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  1. Hi All, is Flic buttons only integrates to C4 via IFTTT?
  2. Amr

    Water Sensor

    I use D-Link S160, u can source it for less than $40 in eBay or Amazon, works perfectly fine and do have a $50 driver as well ...
  3. Am not taking sides or defending any technology here, am telling everyone that I have a perfectly stable Music streaming from Apple devices in my home for 2 years now ...
  4. Well, I have All Ubiquiti around the house, never had an issue at all moving around nor any issue with AirPlay ... A shitty Wireless network is the issue here, spent some time around tweaking it to get it working ...
  5. Well, you can always have many shairbridges and play music to multiple zones, this is what I currently do and missing much with the new announcement ...
  6. Pricey Gadget ... I will use it in a summer house, not serious for my house thought ...
  7. Am Looking for: - Lowering shades by a % not fully closed/full opened - Build some IF> Then> routines as current C4 Somfy Driver doesn't allow anything - Flexibility in splitting Main/Slave Drivers as currently all shades are concentrated in one room
  8. Hello, had been using the native C4 driver for Somfy Shades which is really boring, no customization what so ever, only up/down/stop, there are 2 drivers available, both same price, Domo Sapines and Cinegration, which is better? Domo driver covers URTSII (My setup) in addition to MyLink while Cinegration provide only URTSII solution. So are they the same or one is sleeker than the other?
  9. Amr

    Sound Bars for C4

    Great recommendation and thank you for that. I personally have 2 SB systems, a cheap 3 x Samsung and a much better 1 x Onkyo, all are controlled by IR via custom menus and works perfectly fine, I will move now to Custom Experience Bottons for much better control from UI. In a nut shell IR control via C4 is an indeed a bless and I never ever complained or had any issues from it at all.
  10. I have both! Am running Domotz over my Synology NAS and Got Fing during the crowed funding campaign as well and I love both ... I bought Domotz Lifetime subscription which is giving me everything I need except ability to view cam feeds. Each have it own use case and I can’t imagine I would ever survived without them running in my network ...
  11. Digital Loggers, solid rock, 8 outlets, free C4 driver and works like a charm, $189, better to buy from a specialized power company, https://dlidirect.com/products/universal-input-voltage-pdu
  12. Amr

    2.10.5 and AppleTV 4K

    Reset the AppleTV and pair again, it will work this time.
  13. Ok, I used the Fan driver from MultlX, it works great however for some reason the proxy appears only in Lights!? I used chow experience botton to program the light, however it appears anywhere except lights! So stupid to have Fan in Lights and Lights in Comfort!? Can this be fixed somehow?
  14. Will Chowmain has Relay to Light Driver, not sure if this will work, I will give it a try it, can't bind it to anything thought ...