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  1. curios as well since I have the older Rachio driver. And why is Hydrawise better from an API standpoint and feature standpoint? Could you provide some screen shots in the C4 interface and any specific differentiating features? Thank you!
  2. Turns out its the main board/controller. Due to the odd size (I got a 58'') they do not have these parts laying around in their shop, so he suspects they are going to ship it out and have it fixed/rebuilt and sent back to put back in. All said and done likely looking at like $500. Bit the bullet and did it. Little more than I thought but end of day I'd have to drop a few thousand to even get close to something as good so hopefully I can get another 3-5 years out of this before I need to do the 4k upgrade.
  3. Agreed, I am going to have them come out. $86 estimate is fine, hopefully a few hundred to fix and I got a few more years until I need to bite the bullet on a new display. I wanted to re-do that room in a few years, mount the TV at that time, etc and do a bunch of work. So wanted to pull that all off at once and not get a new TV now.
  4. For IP Camera and NVR - why not look at Blue Iris for your NVR solution? Way cheaper than $7000 CDN. You need a PC with certain specs that you can likely get for $500-$700 these days. With all of your cameras, maybe over spec the PC and get a more expensive one. Buy the BI Driver once and buy the BI Software once and you are done, likely with programming for around or under $1,000 USD (too early for me to convert to CDN) - those are the requirements to run the software. Flawless integration within C4. You can program off various events/motion. Here is a link of compatible cameras, though plenty not on here still work: Re: Door Stations, I am 100% on your side. I have the Holovision. I am happier than my original DS1 C4 door station. It could still be better but that is mostly due to C4's lack of true SIP support vs any major flaws with the Holo hardware. I do wish the FOV was a drop wider on the Holo, but each house/install will have various FOV requirements. Sounds like you got a nice house being set up - enjoy!
  5. Thanks everyone - I spoke to an authorized Panny repair shop. They will come to my house for $86 to diagnose the problem. Will apply that as a credit if I use them for repair. He said it sounds like a board or maybe a scanner? He said prices vary a lot if its a new piece, refurb piece, if they fix/rebuild the piece, etc. May be worth it to see what's involved. I am hoping to go home and now after about 24 hours it is magically gone. If not, I'll get the quote done this weekend.
  6. yes there is a picture. it is very evident with a dark background. watching a bball game last night with the lighter colors (light brown court, the fans were wearing yellow, etc) it was not really noticeable. ok both of you think its the board so if that price is minor it is likely worth it.
  7. yeah that is where I am leaning; I guess google search authorized Panasonic repair near my zip code? Is there any other troubleshooting I can do to try and narrow down the problem? The power cord is a pain to get to, any reason to think this could be a power issue? It is plugged into a panamax conditioner that is in the AV Cabinet below. its tight in there, but I have fans so it does not over heat. and nothing else plugged in there seems to have issues, but maybe the power cable went, or is this likely just the screen and I am SOL?
  8. I have a very nice (but now 6.5 years old) Panny Plasma TV - VT58 model. First year the VT's were released with 3D (ha used that literally 3x). Anyways I noticed tonight I am getting a red/white line on the pixels in the upper right portion of the TV. I am 100% sure its the panel. I unplugged every HDMI cable in there and just kept the TV on and I saw it, plus I hooked up my DSLR to the old school yellow video in jacket and that still got the pixel lines. So did not matter the source (my video matrix, local AFT or a camera into a Video jack/non hdmi). I attached a photo below. Can the panel be fixed? For a few hundred bucks I would likely do it since its a very good TV quality wise. I do not need a 4k set and I know there are a bunch of standards being settled right now with HDCP and HDMI and various color gamuts and whatever with 4k and HDR and frame rates, its very confusing!!! So to save a headache - is it worth calling around to get repaired or time to junk it? If it is replacement time, I think I've read newer LG's and Sony's interact nicely with C4? I have a video matrix and do not need any "smart" features to play nice with C4. I use an AFT locally and have blu ray/cable boxes on a matrix. So picture quality to me is most important, interface with c4 would be secondary. I am a plasma guy so changing to LED or OLED will be tough.
  9. dont think you provide enough information. how strong is your infrastructure/network. Did you test your zigbee mesh signal? on paper the 800 is faster than the 250. but if your network stinks, does not matter which controller, you may not see vast improvements if network is fine and so is your zigbee strength then yes the 800 would give you a boost over the 250 so have the project running on the 800 not the 250.
  10. We got a water pump installed in our on top of the electric one. should we lose electric, the second pump/float will take over and its run purely on water. the sump pump is in the same room as our main water line so running a copper pipe was easy. i try 1-2x a year to disconnect the power to the main pump and just test the water pump to make sure it still works. basically uses the pressure/power of water to pump more water out of the pit. can go on theoretically forever as long as your water supply is not cut off. earlier in this post I thought about getting c4 involved in helping to automate this but I did not like the idea of a battery back up since the batteries can lose juice over time, nor did I have an easy area to install a shelf to hold a few car batteries, etc.
  11. yes as I said in my post to replace the 4-5 button fobs by Axxis, etc. put a room into a mode, maybe lower the lights to a preset %, a goodnight function to turn off the house, etc. People have asked for remotes to put bedside for a few quick tasks, etc, something like that.
  12. But with IFTTT driver couldn't this work?
  13. I know card access and axxis make some 4 and 5 button plastic remotes they are working towards IFTTT and HomeKit compatibility. would be nice to have on a night stand or coffee table or something if needed.
  14. I have the holovision door station. I can get video to pop on the touch screen within a 2-3 seconds. Not perfect but seems on par against other options. I like the fit and finish and how the camera can swivel to get the best angle. No mobile option so when out of the house I just get photos texted to my phone which is fine.