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  1. FS: Apple AirPort Extreme 6th Gen

  2. FS: Apple TV v3

  3. New Apple 4K TV

    You probably need to go in and re-pair the remote on each ATV.
  4. FS: Apple TV v3

    Apple TV v3 - Good Condition - Includes ATV, remote, and new power cable $25 shipped to US
  5. New Apple 4K TV

    I'm using my existing IR driver with the new ATV 4K and it seems to be working fine other than the IR had to be place a little further to the left.
  6. FS: Apple AirPort Extreme 6th Gen

    Apple AirPort Extreme 6th Gen (ME918LL/A) -Good Condition. A few nicks in the white plastic but doesn't effect function. -Includes Airport and power cord only -$50 shipped to US
  7. FS: Apple Airport Extreme's 802.11n

    $20 Shipped!
  8. Apple iPad Pro 9.7", WiFi + cellular 128GB, Space Gray

    $550 Shipped!
  9. HC-250 POE

    Can you power the HC-250 with a POE inserter? I have a 250 but can't find the power cord and thought this might be a quick solution.
  10. Samsung UN24H4000 IR Driver

    I'm pretty sure it's not the IR placement because the TV is actually getting a signal. It just says Not Available no matter what signal you send it. Have also moved the IR multiple times and got the same result. Pick up the factory remote and it responds just fine.
  11. Samsung UN24H4000 IR Driver

    And yes tried the exact driver and it didn't work.
  12. Samsung UN24H4000 IR Driver

    Yes the model i typed is correct. The link was showing the tv on Amazon but I guess it sold out and is now pointing to a different model.
  13. Samsung UN24H4000 IR Driver

    This is a 2013 model. It's getting the commands it just doesn't like them. Any of them. It's hooked to a matrix so it doesn't need anything but power on and off and even that is proving difficult with a custom driver.