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  1. for plug in devices you can use a Wemo and via the Wemo drive or IFTTT execute it to turn off with programming (aka a goodnight programming macro). Personally I see a big benefit to ovens, dishwashers, washer/dryers, etc. But other than Wolf or GE, I do not see other options. The Wolf integration is probably a good 5 years old and never seen any reports or users talking about them since I joined this board sometime in the fall of 2013. Makes me wonder if I am in the minority in wanting this feature?
  2. Thanks. I'll keep this in mind and maybe have my electrician set it up when he is over. Good chance we are moving the washer/dryer and may have to rewire it, so I'll hold off for now. More keen on the kitchen appliances like Ovens, Dishwasher, Fridge, etc
  3. ah got ya. I thought you were saying it as "did anyone know you could do vibration detection" but didn't say how :-) I saw an old pdf from 2013 that said NYCE had "asset (vibration) sensors but do not see anything on the NYCE website about those kinds of sensors
  4. haha I figured why vibration would work. How do you monitor that in C4 :-) What hardware is needed?
  5. Yeah LG is on the list but seems to only be their washer and dryer. and I agree, a notice it is done, but also ability to turn it off if water is detected, etc. I could see a few uses that would make it nice. Change LED's on keypads to know something is in use, an announcement on speakers when cycles are over, etc no - how would this work? Washer/dryer is the least of my concerns as right now I am mainly looking at kitchen appliances. Washer/Dryer may come in the future but if its cheap/easy maybe I'd do it with my current appliances.
  6. I can think of 1-2 scenarios where it would be nice to have a connected kitchen for safety reasons. I never leave the oven on or washing machine and dishwasher running when I am not home, or when I am asleep. So based on my "goodnight" button or the alarm going to away I could turn off appliances if they were accidentally left on. Or if a leak is detected by a water bug I could automatically shut off the appliance (thinking dishwasher or washer/dryer) I know there are some older press releases about Wolf integration for the E Series, but not much in the way of what is allowed with the integration. Plus Wolf is also rather expensive and from my research seems to be more of a status symbol vs quality for its price tag. I also noticed GE has a few lines (Profile, Cafe and Monogram) and they have Wifi GE Connect built in, and GE connect works with IFTTT, which would work with Alan's IFTTT driver which would get GE products into C4. Anyone else have other ideas or experiences? Less concerned with a fridge but more interested in ovens, washing machines, dish washers, etc for safety reasons. Am I limited to Wolf/Subzero and what's listed here:
  7. Thanks! Gap size is how much space can be between the magnets before the window sensor is considered "open" ? I've never looked at buying windows before, so this will be a first. I see they come in wood, vinyl, and fiberglass. Not that I am buying the window based on the material that works best with an alarm sensor, though that could be one of the factors I use to decide. Any material better than another?
  8. So this morning around 6:30am our alarm went off due to an open window. Finally figured out which window and cleaned off the contact, open/closed the window a few times, and finally registered as "closed". Our windows all use those little flush magnets. This is the 4th or 5th time this has happened on 2-3 different windows over the last 3 years. So I cannot pinpoint a bad contact or wire since its random. My alarm installer (not a c4 dealer) told me its when the wood contracts/expands and usually I thought he said it happens in the fall/winter. Anyways we are considering a big home renovation which would include changing out all the windows to newer more efficient windows. Are these little magnet sensors still the best options on the market? What do other people use for a reliable plus clean look? If it matters I am using a DSC panel, though I figure the wiring/contact sensors are fairly standard among the major alarm systems.
  9. VS previous post lists some requirements and links to a few products: Requirements: mpeg2, h.264, or h.265 encoding. RTSP or multicast UDP streaming. Sub stream for tiling. Indicate the max resolution supported (4K=UHD, 1080P = HD), HDCP support, multicast support, and sub stream support, usb/ir, auto id Stream setup instructions Video Storm VTX100: HD, HDCP, multicast, sub stream, usb, IR, auto id, 5.1 audio Note: Most h.264 encoders on aliexpress use the same HiSilicon chipset and compatible HiSilicon encoder A: HD, HDCP, multicast, sub stream, HDMI passthrough HiSilicon encoder B: HD, HDCP, multicast, sub stream Z3Stream (Amazon): HD, multicast, sub stream, usb Z3 HE4K-01 (Z3): UHD, multicast, sub stream, usb
  10. I use this feature with my doorstation. When someone rings the bell, if any TVs are on, we get a pop up PIP on the TV showing who is at the front door since the live feed goes onto the small PIP window. great function. I also use this Netplay feature if the alarm goes off in the house from 10pm - 8am. the master bedroom tv will turn on (if not on already) and I get a 3x2 grid of all 5 of my security cameras so I can see what is going on. It is like a mini command center in the bedroom.
  11. Could you elaborate and post the required steps to get a call from the doorstation or a touch screen to a mobile device using Bria or another app?
  12. A few months ago you mentioned you set this up but it only works locally on your wifi. What steps have you done with your SIP Implementation to allow to get calls when you are away from home on a mobile network?
  13. It has been reported on here that Doorbird can only send out X amount of streams at once, so some people with several touch screens can only get the broadcast call to a limited amount of touchscreens Maybe that has been addressed with updates and revisions.
  14. I have the Holovision Door station. You can program against the press of the button on the interface. If you are using the blue Iris driver for NVR recording you could program against motion I believe. It will also send a broadcast to as many c4 touchscreens as you have - no limitation like doorbird. Only thing Holo does not do (which I believe is a shortfall of DS2 natively as well) is the ability to answer a call on your mobile device when off your home network. I have had my Holo for a while and I really like it.
  15. Do you have HE? Look at the code? Though it wasn't twenty seconds on and off I had random lighting issues and realized my vacation programming got moved into another area and vacation mode was on because a button was pressed that shouldn't have executed vacation mode. Now I get a text when I'm vaca mode and I removed that odd button controlling vaca which was a mistake So see if you can look at the programming and make sure something odd didn't get added?