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  1. SMHarman

    Apple TV 4k

    Exactly. ROKU and Tivo sleep and wake as designed. Apple, it just works?
  2. SMHarman

    Apple TV 4k

    4 W streaming an HD movie. That's network traffic, on chip codec and HDMI output. Only the third of those would be happening when it is paused or on a menu screen.
  3. SMHarman

    Apple TV 4k

    So the C4 controller can decide when it should be on or off and send the standby / sleep command as part of room off. If you pause and it puts itself to sleep the controller does not know this and can't fix this. You turn sleep or auto standby off on all devices AVR, TV etc.
  4. SMHarman

    EA3 vs EA5?

    Maybe I missed it but how many people live in this home. Generally you need about as many audio outputs as residents. Nobody is really listening to two things at once. Though may have TV on mute somewhere and music on also - which would be two steams but one is HDMI.
  5. SMHarman

    2017 Thoughts for Control4

    Until electronics are made simpler and more intuitive, not yet. I could not have an AVR and surround sound etc in my living room without it, or another form of automation. The fact the rest just works also makes for massive spouse approval. C4 are adapting. The lower cost controller for new build contractor installs for example. When / then roll out to the end user, composer home, adding cloud media sources. It seems to be their roadmap. Not sure they will ever get to that on switching out an AVR or multi room amp, but I could see straight device swaps (endpoint tvs or simple sources) on this roadmap soon.
  6. SMHarman


    This highlights the endurance of the HC800!
  7. SMHarman


    Not really
  8. SMHarman


    Ever? Since EA day one OS?
  9. SMHarman


    Yes and yes though the audio output issues discussed above (hdmi only) persist. Ea1 has historically been only able to director a one room project, a difference from the hc250 predecessor
  10. SMHarman


    It says up top this is an amazon api gap
  11. SMHarman

    Upgrade advice

    Yes and adjust the volume Its a single zone version of the 4 or 8 channel power amplifier.
  12. SMHarman

    2017 Thoughts for Control4

    Until the Internet goes down, or apple plans obsolescence.
  13. SMHarman

    Replacing old 6 button keypad with newer keypad

    C4-KC120277 is a keypad only, no dimmer.
  14. There is a page inside composer and possibly composer home on the driver that shows these.
  15. What's the internal roku channel id for this channel / app. Same for PS Vue.