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  1. T3 Touchscreen challenge WIFI

    I have a T3 on wifi, and I can see a serious connectivity improvement with the new 2.10 upgrade. Way more consistent grabbing the wifi signal and holding onto it. I had serious connectivity issues prior to the upgrade.
  2. Control4 Matrix Switches

    Im using directional key digital 50ft cables that work flawlessly passing a 4k signal. I'm very happy with them and will likely use them again.
  3. WTB: Binary 300 8x8 matrix switch

    Ok. No problem. I might have one. What are you looking to spend?
  4. WTB: Binary 300 8x8 matrix switch

    I know it's not a binary, but I've got an atlona 8x8 1080p that I'm trying to unload.
  5. Sonos still best for multi-room?

    I use sonos connect because the playlist feature through C4 app is flawless, at least in my setup. And then I use the sonos native app for all the other features. It's an extra step but for functionality it's worth it. I still use a WMB as a secondary source. I also have a fusion research dual output that works nicely. I really like the fusion research equipment. A little pricey but solid. I'm not sold on the shairbridge option.
  6. Wireless SpeakerPoints discontinued?

    It only lists the Ethernet as an buy option, but under that product it still lists the specs, which leads me to believe it is still available. I'd call your area rep for clarification
  7. Atlona 8x8 88M

    This atlona doesn't have any receivers. Just HDMI in and OUT plus digital audio out id like to get 1200 for it.
  8. Atlona 8x8 88M

    I'm looking to sell my atlona 8x8. Currently in my rack, 1080p, works flawlessly with my control4 setup. I'm upgrading to a 10x10. Little over 2 years old. I've got it listed on EBay but I'd rather move it here if possible. Let me know.
  9. WTB HDMI Matrix 4x4 or 8x8

    I'm gona sell my atlona 8x8 shortly. It's 1080p and works seemlessly with control4, model # at h2h88m. I've had it in my rack for about 2 years without issue. Shoot me a PM if you're interested
  10. EA1 with an HC800

    The 800 will remain the primary registered controller. The ea1 will be for a family room on the same network. I just wanted to make sure the ea1 would operate on the network and piggy back off the 800
  11. EA1 with an HC800

    Awesome. Thanks for the info guys.
  12. Quick question, I have an EA1 that I was gona utilize in my basement family room and was told by a friend that an EA1 would not work with an HC800 as my primary controller. Is that true? I havent tried to incorporate it yet, nor have I done a lot of research on the topic. Just figured I'd throw it out there and see what you guys know about the topic. If it's been asked before I apologize, I did a search and didn't find anything.
  13. Different music in each zone

    Take a look at fusion research. The duet has two streams and there is a 3 stream option as well.