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  1. I use it all the time for sound from TV. works.
  2. thanks, I got a lot of information.
  3. ARC? it is good option for home theater with proper receiver. but here you need stereo output for C4 amp. it can be done, but I don't think it is good choice in your case.
  4. do it, should work well, but be careful with choosing video matrix. by a way some video matrix have audio matrix build in (LEAF one)
  5. Wow. cool but sorry, I won't go with it. It can be: faulty optic cable (got it few times), during installation the connector can be damaged (how can you fix it?), anyways you need DAC for signal conversion.
  6. So you plan to use "smart TV" and want to have sound from TV over C4. Check TV's outputs. They might have optic or regular RCA stereo outputs. if there are regular stereo outputs you can use just 2 coax cables or 1 cat5 with audio balun. in case of any digital output (optic or coax) you need DAC and again you can use 2 coax or 1 cat5/6 with balun. In both cases you can get slightly noticeable sound delay ( with DAC a bit bigger), so tv sound must be off . 2 RCAs - cheaper option. Do you have all your sources in the rack or they all local? how many tvs do you have? to have sound over C4 you need C4 remote for each TV. If you have a lot of tvs, check you zigbee mesh.
  7. ok, what can you recommend to use, Echo or Echo Dot? I think I'll use Epic driver.
  8. ok, what can you recommend to use, Echo or Echo Dot?
  9. Hi, so it works. sorry what driver did you use? ? Thanks.
  10. Wow. It is confusing...... So I can't integrate Alexa in Canada yet? I can integrate but not officially? I can integrate with 3rd part driver with out 4sign?
  11. just in case, don't you need static public IP to make system working stable? Im not sure, just asking.
  12. I do it almost for every project. you can do custom button for each remote and apply for each room or you can do scroll menu with buttons and make it visible in every room. some small problem, you can do only 6 buttons (6 remotes attached) for one scroll down menu.
  13. O, I saw the driver at
  14. interesting, I'm glad I asked... What driver? Is there some another way to integrate it?
  15. Ok, thanks, will take a look.