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  1. thanks. I see problem solved.
  2. Hi, thanks for answers. but my main issue (question), is there any option for playlist management in new 2.9.1 os? can client delete or edit playlist without HE composer? BTW Media edition, is it for free or client needs licenses?
  3. Hi, for long time didn't install any network file storage, as I remember from my last installation it had a problems with playlists, I was able to make playlist, but can't delete or edit without Composer home addition. Does anybody know about any changes? any new driver? Thanks.
  4. that one I need for sure (relay one). Can you send it to Canada? If yes, pls let me know how much the shipping. Thanks.
  5. Hi, sorry was busy, I found keypad for me, thanks.
  6. yep, I would like one. how much is it?
  7. Thanks for answer, Just in case, what real benefits can I have with it? Remote access to Waps?
  8. How does it work??? I have installed one EdgeRouter Lite with few Waps. do I need to have some another equipment for cloud services?
  9. Hi, I need keypad. How much is it?
  10. did you sell the keypad? I need one.
  11. Hi, we try to use new network equipment. Does anybody know anything about EdgeRouter Lite? Anything good or bad about it? Any tips? It looks tiny if I compare it with Luxul routers, but.... EA-3 is away smaller than HC-300..... so, what do you guys think?
  12. thanks, will check it
  13. Hi guy's, does anybody know the way I can print list of equipment or might be some wiring diagram based on information from composer. I finished some big project and want to create some file with connections and equipment we installed there. Thanks.
  14. I can say, almost everything works well if you know what are you doing