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  1. Just in case, where is a driver???
  2. Hi, just saw C4 has driver for Helios intercom..... It looks exactly like DS2... What kind of differences do they have? C4 integration level?
  3. vitali

    Intercom "Station Offline"

    Step #1 Rid off from dealer who can't tone CAT5/6 cable and instead toning changing doorstations. Step #2 find dealer near by who can SWolution 1 1. find 2 good pairs in cable (color doesn't meter) just any. 2. make them network pair 3. install PoE near doorstation and and use damaged cable for lan (2 good pairs) and some short cable goes directly from PoE to doorstation. Solution #2 1. find 2 good pairs in cable (color doesn't meter) just any. 2. make them network pair 3. damaged pairs can be used for providing 12/15 volt just from regular power supply. It will work. Solution #3 Use "doorbird" it will work only with 2 good pairs (network and power over 2 pairs only) Im sure I can make it working with out "big damages" around
  4. vitali

    Sonos Connect and C4AMP1-B

    It will make mess with control. you need to lock sonos volume or disconnect C4 amp and use sonos amp.
  5. vitali

    Doorstation @

    2.9.1 and 2.10.+ not an issue, the issue, old TS doesn't work with DS2 properly (system run 2.9.1 with hc800)
  6. vitali

    Alexa Settings?

    Just made Alexa opening my garage door from my phone, on 4G. a bit awkward, but works!
  7. vitali

    Doorstation @

    Nop, Im not looking for new screen, I installed doorstation2 with system with 5 touchscreens. Talked to c4 tech support 20 times (no kidding, might be more) everybody told " NP, will work, I have it at home/in front of me/ on next table/saw it working/etc." (no kidding again), so.... I installed. Guess what..... IT DOESN'T WORK !!!!!
  8. vitali

    Doorstation @

    Found, old touchscreens do not work with new doorstations.
  9. vitali

    HC-250 Red Flashing Wifi

    Hi, what do you mean "long enough"? how it works, what should I do/see? it will be awesome to get it working...
  10. it is easier to make it working with Power and it-100 as well as I mentioned we install alarm.com, so it is impossible to have both systems with NEO (both use PC-link 2 for connection) With power you use keybus. for both connections, I found (it is my opinion only) it is slightly easier to work with.
  11. vitali

    Ubiquity Waps

    Thanks for answer. So it that easy???? I just need to have back up file??? ok will try it. Thanks
  12. Hi, got some issue with Ubiquity WAPs. We have some projects we used ubiquity waps AC-Pro, I have controller installed on my comp. How some another tech with different computer can access system and how can he do any changes with out factory resetting all waps??? I tried to contact Ubiquity tech support, WOW they have worst tech support I ever seen. During C4 integrations I used contact different tech supports, to make stuff working with C4, usually they helpful, Ubiquity- hopeless.
  13. we do DSC power with C4. easy integration. Not Neo, but power, for few reasons. We as well install Alarm.com, so neo can't work with both (C4 and ADC) power works very well and some additional stuff, but that is main reason.
  14. vitali

    HC-250 Red Flashing Wifi

    got same issue, I assume it is toasted. was advised by C4 tech support to read KB about USB NAND Recovery Process. Didnt work.
  15. vitali

    Sound delay

    Hm, Will try it next time. thank you.