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  1. neo smart blinds

    Let me figure out how it works with C4 first.
  2. neo smart blinds

    Sorry, don't understand the question. Im installer. wasn't able to make it working with C4, so Im wandering if anybody worked with that stuff and might be to go through, might be I missed something...
  3. neo smart blinds

    yep, I got it, installed and all works with smartphones and tablets, can't make it working with C4....
  4. Hi everybody. Does anybody have an experience with "neo smart blinds" Can't make it working with Control4.... I made it working with smartphone app, but can't connect to C4.
  5. 4sight log in

    it worked!!! thanks!!!
  6. 4sight log in

    Thanks, will do it.
  7. 4sight log in

    nop, have never done it before...
  8. Hi everybody. Got an issue with 4sight log in. Client has Samsung 7. C4 app works on WiFi, doesn't work on LTE. My iPhone works, he's wife iPhone - no problems. only his Samsung has an issue. I deleted app, rebooted Smartphone, wiped dust, said abra cadabra, called C4 tech support. didn't help. Any thoughts? Thanks.
  9. New Control4 Controller Soon?

    just in case, might be I missed something, but there is no serial input, so not all security systems can be connected (it100 - rs232), so it is mostly lights and blinds? or wired zigbee extender? might be zwave with usb dongle? no relays as well?
  10. os upgrading

    Thanks, I just remember I got some issues with updates from something to something Might be it was 2.2.1 or earlier, just wanted to confirm.
  11. os upgrading

    Hi, haven't done it for long time... If I have current os 2.5.0 and want to upgrade it to 2.9.1 or 2.10 do I need to do some additional steps or just log into the system with running 2.5.0 with 2.9.1 composer and upgrade it?
  12. you can use c4 thermostat with sensor, thermostat can be installed in Mec. Room and using 2 wires from previous thermostat just connect sensor.
  13. Shairbridge trouble

    Hi, usually it happens if you have device that already connected to Shairbridge. I mean you have 2 iPhones and got connected iPhone 1,now with out disconnecting iPhone 1 you are trying to connect iPhone 2. I saw it many times in houses with few kids, they never disconnect their devices and don't remember who played last and ....... Usually if you can find connected device and disconnect it, or just reboot MAIN controller, it should help, but it helps only ones, it can happen again and again. For those cases I make custom button "Reboot Controller" so nobody needs to go and to play with power cables. If it is not an issue..... you need to talk to your dealer.