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  1. Eddie do you know how to use with Bria? It's been mentioned here 1-2x and when you ask how the people never respond. Also some ppl say Bria only works when on wifi within their network and doesn't connect via mobile data when. It hkme
  2. Video storm makes a 38x38 model
  3. 4 sight/c4 phone app will give ZERO interaction with ANY doorstation. c4 door station, doorbird, ring, holovision, etc. the only way to interact (interact defined as seeing live video and talking to someone in real time) with C4 Gen 2 or Holovision is via the c4 touch screens, thats it. doorbird can connect to a few touch screens and their own app so has some flexibility. ring video/voice goes no where in the c4 ecosystem but you can use the ring button itself to trigger events in control4. 1 cat6 is enough for the C4 and Holo units, I cannot comment on DoorBird or Ring but I would assume so. C4 and Holo can go to your switch, not directly into the EA controller, that is not required. C4 and Holo units are both power over ethernet (PoE) so if your switch panel is PoE compliant that 1 cat6 cable will supply the video/audio and electric power needed. To comment on your summary, C4 Gen 2 doorstation has audio/video on the c4 touchscreen, just not accessible on any app on a phone/tablet in the house or when you are away. No one can comment on if you need touch screens. that is a personal decision and how your layout is designed, how you interact with the system, etc. We use it to see who is at the door - we need to redo our roof/siding and that project would include the front door. our current door is a double door with ZERO windows, just a small peep hole. so having a camera and we can see on a screen who is out there is very handy. one day we'd like a door with some glass to help see who is out there and just allow more light into the house. We use the intercom agent so we can talk to each other when we are at different ends of the house - that is always very helpful so we are not yelling all the time. We also use the touch screens to enact certain modes in the house (housekeeper mode, vacation mode, various holiday modes, etc). I can press a button on my touch screen and I get the day's weather report read to me. the one in the bedroom we use a lot to control the sonos music in the room (no keypad in the room) and also one in the bedroom is nice to check HVAC or cameras or whatever when we are in bed at night. These are things you can do with well placed keypads or voice controls via Alexa/Google Assistant/Siri. At $1,000 a pop they are very expensive and yes for some hard to justify. If I had to do it again, I'd likely still have 4 touchscreens because we like them, but plenty of people could get by without them. the only thing a touchscreen can do that no other input device can do easily is utilize the SIP protocol to interact with a doorstation and also the room to room intercom function. Anything else can be replicated with keypads, voice commands, SR remotes, etc.
  4. The Houselogix driver for DoorBird is limited to the extend that you can see video on the C4 touch screens but only a limited amount of them since it only sends out a few streams and one is to their mobile platform. So maybe its like you can see it on the doorbird mobile app (not 4sight/c4 app) and then i think 2 or 3 touch screens in your house. Long story short, SIP on C4 is crippled and very limited. C4 supports ZERO out access to live video/voice on any door station. The Gen 2 C4 door station will allow you to view the camera 24x7 via the C4 app and you can get photos sent to you with some drivers and programming (so if door bell rings you get a photo) but you cannot interact with the C4 door station in regards to talking to someone, watching live video, etc with anything other than a c4 touch screen. So 4sight/C4 app will not help with any door station of any brand. DoorBird has some ability to work within C4 on a limited scale and you have remote access with the Doorbird app so if not home you can talk to someone at your door. C4 branded door station is good at home on C4 touch screens. There is Ring too - Ring you can program events off the button press, but you cannot get the video/audio into the C4 interface/touch screen. Lastly Holovision (what I have) does not have the mobile support but works flawlessly within a c4 environment and I have 4 touch screens in the house placed well so I have coverage. I get photos sent to my phone when someone rings the bell. The ability to talk to someone at the front door when you are not home seems odd to me. The ring commercials showing someone talking to a robber so they leave is kind of a joke. I think Ring has a great product and price point, so not knocking them, just that piece of their marketing campaign. Robbers will either just break into your house regardless and wont ring the bell or they do ring and wait for someone to answer so they can push their way in (they fake a service call from the water company or something). I would also venture to say most robbers would see any type of door station (more than a doorbell) and realize there is a camera in there and would likely back away anyways or find a window on the side of your house to bust in, etc. From a security standpoint I like having a camera there, I like getting photos so I know UPS dropped off my package, I like saving the recordings, etc The ability to talk to someone in real time when I am not at home seems negligible. I find the touch screens in the house useful since only two of us live in the house but it is big so we can be upstairs or downstairs and still see who is at the door, tell them to wait a minute or two, or even hit a quick button on the screen to let them by unlocking the door. And I do not always have my cell phone on me at home so having the ability to talk to someone on my phone in the house at the door does not help me, but I am always within a quick walk to 1 of the 4 c4 touch screens (or the front door itself) to answer a ring when I am home.
  5. Wonder about your friends network. My video storm has been rock solid. During super bowl I had 4 tvs playing the game in various rooms and audio piped to other rooms and no problems my Vs system is maybe 1 of a few pieces that has caused me no headaches in 2 years.
