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  1. C4 2.10

    No complaints from me. Control4, so far, has hit a good sweet spot in their lifespans. I have a HC-250 that is running my whole home and doesn't skip a beat (I don't use the AV features of the controller like on screen nav or streaming audio). My point was they shouldn't follow the lifespans of regular consumer electronics like computers, phones and game consoles. They should try to follow closer to PLC's.
  2. C4 2.10

    Home controllers should be closer in lifespan to PLC's than computers. I think 10 years should be the goal for C4.
  3. Control System Backend

    $ control4 -add Light -room Bedroom
  4. Crestron vs Control4

    Not disagreeing with you at all but if the house is full of crestron lighting, shades, thermostats, audio, etc. then replacing a classic Crestron system with Pyng would be a cheaper option to get more control than ripping everything out and putting in Control4.
  5. Crestron vs Control4

    If there is no video in the crestron system and its lights, thermostats, audio and security I would keep it and see about moving to Pyng. That would give you a little more control than the classic crestron.
  6. Ring Events Driver for Control4 ?

    You are saying an internet facing API is more secure than an API on a device on a local network? I’m going to have to disagree on that one. If you are saying people need make their api’s more secure even if it is supposed to be just local then I can agree with that.
  7. Still seems to be working for me. I usually only use SiriusXM and TuneIn.
  8. Ring Events Driver for Control4 ?

    I have a Ring Pro doorbell cam and a Ring Floodlight cam and both have been flawless for more. Wish C4 and Crestron could talk Ring into giving them a local API since they are premium products. I don’t get companies fascination with the cloud only solutions.
  9. Kwikset SmartCode 914 Zigbee?

    Which chip is the C4 version; red or yellow?
  10. Yes. I would be disappointed to find out they were not aggressively trying to do this.
  11. Ring Events Driver for Control4 ?

    I think he made it clear. I would love for their to be an option to use a NVR with Ring but I think more importantly I would like to be able to see the live feed from the C4 interface. @Kevin L will their be an upgrade path for users of the existing driver? Debating on whether to wait. I am getting the Ring floodlight cam tomorrow and want it to trigger my front porch lights if their is motion.
  12. Ring Events Driver for Control4 ?

    Any news on this?
  13. 2.10 meltdown

    A visual representation of what I have seen in this thread...
  14. You know how the dealers on here like to say the users on this forum are not typical? Well same goes for the dealers on here. All the dealers in my area are audio/video guys that could just as easily use Harmony. I would like to know how many C4 setups are single room home theater setups with just IR control. I would bet over half. That said, C4 isn't going after the low end market; they are going after Crestrons residential market. C4 will lose a few people to Amazon that were on the fence but not enough to change their strategy.
  15. Why do we all put up with this BS?

    So HDMI and HDCP stopped everyone from pirating movies? That's great news! Glad they fixed that.