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  1. c4-amp108

    I’m using these amps for non critical listening such as 2 speakers in the kitchen, dining room, etc. they are fine. They also power to speakers outdoors and a tad light but still fine I just turn up the volume a bit for my main entertainment area I have a stand-alone AVR and real box speakers.
  2. As others said zig bee is wireless protocol. Sure you can hardwire some TVs and AVRs and other devices. But motion sensors, door locks, wireless shades/blinds, remote controls, wireless touchscreens and other devices need a strong zigbee signal. If everyone is telling you to make sure you have a good zigbee mesh network trust them, there is a reason. If you have a large house you do not just use your router in the basement for WiFi. Same with c4, you’ll need several devices (controllers or light switches are most popular) to create a strong zigbee mesh in your house.
  3. C4-16AMP3-B Question

    My brother in law uses audiosource and likes it. He isn’t doing Control4 so not 100% of its integration but I’m 99% sure it has IR or rs232 so shouldn’t be a problem. You can get these amps on amazon. Read reviews as again I only recall the name.
  4. Oh and if you want opinions on various systems go to avsforum - it’s a heavily DIY forum and lots of people on there are using many different platforms. So you can get a better cross representation. Here it is going to be very pro c4 platform and gear that works in c4 (c4 or non c4 branded)
  5. I’ll throw my two cents in. I have distributed video and like it but we rarely use the on screen navigation. We did at first because it was cool but now most commands come from an Sr-250 remote or voice commands or wall buttons speaking of zigbee mesh - didn’t see anyone point out wireless motion sensors that work on zigbee, wireless motorized curtains etc. it’s more than lights and door locks that are wireless. Motion sensors are great for a true automated experience. I have not touched my kitchen lights or basement lights in 2 years. I’ll eventually get around to installing more in the house.
  6. C4-16AMP3-B Question

    As others said can be new triad or the older c4 ones. Either way get separate hardware. Get enough amps for the channels you need then get an audio matrix for as many inputs/outputs you need. I mentioned a 32x32 because that will handle 28 zones. The beauty of c4 is you can use 10,000’s of non c4 hardware and it will be seamless. Video storm is a partner with c4. All of their products work in Control4 as if it’s c4 hardware itself.
  7. C4-16AMP3-B Question

    I think they are suggesting you get dumb amps not the c4 matrix amps. Then get a stand alone matrix switch big enough to do the job. Video storm makes a 32x32 audio switch so if you need 28 zones you may look at video storm over the triad/c4 option.
  8. Control4 Intercom Anywhere App

    Dealer should explain its a potential release. If he guaranteed you a feature that isn’t delivered he would be at risk for you to ask for your money back I get c4 updates and didn’t get something re: the intercom app
  9. Control4 Intercom Anywhere App

    Where would someone read about this who is not on the forums? Maybe cepro but if someone religiously reads that site they likely are on this forum. Again I have to believe 95% of c4 users are clueless as to this upcoming feature. Engadget, CNET, Gizmodo or whatever do not really cover most C4 news. It’s not in the business section of national newspapers. This isn’t Apple releasing the next iPhone. C4s delay maybe alienated the few on here who wanted this feature but not sure about a ton of unknowing customers on the flip side I wish c4 was more public about stuff direct with end users but it’s their business model so we play in their sandbox or go elsewhere
  10. Control4 Intercom Anywhere App

    Unless you frequent this forum you would not know about most of the announcements. So my guess is 2-5% of the customer base knew about the intercom app annoucement. This isn’t Apple at WWDC announcing something then not delivering (aka Apple home) for a long period of time. Is that a good or bad policy is up for debate but most c4 users are not represented on this forum. So I don’t see it as going ghost on your major customer base
  11. Alarm for circuit interruption

    A water flow meter? If the valves do not trigger on and no water flows through the system you would get a 0 water reading. Dual purposes as you can use the water flow meter for other programming or just your own personal information?
  12. Steam Room & Sauna Room

    Mr steam is an option too
  13. Correct I used vrx in my system. I got in before byoh and net play home was available.
  14. I’ve have VS 3+ years. 100% uptime. It’s maybe the only 3rd party device in my c4 system that hasn’t had 1 glitch due to a software or hardware issues - cameras have died, sonos don’t get me started with software changes, original 2 monoprice hdmi switches failed, the list goes on. Not a blip. pip, text onscreen, using IP cameras as a source, list goes on. With the DIY netplay home it’s almost a no brainer with the cost to feature ratio. I could not recommend it enough. If you are doing a big install get their audio switch too.
  15. Solved was a setting in BI that got changed somehow