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  1. My master Berto Cloud driver gives the ability to execute system commands. My systems are all UPS backed and in the event of a power cut I do gracefully shutdown the controller after X minutes depending on the runtime of the UPS. I've only started to release my drivers for public use. See https://github.com/davidmassot/Berto. Thanks David
  2. david@berto.co.uk

    Flic Buttons

    Amr, I believe Flic buttons use BLE to communicate, not sure if they are iBeacon, Eddystone or proprietary. I have just put some BLE drivers up at https://github.com/davidmassot/Berto which allow advertisements from iBeacon devices to be used in Control4. I'm using this for proximity. If Flic advertisements can be received by a standard BLE receiver eg. https://blog.aprbrother.com/product/ab-ble-gateway-4-0, then this would be relatively easy to implement. David
  3. david@berto.co.uk

    ITEAD Sonoff WiFi Wireless Smart Switch

    The DEVICE messages are those messages received from subscribed topics associated to connected drivers to the bridge ie. those with a link the the MQTT_LINK connection. I have a Sonoff _Relay and Homekit driver that talk directly to the bridge. The GENERAL messages are those that are received against topics that you specify in the Topics field on the properties page. Cheers David
  4. david@berto.co.uk

    ITEAD Sonoff WiFi Wireless Smart Switch

    Luis, See enclosed. You can use any variable by referencing the device id and the variable name. You need to upgrade the MQTTBridge driver using the Force option on the properties page. Thanks David
  5. david@berto.co.uk

    ITEAD Sonoff WiFi Wireless Smart Switch

    You can publish messages to topics from my MQTT Bridge driver. The bridge needs to be registered to your MQTT broker, I use Mosquitto on a local Raspberry Pi but any platform will do, you could use AWS IoT services but then your going out to the Internet etc. Once the bridge is setup and logged into a broker you can publish messages from programming, I have enclosed screenshots. If on the other hand you would like to write your own Control4 drivers to interface with my MQTT Bridge then I can send you a sample driver that links to the bridge. Thanks David
  6. david@berto.co.uk

    How Long Should a System Last

    If it was not plugged in to your switch previously then you must have your Control4 system connected via the RS-232 interface. I removed my RS-232 interface from the setup, plugged the NPU into my switch and then used the TCP Mbus Interface driver, modelighting_tcp_mbus.c4i, as the interface to the system. This needs to be setup properly in Composer, it actual as serial control as well as IP so it may be setup already. Your dealer should be able to advise on how this is used.
  7. david@berto.co.uk

    How Long Should a System Last

    The NPU unit is a module from Mode/eDin that allows an ethernet connection to the Mode/eDin modules. It converts IP to MBUS, http://www.modelighting.com/products/edin/modules/din-npu/. Control4 have their own badged version but it is identical. This unit gives you a web interface to allow you access to your other Mode/eDin modules so you can program the entire lighting system outside of Control4. My entire lighting system, both lights and keypads, were visible and controllable from Control4 but in the event Control4 went offline the NPU would take over.
  8. david@berto.co.uk

    How Long Should a System Last

    I had the original Mode kit, eDin Control4 etc. I've had this running on OS 2.4 without problem using the TCP MBus module, mode NPU unit, as opposed to the serial module. I used the I/O modules for momentary switches which sounds the same setup as you have along with the 8 channel dimmer modules. I can't see why there should be an issue on 2.5. Can you control your modules from the built in web interface on the Mode NPU unit? You can actually setup the control of all your lights etc. from the NPU unit via the web interface without the need for Control4 which I originally did so that in the event Control4 went down your lights would still work. The Mode kit is good and reliable so I would not rush to replace it unnecessarily.
  9. david@berto.co.uk

    Control4 and MQTT?

    Lukas, I'm just using GitHub purely to allow downloading and updating/installing the drivers rather than my own private web server. Will have a look Mi Lamp and see how easy the dimming would be to do for a new driver. Thanks David
  10. david@berto.co.uk

    ITEAD Sonoff WiFi Wireless Smart Switch

    Great. You only need to install the Berto_Clould driver from GitHub, https://raw.githubusercontent.com/davidmassot/Berto/master/c4z/Berto_Cloud.c4z. You can install the remaining drivers from the Berto Cloud properties page. I've made some updates so make sure your dealer downloads the latest one when he goes to install. Have fun.
  11. david@berto.co.uk

    Control4 and MQTT?

    I have a full MQTT driver that supports SSL. I use the driver to control Sonoff kit but also it can send and receive any MQTT messages which can be used for programming. If you would like to help me beta test then give me your email address and I will send you the drivers. Thank you David
  12. david@berto.co.uk

    2.7 Upgrade and new communication agent not working

    Just for info, another issue not related to the actual intercom. After a weeks testing I put the Intercom agent back using Composer Pro 2.6. My main issue was that the contacts on the Door Stations stopped working altogether, a real pain as this stopped several aspects of my system functioning properly. Once the Intercom agent was put back all was fine both with the contacts and the actual intercom on touchscreens themselves.
  13. david@berto.co.uk

    best way to DIY VPN

    I have a driver for 2.7 that enables openVP I have written a driver that does exactly this. It enable the master controller to become a VPN endpoint. The keys are created and packaged into a single OpenVPN bundle that can be imported into most clients, takes all the hassle out of seething up OpenVPN. I did this rather than use 4sight as it was so slow it was virtually unusable. The driver can use a subset of addresses on you local lab so it appears as your client is local or you can use an independent subnet. The only external setup required is forwarding port 1194 on your router to your master controller. The driver also supports email sending with url attachments. I am close to finishing so anyone wishing to help with beta testing is welcome, just ping me a mail.
  14. david@berto.co.uk

    Driver Bundle V2.2.0

    Been a litle busy. All drivers now updated to new c4z format and working fine. Have consolidated SMTP driver to core Central and added atrachment support. Working on some other handy bits for remote access. Will release soon.. Thanks David
  15. Mmmm , good cop out for not having docs but having been in tech dev for 20 years I can't say that documentation is my first priority! Still, reading code may be the harder way to learn but without doubt the best. Thanks Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk