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  1. $20 SHIPPED!
  2. $25 Shipped!
  3. SOLD! Thanks Ziba Ji!
  4. I apologize I'm just seeing this. Unfortunately I do not have the receipt as I got his in a trade for some stuff. It is still sealed int he box however. Feel free to PM with an offer.
  5. Lowered Again! $25 Shipped!
  6. Price Lowered Again! $30 Shipped!
  7. Price lowered to $160 shipped!
  8. Price lowered to $30 Shipped!
  9. Price lowered to $35 Shipped!
  10. I was just seeing if anyone here had any experience with this camera system from Lorex - Or even any of their similar systems?
  11. Apple Airport Extreme's 802.11n - Model A1408 (5th generation) - Great condition - Includes base station, power supply, and power cord PRICE LOWERED $25 shipped to US. Will ship International for cost.
  12. Would this still tie up resources on the controller when other devices use the music?
  13. Honestly not much space but I know most storage is going to be 1GB+. I know you can do the thumb drive and access it but I also want other devices to be able to access the music as well. This isn't for me as I'm using a Synology myself. I just didn't know if anyone was using one of the more inexpensive NAS setups ie $100-200 range that worked well.
  14. What's a good inexpensive NAS to use with a Control4 controller just for music? I know I could just use a jump drive or hard drive but I want to be able to add the music from a computer in a different part of the house.
  15. I'm sure you're right. I'm just skeptical of everything. My boss just bought a house for $1.7M that was advertised as being a smart house. The contract included a list of all the components to be left behind. Unfortunately he's not technical at all and didn't have anyone check to see if he was being left everything he needed. Well they took the guts of the system so now he has a house full of TVs, speakers, keypads, etc that literally don't do anything. So things like this do happen.