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  1. SMHarman

    Wattbox WTF

    Locally it does not need a dealer. It has a Web server interface inboard. There is also a free C4 driver. There is also OverC which allows remote client and dealer access. Tldr; yes.
  2. I just clarified my post. You don't need one specific controller per tape. The different channels on a tape could be on different drivers. So if you had 5 four channel drivers (drivers a-e) and four rgbwww tapes you could connect rgbw to driver a and ww to driver b channel 1. Tape 2 could have rgb on b2-4 and www on c1-2 and so on. Then you define the addressing on driver a as say 1-4 b as 5-8 c as 9-12 and now tape 1 is channels 1-5 tape 2 is 6-10 etc. Hope that helps clarify.
  3. You don't need a five channel controller. For four tapes, Five four channel controllers works just as well. In the programming you map the tape channels to driver channels to the control4 setup
  4. I used these in another lighting panel. https://www.enttec.com/us/products/lights/led-controller/din-led4-1000x/ In fact the transformers and drivers are in the panel.
  5. The decoder has 3 channels either RGB say 1,2,3 or you could put 3 white tapes, one on each channel. But some white tape is higher current with more LED per cm that rgb (or more on one channel) You can also have warm white / cool white tape that would take 2 channels.
  6. SMHarman

    Wattbox WTF

    A dealer, not the dealer it was purchased from. I imagine you have a contact somewhere or maybe a dealer here will help you.
  7. Your and my point still stand. Most 16A cables in a home are going to air conditioner and dryers and things, not a strip of lights.
  8. DMX is a control language and message bus. You can use it for all sorts. On off switches, motors etc, not just dimming LED.
  9. 72W at 12v is 6 A running down the cable. Put 3 on the cable and that is 18A. As you say, do it at 24v and it is now 3A and 9A. As they say. Current Kills.
  10. This, but pay attention to the current you are sending down those 12v cables. I started this route but gave up as NYC electrical code would have likely had a confused coniption fit.
  11. SMHarman

    IP controlled blu ray

    Oppo, Panasonic, Sony
  12. SMHarman

    Labeling tips

    If you don't stick them inline but wrap like a flag they work well.
  13. SMHarman

    FIOS Cable Box - Control

    That's what Tivo does in the US
  14. SMHarman

    FIOS Cable Box - Control

    So there is a non ir protocol to control the box. It depends if it is proprietary or open and if proprietary if someone wants to reverse engineer it.
  15. This works with the free C4 / formerly EV driver. The health warning that comes with is the faders etc are all driven from the HC / EA directory processor so are a little more choppy and less silky smooth.