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  1. did it. works, won't do it again, too much customizing if client wants to change anything.
  2. Have some issues with "free" drivers and etc. Hi, it is only my opinion. stuff always changes, any of IP controlled devices can get new software, firmware, whateverware update and changes (Sonos, MyQ, etc.) and will stop working. in that case dealer needs to deal with happy clients ( only few in good case, or it can be 20-50 ). So, all those drivers good to have on my own backyard with free provided equipment. might be Im wrong.
  3. worked with masterlift. App works good. chamberlain stuff works well. I tried ( I'm happy just ones) Houselogix driver. Client called me every few month, it stoped working. whatever reasons (excuses up to me) new API, new software, new driver, bad wifi, wrong weather.... took off everything , connected zigbee relays, all good. No MyQ integrations anymore (unless it is in my home and I don't mind to refresh, reset, redo it every few month) just in case, does anybody have good and working stable for a while MyQ with Houselogix driver?
  4. EA3 primary with HC800 secondary

    why not? it should work. I think it should work in other way. HC800 is primary, but if it is just old one go ahead, no problems.
  5. IP Cameras - best integration

    In Canada? Where exactly in Canada? we buy them in TRI-ED, ADI, JET-View, in Canada, BC, Vancouver.
  6. there are a lots of reasons but first stuff I would check 1. Check TV driver. It might use on/off "macros" with empty "off", it might be use or you have no ir code for "power off" 2. for wap, check your cable. for gigabit connection system uses 4 pairs of wires, for regular just 2 pairs, if you have damaged cable or connector it can be an issue.
  7. DSC neo

    You need to download newer version from DSC site.
  8. Switching channels on two TVs

    I did it few times with custom button and macro (didn't use fake room, but nice idea), not complicated, just some work around driver for projector By a way how do you control projector? IR, IP or RS232? and in case you use tv, do you want to use tv's speakers or home theater? if you still need it I can send you some explanations.
  9. post picture.
  10. Oh, Im so sorry I didn't read ALL your posts, whatever.
  11. Try it.