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  1. Only way I could see them getting into video content would be to buy K-Scape. Premium brand that more in line with their other products. Hoping their recent announcement with Apple will produce some tighter integrations for the Apple TV's.
  2. therockhr

    C4 hires Amazon Alexa/Smart Home Hero

    I think the dealer model is superior as well (so does about 95% of the users on here) Doesn’t mean i think dealer exclusivity to the software is superior. If I had to guess, he is going to be creating Control4’s own voice control built into C4 remotes and touch screens so they don’t have to rely on Amazon or google (when Sonos went public, investors cited this as a big negative for them that they didn’t have their own voice control).
  3. therockhr

    C4 hires Amazon Alexa/Smart Home Hero

    Underrated post. Haha This guy is playing 3D chess.
  4. therockhr

    C4 hires Amazon Alexa/Smart Home Hero

    Just checked my "Recent Visitors" and there is a user that matches his picture and uses one of his online aliases. Good chance that is him. I know lots of people have posted to the contrary but Control4 employees are all over this board, as they should be. It is the most visible and active C4 community on the internet. I would be disappointed if they were not.
  5. therockhr

    Need New Media Solution

    I agree. While it is kind of cool to see a list of movies on the c4 interface it just always seems more practical or natural to choose with the hand held remote on the TV. May just be from years of being used to that way of choosing movies.
  6. therockhr

    C4 hires Amazon Alexa/Smart Home Hero

    Tweet is still there https://twitter.com/ckindel/status/994307285152284673?s=20
  7. therockhr

    C4 hires Amazon Alexa/Smart Home Hero

    I posted a link to that tweet months ago on here but now I can’t find it. Guess it got deleted...
  8. therockhr

    C4 hires Amazon Alexa/Smart Home Hero

    I won’t disagree with you. Crestron, AMX, RTI and others that have to be programmed rather than configured have many more layers of costs built in.
  9. therockhr

    C4 hires Amazon Alexa/Smart Home Hero

    He was sold on Control4 the whole time. The comment he may have to walk back is the one I posted where he said how traditional automation companies have made their products artificially complex to support dealer network and crazy margins.
  10. therockhr

    C4 hires Amazon Alexa/Smart Home Hero

    https://ceklog.kindel.com/2018/05/24/concierge-home-technology/ Quote from his blog a few months ago: However, not even the high-end stuff (or industry) is perfect. Some old-school incumbents have intentionally made their products complex to artificially support dealer networks and protect crazy margins. Some do a horrible job interfacing with other companies’ products. There are not enough skilled installers and programmers, which is limiting growth. And it’s all pretty expensive – everyone in the value-chain wants their fair share and the value-chain is deep. Will be interesting to see what he brings to the table
  11. therockhr

    Ring Events Driver for Control4 ?

    If you go back and read in this thread Kevin from Blackwire talked about how C4 needed to change some things before they could get the Ring recordings to show up.
  12. therockhr

    End Of Line Products and Composer

    I would rather see a group of hobbyists create an open source control system that ran on old Control4 hardware. An HC-250 could control just about any size system if you disabled the video and audio portions.
  13. Where is the performance hit at and how much is it when using a router/wifi combo? I'm not disagreeing with you that separate wifi AP and router is a better setup, I just wonder how much better it is.
  14. This is true and another reason Control4 might want to make this product. To get the maximum benefit of the Triad purchase it feels like they should offer a solution to compete better with those audio only systems. I know that lots of dealers can easily configure a Control4 and matrix amp solution but it still is almost always going to cost more than those others. Control4 wants to get in more homes. This feels like a way to do that.
  15. sure but as has been noted on here lots of times Control4 is really in the business of making the dealers happy. If dealers loses lots of sales to audio only products, then they may want Control4/Triad to offer a solution that competes. And while the profit margin on the equipment may be different, there is still money to be made on the installation and in the future for easily adding Control4 automation on top of that. Again, I'm just wondering if they would give that option now that they have the Triad brand of products.