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  1. eggzlot

    Networking Equipment Advice

    If you trust the dealer get what he suggests. It’s what he has field tested and knows how to troubleshoot. If I were a dealer I’d let a customer pick networking gear if they signed a release of my obligation for any network related issues. Is he planning any remote diagnostics or support with his quoted hardware? For what it’s worth I have Cisco sg300 and sg220 switches and unifi APs and a mikrotik router and my set up works. But this was all suggested by a dealer with experience with this hardware
  2. eggzlot

    Recommended motion sensor for steam room

    yeah my water sensors and auto water shut off are all local/hardwired. the water meters that would require a plumber that would be local (not cloud) would be several factors more expensive. Given I have auto water shut off and sensors already hard wired, this was a throw away at $200. if I get a text that it senses a leak behind a wall or something I can shut off water on my phone or c4 will when its eventually hooked up. even if there is a 5 min delay, its better than not knowing at all. sure its cloud so it could be down 100% but that's a risk I'll take for the cost savings up front.
  3. eggzlot

    Recommended motion sensor for steam room

    another idea if you have some patience to wait: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/knocki-make-any-surface-smart--4#/updates/all I did the pre order and should be getting mine soon. I specifically got one for my steam shower. I am going to use this to change channels/volume of the audio when I am in the steam shower. as mentioned above I have a small closet on the other side of the steam shower with the generator, so I'll put this on the shared wall so its not noticable in the steam shower. Works with IFTTT, so with Alan Chow's driver IFTT driver it should be simple to turn a light on/off with a tap on the wall.
  4. eggzlot

    Recommended motion sensor for steam room

    I cannot comment on your parties in the 80s :-) not to hijack but i purchased the streamlabs unit for my house and I use it on the main water line. But you could use it for a specific water line if you want vs the entire house. At ~$200 its priced cheaper than a configurable keypad (my other suggestion) and not much more than a motion sensor but it also gives you the ability to monitor if there is a leak in the line. That said, to work in c4 Cinegration (or someone) needs to do the driver, but I did contract Cinegration and they are working on it AND Streamlabs told me their API is open, so I dont see why it shouldn't come to C4 eventually. so far it works well, I mean I havent had a leak, but it is dead accurate on water usage. I have a whole home water filtration system that back washes every 10 days. the manual says it will use 91 gallons of water during this process, and the streamlabs got it exactly right on its monitoring. I've tested it by barely leaving a faucet on to drip and it picked it up too. Just good piece of mind. I have water sensors near some bigger appliances that could leak but I cannot see a leak behind the walls, in a sprinkler line, etc so this should help with those potential issues.
  5. eggzlot

    Recommended motion sensor for steam room

    along with the idea above about using a configurable keypad dimmer in a better location...something that may be on the horizon: https://www.streamlabswater.com/ https://www.drivercentral.io/platforms/control4-drivers/utility/water-agent/ I have talked to Cinegration and its on their road map to get Streamlabs incorporated. You can put streamlabs on the pipe going to the steam generator, so if it senses water it would create a state within C4 and you could program lights off that. When water is detected, turn on water..when water isnt detected, start a 5 or 10 min timer then turn off lights (allowing the person to dry off or whatever before they exit the area) so its not there yet but its an option to keep an eye on
  6. eggzlot

    Recommended motion sensor for steam room

    so if the switch is in a bad location....I am assuming its a c4 switch since you want to automate it. Is there a c4 switch in a "good" location? If so, purchase a Configurable Keypad Dimmer and have a button to control the other load, a button to control the steam shower light, etc? In my bathroom I have a keypad with 5 buttons. overhead lights, wall lights, shower lights (its a shower/steam shower combo), fan and audio/music button. That is the only visible switch in the room. The other switches that control the loads are off in the "steam shower closet" where the steam generator sits. So its very clean and easy with 1 keypad to control anything in the room and its located by the entry/exit of the room for easy access.
  7. eggzlot

    Non C4 - Nvidia Shield

    After i replied i did a factory reset on 1 of the 2 devices. Still not working its evident because during set up if it detects Ethernet it shouldn’t ask for the WiFi network/password per a few set up manuals I’ve seen online. When I do a factory reset it still asks for my WiFi info. Give it, it works, but its clearly on WiFi, not Ethernet.
  8. eggzlot

    Non C4 - Nvidia Shield

    Yep. Rebooted a few times including moving the devices to other TVs Yes I did rebooting and cold booting. I did not do a firmware reset yet only because several other threads on other forums mention similar issues post 7.x upgrades. Mine are on the latest firmware only because they are a few weeks old and when I first booted them up it auto did a firmware upgrade. If I did not see others posting the same issues I’d think the issue was mine but several people had to RMA their units. Seems like such a headache for a device people rave about all the time. Making me reconsidering the unit if both came brand new and defective out of the box. And now you are saying you have issues since a firmware upgrade. These going to be 1 headache after another?
  9. Anyone have issues with hardwire/Ethernet connections? Turns out even though I have them hardwired they have been connecting via WiFi. I’ve disabled the WiFi and they still will not flip over to Ethernet. One did for about 10 mins and dropped and now not connected. It’s two different new Shields. All cables/ports tested to be working fine. Tried several known working cables and ports so 100% its the Shields’ issues not my wiring/network/switches. There also seem to be several threads on various forums about this problem too. Some suggest disabling IPv6 on both the device and router (it was already disabled on my router so I just disabled on the Shield but no difference). When I go into networks I see my available WiFi Signals and they are not connected (I clicked forget network to force it to Ethernet) and then the Ethernet button is blue for “on” but right below it says “not connected”. Any thoughts?
  10. eggzlot

    SnapAV MIOP system

    Any reason you couldn’t use 3rd party 4K encoders for VS?
  11. eggzlot

    Ok now the direct approach

    Unlike JAP it’s 100% diy. Buy your own hardware etc Enjoy channel surfing with voice control. That concept seems horrible Enjoy it! too bad it’s hdmi so you’ll have to tear them apart. Luck for VS they don’t run their own forum so they won’t have to have their customers flooded with anti HDMI rants. Though VS has older component video gear but I’m sure you will find an issue with that too
  12. eggzlot

    Ok now the direct approach

    Video storm works with Alexa I believe https://www.amazon.com/Video-Storm-LLC-NetPlay/dp/B074STLFX9/ref=nodl_ go get it bye bye
  13. eggzlot

    Ok now the direct approach

    You had a choice. You picked a dealer model system. You had a choice to go DIY. Did some facist governments force you to pick c4? Was some dictator in charge of wiring up your house and plunking in a HC-800? Live with YOUR CHOICE or rip it out and sell it and spend hours debating over the nuisances of the best XBMC streamer. Seems idyllic to me. There has to be an XBMC forum with your name all over it,
  14. eggzlot

    Recommended motion sensor for steam room

    What about a water sensor in line by the steam shower? what are you trying to gauge?
  15. I am using Steamist invisible steam shower speakers. Only 2-3 weeks of use so far. Sound a lil echo-y but I need to play with the a bit. Considering they are invisible and beneath the ceiling tile they should last a very long time. So a slight trade off in sound vs longevity and also a better look as they are not seen!