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  1. dimmers- attention on load, type ( dimmable ) and power (600w, 300w, etc.), don't over complicate keypads and dimmers with double and triple clicking on the button and programming (avoid if you can) don't promise anything new (you do it first time) before you try and don't show anything new working before you try (5 time with different conditions ) no assumptions with new stuff. try before you talk. or ask here. solid network, no "oh I have a good router and switch, just make it working" - it might be good, just check i any integration with security, cameras,heating/cooling? good luck
  2. NO< NO< NO. you can use a kit for keypad. we did it few times, house was pre wired for another system and our sales person took it over, so we used adapter, one adapter can be used for 5 keypads (not sure, last time did it few years ago)
  3. 1. Cool HVAC guy. 2. first few days thermostats can work because they have back up batteries. 3. You got installed old model thermostat (not better, not worst, just old) new ones can run on back up batteries away longer, I was told half an year or more 4. there is a "power stilling mode" but it needs to be checked, because it is not only switch position changing. might be a bit complicated solution (I have no idea about your system, just saying) 5. You need to check your wiring, if you have 3 wires coming you can make it working in regular mode, if not, so: a. few times we got issue solved by using remote sensors (needs 2 wires) connected instead old thermostat, and thermostats we placed in mechanical room near by controllers, so it was easy to rewire. b. can enable power stilling mode, you need to review it with HVAC guy, but as I can see he doesn't know a lot.
  4. upgraded driver to 8.1.3, os to 2.8.2, forced to stop in programming.
  5. sonos driver I think 8.0.6 or 8.1.3 yes, sonos are endpoints yes, auto power" "What is Sonos on room off in driver set to?" dont remember, will check.
  6. Hi, got issue with announcement. I have old doorstation, old touchscreen and sonos system (7 sonos connect amps) If anybody pushes button, sonos suppose to play some Wav. or mp3 file. It works, but sometimes sound goes to endless loop, ding dong for few hours. I tried to solve it, it started to work ok, but issue came back later. Any ideas?
  7. 1. your dealer might don't know about that issue. HC-300 we stopped installing about 5 years ago 2. might be he thought it will be better to replace it because of some another reason. 3. About invoice, after all we all work to make some money, after all the guy pays money for C4 licenses to get access to even "free" power supply. So I think you might be charged.