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  1. thanks but that page doesnt seem to clear it up. Basically you do not need the switch anymore but can get encoders for each source you need to distribute then watch those things at any tv that has the android box on it? Can you watch the same stream in multiple rooms/tvs? If so, whats the benefit of the Pro over the home stuff? Also any plan to introduce 4k products?
  2. can you elaborate on your Net Play home products? What they are and how they can work with Netplay pro?
  3. i appreciate the speculation - gives me something to discuss with my dealer. the 250 and 800 - hmmm, one is in my basement, one is on the first level. 250 is in the middle of my house, and i guess they are 30-40' away? so like go to the HC 250, walk about 20-30', then go 1 level down and the HC 800 would be there...
  4. thanks - i can call kwikset. the first one I got from day 1 the motor always sounded like it was struggling. the other 2 locks were fine. after about 6 months and it not getting better I called them and they RMA'd the unit no issue. The location of the door is the front door, so right when you walk in there are 3 c4 switches/keypads on the wall to control stuff in the foyer and maybe 15-20' away is my living room that has a HC-250. the here is an HC-800 in my basement that is the main controller but I'd think the 250 is helping the signal too along with those light switches.
  5. Ironically it is my front door, but not used most often. No kids. Wife and I go to work every day using another door, one in our basement that goes to our garage, and that door has a kwikset lock too, no issues on that one, though far less programming on it. Since this is the front door, we get packages there, so when we get home from work there may be a package, but that is just a manual unlock open the door, then manually lock from inside. same thing when guests come over if we are home. from a programming standpoint it is used 2x a week when our dog walker comes over which is 2x a week. the garage one is used daily with programming - our card access mini remotes have a pattern of buttons we need to press to open the garage door and unlock that basement door with a kwikset lock. never ever had an issue with that lock not opening, but that lock has gone out of sync 1-2x prior where it says open and its clearly closed. but it never missed unlocking when the programming asked it to unlock. I know the LED changes color on the lock, that isnt the situation right now, its still green for open and orange for locked. when i remove the batteries i use a tester and i can see they are more than 50% full, but i still replace them anyways. i got those lithium ones on order coming today via amazon so ill pop those in and replace them every 2-3 months. ill add an extra step so the dog walker gets a text when everything executes, so she wont get the text if the alarm doesnt go off....and she knows if no text, call one of us to do it manually on our phones.
  6. - those? And any reason why the simple programming to get a low battery notice would cause me to get texts every 30-75 seconds? Anyone else see that behavior?
  7. funny you mention the C4 programming in the software itself on the when I first got the lock I set up the low battery notification - was 2 seconds in Composer HE so I could handle it. Fast forward oh I dunno, 6-7 months, forget how long, but I am sitting at my work desk, and I get a text from C4, front door battery low. ok, sounds good, will swap when I get home. 45 seconds later, I got the same text. no joke, for the next 2 hours I got a text every 30-75 seconds. I went home early on lunch break to put new batteries in there as I couldn't take the constant texts. My dealer said he would set up some programming to alert me when the batteries are low, he used some variables so I should only get the text once a day. Well, for 2+ years I never got a notice again, so the programming didn't work. Before vacations/long weekends away I would try to remember to change the batteries so if some one had to enter when we werent home on our behalf they would not have issues (or so i crossed my fingers and hoped!). Also when the battery gets low, we can hear the gears, they just sound different, so along with changing them manually before a long weekend/trip out of town, when we hear the gear kind of get slower and chug along we manually change the batteries too. My new dealer, just today, altered some of that programming so I shouldn't get the repetitive texts of a low battery signal, but I guess I won't know for 6+ months, or until I can find some dead batteries from another device and pop it into the lock to test it out. I am thinking just swap out the batteries every 2-3 months. My iMac wireless keyboard and mouse go thru batteries like crazy, so I can take them out of the C4 lock and pop them into those devices. Just curious as to why its only this lock, not my other 2, and I already RMA'd it. So I would point to a network issue, but I should have good zigbee coverage in that area. {Continue to scratch my head}
  8. curious - not to steal your thread, but I have a Netgear ReadyNas NV+. going on 6-7 years and always afraid it may go soon. How do you plan to migrate from your ReadyNas to another platform? Is it a tough task or just link them up via USB or ethernet and transfer over? I have well over 2 TB of music/movies and then I back up a Windows 10 and Mac computer to my NAS.
  9. odds of 2 bum locks and 2 good locks? id hope better than 50/50 from Kwikset. I am thinking its a battery thing too. I guess every 2-3 months I just need to put a reminder in my calendar to swap out the batteries. Thanks for everyone's input. It is a shame that a device people interact with daily, and one that deals with security, is so flawed, and seems like others have had similar issues.
