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  1. Amr

    C4 Puck Switch Alternative

    Actually I found an interesting KNX Puck: 100-240VAC AC Triac RF Push Dimmer and Switch Knx-N Bus High Power Amplifier AC Tr... https://www.amazon.com/dp/B075R6SPB9/ref=cm_sw_r_sms_c_api_i_XwgBCbKATV3T5
  2. Hello, is there any company have a solution like C4 Puck Switch that is Zigbee and works with C4? There used to be a lot of companies over EE, now I can’t find any!
  3. I need 6 of those, used or new, PM please
  4. Amr

    Nest Protect

    Away/Home/Leaf/No Leaf, not much ...
  5. Amr

    Ok now the direct approach

    I hate debates but am just telling my experience here ... I started the Automation Journey back in 2012, I googled the best automation systems available @ that time, and Got top 5; C4 was 2nd to Crestron, ELAN and other was there as well, after 2 weeks research I opted for C4, simply I loved the interface! Am a hard core DIY'er but frankly, I loved C4 and will always do, simply the best ever capabilities, ease of programing, etc and a solid rock reliable solution that simply works and will continue to function ... Try that with DIY's solution, good luck! The hassle of upgrades, etc is just too much to deal with and will break at any point of time! I rather have C4 dedicated to build the best Home automation money can buy that simply works and is used by regular pple like my wife and kids not nerds!
  6. Zigbee routing issues! After rebooting the controller, everything went Normal!
  7. Amr

    Infrared skips 3 levels

    Get a dealer to edit the driver and fix the 3 commands and make it only 1, unfortunately it’s a composerPro only capability! C4 default IR commands are always 5, u need to edit it to 1!
  8. Amr

    2.10.6 released

    Upgraded ... I didn’t have issues and luckily no more bugs introduced with the new update @ least for now ...
  9. Amr

    2.10.6 released

    So nothing special I guess? Maintenance releases are important as well, tempting but will wait for a couple of more days ...
  10. Binding is fine, am sue of this, I just think the sensor for some reason is not working or there is something ... weird ... I will have to trouble shoot deeply ...
  11. Hi, I had a couple installed in my main entrance, Left & Right both identified fine in the project and installed correctly by the delar, both binded to a Generic Door sensor, the Right is OK all the time reporting closed, the Left is the issue, while shown Closed in Composer, shows open in the App? Any suggestions about this discrepancy? I need to fix this to start some programing of lighting, which is not working!?
  12. Amr

    2.10.6 released

    I would wait for a couple of weeks before upgrading anything ...
  13. Amr

    Amcrest Driver Relased

    But for the future versions, where we can download them?
  14. Amr

    Amcrest Driver Relased

    msgreenf are we migrating to Blackwire or what are the choices for HouseLogix buyers?
  15. Am looking for one, decedent use and in good working condition, shipping to NYC, PM me. Cheers, Amr