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  1. ruggerdude

    kwikset Battery Life

    Pulled the zigbee card out to see if it would drain without it, and it did. Kwikset was awesome, they sent me a new one and got it in a day. The one I got from Kwikset was a way newer version of the lock, everything about what they sent me was better then Control4's version - from instructions to hardware. So strange. Works perfect now, can't believe I waited this long to pull that trigger. Thanks for all your help! D
  2. ruggerdude

    kwikset Battery Life

    My guess as well. Any thoughts what would make it do this?
  3. Hi, Had a kwikset lock installed last week and it works fine in all ways including remote operation. My problem is that my batteries are living only 2 days before I get the battery warning LED. I've tried three different types of new batteries, and it just doesn't matter. Any ideas what I can do? Thanks! D
  4. ruggerdude

    Legacy 7" touch screens keep rebooting

    I have the exact same problem, it seems to constantly reboot throughout the day. Not POE, just powered from a plug and running off of wireless. It also won't show me as logged into rhapsody, although all my other screens show rhapsody as logged in. Dave