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  1. TheWizard

    Weather Underground

    The driver generally has a key/license assigned to it with a reference in the database (at least that's how we do it). Just make sure it exists in the database and then log the connection info. If another IP starts using the same license simultaneously for calls you know it's compromised.
  2. TheWizard

    Weather Underground

    I don't see anything in the ToS about caching/storing retrieved data, but I may be overlooking it. Authentication can be done in the same way it's done now for most third party drivers. Only allow authenticated drivers access.
  3. TheWizard

    Weather Underground

    I'm not sure if it's against the Dark Sky ToS (doubt it is) but you could just have a server fetch the data and relay it down to the driver instead of the driver fetching it directly. Not only that put you could group lat/lon locations to reduce the amount of API calls overall. At that point the API key is far more secure and you're issuing out fewer calls.
  4. TheWizard

    Weather Underground

    Polling every 15 minutes on dark sky for a year would cost $3.50 per driver instance, that's not too unreasonable. Although I guess it really depends on the cost of the driver or payment model.
  5. TheWizard

    Weather Underground

    Was looking into Dark Sky (the service Chowmain uses for his weather driver) to see if they mention something similar in their ToS about end users, and sure enough they do (bolded): https://darksky.net/dev/docs/terms
  6. TheWizard

    Weather Underground

    Looks like they removed the free tier of the API:
  7. TheWizard

    driver development

    Are you writing drivers for yourself or to create solutions for other dealers? Is your goal to sell the drivers? Learning Lua won't be an issue, it's an easy move from any language. Gaining the knowledge of the underlying protocols being used to talk between devices (Websockets, HTTP, etc) will be the more difficult part unless you are already familiar. It will also take a bit of time to get used to the Control4 environment from a Driverworks perspective. Webviews seem to be the cool new thing so it likely won't just be Lua you'd be writing drivers in. It will be other common web languages and markups, HTML, CSS, Javascript, etc.
  8. TheWizard

    IFTTT so what have you done

    By default IFTTT will request trigger events every 15 minutes. The services can implement a command to notify IFTTT of events from triggers and IFTTT will fetch them immediately after. Sadly this isn't something you as the user do, it's something the service has to implement. https://platform.ifttt.com/docs/api_reference#realtime-api
  9. TheWizard

    IFTTT so what have you done

    IFTTT triggers can be realtime and/or polled at set intervals (15 minutes), it depends on the service. Maybe this has something to do with it?
  10. TheWizard

    Using hc-200 in2.10

    This is correct.
  11. TheWizard

    OPPO UDP-203 Driver Released

    @turls It's the first I've heard of that error in relation to the driver. If you could collect the director log shortly after you replicate the issue and send it to us I can take a further look into the issue. The driver does not use any new API calls from 2.10. It should go as far back as the .c4z file format.
  12. @wappinghigh I had roughly the same issue, I've attached a driver that will let you use the serial and ir connections and if you add a Speaker Point to the project it'll let you use the audio outputs as it disables the advanced audio. It's a trade-off. This is just using the hc generic proxy and mapping the search targets for you. annex4_hc300.c4i EDIT: I guess it would help if i posted the 200 version. annex4_hc200.c4i
  13. TheWizard

    integration question

    From a driverworks perspective (the lua script running in drivers) you would send a "SET_LEVEL" command to the device (proxy) which would have the protocol layer to control the dimmer. This would all be managed by the director process. You can connect to director directly and send c4soap commands but you will not receive any support from Control4 if doing this. What's the end goal?
  14. TheWizard


    In this menu you only have 'digest' as an option? 'basic' or 'digest/basic' will work.
  15. TheWizard

    Hikvision Authentication