  6. Having a system go down would be a pain, but we all lived in the stone age before automation, no? I believe the codes are stored on the kwikset locks so at least even if you lose your controller you can still lock/unlock the doors. You should always have an alarm keypad too somewhere in the house, so you can still turn the alarm on and off. I have a TV in my basement next to my centralized AV Rack so I could always manually plug it into a cable box via HDMI and watch tv without my matrix. I have some sonos radios so I can always use the Sonos app to control things. My c4 light switches will still control loads. I kept my old garage door remotes so I could always swap those into the cars when needed. Would it be ideal to have my hc800 crash, of course not. Do I want to buy 2 controllers and keep one in the closet for when the original one goes, no way! Too expensive to have a second ea5 or hc 800 laying around. And if you plug in the second one and run it the same amount of time, who knows if and when that one will crash on you. Your design should have some fail over and redundancy in place where you can live for a few days while a new controller is shipped to you and configured. Do you have a second cable modem in your house in case your cable modem breaks? My old cable company store hours were awful and unless I took time off from work I'd have to go on a Saturday to get a new modem. So if the modem went on a Monday or Tuesday I may not have internet for almost a week - that would be worse in my opinion!
  7. Just read about this on engadget - - anyone have any real world experience? Kind of expensive starting at $900 but since it doubles as "art" could be an interesting proposition to some. It mentions you can connect a 1/8'' stereo cable to it "just like in your car" to use any audio input. So I would assume if someone was interested they could run a 1/8'' stereo cable to their Audio Matrix and use various streams and incorporate this into Control4? May not be able to control some of the mode lighting and not get two way feedback with touching the panel, but still an interesting concept.
  8. would depend on what your local store stocks? What country are you in? What big box stores do you have near to you? Any local supply houses? indoor camera? outdoor camera? Pretty generic question...
  9. From what I've read, lots of battery operated cameras arent "always on" to save on battery. They wait for motion then start to record. How does the Reolink work? Could I set one up and view it / record it 24x7 if I want to? Their website claims 180 days in "stand by" mode. What is your experience or knowledge working with the company?
  10. thats a great radar/roadmap ya got there! that camera is less than 3'' across so it is very small for a dome and does not scream camera.
  11. this is a very small ceiling mount dome:
  12. There are videos and manuals. My dealer who installed it was his first time when he did my system. VS helped him plus the online guides and we got it done. If you are used to setting up AV items and knowledgeable about networking anyone can figure it out. It's just not plug and play. Call VS and speak to them if on the fence over installation
  13. Agreed. The UI isn't straightforward. But if your dealer has done it before be confident in the end results
  14. never spec'd out Leaf so cant help on price. Leaf is fixed, 8x8, whereas VS is modular. You can mix and match inputs and outputs. So if you have 3 sources and 9 tv's you can just buy that set up. 2 years later add a tv, you can buy a piece and add a new TV, add a source and buy hardware to add the source. They make it very easy in that regard, so if you dont need 8x8 dont price it as such. What is nice is if you get IP Cameras you mentioned, they can be seen on your TV and not take up any inputs. I use this in programming in a few ways: 1) when someone rings my front door, if any TV is on, a PiP pops up in the lower right corner with a live feed of who is at the door 2) if my alarm goes off between 9pm and 7am, the master bedroom TV turns on, and I get a 3x2 grid pop up on the TV with all 5 of my cameras so I can see what is going on - kind of like a mini command center on my tv in the bedroom. 3) on my SR 250 I can just do Watch > {insert camera name} and see any of my 4 IP cameras on the TV in full view at any time. Other cool features - each VRX has its own XBMC instance so you can do XBMC on every tv without wasting any inputs on the tv itself or on the VTX. You can do OSD text as well, so when we hit the * button on the remote a 90 minute bedroom timer starts to turn off the TV in 90 mins and a message flashes on the screen - 90 min timer - so we get visual confirmation it started. I have other 3rd party stuff, Holovision, DSC Alarm, various Sensors by Card Access & Axxess, Rachio, Kwikset, Sonos, Amazon Fire TVs, Chromecast, and Lilin and Foscam cameras. Literally everything but VS and the Card Access/Axxess sensors have had issues with broken drivers upon updates by C4 or the vendor, hardware failures, issues with setting up on a network and falling off the network and other reliability issues. I am fairly techie so can handle and troubleshoot most of it. But VS (and the sensors) have been rock solid and you forget it is there. we replaced a crappy Monoprice HDMI matrix with the VS and even my wife every so often says wow this is much better than that POS we had prior. Most tech in the house she just uses and goes about her way, but she does actually compliment this piece because it just works whereas every few weeks I am tweaking or fixing something else. No joke installed fall 2014 and 100% uptime since.
  15. The one piece of 3rd party equipment I am most happy with is my Video Storm IP Video Matrix. I've posted numerous times about it, and no, I am not paid by them :-) It just works. Installed in late 2014 and not 1 hiccup to date. They are releasing new features, hardware, etc. They now have a "DIY" model that will work with C4 too. Dealers have access now but public sales are going through kickstarter. I have the old Netplay Pro, not this new hardware, but I could not be any happier with the service/support and product.