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  1. Time Warner to Spectrum

    Or switch to tivo with the current sale and get an ip based pretty robust solution
  2. Casablanca Ceiling Fan integration

    True. I have three remote controls ripped open with cat cable wired to the 3 up down stop buttons for blinds that are being replaced by this box.
  3. Casablanca Ceiling Fan integration

    Sounds like you could have done much of that with this. Then the Multi X fan speed controller in the driver database. With Rf control the multix can sit further away, not in a wall box. Nice learning though.
  4. Thanks. It's not high on my priority list right now. The sharpie sounds like a plan to normalize light bleed though.
  5. Does not work with enntec. The free C4/EV driver runs that but fades are choppier and features are different.
  6. connect a NAS drive to control 4

    As Matt says, your NAS has a section to set up accounts and profiles. Best practice would be to create a control4 account that is read only with access the the media folders you want to share
  7. Control 4 Questions

    A lot of good stuff said already. Obsolescence? C4 light control. Everything sold still works with 2.9. Audio amps. Still work on 2.9 Controlers, 2 gens still work Touch screens 2 gens still work. The ones that don't are as old as ipad1. Remotes. Everything in the last 7 years still work. A lot of your upfront is orewire and long term hardware. A new controller infrequently, yes. Just like your dvd became a bd became a roku. Your 720 went 1080 went 4k. Upgrades don't move the dial much and if you really want to save you can buy two gen old on eBay.
  8. EA1 with an HC800

    Other way around. An HC800 won't work with an EA1 as a primary controller.
  9. Apple Watch integration

    These things never existed on UK accounts, we'll the fees. Zero interest on checking / cheque accounts existed, but not savings.
  10. Apple Watch integration

    Ah Milliways, the restaurant at the end of the universe pricing policy. Reservations are easily obtained, since they can be booked once the patron returns to his or her original time after their meal, and the restaurant's bill can be paid by depositing a penny in any bank account of the present time: by the end of the universe, the compound interest on that penny over the course of time after 170 quintillion years (short scale) will be enough to pay the extremely high bill. Near-instant transportation to the restaurant can be achieved in certain rarefied circumstances, such as being next to an exploding hyperspatial field generator on the planet where Milliways will eventually be built several billion years after the explosion occurs. Or have access to a Infinite Improbability Drive, such as The Heart of Gold.
  11. Tapatalk mis-configuration

    Hello from tapatalk. Now fixed?
  12. Multiple load switch location

    Another thought. Where you have multiple switches for the same load you can remove the slaves to reduce the wall wart count and replace with keypads for functionality
  13. Multiple load switch location

    The technical has been answered above. 1 load one device just as now. Logistically if you have 3 keypad dimmers replace the load then you can have one set up for lights the next for music and the final for other functions, hvac or something