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  1. I'm having the sam issues would you be able to provide me with the proper firmware links and what steps I need to take to get my MB upgraded
  2. No problems at all I did read that it was more problematic with the AC Pro and the long range units !
  3. I just turned off my wifi on my AirPort Extreme and just added 2 UniFi AC lite AP's and it's night and day the range and stability is insane
  4. Would that be the alexia app or the myhome app I'm sorry I'm horrible at this
  5. Can someone post the instructions on how to pair it with the MB
  6. Sure there is look above
  7. This what I did!! I went to Home Depot and purchased another remote and opened it up and then I soldered the wires from the card axis relay right to the board on the remote.. works grate and super easy
  8. In your my home app go into your advance settings and turn on the frequent IP change option .. hope that works for ya
  9. Dose it work with fire stick
  10. Hello all just have a quick question? Can I download composer HE 2.9 and run it on my system that's still on 2.8.2 my dealer said he will update my system to 2.9 as soon as he finds out what's new with the os and what equipment will work any help would be grate
  11. Absolutely not 👍🏼
  12. Mine as well works grate in fact it's faster and very responsive especially with 4sight log in
  13. So it was just posted on FB that said stay tuned for a surprise announcement this evening via live feed http://www.residentialsystems.com/blogentry/1240 let's see