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  1. will this prevent sideloading kodi onto future fire tvs? It has been years since I did it but I recall using the ADB feature.
  2. Just a question - I don’t recall the previous price but people complained shipping was insane for 1 piece. Now I see price is 39 but flat rate shipping. All In is 1 unit that much more? Again I don’t know just thinking they increased unit price and are eating more of the shipping cost on their end?
  3. c4 purchased Leaf. not sure they are going to purchase another Video distribution player like VS. And though its a good idea, you can buy an amazon fire TV for $35. Roku's are $100. C4 would really need to make the price point compelling.
  4. I don’t use variables. My system is down for renovation so cannot take screen shots i have simple: - if alarm is in “alarm mode” (aka alarm going off) — if front door sensor I s open send text — if smoke sensor is open send text — if bedroom window sensor is open send text I basically do that for all 15 zones/sensors. So as alarm goes off I get a text for any open zones. Helps me zero in quick on what could be potential problems
  5. eggzlot

    Hunter Douglas tracks

    Shade Store uses Somfy or Rollease. At least my local shade store in NJ told me as much. They used to only use Somfy 100% but recently came out with their own product that is based on Rollease but they put their own name on it but its basically Rollease under the hood. https://static.theshadestore.com/s3/theshadestore/cms/files/The_Shade_Store_-_Control4_Integration.pdf https://drivers.control4.com/solr/drivers/browse?&q=&fq=manufacturer:"Rollease+Acmeda"
  6. I don’t have neo but another dsc. When alarm goes off I have open zones get texted to me. Gives me a fairly accurate idea of the issue.
  7. eggzlot

    Hunter Douglas tracks

    https://www.somfysystems.com/products/1001617/glydea Says it works with MyLink There is a driver for MyLink so perhaps it would work? https://www.somfysystems.com/products/integration/control4
  8. I personally went through 2 Monoprice HDMI Matrix, each one lasted less than a year. Monoprice replaced the first one, would not replace the 2nd one, so I moved on to Videostorm. Just my personal experience. I'll still use monoprice for cables but I'll never purchase hardware from them again.
  9. Did you look at netplay by @videostorm? has ir control. Can even run over coax if you have coax in place. Can be diy. And if cameras are ip you do not need an encoder for the nvr you will get them on the network its modular so buy and grow as needed
  10. not saying you are right or wrong - but its a circular disagreement. You can use Composer HE and When/Then - those tools "allow end customers access to change their own systems" - he could have been talking about Savant, Crestron, Elan, etc which allow ZERO control. Again who knows, its all pure speculation. I do not know anything about this guy until he popped up here - that said his goodbye post mentioned hiring a CEDIA person, then he had a post about home automation, then he pops up at C4. Who knows how he was recruited over and the real story behind everything. Based on his track record he is obviously sharp and very in tune with this space and yes he comes from a more retail/big box/open platform so maybe C4 can nudge in that direction - it would make me happy too but I am satisfied with the current platform as well.
  11. eggzlot

    Control4 Intercom Anywhere App

    if its evening my porch lights are already on because C4 turns it on 😃 again i am not saying its not a cool feature, I am saying in the last 4 months that use case didn't apply to me so did not realize I was missing it. Its funny, in the intercom proxy on the TS you can program 1-2 actions. I actually have that to unlock the front door open the garage door, and funny enough, I havent used that feature either. nice to have, seems practical, just do not use it.
  12. eggzlot

    Control4 Intercom Anywhere App

    thats fair. if i need to say goodbye and hang upthen open the c4 app to unlock the door that's fine. its funny, I always wanted this feature (remote access), I went from DS1 > Holovision > Helios, finally got the ability for remote communication and I've used it 1x in 3-4 months! 99% of the people ringing my door when I am at work are delivery people so no need to do any actions for them - but I know everyone has their own unique use cases. There was 1 time a delivery person was about 2 hours before his window and I was not hold so I was able to tell him I was 10 minutes away from home and he should hang tight. But I was not going to open the door for him!
  13. eggzlot

    Control4 Intercom Anywhere App

    i think you can call a touchscreen from the outside I cannot verify because most of my system is shut down for a 4 month renovation project. Have you tried? Its SIP technology, it should allow you to call a touchscreen. maybe not, I could be wrong, but thought I tried that and it worked.
  14. eggzlot

    Control4 Intercom Anywhere App

    what don't you get from the 2n integration? I've had 2n integration up and running for a few months without a hiccup. Its still a 2 app solution - the intercom anywhere app is different than the standard c4 app. someone rings the door, you can have multiple devices called. Just curious if you think you are missing out on anything integration wise?
  15. eggzlot

    Dealer Discounting

    Please take this with a grain of salt, I am not trying to be rude or hostile - so first off, welcome to the boards!! Now if you are building a house with 18 audio zones I am sure its a fairly big house, so you or your spouse or both likely make a good income. Do you give your customers 40%? Are you asking your window guy for an additional 40% off your windows? HVAC guy giving you 40% your compressors - with 18 audio zones must be a big house so I am sure you are buying more than 1 compressor. If you were buying 18 pairs of speakers from Best Buy would they give you 40% off? Examples abound - but these dealers need to buy the equipment, some even keep some in storage. They have insurance to pay, they have employees and benefits to pay, then they need to actually make a living. I think if you want 40% off C4 gear you will be disappointed. Maybe a small % off c4 gear and a drop more off the other hardware, but then I always wonder, they give you the discount there but could inflate their labor rates or something. If you are concerned about being taken for a ride, get 2-3 quotes.