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  1. SMHarman

    5 Zones streamers

    This is truly your use case. You will regularly have five individuals listening to five different sources into five different spaces that are sufficiently separate that they will not overlap and make an audio mess at the same time?
  2. SMHarman

    Ubiquity Waps

    As others have said. Install cloud keys on your Ubiqui jobs. $129 for the device and you have remote management and all techs can access the job, often without a truck roll. That $129 just keeps paying for itself, and likely you can bake the cost onto future jobs or site visits. Ubiquiti (UC-CK) Secure UniFi Controller Hybrid Cloud Key, stand-Alone UniFi Controller Hardware https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07BB4RGQD/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_i_tYjnCb3ABMT2V And a handy amazon review.
  3. SMHarman

    Savant buying Control4

    Where did you hear that. CTRL is a listed company so this would be news on their ticker and I see nothing.
  4. SMHarman

    Any News On Updates ?

    I was using it interchangeably with C-suite employees, rather than any specific legalistic term.
  5. SMHarman

    Any News On Updates ?

    It's rare directors buy shares and should be. If you were a director why would you? A key tenet of investing is to be diversified. If the company is writing your pay check, providing you with inventive comp / options based on the stock price etc then why would you also wanting to be betting the house / ranch / farm on it, when you could lose the house / ranch / farm to an unforseen event. Most smart advise says cash out options when you can and invest in a diversified portfolio.
  6. You can also reserve the IP address of the Synology and then use the Music driver and map to the IP address and folder. This will only scan once a day though.
  7. SMHarman

    Extending Antenna for EA-3?

    Your WiFi and everyone else's in the USA should be on 1, 6 or 11. Any other channel just causes interference. Make friends with collision avoidance and bandwidth sharing. Stop making noise. https://community.ubnt.com/t5/UniFi-Wireless/WiFi-channel-Better-to-use-crowded-1-6-11-channels-or-use-other/td-p/1104199 Or many many many other articles on the Internet. I would love to know who ginger and the others that are misbehaving on my block are.
  8. Others have answered the rest. No observable speed difference.
  9. SMHarman

    Replacing keypad dimmer keys

    Did you break a black pin? Bend the white key sides, especially on the blanks you are removing. I don't think there is a trick. I do this without really thinking about it.
  10. SMHarman

    Playlists from cloud services

    Not this but I am finding napster gets skippy. Pandora is fine.
  11. Sounds like the switch is wired to current steal to power the switch from the load side and as the bulbs have aged and their resssistve properties changed they are now flickering. Basically a little charge slowly accumulates until the resistance in the led changes to illuminate it, then with no additional current the cycle repeats. 2006 dimmers were never truly designed for 2018 LED. Halogen was the height of fancy bulbery in 2006. Traditional bulbs would lose this current to heat across the coil surface and not flicker.
  12. SMHarman

    Advice on Unifi Network Gear

    My C4 is running sweetly behind a USG, a CloudKey and WiFi over UAP-PROs. Wired switching is on Planet. Mostly default settings.
  13. Upgraded UI on all screens, HiRez audio, current in warranty hardware that is truly on the future roadmap, HC will be fully depreciated at some point - 200/300/500/1000 already are. Beyond that not a lot. Make sure the EA3 has sufficient relay and other outputs.
  14. Artwork and I'll make it happen.
  15. Here is what I'll do. Get me art. I recall I need 300x300 and down to 10x10 and a channel number and what you want this called and I will build it.