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  1. oh. thanks, I think I just missed it, good to know it is exist. Thanks.
  2. tried fusion today, I think "old sonos" worked better. might be I just used to. I didn't find any "Airplay" or "DLNA" or " play from my phone" option, what if I want to play music from my phone? I think to review " Heos" does it work better? any thoughts? thanks.
  3. thanks
  4. Hi, what driver did you use for making Duet working?
  5. Did it, system didn't work, needed to delete old MyQ driver from C4 drivers, download new one, reconnect, got it working.
  6. Hi, since sonos did huge improvement and stopped working with C4 properly we want to move to Fusion. I wanted to get some feedback. 1. how does it work with music services (spotify, amazone, google, etc.) 2. is user interface friendly? Thanks.
  7. Really??? a lot of gates have options for "open", "close", "stay open"
  8. will check something from Amazon.
  9. nop, there is some issue, I need IR controlled relay, it should work with C4 and regular remote. (long story)
  10. Sorry, I see everybody knows what are you talking about, I missed it. CA- what is it?
  11. Thank, will take a look
  12. Hi, got some small issue, looking for solution. Did anybody used IR controlled relay, if yes, what brand ? I saw a lot on internet ("Amazon", "ebay", etc.) but wanted to have some feedback. Thanks
  13. nexus21- works very well
  14. you have 2 way to connect hik. 1. connect all cameras to PoE switch 2. add Hik cameras driver 3. read documents attached and make it working All checked - all works. another way (didn't try, but told it works) 1. download HIK NVR/DVR driver 2. read documents attached 3. make it working
  15. What do you mean "you can't see the motion events" ? you can see all on smart phone app. no problem. download HIK vision app, log in and no problem, local access, remote access to NVR, all records. No problems.