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  1. C4 2.10

    Why do you want to have 2.10? is anything wrong with your current OS?
  2. Overlap garage doors

    you do not control door, you control motor. what kind of motor do you have? if you can have any motor controlled by relay, so go ahead, no problems, connect it to controller or "garage kit" it will work. If you use masterlisf (might be it only me) I got issue with driver, it needs to be updated, rebooted, redone, etc. but as I told might be it only me
  3. sorry, found just old 2.10, nothing new....
  4. I have no idea, at the moment tech support guy told me that stuff I decided do not play with it and do not spend time on it.
  5. I just finished pretty big project.. wanted to have "spotify" and stuff... system has 2.9.1, I called tech support and asked about known issues and I was told 1. announcement might stop working ( I have 2 doorstations) 2. lighting scenes issues So I left system with 2.9.1. At least it works stable
  6. Lutron Default Login

    did it, as well updated C4 driver so now I have repeater version 27 and dimmer version 24, I haven't done lutron integration for long time (we used C4 equipment) so don't exactly remember what is going on with that stuff, as I remember C4 didn't followed scenes status, but loads status... it is new for me.
  7. Lutron Default Login

    hi again, got issue with Radio Ra2. for some reason control4 doesn't follow current Lutron Dimmer status. I mean, if I turn on Lutron lights by pressing on dimmer button I can't see any changes in C4 and can't make any scene based on following dimmer status.
  8. Hi, I'm going to integrate C4 and Lutron Radio Ra2. What is default loging info? lutron/lutron? I found some another stuff lutron/integration.
  9. EA5 dead

    I saw few dead from box devices: TV's, routers, switches, NVRs/DVRs, EA-1. C4 does pretty good stuff, you got bad device (one of 10000) they will replace it.
  10. might be, I saw all 4 issues in the past
  11. options to check: 1. ip issue (ip conflict. your C4 amp has same ip with something else), do ip scan, find amp, disconnect from network and scan again, check the Amps ip, is it free? 2. bad cable between EA-3 and C4 amp 3. bad connection between network switch and C4 amp 4. EA-3 troubles.- you need dealer to fix it ( might require factory reset and etc)
  12. wow, it changed dimming phase (saw it few times) don't know way it happens. reboot.
  13. check frame rate, I think it needs to be 15. does your HIK app work?
  14. bad news, you need new (different) controller. Good news, EA-5 is away better than HC-800