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  1. Would it return to same stream/channel? Same specific song?
  2. if a stream is playing music (lets say pandora) and the doorbell rings, ok the "favorite" is selected and that WAV or MP3 plays the doorbell. after the doorbell, does it go back to pandora? Either the song that was playing (Best case) or the next song in the same stream (acceptable but not ideal). Can this be achieved with the snapshot driver?
  3. ok thanks - wifi is on one connect, off on the other and the bridge I just unplugged from the wall. now lets see how it works for 24-48 hours - thanks again
  4. Sports Team UI Buttons

    I’ll buy a thing Hoosier related even if I don’t really need it :-)
  5. Hello My C4 dealer has been helpful but some of my networking needs are not covered in his complete range of skills (due to hardware, layouts, etc, it is not super typical). I am looking for someone who can help me troubleshoot on the networking side of things. I want to make sure I have my network aligned and tuned up properly. I am currently running a Linksys router (which I am open to change), 2 Cisco switches (SG300 and SG220 but dumbed down) and Unifi APs. I have some unique needs as I have Fios and need to remove their router from the equation but I still want access to the live tv guide, the remote viewing apps, etc. Anyone have experience with this mix of hardware and could provide a reasonable rate to troubleshoot and fix? I am technical enough and can run enough wires that this can be done remotely but if you are near Northern NJ we could consider onsite work as well. I've learned from the past so references on this type of work will be required :-)
  6. yep both plays now work. so need to keep one connect on? I wonder if the bridge is not functioning properly? When I look in Fing I can clearly see the Sonos Bridge is on, has an active IP address and everything.
  7. Anyone still using the old Sonos driver with no issues? I am having some issues and I am not sure if it is network related or Sonos related. I've yet to upgrade my Sonos OS in a long time, and I thought only the most recent update "broke" the C4 integration. So that steers me towards a networking issue but my dealer said even older OS versions of Sonos are starting to flake in a C4 environment. Just seeing other's experiences out there. The biggest drawback to me is no announcements and I use some strategically placed Play 1 and 3 to play announcements such as my doorbell. I am hoping to do some renovation work in the spring, and if I do not rip out C4 first (yes the last week or two have been a major thorn in my side) I am going to wire all rooms with speakers so we can use native C4 announcements and music services and ditch a 3rd party platform. Thoughts?
  8. I followed these instructions and now my Play 1 and play 3 do not work. I can go into c4 and start the feed but no music comes out. I pick pandora. Pick my channel. Then nothing.
  9. i have a DDNS URL. wonder if I am not using it properly. I still have to put in that URL then :81 to get to Blue Iris on a Browser on a PC.
  10. ok thanks, just updated 1 on netplay and removed the :XX and seems to work fine. I'll double check to see if Blue Iris can function the same way. Some of my cameras on Netplay are port forwarded to 554 yet I do not see that one even open on my router. was a long time ago this was all set up so not too fresh in my head. Assume I need to leave 81 open for Blue Iris, correct?
  11. IP Security Cameras

    correct but the synology doesnt talk to C4. again if my alarm goes off all 5 cameras start to record instantly. if a dog walker comes into my house certain interior cameras start to record. not sure you have that level of 2 way feedback/programming using synology. you may not need that level of integration but its possible with BI.
  12. Turned off the Wifi on the connects. Wifi is still on for the bridge and the 3 various Play radios. Disabled Spanning Tree Globally As far as port forwarding....I used to have a different NVR so I had port forward cameras to see them on an app. I now have Blue Iris, so I guess I can shut down those old ports. Blue Iris is at port 81 so that still needs to remain open, correct? Lastly not sure if you have played with Netplay but you put your camera IP addresses in there and you can populate them on TVs, etc. so I have 192.168.x.x:ZZ in that screen so you can see my cameras. If I did not port forward how would they be visible using this product? That something to ask @videostorm? May be a noob question but I only have so much networking expertise. I also had to forward some ports I believe to create a subnet of sorts so I can ditch the Fios modem but still get live guide data to my cable boxes: http://www.dslreports.com/faq/16077 Thanks again!
  13. C4 not working anymore

    You need to contact your dealer. The old receiver may have been controlled by IP via Ethernet. Unless you swap it with an identical unit you will need a dealer to add the new receiver and proper drivers into the project.
  14. Ok tnx. So shut off wireless on the bridge. What about the connects? All 3 are hardwired. Should i disable spanning tree on the switches? I only see how to globally turn spanning tree on or off. I’m sure I can click around to figure out how to do it port by port. But if it’s not needed for c4 I can disable globally Lastly how does one get around port forwarding? What are the other options? as always appreciate the help!
  15. Because I have a lot of settings on the linksys are there better linksys where I can easily move settings? I toyed with the ubiquiti and I wanted to like it but I couldn’t do port forwarding without knowing shell scripts and stuff. Maybe I can find a workaround for the port forwarding because I know it’s not the safest option. Also have a few items with DHCP reservations etc. I’ve also had this linksys since day 1 of this install and only really noticing these issues over the last few months it’s cheap to replace so I’m not married to it my sonos network consists of 2 sonos connects, 2 sonos play 3, 1 sonos play 1 and a sonos bridge. The connects and bridge are hardwired. The play radios are wireless. I’m doing home remodeling soon and fairly sure I’m going to hardwire speakers in every room and ditch sonos and move to c4 100%. I use pandora and SiriusXM so now both are supported. But I use announcements as a doorbell and right now need to the sonos announcement feature to get the doorbell on some of those play radios. At this point I’m assuming I’ll have sonos for another 4-6 months. I’m also afraid to open my sonos app because it almost seems to force me to update the OS and then my old Sonos/c4 driver will break. So I’m holding on - hopefully for another few months til I can hardwire those speakers everywhere.