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  1. Amr

    Weather station updates

    Well am currently stuck at getting WU API to my Netatmo WS, I used a workaround to have Netatmo talks again to WU via Meteoware.com. Any help around this? one last thing, will IBM stop fu*king things for people like us? Killing a working scheme without building a replacement is just pure stupidity ...
  2. Ok, I found the solution, no need to remove apps or anything just creat a custom home screen from each device and add, remove, sort whatever you like .... Super easy that we thought it require sophisticated setup ...
  3. Yeh, refreshed navigators, deleting the agent, still there its not gone ...
  4. that didn't work ... Unfortunately I will not got that way the circular is a natural flow and I'd been using C4 for 3 years now and I can't stand the line pattern. Anyways, one day am sure C4 will remove the Apps as its really really useless to most people ...
  5. So any suggestion guys? There must be something? I can’t stand the Apps button and I need to take it out!
  6. OK now I have another issue, after I upgraded both drivers are giving me "invalid" for license although I got the license keys used before? Any suggestion? Edited: Ok I have to completely remove every driver and added it again ... Not a big issue, a small project thought ...
  7. Many thanks for your prompt reply and quick help, your driver saved me throusands of dollars using Amcrest’s instead of many other brands ...
  8. Yes ... I have Amazon on C4 and am in Africa! Am an Amazon Prime Member thought ...
  9. OK I downloaded the new driver 2.0.10 for the NVR but the fixed still on 1.1.8, is there an updated version for the Fixed as what I download from HouseLogix is the same old ver ...
  10. OK, where I can find these versions, its not in HouseLogix?
  11. Ver for the Fixed and NVR drivers... But delete/re-enter is a pain, any suggestion why its the only driver that does that?
  12. Yes, but how I move Apps under Comfort, I can't find it any where in Composer?
  13. I second that, Ubiquiti gear is simply fantastic, super friendly and robust. On top of that the unified Management is incredible with so many data and analytics. Ubiquiti + Domotz and you have zero issues lifetime ...
  14. Hi, I really need to remove the Apps Button like C4 IOS Application as its becoming crowded now when I added Shades, any tips on this?