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  1. The latency of the sr250/60 to on screen display of tivo is sufficiently low that I have never had someone complain of lag.
  2. Roku Replacement ?

    Yeah the Roku Ultra. Wired Internet and optical and hdmi out
  3. HC-800 & High Res Audio

    The 800 can do that as well. Is Pandora hires?
  4. EA-3 HDMI Output

    The screen will negotiate 720 anyway.
  5. OS 2.10 Features

    Time to put my unused iox up for sale
  6. WANTED: Wireless Music Bride

    I was waiting for this. The thread title makes me giggle every time. I didn't think this site allowed brides for sale
  7. Mix C4 with Lutron Caseta

    If this is new build why not panel the lights. Motions and well placed keypads and scenes and you'll have zigbee matrix and all your circuits covered.
  8. Multi Room Audio

    There is an argument that leaving them permanently on will mean less heat cool cycle and keep them functioning longer. They are also class D amps so leaving it on is not much of a heat or current suck.
  9. Multi Room Audio

    You can 'short' the amp108 triggers so the amps are permanently on. That removes 99% of the delay. You could do that through a relay to be a little smarter so if alarm set to away the relay turns them off and if alarm off or stay then set to on but... You get the picture.
  10. Curtains/Shades..

    Backing up, how is the curtain controlled now. Does that control have remote control. Who makes it. By up down curtain do you mean a curtain. Or more a blind. Does it rolled up / down or some other up down?
  11. Auto-Wand Motorized Shades

    I've integrated the morning rising ones on amazon with the materlink box
  12. Time Warner to Spectrum

    Or switch to tivo with the current sale and get an ip based pretty robust solution
  13. Casablanca Ceiling Fan integration

    True. I have three remote controls ripped open with cat cable wired to the 3 up down stop buttons for blinds that are being replaced by this box.