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  1. Alan, Works awesome. This really is great. One last feature request and I think it would be perfect. An option to rename words would rock. for example rename lights to light. That way a single programming recipe will work for "turn on office lights" and "turn on office light"
  2. Alan, I would like to request a feature. As I am doing the programming I use IFTTT phrases like "Turn on $" or "Raise $". To be flexible I always program 2 versions of everything in C4 using both the definite article and not. For example I setup 2 programming actions for "kitchen lights" and "the kitchen lights". If your driver could optionally strip off leading definite articles like "the" it would cut my programming time in half. I wish control4 could do regexp matching in programming or even glob matching. It would really make programming for google home much easier. Great driver. Really enjoy using it.
  3. Google Home

    Looking at the triggers it appears that google home will be awesome. The flexibility is exactly what we want. No more restrictions on phrasing. We can use whatever combinations of words we choose. Multiple aliases built in! It's time to preorder a google home.
  4. The new google home assistant will support IFTTT out of the box. That means this driver will be able to interact with a google home device as well. Woot!
  5. Control4 announces Amazon Echo integration

    There is a new "Voice scene" driver that needs to be added to your project. Once it's added you can add and program all the voice scenes you'd like through HE. You can also create dummy lighting scenes and use that as a trigger as well.
  6. Amazon Echo

    I think you can start using the additional commands immediately. I know that I can use open/close for blinds now that didn't used to work. I'd have to try arm/disarm. They all map to the On/Off triggers in control4.
  7. Foscam FI9853EP

    Just use blue iris. The driver is free and blue iris supports a TON of cameras.
  8. My Movies - Opening Integration for End-Users

    Brian, Thank you very much for this change. It is much appreciated.
  9. Tivo Bolt

    @RyanE. The code is "BACK". Here's the line I added to the older 3/4/5 tivo driver to get it to work. The document you link above is from 2010 which is before the back button was added for the roamio line. CANCEL = "IRCODE BACK",
  10. Tivo Bolt

    However, the 2.8.1 driver does not have the "Back" functionality. In general this is not an issue as the left arrow functions as a back for all the Tivo menus, the problem is when you're running a streaming service like hulu or youtube.
  11. Ring DoorBell Driver

    No, but it's the exact same process of hooking up a generic lighted doorbell to an elk-930. There are plenty of discussions on this forum about how to do that.
  12. Ring DoorBell Driver

    I have an ELK-930 hooked up to my ring. Works great.
  13. 2.8 announcement bug

    This doesn't affect the length limit that has always been present. Sent from my XT1095 using Tapatalk
  14. 2.8 announcement bug

    Actually found a way to fix this. If you set the bit rate to 96/24 under digital media it plays the whole announcement.