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  1. Just went through the same thing... let’s just say I now have a brand new EA3 ..
  2. Create a way to toggle on & off Guest network via GUI or within C4 in wall screen or have it intergrete with Alexa
  3. well looks like a new ea3 ... upon the dealer coming over and doing a master reset showed master boot root failure. Not a happy guy right now
  4. Ohhh boy that can't be good .. it's been stable for the past 5 yrs
  5. Need some help ! I came home yesterday and my C4 system was down.. called my dealer and he had me reboot everything however the HC800 wifi light stays blinking blue and my hc300 just shows power before It use to light up power and link my hc800 runs my project dealer did network reset but it still flashes wifi and won't lock in to link any help would be grate
  6. Look man !! I was just trying to help and his problem sounded just like the same thing I went through.. that's it !
  7. Actually 4 years ago .. however I don't know what kind of controller he has
  8. I had the same problem. However the original owner was a C4 tech . He told me that some of the c4 controllers don't play nice with certain ip numbers ! So he told me to change the dhcp scope in the router to the 3rd octive must be set to 0 after I did that everything came right up ..
  9. I did the same thing when I got my house ! All we did was log into the control 4 account and change all the credentials over to my name and email and so on the only thing we left was the project name cause it would be a mess .. didn't cost a dime .. get one of the dealers on this site to log in and get you setup $1000 is nuts
  10. Also most upc have several plugs that are seurge protection only and the rest are used for backup power so just check and make sure your rack is plugged into the back up outlets not the seurge.
  11. I use a iPad mini2 with a lifeproof case and it works grate. Lifeproof also makes cases for iPhones Samsung phones and tablets just google lifeproof
  12. I'm having the sam issues would you be able to provide me with the proper firmware links and what steps I need to take to get my MB upgraded
  13. No problems at all I did read that it was more problematic with the AC Pro and the long range units !