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  1. There was a change in the API. I sent out an update to Version 8.0.5+377. Everything should be back to normal.
  2. We are getting several reports of this and my personal install is doing the same. I suspect a change in the API on Apple' side. We are actively working on it. I will update you when resolved.
  3. This driver would be very useful. I played around with a prototype for lighting control over HomeKit myself. I have both an echo and several apple products in my system and think both would be useful. Sometimes you are near the echo which is very easy to use hands free. Sometimes you are away from the echo or even out of the house so HomeKit would be a great solution.
  4. Updates for followme and system manager went out over there weekend.
  5. I am seeing this on one of our test systems too. Looking into it.
  6. It went out via auto update.
  7. I should probably mention 8.0.2 is the latest version.
  8. There was a bug released in OS 2.9 that causes an invalid http status code to be returned. We released an update today. Sorry for any trouble.
  9. Good day:

    My driver has been working great for a long time.

    However I had to restore my iPhone from a backup on Itunes and can no longer find the phone via driver.

    All (find my phone data) is correct and working with the app and iCloud.

    My sign in to iCloud is correct and replaced several times to initiate a contact. The iCloud session takes a long time to initiate and I get msg that phone is off line yet findable on Find my Phone.

    Any suggestions the other iPhone (wife) on driver working well.






  10. We made some short term fixes to the licensing system that will greatly reduce how often your controller needs to connect to the licensing server to renew. This should greatly improve reliability while we work on a rewrite of the server.
  11. We have acquired a unit for testing and have plans to add support. However, it will be limited to the same functionality as the Wink app on your phone. I.e. You will be able to trigger events when someone pushes the doorbell or the device senses motion. However, video won't be an option at this point due to API limitations.
  12. If you own a domain that you use to access you server you should have a lot of options. Something like this would probably work for personal use: If you don't own a domain you may need to buy a cert from Synology.
  13. Are you seeing any errors in the lua tab? I am not able to duplicate this yet. Still looking into family sharing.
  14. I will look into this.
  15. Maybe I will give the Uniquity AP another chance in the future. I really wanted it to work out.