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  1. chiAVguy

    Fan control

    I’d like to do something different. I have a Hampton bay ceiling fan with remote control. I’d like to hardwire the fan to always be “on”. Because the only way to control the fan and light is via a remote. Right now I use a regular C4 switch to turn the power on and off. I’d like to employ the driver that allows the weird hex codes to be captured and to work. I think it’s through chow or cinegration. I forget. It’s a generic fan control driver. I’d also like to just use a regular keypad to control the fan remote control functions (light, slow, med, fast) by programming each button to follow that command. I even have a extra z2ir adapter set up to send the commands to the fan if need be. Any feedback would be appreciated.
  2. chiAVguy

    Apple TV OS 12

    The C4 driver I use for the 4K Apple tv’s I have works without issue. What issues exist and or enhancements would be better?
  3. chiAVguy

    IP Scan

    I use the app net analyzer on both my iPhone and note5 for scanning my network for IP addresses. Newer iOS has severely restricted Mac addresses so it works better on droid
  4. chiAVguy

    Outdoor remote options

  5. chiAVguy

    Outdoor remote options

    This is what it looks like. I ordered the stainless steel back drop for asthetic purposes. But fits a 250/260perfectly.
  6. chiAVguy

    Sonos playbar BNIB

  7. chiAVguy

    Sonos playbar BNIB

    I’m good. Thx though. Just sold it on eBay for what I listed it here.
  8. chiAVguy

    Sonos playbar BNIB

    I’ve got a playbar that a client changed their mind on. Just want to recoup most of what it cost me. $550 shipped. It’s still in the shipping box from the distributor. Let me know. I’ll slap a new label on it and get it out right away.
  9. My bad. Was referencing the 4k models. Keep an eye on massdrop, the just offered the ubp ux80 which is essentially the same as the 800 for 129. Great price for a well built machine.
  10. The Sony IP free driver works on the 80/800 and 1000. I’m sure on the 700 too.
  11. The atlona EVSP4K12 was $90
  12. I was gona suggest a vanco I picked up at ADI. Works great
  13. What he said. Had the same issue. Forgot I was using old software. Getting old sucks.
  14. I’m venturing into utilizing the RVU on my Sony Directv ready televisions. Just added an HR54 to my complement of Directv boxes. I currently utilize the IP control capabilities on the TV’s, in order to utilize the RVU I have to disconnect the Cat6 line from the switch and plug it into the DECA adapter. Will I be able use the WIFI ip control with a Cat6 line plugged into the jack or will I have to use a z2ir or an other IR based application? Not sure if the TV will be confused. Any help would be appreciated.
  15. chiAVguy

    FS: Various Gen2 Lighting, all new

    I’ve messaged him directly about 4 times with no response