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  1. CanuckPanda

    Pandora cutting out

    Hey similar things happening on my system except it's a HC800... Could it be that control 4 can't buffer the stream as well as sonos ? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Apparently you can only use the IP driver with a wlan dongle Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. I don't understand the technology (perhaps its cloud based) but doesn't the Control 4 controller control it directly or does it have to interact with Rachio's servers then to the local controller...that seems like a bad design. And cost wise I ahve to cough up the 199 to purchase the Houselogix driver or does C4 have a driver for the 2nd gen controller?
  4. Hello, I see some posts for Rachio but I then see people worried that if they go out of business you lose intelligent control. I'm having a sprinkler system put in next week, the installer was going to use Hunter controller with WifFi by default, but I want to ensure the easiest to integrate into Control 4 for programming solution. Zones will include front yard, backyard, and veggie planters. Nothing crazy. What's the recommendation from everyone? Myron
  5. I personally didn't compare to the Sony, but based on reviews and my personal experience owning one I'll say that the black levels are great, plenty of light output for a room like mine (mixed media room with side ambient light and mixed use) so those 2K+ lumens (love Bright Cinema mode) make TV watching very viewable during the day. Also based on total cost of ownership getting a full 3 year warranty, with a mount, glasses etc makes this pretty hard to touch at the price point. The way I looked at it my dream projector would be 3000 lumens, laser projection supporting 4K native and HDR, it actually exists and its from JVC but its 34K!! Basically the way projector technology evolves in the next technology cycle, higher output, potential laser light source and a native 4K chip could be in the cards (say 2019) potentially pushed there by more content, competition from ACEr/BENQ/JVC/Sony..but for now I can enjoy the 4K streaming content and a UHD Blu Ray. Curious to hear from other Epson 6040 who integrate it into C4 with the new IP driver. I want to know whether I should use the WLAN module and save an ethernet run for a balun use instead.
  6. The projector is great. Much brighter and better picture than the 6030. Am having to figure out how to get the HDR settings to work. Currently my only UHD source is a Roku Ultra which just came out. For whatever reason the Roku doesn't recognize my projector as a valid HER source. My avr is a Yamaha 3050. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. I just upgraded to this projector from my 6030 yesterday. So far enjoying the picture and the nice upgrades. I see that it now supports a LAN connection in the back. Wireless is available with a wireless USB module. I noticed in the menu there is the ability to turn on Control 4 SDDP discovery. Can anyone confirm that there is a Control 4 bidirectional IP driver available and how well it works? It will be nice to move off the Epson 6020 IR drivers I've been using to date, which are unreliable for turning the projector off in some AV modes. Thanks!
  8. Using two pairs would be preferable (got plenty to spare) for the greater dedicated power to outdoor speakers. Can the matrix be programmed to send identical signals to both sets of channels?
  9. Would an active crossover be the solution? Also could I use an active crossover to drive 2 stereo sets of Episode satellite speakers from a single HC-800 analog output, since i plan to lay out 4 speakers with each one positioned at a corner of my patio? This is the only complicated zone set up since I had a dedicated sub.
  10. By that do you mean run two audio streams in parallel that are identical...stream one to the Control 4 matrix amp then second one to the Episode Sub amp?
  11. Hello, I recently purchased a preowned Control 4 8 zone matrix amp to drive some indoor and outdoor zones for my backyard which is currently being built out. However, I'm challenged to figure out how to use my Control 4 HC-800 to provide a source which could be split between the outdoor stereo zones for the Episode landscape satellites and the 12" Episode burial sub which I would purchase a 500 watt Episode Sub Class-D external amp to drive. Does anyone have any advice on this set up? Do I need to use a different type of source? M
  12. CanuckPanda

    Wanted: C4 Amp

    What is the new price please? I'm deciding between a Control4 amp set up or an alternative multi zone amp.
  13. CanuckPanda

    Wanted: C4 Amp

    If this hasn't sold I would be interested please PM.
  14. I hear great things about Crown Amps for price/performance ratio. It would be a great match for outdoor speakers where power matters. Would there be issues with a Control 4 set up...does the amp have Auto signal sense to trigger on and off?
  15. CanuckPanda

    Finally happy and big thank you

    Matt is my dealer too, and I'm very happy after moving to him from my previous dealer in NJ.