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  1. So which great drivers should I be swapping out / upgrading as part of the migrate to 2.9.1 from 2.8.2, I know this gives me the three relay drivers I needed for the blinds and the new blind proxy. I also read that there is a new mockupancy driver for 2.9 Any other ones I should be thinking of trading up for?
  2. The HDMI is a digital output fromthe controller / input to the avr. Look at the audio output counts on a controller. HDMI is counted as one of the digital outputs.
  3. None you would notice feeding ceiling speakers in a non critical listening environment. But like the 320Kbps vs 192 for streaming. 192 is enough for esrbuds. Good headphones and amp may spot 192>256 but beyond is mostly inaudible
  4. @VINCELdUB did a great gob pushing through upgrades on some vintage eBay special hardware I bought recently. I now have a working and integrated IOEXTENDER. Time to get the blinds fully integrated.
  5. That's a tough one to answer, your prior owners will know better. Can you ask them. They may have some streaming apps they used embedded in the controller. They may have had a SONOS connect attached for music. They may have had a local hard disc or media stick attached to the controller. What you seem to be missing right now is something to play. Depending on how that something to play needs to be set up is where a dealer comes in. You also don't know the name of the system, or have a visual display on the system. Both will hinder a remote dealers access. A remote dealer here could tell you what media is configured and what you can add. Do you have digital media stored somewhere? ITunes MP4 won't play on the HC300. They need to be converted to Mp3 Don't underestimate how much more music may be listened to at home if you can just press a button.
  6. What puts the package on an iox. There is no USB to plug it in like an hc200
  7. The controller you have is end of life. The amp, speakers and remotes are not. The advice above to get a local dealer to hook you up with a new controller an ea3 or a 250 or 800 and connect up the music services you use or put your own music on a disc this can access will be a good investment Once that is done remote tweaks are great.
  8. Though now you are here you can work with a remote dealer. That's if you are good to figure out the physical connections.
  9. My thread hijack 200 has no project. I need it on 253 to avoid rolling back my 800 to upgrade an iox on an old version. Good point on the op. Mini app mode on all the light switches. Fun times.
  10. Yes the famous UK electronics manufacturing industry. Perhaps they could reopen the LUCAS Industries plc factories in Birmingham. Reliable auto components came churning out of there. Lucas, loose unfolded connections and splices. The patent holder for the short circuit. The inventor of the first intermittent wipers. The inventor of the self dimming headlight. Settings dim, flicker, off. Why are British cars so hard to steal. Lucas electrics. Lucas Electrical "get home before sunset"
  11. You are going to see a lot of this on imported products. If Mad May goes all WTO it will be even worse.
  12. So I have a IOEXTENDER I need to upgrade. Can't do it from my project as that project is 2.8. I have a HC200 I bought on eBay for this. It is on 1.something. Vintage UI. Need some remote support to do these upgrades.
  13. How do you upgrade a vintage controller then. USB? I have a 200 on some old 1.x OS that I need to get to 2.5.3 to the use to upgrade a IOExtender.
  14. So one item is 25% The rest are 15-18% You are missing multiplier effects. First. Your 10% is off. It's 1.45 as a rolling average in April May vs 1.24 would be q good average to take today. That's 17%. That 17 is aligned with the overall price rise for most devices. Also the pricing in the UK is shown inclusive of sales tax. 20% these days. So your 399 device is actually 332 to the vendor and 66 to the taxman. Put the 332 price up by the fx rate. 17 percent. 332 x 1.17 = 388. Add VAT at the new rate 388 x 1.2 = 466 and consider impact of future volatility in this space and you see how 499 gets selected. Not £469.