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  1. Engravings are cheap. Few bucks a piece. Need to repurpose them or buy new ones is no big deal in the grand scheme of C4 costs increased zigbee and instant response and dead simple programming is key. You can do 100% of scene programming with HE
  2. Google NVR calculator. Here is one example https://www.lorextechnology.com/articles/NVR-DVR-Hard-Drive-Storage-Calculator plug in your data and find out how much store you need. FPS you can do like 15 or something. I believe that’s sufficient for security but I could be corrected too 🙂
  3. Exactly my set up. I tinkered with recording on motion and I missed 2 things. Sensitivity too high or too low etc. storage is cheap. I record 24x7 and aim for 25-30 days of storage.
  4. eggzlot

    RS232 for Panny Vt25?

  5. eggzlot

    Cheapest Tstat for C4

    I use those paintable wall sensors/discs and relocate all t-stats to the basement. Just did a rennovation project and added 2 new zones and 1 tstat broke in construction so I need 3 new ones (GC is going way above and beyond so I am paying to replace on my own dime). Would rather not shell out $350 or whatever for a C4 one because that is 1,000+ on TStats. is there a cheaper option? I just want to treat it like a normal any old tstat - locked in mechanical room, just need to turn heat/ac on/off, set basic programs, etc. Any other options? I see a few used older C4 tstats on Ebay so will watch those auctions (some have a buy it now option) but in the meantime if there was a quicker option to procure sooner I am sure my HVAC guy would appreciate it. I am ok paying more for a new one but $300+ per seems high and wondering if I could do better. Ecobee3 lite is $170 on Amazon maybe that is the better option?
  6. eggzlot

    RS232 for Panny Vt25?

    cool thanks changing how things are wired and going to mount this TV and would prefer to use the RS232 out of the VRX to control vs the IR bud. really just need power on/off and if i relocate the TV volume up/down.
  7. eggzlot

    RS232 for Panny Vt25?

    On the C4 database I only see IR: https://drivers.control4.com/solr/drivers/browse?q=vt25 Anyone know of an RS232 driver floating around out there These are the only serial Panny drivers I see, the V10 is likely an older TV model, any chance it may work? https://drivers.control4.com/solr/drivers/browse?&q=panasonic&fq=controlMethod:"serial"
  8. C4 may have hired someone from Amazon - but they were also in the press release for integration with Apple. And that was at an Apple event. Not sure C4 is playing favorites. 100% speculation. But my guess is C4 will try to get involved in any platform - its the best option for their survival. Their entire sales pitch is joining multiple platforms - why would they purposely ignore Android?
  9. The option you didn’t like didn’t seem like a dealer upselling to make money so not sure what’s meant by a typical dealer response. You can get your own NAS and install it and point the hc800 in that direction. I think the suggestion was that drive and hardware are old. Are those files backed up? Once that drive or hardware dies, which it will, you could be SOL. So I think he was just offering up another option that may change your process now but give you the same results with better odds at longevity.
  10. I used the paid BI driver. one integration feature - BI has I believe 7 profiles. Each profile could have different things happening based on your situation. I keep mine simple. Profile 1: exterior cameras recording 24x7 Profile 2: all cameras (interior and exterior) recording 24x7 When the alarm is set to off or stay camera recording is Profile 1. When alarm goes into away or when the alarm is triggered, Profile 2 takes over. C4 talks to BI and talks to my alarm so it handles it all seamlessly. If you had say a dog walker come when you arent home you could say when the dog walker enters their code into the door, start recording interior cameras, when dog walker locks up, stop recording interior cameras. personally I am not a fan of having interior cameras record when just the wife and I are home, its a lil too freaky. so that is why I use the profiles to record if we are out of the house and someone is there (dog walker, house keeper, etc) or when the alarm goes off we'll want to see if someone is inside the house. That is just 1 way to use BI and C4 together along with an alarm system. I am sure other creative people have other ideas too. no idea if the free version of BI will let you change the recording profile based on your alarm status or variables (dog walker, housekeeper)
  11. eggzlot

    Tesla Driver

    If the beta test comes with the hardware count me in! otherwise I'll just be an on looker from the sidelines
  12. eggzlot

    Keypad Button Engraving Ideas

    https://www.google.com/search?tbm=isch&source=hp&biw=1280&bih=922&ei=MNrEW_rsMa62ggeqlq2QAw&q=control4+keypad&oq=control4+keypad&gs_l=img.3..0l4j0i8i30l6.1111.2622..2767...0.0..1.81.1014.15......2....1..gws-wiz-img.....0..35i39.xOvGUlpY20c or ask ideas here - I've asked before based on a specific room and have gotten clever ideas.
  13. eggzlot

    Small in ceiling speakers

    Sonance has published pricing. Looking at those Sonance ones I linked to earlier, monitor audio cs140 and the episodes 1500 series. I think that’s my final list. I can demo the sonance locally but not the other two. Def tech demo was ok but at 500 for the pair I wasn’t wowed. I’d be ok with that same feeling at 300-350 a pair 🙂 Thanks for the tip but if it blows away my 150-220ish budget then I need to not ask for more info 🙂 but it’s good you found something you like.
  14. eggzlot

    Small in ceiling speakers

    Exterior sub? Where can one place a sub in the kitchen 🙂. And I’m not adding expense of in wall or ceiling sub. This isn’t Dolby Atmos 11.2 for a theater. It’s a kitchen, bedroom and office to listen to Pandora, Sirius com and doorbell chimes. Is 75-100 a speaker enough or bump up to about 200-250? More than that isn’t in the budget. Any thoughts on the cheaper sonance? They fit the size specs.
  15. eggzlot

    Small in ceiling speakers

    I mentioned I looked there but nothing in my size requirements. Thanks though. Not really sure I need invisible ones. I’m deciding if 250/speaker is even affordable for this purpose. I’m guessing triad and stealth invisible are more expensive for the speaker plus the extra cost for install/plaster over it etc. sonance was 900/pair. For music in a kitchen or bedroom - that’s overkill on the budget. What about these sonance? http://www.sonance.com/in-wall-in-ceiling/visual-performance/small-round-square its a big renovation project. Wire ran and just a small hole in ceiling w wire dangling out. I’m told to look for 5-7.5” max with grille on. Came back from Best Buy and heard the 4.5 def tech. Not bad. The 6.5 has 1 bad speaker so was just a mono demo. They have them in what appears to be acoustic ceiling tile/boxes so I am sure that made them sound fuller than how I’ll hear them. Also hooked up to expensive amps vs the c4 multi channel amp. Just curiosity is telling me is the def tech 3x better than Yamaha or almost 2x better than monitor audio up for other suggestions too - again trimless bezel is fine - doesn’t have to be 100% hidden.