, if you want access to the alpha shoot me a message. We haven't got a lot of feedback, although there does seem to be a specific video addon causing issues. I'll likely have time later in November to wrap things up.
  9. Unofficial ShieldTV Driver

    From what I read as long as the driver is c4z format it should support a display icon, at least on most AV proxies. Put this in the capabilities section of the driver: <navigator_display_option proxybindingid="5001"> <display_icons> <Icon height="140" width="140">controller://driver/tv_ip_websocket_lg/icons/device/lgsmarttv_140.png</Icon> <Icon height="130" width="120">controller://driver/tv_ip_websocket_lg/icons/device/lgsmarttv_130.png</Icon> <Icon height="120" width="120">controller://driver/tv_ip_websocket_lg/icons/device/lgsmarttv_120.png</Icon> <Icon height="110" width="110">controller://driver/tv_ip_websocket_lg/icons/device/lgsmarttv_110.png</Icon> <Icon height="100" width="100">controller://driver/tv_ip_websocket_lg/icons/device/lgsmarttv_100.png</Icon> <Icon height="90" width="90">controller://driver/tv_ip_websocket_lg/icons/device/lgsmarttv_90.png</Icon> <Icon height="80" width="80">controller://driver/tv_ip_websocket_lg/icons/device/lgsmarttv_80.png</Icon> <Icon height="70" width="70">controller://driver/tv_ip_websocket_lg/icons/device/lgsmarttv_70.png</Icon> <Icon height="60" width="60">controller://driver/tv_ip_websocket_lg/icons/device/lgsmarttv_60.png</Icon> <Icon height="50" width="50">controller://driver/tv_ip_websocket_lg/icons/device/lgsmarttv_50.png</Icon> <Icon height="40" width="40">controller://driver/tv_ip_websocket_lg/icons/device/lgsmarttv_40.png</Icon> <Icon height="30" width="30">controller://driver/tv_ip_websocket_lg/icons/device/lgsmarttv_30.png</Icon> <Icon height="20" width="20">controller://driver/tv_ip_websocket_lg/icons/device/lgsmarttv_20.png</Icon> </display_icons> </navigator_display_option> Of course you'll want to change 'tv_ip_websocket_lg' to whatever the c4z filename is and you will likely want to change 'lgsmarttv_<size>' to something else. You'll also want to make sure it's bound to the right proxybindingid.
  10. I've now sent out PM's to those that requested access to the driver, if anyone else wants access as well shoot me a PM and I can get the driver to you.
  11. Alpha will be going out tomorrow to all those that PM'd me. There are still things to be done but I've been using it daily and it works quite well. To do: Implement various Kodi Commands for use in programming Show Notification (Toast) Play media Play favourite Change of various kodi settings Implement actions on the now playing screen Trigger 'fullscreen' Add/Remove favourite Find similar Cleanup icons to make them more uniform General polish
  12. How to create Events from an Action?

    You're likely better off creating events individually, "Turn on 100", "Turn on 101" type events rather than creating a variable and running an if statement against generic "Turn On" and "Turn Off" events. My thoughts are if you did it the variable way you'd have to run an if statement against the variable for any 'Turn On' event which isn't what you really want. Stick with the individual events.
  13. How to create Events from an Action?

    As far as I'm aware you're not able to create anything but an event with no parameters. If you wanted to 'simulate' a parameter with an event you would have to use variables and set them before you fire off the event. You could also use the variable itself as the event and listen for it to change and retrieve the value it changed to. What are you trying to achieve?
  14. I'm back working on Kodi, had a longer hiatus than I planned due to CEDIA. Here's the latest update as of working on it a bit today: Added the rest of the root menus Added settings for enabling and disabling each menu Added support for playing the rest of the media types Added support for notifications and added the LiNK Reveal binding for integration with the rest of our notification type drivers Currently implementing dynamic buttons so you can configure each button on the remote Currently implementing PVR API's for live TV which is the last portion of the driver before we release for alpha and get feedback for more features I'm aiming to have the alpha released before the end of September as long as I have a couple hours next week, if you're interested you can PM me now and I'll provide the driver to you as soon as I'm complete with the PVR API and dynamic buttons.
  15. How to create Events from an Action?

    On another note, you don't need to loop through the tParams argument in order to get all the keys. If you know the key already index it directly. In the case above it would be: tParams.ACTION = "ENABLE_EVENT" -- Action parameters tParams.EventID tParams.EventName tParams.EventDescription -- Example if (strCommand == "LUA_ACTION" and tParams) then local action = tParams.ACTION if (action == "ENABLE_EVENT") then -- TODO: Check for empty parameter values ("") C4:AddEvent(tParams.EventID, tParams.EventName, tParams.EventDescription) end end