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  1. Sonos Delay

    it is possible since this behavior is somewhat new and the VS Switch is somewhat new too. Is there a way to program to say "if sonos audio delay = 0 and if its TV audio from cable box delay = 2 seconds or whatever"
  2. Title says it all - I have 3 Kwisket locks. In the locks/sensors tab on iOS 2 of the 3 locks have an arrow that I can click and see users, history, etc. The 3rd one has no arrow. On my wife's android phone all 3 have arrows but the one missing the arrow in iOS is blank when you click on it in Android. The other 2 work in Android (and iOS). Any reason why 2 of the 3 have this feature and one does not? All Kwikset, all the same model. Anything I need to enable (not that I recall enabling anything on the other 2 locks).
  3. I am using the old driver but I do not think that is the cause of the issue. I have a mix of Sonos Connect (into my Video Storm Matrix > C4 amp) and then some Play Radios. Below you will see some programming - and the audio is off, there is a delay. The Play radio is about 1-2 seconds ahead compared to the stream coming out of the Connect. I do not recall this behavior prior so why is it happening now?
  4. bingo thanks - for some reason the system was showing but it would not connect. I had to delete it out of my app, then I had to do "new system" and put in the credentials and it worked. I did not want to delete the app because I am still on 2.9 and thought I read its not wise to upgrade the app to 2.10 if you are on an older OS (goes for any upgrade, not just 2.9 v 2.10) - is that correct as well?
  5. I got a new phone. Want to use 4sight. Not working and when I go to customer.control4.com and look at the approved devices on my account it is not there. But I do not see an "add device" button. I do not see anything about adding a device in the settings on the app within the phone itself. Is this a dealer issue or something obvious I am missing? Its been a few years since I had to add a device to 4sight. Forgot the protocol.
  6. worked like a charm. I just had to go back in and put in my API key and User Code or whatever and saved those in C4. Not sure if those two fields went back when moving from Houselogix > DriverCentral or another reason, but once I re-input it and refreshed it started to work again Thanks for the support!
  7. I was looking at the Echo spot and figuring how this could maybe replace a touchscreen for intercom interactions. The limitation is you could not verbally talk to who is at the door, but using IFTTT or other potential skills if the door rings you could see who is at least at the door. It is a cheap way to get that visual into certain rooms in a house. I know the touchscreen allows to pick sources on TVs, lights, scenes, etc. But $999 vs $129, and with people using verbal cues to control c4 with Alexa vs interacting with a touch screen I wonder how this may impact some sales? I have a home rennovation project pending for this fall or maybe spring and I wonder if I would invest in more touchscreens or look at this route as a potential.
  8. Do we use Pushover or Pushsafer? I looked at the documentation on the driverCentral website and the installation manuals do not look updated. I would assume if you are hosting the images we would be using Pushover. Am I missing something obvious?
  9. Security 101

    I believe if you are running Blue Iris you can use the motion sensors to trigger other actions within Control4
  10. New Apple 4K TV

    Thanks I figured as much but wanted to double check
  11. Ip drivers available? Same as the old generation or updated for the next box? thanks
  12. A few questions for me as a user using the Domosapiens driver. 1) I see all of my sensors (Windows and doors) in my project and I see my water sensors and my carbon monoxide detectors. I have it programmed that I get 2 texts - a general alarm is activated text and then a notice of the zone(s) that are tripped/opened. Situation: The other night an A/C air handler leaked and the water luckily quickly got into one of my smoke detectors on the floor below (handler sits on the floor in the attic and right under was a smoke detector on another floor) so at 3:30am my alarm went off because the smoke got the water and I guess technically shorted out. I got the first text that the alarm went off but never got the follow up text about what zone was "open". Once the monitoring company called and said it was fire we did a check of the house, noticed no fire, and while going room to room saw some drops of water on the floor and figured it out. Question: In my project I do not see smoke detectors, so I could not program "if smoke detectors go off > send text to..." - make sense? Is something a deficiency with DSC/driver or just an oversight on my original installer and we just need to ID the smoke detectors into C4? Would have been nice that when the alarm went off at 330am and my phone is next to me I know exactly what is going on. 2) Is there a difference in alarm states between fire, burglar, etc? I have a line of code that should turn my TV on if it is between 10pm and 8am and put a screen shot of my cameras on the TV if the alarm goes off. I get the cameras on the TV via Videostorm. I've tested it, it works. When the fire alarm went off, the TV did not go on. Do I need to put that line of programming somewhere else? It currently resides in: Security System (how the driver is named) Panel (Partition 1 I guess where everything is) When AV Rack > Panel is in Alarm I have the "Alarm has been triggered" text there too and I got that text, so wondering why the Video Display did not show up. Any thoughts?
  13. Why do we all put up with this BS?

    Getting TiVo and taking hardware out of your bill helps considerably I only have 2 boxes. It's a cost but not saving 50/month or something crazy on the hardware
  14. Why do we all put up with this BS?

    My Cable AND Internet is $80 a month. Add Netflix at $8.99. Not sure why your bill is so high. Depends on your provider. Depends on your package. In northern nj it's fios or whatever cablevision is called. If you have a top tier package for the movie channels the cable alone is usually north of 100. I used to have cablevision and fought the good fight once a year to reduce my bill. Got tired and went to a 2 year contract with fios. One year down and one to go. Assuming by time I can renew the streaming options may be next move
  15. Why do we all put up with this BS?

    My cable service is 120/month if not more and most of it is garbage. If I could stream any tv show or any movie whenever I wanted - toss in a few sport channels and news channels and I'd pay a premium to get that service.