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  1. Why do we all put up with this BS?

    So HDMI and HDCP stopped everyone from pirating movies? That's great news! Glad they fixed that.
  2. Anything else you can share on this? Any screenshots? I assume it's cloud based.
  3. Lutron RA2 Select seeTouch keypads are not compatible with RA2 Select but if you are using C4 you can just use their keypads anyway and get more functionality.
  4. Lutron RA2 Select

    If I was doing a new build I would go with RA2 Select. The bridge is MSRP $249. It will definitely be able to integrate with C4 as it uses the same integration protocol as the other lutron products.
  5. Lutron RA2 Select

    Looks like RA2 Select will have Control4 SDDP support. I think the RA2 Select actually does fill a gap that was missing between Caseta and RA2 but I think it could have been achieved using the Smart Bridge Pro which is already a Pro product.
  6. HC800 - Disadvantages?

    It all depends on price, condition and what it's used for....
  7. HC800 - Disadvantages?

    It all depends on how much you can get the 800 for.
  8. Lutron RA2 Select

    They should really only have 2 systems; Homeworks and a combo of Caseta/RadioRa2. Homeworks is for pro's only and includes wired and wireless solutions that are configured with a program that can do programming and advanced scenes. The other system uses the Smart Bridge Pro as the hub and lets you buy the Caseta dimmers and accessories through big box stores or you can buy the Maestro dimmers and accessories through an authorized dealer. All devices are configured through the app (which is how it works now for Caseta and this new RA2 select line).
  9. Lutron RA2 Select Lutron released yet another product line called RA2 select. Which looks to be a Smart Bridge Pro that can talk to a subset of Radio Ra2 devices like Maestro dimmers, fan controls, shades, etc. but no keypads; you have to use Picos. All configuration is done through the app should like Caseta/Smart Bridge. Supports up to 100 devices like the Smart Bridge. I did read that this uses standard Lutron commands that homeworks and radiora2 use so existing Lutron drivers for Control4 should work. This has to be one of the most tone deaf and ridiculous product releases I have ever seen. Instead of just doing a software update to the existing Smart Bridge Pro's that allow them to talk to Radio Ra2 devices (they all use the same clear connect RF protocol), they introduce yet another product line. Lutron makes great lighting products but whoever is in charge of their product direction is nuts.
  10. Mix C4 with Lutron Caseta

    I have Caseta and C4 and I have never had a problem. The only limitation I know of is that you can't set the ramp up or down in C4, you have to use what comes by default in Caseta which can't be changed. Never mattered to me though. You will not be disappointed in your purchase of Caseta if you like the look of them.
  11. Samsung Tv IP Drivers!

    Is this only for this years models or previous?