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  1. Take a look at fusion research. The duet has two streams and there is a 3 stream option as well.
  2. It's ir. I'm using a z2ir adapter. I'm gonna play around with the ir placement next time I get it off the wall. There is no network jack nor a serial port (I don't think).
  3. I haven't done that yet. Was hoping to avoid it but I think I'll have to.
  4. I've got the options for streaming my sources through my C4 amps, while watching the same source on the TV and have 5 zones of audio in my yard that create a virtual surround in the yard, when I use the speakers in my yard. I even have the 2 channel stereo output of the tv into my audio matrix. I just like to use the standard audio out of the tv speakers, which actually doesn't sound bad, while I've got music going in the other zones. And It's more for my wife and kids to use as well. They aren't in tune with all the options that are available through C4. I like to employ the KISS method for them. I use the advanced for myself.
  5. Anyone here incorporate a sunbrite TV into a project and the tv volume is difficult to control via the remote and completely unable to control via the app? Tv turns on fine, switches between sources flawlessly but in order to control the volume via a sr250, you have to press down really hard. I tried a couple of remotes to isolate the issue but all remotes had the same issue. I even tried switching drivers via the express app and composer to no avail. I haven't tried creating a driver yet, to see if TV volume could be an issue with the driver, that's my last resort.
  6. I have all luxul network products and I have to say I am extremely happy with their wifi distribution. So much so I have installed them at friends and families homes.
  7. try here
  9. Any luck on that channel master ir driver? Just installed a channel master (cm7400) unit with a projector and tried to create a driver but it gave me funny codes when trying to read the remote.
  10. I like the Sony driver so much I've added 4 Sony 4k TVs to my house, swapping out older Tvs. The ip driver is great. No issues at all.
  11. If you have any of the newer Sony 4K Tvs you can have an automatic option on a C4 (250/260/app) remote to go right into Netflix off the tv apps. I use it for the uhd stuff, otherwise I just use the Apple TV interface.
  12. That's good to know. The extra dough does appear to be worth it. Thanks for that tip CY
  13. Thanks for the tips. Currently I'm running analog audio outputs from all my listen to sources (multiple directv boxes, hc800, sonos connect, wmb, Apple TV by way of a DAC, 400 blu ray, Panasonic 4k, and a few others) into my 16x16 audio matrix. I would only be using the audio output features on the hdmi 10x10 for the surround setups, and maybe my Sony 4k media player as it doesn't have analog output. I'd also be able to get rid of the DAC for the Apple TVs now that I think about it. I'd like to avoid the ARC and optical outputs from the TV directly into my AVR's, so I'm not limited to a less than desirable surround package. Please correct me if I'm wrong, but it's my belief that at most 5.1 is what I would typically get from arc and the optical out? If I can save a few bucks on the non D version I will. But if it's maximizes by surround experience then I'll pull the trigger.
  14. I'm in the market to upgrade my current atlona 8x8 hdmi matrix to the C4/Leaf 10x10 for 4k source distribution. I'm torn between the two options. As I'm running two surround setups, would I benefit from the "D" version with audio Downmixing? I'd like to utilize the native soundtracks for the best reproduction of audio in my two tv areas. One surround setup is 7.2 the other I'm currently running 9.2 and will eventually become 7.2.4. with a planned remodel. Any input is appreciated. I don't want to screw this up.