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  1. Samsung Tv IP Drivers!

    Is this only for this years models or previous?
  2. How do you use your contact and/or relays?

    I am assuming the sensors for your garage doors are on your security system. How does that work for arming? Do you have to make sure you open and shut the garage door within a certain time? On my security system the installer only put a sensor on the basement garage door that is used for a workshop and yard tool storage.
  3. Echo dot

    I would love for the Echo's to have a setting for default music. Say you had an Echo dot in your master bedroom but you also had a Sonos Play:3 in there. You could go into the settings for the dot and tell dot to output music to the Play:3 in the master bedroom. This would also work with Control4 audio as well.
  4. Amazon Echo Show

    Control4 might see that as canibilazing some of their touchscreens but it would be amazing.
  5. Amazon Echo Show Seems this thing can look at live video from Arlo and Ring. Wish Control4 would get some drivers for that.
  6. Web Based Control4 App and Composer?

    What does having web based tools have to do with Control4's business model?
  7. Anyone know if there are any plans to make a web based Composer and Control4 app (old MyHome)?
  8. Seems pretty interesting.
  9. It is going to cost you a lot to do all that through a dealer. if you don't have to have the same interface for AV and home automation there are other platforms out there you will like much better. If you want a consistent interface throughout and good AV control you may want to bite the bullet and stick with control4.
  10. Wink Driver Pack Version 2

    Would like to see a video demo of this. I am assuming this is a cloud based driver, correct?
  11. When it is programmed to only control a TV, AVR, DVD player and Roku in a media room then it is an amazing universal remote. It may have the capabilities to do far more than that but it has only been programmed to do the functions of a universal remote. That's not a bad thing. This is just a terrible comparison as in my scenario a cable installer would never be writing code (most C4 installers never write code either). What I outlined for a cable installer to do involved ZERO code. It would be them using Composer Express to set up a basic, 1 room media only system. Having non-programmers/technicians be able to set up basic functions was the entire goal of Composer Express.