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  1. vitali

    shaw bluesky tv

    it is what I did. , will be careful and say , it works so far with 4k portal and gatyeway. hm there is a new 4k ??? I didn't know, so far I saw just regular blusky TV and 4k blusky tv, didn't know there is another newer 4k model, not surprised, they change equipment very fast.will see.... But anyways thanks for help!
  2. vitali

    shaw bluesky tv

    doesn't matter. Got faulty IR emitter. So far works with paired remote, with out remote even upside down :). lets see how does it work. it was slightly challenging to find IR receiver on portal (talking about 4K only!!!). it is on top, opposite side of LED, and it is very sensitive.
  3. vitali

    shaw bluesky tv

    Hm, I made it working with blusky, no problems, now..... another client installed blusky 4K..... gateway works, portal... didn't get it working.
  4. vitali

    shaw bluesky tv

    It works, it works with gateway it self, it works with portals (checked and confirmed). Got system with with one Gateway and one portal, both work with same ir driver. spent 20 sec to find ir receiver on portal, it is in the area with LED, close to bottom. Portal, i mean small dark box about apple tv size.
  5. vitali

    Bad Sound

    2.8.2 both stereo outputs
  6. Hi everyone. got an issue with sound. There is a hc-800, matrix and power amp in system, sound works really weird. got all working good after installation, doorbell, all tunein stations, shairbridge. but, client called ones and told there is no doorbell, I came.... it worked but so quiet.... said "arbra cadabra", adjusted volume. got working..... got another call, doorbell is too loud. so, adjusted again.... got another call, sound is to quiet. So, sound with same presets sometimes is loud, sometimes is quiet. have never seen that issue. hardware problems?
  7. there is DAC (digital to Analog converter), one side connected to TV's audio output, second goes to matrix. have done it few times. don't buy very cheap DAC- will work not for long time, sound might be bad or very expensive one as well.
  8. Hi, got system with Door station 2 and 2 infinity touchscreens. Didn't get all stuff working for 100%. For some reason there is no sound coming from door station to touchscreens if I press call button. but I can hear sound at doorstation from touchscreen. If I call from touchscreen to doorstation, there is sound!!!
  9. vitali


    No. it wasn't a problem. I did it as few firs steps. nothing helped, needed to do factory reset.
  10. hi, did anybody have Samsung " The Frame" in project? How can I make it going to "Art" mode with C4? Might be it has some IR codes so I can make my own driver (I got ip driver only, cant customize it) Thanks.
  11. vitali


    Hi. Found the problem!!!!!. Needed to do factory reset to my controller after all. did it, uploaded project back, got stuff working. something went wrong with controller!!! Never thought about that. 4sign connected devices worked good, but anyways... it works now.
  12. Found on amazon device for 15 $
  13. Converter I will keep in near by TV (1 feet optic cable) from TV there is a RG-6 ( about 20 feet) goes to the rack room, I did long ran coax audio cables before, 20 feet should work. just have concerns about converter. Thanks.
  14. Hi, got client he changed TV. Tv in first floor and all equipment in rack room in basement. Before his tv was connected with regular RCA to Cat-5 balun. New tv doesn't have analog audio output, Any not expensive Optical SPDIF Audio Extender Over CAT5/CAT6 or might be Optical SPDIF to coax converter? Thanks
  15. vitali


    I can't link accounts, I have 4sign licenses activated, alexa working, at the moment I'm trying to activate connection it C4 account with Amazon it shows status "We were unable to link Control4 at this time." No a router issue, I didn't get to router yet, can't link accounts, so assume nobody had that problem yet. it is step 6 it manual here. doesn't go. https://www.control4.com/docs/product/alexa/frequently-asked-questions/english/latest/alexa-frequently-asked-questions-rev-e.pdf