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  1. I’ve used a crestron iPad wall mount for an iPad Air, it has poe power built in. Works awesome. Now sure if they make a wall mount for a mini but I’m pretty sure they make a table top kit for a mini. eBay has them all the time.
  2. You might just have to re enter the ip in the settings. That’s happened to me when I got a new phone and iPad. I Just deleted it and added it again fresh and it was good to go. Try re entering it and if not delete and re install
  3. Driver for Sony UBP-X800 ...?

    I use this generic Sony IP driver for my 800 and it seems to work ok
  4. 3x white Fan controller For sale

    They are sold.
  5. 3x white Fan controller For sale

    I'm just using a standard C4 switch on the fans and manually changing speeds but I keep the light on at all times with the pull chain, so I can control the that through my system.
  6. 3x white Fan controller For sale

    Trust me, I wish it were that simple in my situation . The wiring is messed up and these will not work.
  7. I’ve got 3 fan controllers new in box. Was gona use them in my house then but realized the fans are too old to properly integrate into my system. I’d prefer to sell as a lot. All 3 for $400. I prefer PayPal. I’ll cover shipping via Fedex. Shoot me a message if interested.
  8. Routers

    My luxul xbr 4400 appears to have the same issue. When I use net analyzer on my portable devices I see the devices in IP address order.
  9. Apple Music

    Apple Music works just fine though my connect. I can access the playlists on my touchscreens or as soon as I enable the input to reflect the sonos device in the listen feature I switch over to my sonos app on my iPad or iPhone and boom, perfect Apple Music interface. It’s one extra step but I find it to be very worthwhile
  10. Video matrix

    I don’t know anything about the hdanywhere matrix, but I have a LU1082 and I love it. I had an atlona 8x8 that was great but the 1082 is stellar.
  11. New Apple 4K TV

    I used the same ip driver for my existing ATV 3 and it works fine. You’ll just have to make sure you set the IP to static and re pair the remote using the action button.
  12. T3 Touchscreen challenge WIFI

    I have a T3 on wifi, and I can see a serious connectivity improvement with the new 2.10 upgrade. Way more consistent grabbing the wifi signal and holding onto it. I had serious connectivity issues prior to the upgrade.
  13. Control4 Matrix Switches

    Im using directional key digital 50ft cables that work flawlessly passing a 4k signal. I'm very happy with them and will likely use them again.
  14. WTB: Binary 300 8x8 matrix switch

    Ok. No problem. I might have one. What are you looking to spend?
  15. WTB: Binary 300 8x8 matrix switch

    I know it's not a binary, but I've got an atlona 8x8 1080p that I'm trying to unload.