  10. The battery I suspect is the issue, just seems excessive and why not design the notifications to alert when the battery is too low to function for the device? @d1amund I have a HC 250 as slave in the project and it is oh 15'-20' away from this location, plus as I mentioned I have 3 C4 light switches within arms reach. Cant move a controller any closer just due to aesthetics, outlets, etc. @RyanE I'll have my dealer look into the Zigbee Channel. I know I set my Wifi channels for 2.4 and 5 bands based on the empty channels compared to what my neighbors were using, but I have a fairly big lot, so there was not a lot of signal issues with neighbors and their Wifi Channels. I can have my dealer check my Zigbee channel, assuming I cannot do that with Composer HE? @knowitall yeah I figured changing batteries would do the trick, in the past when I've had these or other lock issues, changing the battery resolves everything, but I test the batteries with a stand alone battery tester and they are always at least half full if not better, but never down to like 30% or anything. The other issue I've had with the lock (and likely same technical issue making this happen) is I get false readings from time to time, it will say the lock is open when it is clearly closed. Again I've RMA'd this particular lock. but I have 2 other Kwikset locks which give me NO issues at all. way less programming on them, but my basement door that my wife and I use every day to go to/from our garage to our cars to work has a kwikset lock. So its used at least 4x a day. It has programming on it so when we use our mini remotes to open the garage door the door to the house will unlock too. that has NEVER failed. its programming, its a Kwikset lock and never had an issue. I scratch my head sometimes....these tools are supposed to make life easier, not harder!
  11. for locks I'd stay with C4 stuff. I am having issues with some Kwikset locks, but I seem to be in the minority. Yale and Baldwin I think have options too. There are tons of Matrix available for video, the good ones, C4 or non C4, are expensive. Why do you need a matrix? Is it possible to get Tivo and put a few Tivo minis behind tvs? Maybe get some Fire TV or Roku sticks as well behind each tv? Now you are talking $100's vs $1,000's. I have a matrix from the get go of my C4 implementation. There are 1-2 small benefits I get with my IP matrix, mostly text on screen and video on screen, so if someone rings a doorbell I can see on my TV who is at the front door. if I had to do it over, I would likely nix the Matrix and just get local hardware at each set top. Now that streaming is so strong, I have not put a disc in my blu ray player in over 2 years, I stream everything from Netflix, Amazon, my personal NAS, etc. Light switches you can go another route and save maybe 30-50%. you will have to buy a hub and do extra programming and maybe buy some driver(s) to get it working but its possible and people will chime in. the good thing about c4 lights is that they increase your zigbee signal so it helps create a robust network in your house. the ability to single/double/triple tap is great. also they are modular, so put them where you need them and as time goes on, you can buy more and add them later, they do not require special wiring, just the standard wire already in place. What are you planning on doing for audio services in the house? the original install is most expensive, after that, if you think your local dealer is too expensive, there are some remote dealers on this site that can help you out. also when the walls are open, run conduit so its easier in the future to add more wire when needed.
  12. Anyone have any issues with the Kwikset C4 locks? My front door lock is a pain. Example from just today (though something like this happens it seems like every other month) - dog walker came over. she puts her code into the kwikset keypad. that should: 1) text me she is there 2) disable the alarm 3) create a variable i forget the name but call it custom variable and now that is set to true.... when she leaves she hits the lock button on the kwikset keypad and if that variable is true (which it is) 1) get a text she left 2) alarm goes back on 3) door locks regardless because she is pressing the lock button on the door to start this process 4) variable goes to false so today - she does the usual to enter the house..i never got a text she was there. instead i get a text saying alarm was going off, and then I get a call from the alarm company. I looked on my cameras and yes it was the dog walker. here is the odd parts: 1) never got the text she was there nor the text she left 2) in my locks/sensor page the alarm sensor I can see closed at 11:38, when she left. the alarm sensor aka the door contact sensor that is hard wired to my DSC alarm panel. the Kwikset lock itself last shows we locked it at 10:25pm - which last night yes we did open the door and close it at that time. so somehow the kwikset lock accepted her code, and opened the door, but it didnt even register as an event in the log, didnt send out any texts, didnt shut off the alarm, etc. Again this is not a once off, this happens often. re: zigbee strength, this is the front entrance to my house in the main foyer, and there are 3 Control4 light switches almost within arms reach of the door. so I would have to assume the signal/mesh is strong This is my SECOND unit in this area because I had to RMA another one. I have 2 other kwikset locks in the house, but way less programming on them as they are in the kitchen to go out to the patio and in the garage to enter via my basement, so it is basically just us manually open/closing those doors so the need for programming is minimal.
  13. I've had the system up and running for 2 years. Rock solid hardware good luck with your sale
  14. Yeah I've tried that. It's troubleshooting 101. Rebooted screens. Hc800. All that stuff
  15. I am looking for C4-TW7C0-WH - I think the part is correct. Not the T3, but the model prior. 7'' in white. Prefer used since trying to be cost effective here. Thanks