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  1. https://www.multichannel.com/news/charter-s-worldbox-rollout-exceeds-2-million-units-417903 Has anyone got one of these yet? If so, is there any kind of integration, specifically IP control?
  2. I dont really understand the need for the audio input on a controller but I am sure someone can find some use cases.
  3. therockhr

    How Long Should a System Last

    I can't say for sure but I am thinking an EA-1 and SR-260 (which can be bought together) would be perfect for you.
  4. therockhr

    How Long Should a System Last

    What audio and IO ports are you using on the HC300?
  5. therockhr

    Small Receiver with IP control?

    AVR-S740H is the cheapest one with IP control I believe but you may be able to get last years model AVRS730H cheaper.
  6. therockhr

    Small Receiver with IP control?

    I would just get an entry level Denon. Someone on here may be able to give you a model number.
  7. Looking for a carbon monoxide detector. I have a hardwired alarm system I could wire it into. What do you all recommend?
  8. therockhr

    OT: Sonos help needed/ not C4 related

    Did you try changing the line in settings from automatic to uncompressed? nevermind, just saw where you did.
  9. What switch do you use? thanks for your info.
  10. Which microtik and ruckus products do you use on the average home?
  11. What network equipment would Control4 and dealers on here recommend that is available for end users to install?
  12. therockhr

    EA3 vs EA5?

    It was my fault. I did not make it clear what I was talking about. I was really just trying to find out if the HDMI audio from the controller used the same dedicated processor that the other audio outputs used. If the dedicated audio processors on the EA-3 and EA-5 dont handle the HDMI audio and it is handled by the on-board CPU, then it is no different than the EA-1, no? There are plenty of reasons why someone should buy the EA-3 and/or EA-5. The audio and IO ports are easily worth the extra cost if you do not already have audio or IO (not to mention the extra network ports and better wifi). But for someone like me who already has a Sonos connect for audio (my family only uses 1 streaming source) and already has GC iTach's for IO, then the EA-1 looks to be a good choice. I am pretty happy with it. Thanks for the info.
  13. therockhr

    EA3 vs EA5?

    @RyanE mentioned about the audio from the HDMI not really being an independent stream. So question, does the dedicated audio processors on the EA-3 and EA-5 handle the HDMI audio or do they handle the HDMI audio the same as the EA-1?
  14. therockhr

    EA3 vs EA5?

    Yes, but it seems the main differences around the models are IO and audio. In terms of processing power, the EA-1 and EA-3 seem to be identical and the EA-5 has a little better processor. I see a lot of times people on here say "you need to get X controller because it has more horsepower". But in terms of technical specs, it appears that if you aren't using C4 audio or IO then there is very little difference between what the controllers will do. That is why I said in another thread that the EA-1 is probably the best deal out there in home automation. You can get a control4 system for not much more than a single Harmony remote.
  15. therockhr

    EA3 vs EA5?

    I would assume then that there isn't that much difference between the EA-1 and these controllers as well, correct? If I am not using Control4 for any audio, then I should see very little difference in performance between the controllers, right? I just upgraded from a HC-250 to a EA-1 and it seems to be working well.