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  1. I am not a developer but I hope these links at least put you in the right direction if interested.
  2. Just replied to you in the other thread where you mentioned it but there was talk for a driver for a BBQ draft system such as The Stoker or a Cyberq by BBQ Guru. Both have available APIs. Would be nice to see the temps, or get notices when you hit certain temps. Could mess with LED lights on keypads to know you are getting close to getting done, etc. Its trivial and non critical, but it would be fun!
  3. A BBQ controller like The Stoker or the BBQ Guru. Both have available API's and 3rd party iOS/Android apps. Would be great to tie into C4 to get notices when food is ready, temp hits a certain set point in the smoker, etc.
  4. Agreed most end users on this thread aren't saying its just peachy moving yet again to a new marketplace. That being said I am well aware this forum represents probably less than 5% of the overall C4 user base. 95% of users go with what their dealer tells them to do and if the dealer is worth his/her salt they have lived with the drivers and know the limitations and what works and what could not work and they inform their customers. I have talked to some dealers who do not install any unsupported 3rd party drivers because they do not want to deal with the headaches.
  5. In 3+ years I did not have an official c4 driver break on me. When I got the Sonos app it was paid/EV, not technically c4. now its C4. I still have the old sonos driver and it still works. Maybe its a matter of time before it does not work but we were given AMPLE notice that a change is a comin', I did not wake up one day to no music in my house. I've woken up several times to find things not working only to find out a 3rd party driver broke. I do not want to bad mouths others and their work but my I've had issues with 3 or 4 3rd party drivers breaking and not working. And I can recall several other threads on here about other 3rd party drivers (not mine) that had other issues. You have more of a history with C4 so maybe you can point to other C4 drivers with issues. But my C4 drivers have been rock solid and 100% uptime. Again 3rd party drivers are usually more cutting edge and may not have 100% partnerships with the 3rd parties devices hence the breaks and fixes required when changes come to an API. I get it as a technology fan, as a homeowner I am slowly moving more toward stability. I have noticed some drivers are in cooperation with the 3rd party device and those seem to be more stable and reliable because they are getting notifications of changes coming in the API, etc. So not all 3rd party drivers can be lumped into 1 category. But now you have issues with some drivers, marketplaces moving which takes dealers time ($$) to migrate you (again), etc. I can see a source of frustration. Your clients may not have wanted to pay "on top" of c4, but then again they do it with Apple, Amazon, Google, etc. As you point out even free apps have in app purchases, etc. People buy a cell phone for $700 yet pay for apps. It is just a mentality. When apps first came out people said who is going to pay to use a program on a phone - well 100,000,000's of apps later, people get used to it.
  6. I dont want to get into a pissing match on here but Apple, Android, Amazon, etc have a marketplace for apps. People pay for them and don't complain to Apple why aren't all of my apps free. C4 had an appstore (different than drivers I know) but they let that go and not sure why. Grant it the user base of iOS, Android, etc is exponentially larger than C4. I am not opposed to buying a driver from C4 or a 3rd party, I just want to make sure its 100% supported, fixed in a quick way and at least given updates as to why its down. I got the original Rachio driver and that was a pain from the jump and maybe the newer ones are better but I won't throw more money at the solution. And I am noticing more and more "issues" with 3rd party drivers vs C4 drivers. 3rd party ones may be more cutting edge but after a few years of chasing the latest and great, I am personally at the point of just wanting it to work.
  7. I agree. So far I am lucky and I have not been burned too bad. But I am on the hunt for some new TVs, shades, etc. The first place I am looking at is C4 certified drivers. Between the sonos stuff, moving marketplaces, etc, I'd rather just have a solution that C4 supports. If blinds A and B are basically identical or close to it cost/feature wise, and one has a C4 driver and one has a 3rd party marketplace driver in the past the driver source was not of a concern to me but slowly that is going to start creeping into my decisions. Sure if the blinds with a 3rd party driver are half the price to buy/install I'll pay 2x for the driver if needed :-) But I see drivers breaking, stop getting support, changes in API throwing things into whack, etc. When you invest $10,000's in a system you just want it to work.
  8. Speaker level settings

    very helpful all - thanks! got it working, seems good
  9. Compatiable Window Shades

    i posted a similar thread a few months ago. My construction got slightly delayed but going to start to look into my options in the fall. Here is my thread, had about 20+ replies with some various things to think about:
  10. WTB: Water Sensors

    If you have Alan's IFTTT driver this should work
  11. Speaker level settings

    So what's recommended for volume on speaker settings? The c4 amp has that little dial on the back to increase output, you have room volume plus the volume on the source itself? is it best to say keep that c4 knob about half turned then adjust volume locally? my original installer messed things up and it was always super low so I had to jack up room volumes. I rewired most of my rack and can now reach the amp. I moved those knobs up and now it's all too loud as a starting point. But I also don't think keeping my patio at 80% to hear anything was wise So what's best practice? Keep knobs high and room volume low or lower knobs and increase starting room volume? I'm talking about ceiling speakers in non critical areas like patio, kitchen etc thanks!
  12. Advice for Prospective Customer

    welcome to the insanity and addiction...err the club. welcome the club
  13. Advice for Prospective Customer

    Go for a 16x16 audio matrix and then 1 8 channel amp. More flexibility. This way any 16 inputs can be played in up to 16 zones. You can grow your system easier
  14. Advice for Prospective Customer

    seems fairly smart for residential. I cannot comment about the access point because the types/amounts needed vary based on the layout of the house. but adding an access point or two, a good switch and router will make all the difference if you spend any time outside look for an outdoor access point too. you'll want to pull up the C4 app on your phone to change music when outside, turn on lights, etc. Plus kids/family members may want to use wifi signal outside to check email, etc. outdoor living is becoming more popular, so do not let it be a wifi dead zone!
  15. Touch screen installation

    Some dealers will let you buy/physically install in the wall on your own then will charge you a rate to put the hardware in the project and program it for you.