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  1. vitali

    shaw bluesky tv

    Sorry, what IR driver did you use for blusky? just regular one????
  2. vitali


    Hi, I got Amazon Echo dot, tried to connect to C4. got message "unable to do it now pls try later", keep getting for 2 days I got lutron connected and sonos working, no problems, what is going on with C4??? just got 4sign licenses and can't make it working, any thoughts?
  3. vitali


    Hi, got an issue with DS 2. HC-800 runs 2.9.1. Luxul xbr4400, Buffalo gigabit switch.There are 4 infinity 7" touchscreens. there is a video coming from doorstation to touch screens, but no audio. But audio is coming to doorstation from any touchscreen. one way audio communication. C4 tech support wasn't able to help factory reset, update driver, move close to controller (interesting solution for doorstation, it is per definition should be far from switch/router), 1 hour o the phone. no result, but..... if I call from any touchscreen to doorstation there is a sound !!!! I did RMA, but I suspect there is a another issue here.
  4. Hi, does any body know anything about bluesky tv (belongs to shaw services in Canada) does it work with C4? ir driver? Thanks.
  5. vitali

    Video Distribution in new house

    all good. why do you need matrix? how many users do you have at you home? Matrix good solution if you have few sources and want to see them in different areas, but what about other users. they can't change channel on " the cable box" cause it is in use now by somebody else and etc. why don't you install just individual sources for each TV. it will be 1. cheaper 2. more stable 3. tomorrow we are going to get 7k 3D and bla bla bla whatever sources... what are you going to do you your matrix? just my thoughts....
  6. vitali

    neo smart blinds

    Yep, I got driver and instructions. Something didn't work properly
  7. vitali

    neo smart blinds

    Let me figure out how it works with C4 first.
  8. vitali

    neo smart blinds

    Sorry, don't understand the question. Im installer. wasn't able to make it working with C4, so Im wandering if anybody worked with that stuff and might be to go through, might be I missed something...
  9. vitali

    neo smart blinds

    yep, I got it, installed and all works with smartphones and tablets, can't make it working with C4....
  10. Hi everybody. Does anybody have an experience with "neo smart blinds" Can't make it working with Control4.... I made it working with smartphone app, but can't connect to C4.
  11. vitali

    4sight log in

    it worked!!! thanks!!!
  12. vitali

    4sight log in

    Thanks, will do it.
  13. vitali

    4sight log in

    nop, have never done it before...
  14. Hi everybody. Got an issue with 4sight log in. Client has Samsung 7. C4 app works on WiFi, doesn't work on LTE. My iPhone works, he's wife iPhone - no problems. only his Samsung has an issue. I deleted app, rebooted Smartphone, wiped dust, said abra cadabra, called C4 tech support. didn't help. Any thoughts? Thanks.