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  1. Gen 2 ones.
  2. The programming is easy. This is where the dealer binds inputs and outputs so the system learns the path from device to endpoint.
  3. Battery went on my one. Though a pretty easy fix.
  4. When you plug something into a corporate network it comes with details of ports that need to be open and packates that need to be managed. Home devices don't as a rule. But won't work unless you set the switch up correctly. Also multicast is still.much used at home but blocked on a corporate setup, or at least managed.
  5. Sounds like your dealer ran two or more cat cable from the rack to the Tvs. So instead of using the balun in capabilities use a cat cable pair to run the ir directly from an ir output on the controller. Something like this cut in half The 3.5 mm jack in the controller to the cat cable. The other end using the cat cable by the TV. Like you had at one point in the troubke shooting
  6. The 6 buttons could be getting on for a decade already. Now considering led bulbs are sold as 23 year life expectancy I don't think these are burning out any time soon.
  7. Dune, jailbreak Amazon and Kodiak, popbox.
  8. Does it come up to a default ip that is not on your network range. For example the sainsmart ip 8 relay pack defaults to and you need to put it on a network at that to set your correct range.
  9. About a 10th of the cost of the original.
  10. So you have a second Cat cable there and a bunch o IR on the HC800. You should just switch those problem Tvs to on off and other control by IR.
  11. I'm running my system on the 24 port one. It's a boring appliance just like it should be. You don't know it's there apart from when you realize there are people complaining about switches because they keep getting in the way.
  13. What size is this old Panasonic Plasma. Likely as the above post suggests it will cost as much to retire this fully depreciated TV and replace with a new one than it will to get the tuner to integrate.
  14. Isn't the B300 one@Cyknight said was a problem matrix
  15. And the enttek ide/dmx that has a free c4 driver but choppier fades and transitions than the engineering solutions one. Both Enttek and ES are the optimal solutions