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  1. post picture.
  2. Oh, Im so sorry I didn't read ALL your posts, whatever.
  3. Try it.
  4. DSC Neo zone reversed

    exactly, that code everybody knows. usually it changed to 1111 and it is a big secret. security companies change that code. I do NEO installations, I never leave it 5555, I so might be few times installed systems with default code.
  5. EA1 with an HC800

    Ea-1 can't work as primary controller at all. not only with hc-800. but was it a question?
  6. DSC Neo zone reversed

    Do you know Master Installer code??? or do you know way to do anything without it? can you let me know how?
  7. DSC Neo zone reversed

    Is he security tech.? why should he touch wiring? He can do it if he want's to pay for security tech. visit. First confirm your Neo works ok, if it is not, call security company (you can't do it, you need installer code to log in, don't try, system can be monitored) if Neo works well.... call C4 tech support, I didn't do Neo and C4 integration, but I know it suppose to be connected to PC-Link 2, some firmware issue can be as well, call C4 tech support after you confirm Neo works good.
  8. I stopped doing "cool ip drivers" for that reason, if client lives far, no IP drivers, IR or serial will work after network,factory or whatever reset. As well, if I do C4 control, I disable all HDMI options (no ARC, no power, no whatever smart control) C4 controls everything, no helpers needed. In case there is no any controller on top, all those option pretty nice to have.