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  1. If that dealer will do that go for it. It's a pretty easy ask for them and their administration team. Snap is good about this. My dealer and snap swapped out two faulty 600s for me.
  2. The 700 replaced the flaky 600. A good dealer will get it swapped out. Did you buy any from your dealer they should work with you if you did. You'll pay shipping
  3. You put one of these on each end. 2 Pack RJ45 Ethernet Lan Cable Port 1 to 2 Socket Splitter Connector Adapter This takes 4 of the cables from the cat for each jack. This gives a 10/100 connection not a gig connection for ethernet but a 4k stream is 8mbps so that is adequate. Then the other 4. Cut an ir bud cable in half. Cut a cat cable on half. Figure out which colors have continuity over the splitter above. Splice the ir bud 3.5mm jack to one end and connect to the splitter and a spare ir on the hc800. Bind that to the room/TV/tvdriver. Splice their bud to the other end connect and stick to TV.
  4. Or if you have a cat5 network cable at the TV you could use that for the ir from the 800. You could even split it use two pair for 100mb network (enough for streaming) and one pair for ir
  5. Thanks, I've done the integration. It's the fabric Im looking for.
  6. So I'm looking for basic light control Shading but with no / low VOC and other green credentials. Have others had clients asking for this. What vendors did you use. I see
  7. Theil small jokes, where's the finale punchline
  8. There is another thread discussing this recently
  9. This 14/4 and 12/2 is confusing me. You need one or the other. If your dmx controller is at each fitting you need 2 core power plus 2 cores from a Cat cable for data. If your dmx controller is near the home you need the 14/4. The power is already being carries in that cable. Now the 110 and the 24v. The 110 is getting into fixed hv cable and electrical code world. Hv and lv generally should not mix, though technically a shielded xlr carrying the dmx data will be fine in a lv / hv mix. That's how the world goes in a theater.
  10. 1. Have you tried the dumbest of dumb $30 wired consumer grade switches yet not software on a pc? 2. Sounds like a good start. Just need a working controller. Also sounds like a lot to be running on a 300. Even back the that should have likely been specified with an HC1000 The 200/300/500/1000 range of controllers is old. They were supersedes with the 250/800 with are now end of sales but still being updated with latest software builds. Then the EA1/3/5 came out. So this is like complainging that iOS 8 runs like a dog on your iphonr5. In fact for customer satisfaction C4 limited these to 2.5.3. Now we are on 2.9.1. To use much new functionality including Alexa you need 2.8.2+ 4) in time. How is the component run. Over Cat. If done properly so no need to rip cables out of walls.
  11. At least component video switches were simple and reliable. Hdmi 4k switching.
  12. And the latter is why it is great unless you are single.
  13. A dealer can order these from control4. It's just a manual order not an xml file from composer.
  14. Russian, now your controller is online have a remote dealer here log in and take a look at the code etc.