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  1. No problem mr steam support was very helpful. Any questions just ask the steamist driver looks nice so good there are options. Please report back as I'm going to start my work in about 2 months
  2. I am subscribing as I am interested. I did some research just a few weeks ago and here are some notes I sent myself on Mr Steam. Thermasol support told me they offer zero integration. I did not look into the Steamist brand but good to know Houselogix has a driver. For Mr Steam - there is basic control with control4 - and that is on and off. cant set temps, change light colors, etc. is the hardware you need and you can run an Ethernet between this device and the steam generator and another Ethernet between the device and your automation system and you can simply turn the system on/off and I have to double check but I think the system could see status feedback if it is on or off (good for a custom button). I was told when setting up the generator you set a default temp and it takes about 25 mins to usually hit that temp, so if you press "on" via control4, it will start to heat up to that set temp. I believe you would then use the Mr Steam interface to select lights (chromotherapy), select aromatherapy options, etc. Music I guess you could wire via c4 and play music via that interface or through the Mr Steam options. They also told me iSteam 3.0 should be coming out around August and it will support an iOS App. So you would be able to use the app to turn on the unit, pick music/color/aromas, etc. Right now the only way to control it is through their interface devices (minus a simple on/off via home automation system) Status would be good so if you have a good night setting you could make sure the generator is off, or if the generator is on you could have a doorbell chime in the bathroom if someone rang your doorbell, or you could get a text when it goes on to make sure it didn't accidentally get turned on or if a kid was messing with it, etc. So though you cannot control everything, ability to turn on/off and see status would be beneficial. Curious as to what others have to say. Looking at the Houselogix Steamist driver it appears to be the same functionality as the HomeWizard device for Mr Steam?
  3. As far as I understand it - Platinum dealers get those rankings based on sales volume, not customer satisfaction reports or a review of their work and portfolio. Look for another dealer, look online for reviews/portfolios and customer reviews - ask for 2-3 references and see if they will let you call a customer, etc. If you were more technical one could advise finding a remote dealer on this site, but that may still need the home owner to have some technical knowledge to talk through the physical set up onsite, etc. So in your case, look for another local dealer.
  4. ethernet options for control and power? and this hub can be incorporated into Control4 easily?
  5. make sure your dealer will support programming on ebay gear. some will, some will not touch it.
  6. as @lippavisual said you need the Videostorm hardware, be it the pro or DIY/home version. If you have that set up I could help with the programming. Once the bindings are made you could do the programming on Composer HE
  7. You can get cameras on your TV using video play netplay. They added a netplay home which is DIY and can get IP cameras (d2 c4 intercom as an example) and see it on the TV. You cannot talk/communicate using your TV as an intercom if I'm watching TV and someone rings my door I get a PiP pop up for 5 seconds on the screen
  8. If a camera is supported within Blue Iris you can see it in the basic c4 environment like the app, touchscreens and on a tv if you have on screen navigators. Blue iris lets your program with motion activation and stuff and you can send that feedback to control4 to trigger actions. There are 6-7 recording modes and c4 can trigger changes. I have 2 recording modes - when I am home only exterior cameras are recording. When I'm away or alarm goes off all cameras will record. Blue iris has the ability to set these modes and actions within a c4 system (aka alarm triggers) can make the changes in C4 hope that helps
  9. Does Somfy offer hard wired control and hard wired power or just one or the other? @SMHarman - - I just threw together a few mock ups given your size specs and they were all in the $400-$450 including the larger motor/dual battery and also a square valance. Price will range depending on material type. Its battery powered and a wireless signal, so not super ideal as some may think, but the price point is very competitive. on that link scroll to the lower left. Find the type of blind you want and you can run some orders online to see pricing. if 5 out of 100 times 1 of 3 blinds in a room is not the idea height due to commands, i could likely write some programming to fix it automatically. upon button press put shades to 50%, delay 3 seconds, put shades to 50%. so if one missed it, that second program should automatically even them out. this isnt a show case house so if there is a 3 second delay, life goes on :-)
  10. for power and/or control? Reading this thread obviously lots of mixed feedback and ideas. I guess we'll start with some quotes. Then look at the pros and cons. I have not seen many specifics about hardwiring control other than maybe 1 Lutron option and everyone said its very expensive. We are doing a fairly large renovation project so budget is a huge concern.
  11. I just called Somfy tech support. Seems like the Bali/Somfy brand sold in HD or Lowes will work. He said they are all RTS motors and different stores may have access to different motors but all should be RTS. So I could buy and wire that into my HC-800 (or I/o device, etc) and control 16 channels (he said it can be more motors since motors can share a channel) and control it via C4. I am assuming one would need proper C4 Drivers. I priced some basic products online and for a 42x64 window with a basic roller fabric with battery motor and valance it comes to $283/window. I could see doing this in a few rooms, then maybe spend more in the bedroom to get the dual motor set up maybe from QMotion. Any danger in mixing blinds in a project with various drivers? the drawback is people talking about signal issues with wireless ones and my HC800 is downstairs and of course these blinds are all upstairs. I guess I could run 1 wire (vs wires to power them all) to get the repeater upstairs, maybe even get two repeaters for both ends of my house. its a long house.
  12. I appreciate everyone's advice. It is certainly a confusing landscape especially since we are looking at mostly a very basic blind - my wife likes simple clean roller shades in basic/neutral colors. So it really comes down to cost/integration. I noticed QMotion has a dual motor set up (Somfy has one on the way) and that may be nice for the master bedroom so we can have a sheer shade and a blackout shade so during the day we can have privacy but light coming in and at night we can have the blackout shades automatically lower down. I would consider 100% wired (both power and control) but if wireless control is half the price and 90% reliable, it's fine by me. could always add programming that after something executes, wait 5 seconds and re-execute to make sure its at the right % open or something. or as others mentioned, just work on repeater placements. I guess time to narrow it down to 2-3 lines and get some quotes. I am sure I'll report back if I have any further questions.
  13. fair enough - i dont think most customers know/care who makes the fabric :-) At least on an automation forum they are looking at the hardware/control. If the wife likes the fabric and I like the integration and we both like the price point, we have a winner. Would these Bali/Somfy blinds work with the C4 drivers? Any one know the Somfy hardware used on the Bali product? Sonesse 30 or 40 or 50?
  14. looks like home depot and lowes (and JCPenny and Menards) all sell Somfy blinds/motors to the DIY customer. Wonder if the hardware is the same and could integrate into C4 with the proper drivers? Anyone with experience?
  15. Yikes. I am in Bergen County so not far out of NYC and if its $2k per window/shade I think my wife will have other ideas. I'll have to get someone out to do some spec work and estimates. I am sure the motor adds something to the price but we worked with a local shop to do drapes, blinds, fascia and all misc hardware measure and installed from a hunter douglas professional and it wasnt much over that price and like I said that included custom drapes, not just blinds/fascia. They did all measurements, installation, etc.