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  1. Control4 Media Player Question

    On a Windows PC you will be able to see the controller as a device under network in file manager. The music will be on there in a media folder and you can then drag and drop to a new location. This should still work even after it is removed from the project. Dealers may have a migration tool to migrate the music and the database.
  2. 752 Internet Radio URLs

    I heart [emoji813] radio in 2.10
  3. Speakerpoints not compatible with 2.10

    Are they wired or wireless. If wired, I.e. There is a cat cable there you can balun an audio signal over from a matrix or controller on half the cat cable. Use the other half for 10/100 control and put it in local mode. This won't work on WiFi ones. As my SP is in the rack it gets an RCA from the HC no digital audio bindings and I'm on advanced audio.
  4. Where to you download 4k movies?

    Do you serve the big sign on the hill?
  5. Where to you download 4k movies?

    Your PU part of that is off. This family of 4 has a $60 plus junky fees = $100 cable plus $10 for Netflix. That cabke includes the Internet I'd still need from an ISP
  6. Lock Question for front door

    No you would not. UHPPOTE Electric Strike Fail Secure NO Mode Lock a Part For Access Control Wood Metal Door https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00V45GWTI/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_zBEdAbAC56E9X Or similar, this is a random selection from Amazon to highlight the device. This allows the door to be opened when locked. Or you use a key.
  7. Lock Question for front door

    Seems this is the fix using the relay on the doorstation2 Then the lock remains steam powered.
  8. Where to you download 4k movies?

    You should be able to get a balun to get that audio back to the rack over a spare cable.
  9. Where to you download 4k movies?

    Is the firmware update to date?
  10. Where to you download 4k movies?

    If you have a super serious HT audio as well then many highlight they don't always the best audio file, though often it gets a later update.
  11. Wattbox WTF

    Should. Your dealer should help. It cost me $20 in Ups labels. SNAP have been great about this.
  12. Wiring a new house

    It's the don't be weird. Most people want / are used to a cable box at each TV. Think like most people and you need a coax to each TV. The next owner of your home may not want an 8x8 HDBaseT video distribution system. They may just want comcast boxes.
  13. Alexa (finally) coming to Canada

    Rickyisms and $hitisms must have taken a while to program.
  14. 752 Internet Radio URLs

    2.10 has I heart [emoji813] radio which has this station.
  15. Wattbox WTF

    The WB600 has a recall on it. Snap made mine and many others 700s to fix the problem